Yasir Qadhi – Quranic Duas – Ramadan Khatirahs 2019 – Episode 04 -Al-Baqarah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the use of "has been" in Islam, with "has been" referring to actions or words used during busy periods such as the American revolution or military strike. The "has been" concept is centered around the "has been" concept, which is the physical and mental state of a woman that matters. The speakers also mention the "naught" moment of d servicing during graduation and the "naught" moment of d servicing during graduation. The history and culture of Islam is discussed, including the use of "has been" and "has been" terms, and the importance of avoiding "has been" in relation to "has been" concepts.
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salatu salam, ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was so happy he won't.

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Today's door is a door that every one of you knows it is one of the most common to us that we say in our daily lives. It is similar to the Baccarat verse 201 and that is the famous verse robina Tina Fey dunya has no one will hear it has no wahkeena either, but no, this is a door that Al Hamdulillah the majority of Muslims have memorized and they use it and in fact, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself would regularly use this to an a cinematic narrates, can an actor to do an interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The most common drop of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was alohomora bana artina dunya escena Warfield Arthur Hasina Wah cleaner either but no. So diplomatic

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says this drop was the most common drop of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we have to understand the context of these verses before we fully appreciate the meaning of this drop. As we said, sootel Baqarah verse 201, and we're going to be reading these if we we read them before, and it is about hedge. And we know that hedge is the time where the dollar is the most accepted. The single most powerful is the draw of hedge and a lot of xojo. Within the context of hedge he mentions this job, which indicates that it is the most effective or one of the most effective to us. During hedge Allah tells it to remember a lot to make up and then Allah says fader Kobe to Manasa come when

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you have finished your rites of passage and you're going to be going back home then don't forget first quarter law hookah decree accom OSHA dechra make sure that you remember Allah subhana wa tada the way that in the days of Je li the mccanns would after Hajj they would gather together and they would remember their forefathers of old they would remember their ancestors. So Allah says remember a lot even more than you used to remember your ancestors. Then Allah says feminineness there are some people who say are abana artina fifth dunya wha hoo, Phil? Allah, they say Oh Allah give us this dunya and they will have nothing of the hereafter woman home. There's another category of

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people menu called Rob Dinah attina Jr, has been a hero to Santa Joaquin urban now. So Allah divides mankind into two categories. And these are the people that are going for Hajj. So these are the people that are remembering Allah, they know Allah. So Allah is saying when people come back from Hajj, you have two categories, one category, they only say attina fifth dunya no adjective no escena just attina for dunya. What does this mean here? This means the first category of Muslims are those who only ask Allah for this dunya when they think they need a lot, they raised their hands up for Allah. When the pressure becomes tight. That's when they think of a law when the exam is due. When

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they go to the doctor when their child is sick. When something of this dunya happens. That's the only time they think of a lot and they set up banner ads in efit dunya. Otherwise they have nothing to do with Islam. Nothing to do with da so Allah says okay, they might even get that when the Whoville hero team in Nasim, but they didn't ask for the hero. They're not going to get the actor. They didn't desire the hero. They're not going to get the AF era. And this is a warning. My dear brothers and sisters too many amongst us we seek Allah's refuge. The only time they raise their hands is when they need something of this dunya that's the only time they make dua when some

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calamity happens when a loved one falls sick when there's a financial crisis when they have to go to the doctor. That's the only time they think of a law and they say Oh Allah, you will cure me. Oh Allah give me money. Oh Allah grant me success. But how about the General doras of this world? And the next How about the alpha hedaya? How about durafirm Mo Farah? How about do our four agenda? They never think of this. So when they're not going to think of it, they're not going to ask it Why should they get it? Why am I the who fifth filati Minghella do Muslims realize even a police may do our to Allah for this dunya in and of itself. It is not a sign of religiosity to make to offer this

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world even it believes when he realized that he's going to be kicked out of gender, and he realized he's going to be cursed. So he made a drop, but not a drop for Mo Farah nada de la ola.

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guide me Oh ALLAH forgive me Oh Allah grants me Jen know what was the draw of a police over law give me a long life that was the drive the police are beyond vanilla yo yo bartone Oh Allah let me live until judgment date and Allah said okay you want it you have it, it's yours. Allah can answer the doors of this world for the caliphate for the Muslim for a police and he won the draw of this world can be answered in and of itself it is not a sign of righteousness to remember Allah at times of distress to ask a lot of this dunya what is true righteousness. That is what Allah says the real righteous person is the one who says Robin attina for dunya has center there's an objective, not

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just dunya dunya dunya not just money and health and wealth because sometimes money will harm you. Sometimes what you're asking for is not good for you. So you ask Allah, Tina for dunya has center Give me that which is heslin in this world, what does Center has any means the good the pure that has center is that which is pleasing to a lot of this world some has interpreted has center to mean some of the scholars of the past that are beyond the Sahaba they said has center is it is an halaal Pure Reason. Others have said hey Santa is a good house and a good mount. Others have said Santa is good health. Others have said hacer una is to have a righteous spouse who helps you to come closer

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to Allah subhana wa Tada. In fact one of the scholars of the tub your own said that the biggest hessen of this world is a good wife. And for the wives the biggest hassle is the good husband. So when you set a boundary It never has enough in fact included in this as actually spouse. Of course the correct opinion all of these are included. It's not just wealth. It's not just health, everything that is useful to us in this world. Robin attina for dunya has center anything that will be good for me All I wanted anything that is pure, that will make me a better person I wanted what a comprehensive do are. We don't go into details. We leave it generic, as we said, this is the

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etiquette of da we don't make a long list. We just say Oh Allah give me the best of this world. Give me that which is good of this world. Robin attina for dunya Hasina, then we say what Phil Hirata has done and we also want the Acura and the good of the Acura and the good of the Acura is every good aspect that will happen after death beginning from being lowered into the upper from the punishment of the grave. We don't want it we want the hassle of the grave which is name we'll cover from the exam of moon Cara nickeil Hazara means you're gonna pass that exam from being resurrected on Judgement Day and sheltered on qiyamah that is the Hashanah drinking from the fountain the process

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of that is a hassle to getting your book in the right hand that is a hazard of having a bright faces has been being sheltered under the throne of Allah is Hashanah crossing the Surat is Hashanah. And of course the greatest has been or one of the greatest has an is gender itself. And that is why the name of Jenna is the feminine of sn which is SNA Lila Gina Sano rsna, one of the names of gender, gender is feminine, and so has Anna becomes snap snap is the name of gender, those that do good, they shall get the best of all heceta which is gender. So when we say what will occur at the center, we mean all of these good things beginning from death, and anything that happens after that up until

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entering gender. And then the greatest center of all lived at the International Center was the those that do good, they shall get to snag the biggest escena was the Yaga and more than the biggest hustler and what is more than the biggest Hashanah our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that is to look at the beautiful face of Allah subhana wa Tada. May Allah grant us that beautiful divine look and joaquina ida now and save us from the fire of help save us from the fire of health. Now somebody can say, why are we asking to be saved from the fire of health, when we're already asking for the hassle of the architect the response, there will be a category of people and we seek refuge

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in being amongst that category who will get Jenna but only after going through jahannam there will be people who have good they have some sort of some sort of they've done good but they also have done a lot of sins. And there will be a category of people there evil must be expropriated going through jahannam they will be punished for a period of time then they will be caused to enter agenda. We don't want to be in that category. We want to go direct agenda without going through jahannam and that is why we say within 30 heceta wakita. As of now we want to escena directly without going through the fire of help. And there's a beautiful Hadith that shows us again the

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Prophet system would teach this to up to people it is mentioned that once a young man who was healthy good he felt sick in the time of the processes.

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He shriveled up, he became very weak and very thin. The profitsystem visited him he was looks like he's about to die. And he said, Subhanallah What is the matter with you means used to be healthy? How What happened? Then he said, Did you make any strange do anything to do? And this man said, Yes, I did. I said, Oh, a law, any punishment that I'm going to get in the era. Give it to me now.

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The profitsystem said, Suhana law, you cannot bear that. You shouldn't make that law. Why are you asking for any punishment? Now? You should not ask for that. Why didn't you say and then he taught him this drop. Why didn't you say that? Allahumma Quinta. Sorry, sorry, why didn't you say Aloma? Arjuna for dunya escena was an athlete as an opener but now he taught him this simple. You should have said this door rather than making the door either Oh Allah, whatever punishment you have for me expedited in this dunya and it is authentically narrated as well. That one unassuming nomadic was a very, very old man over 100 years old. Some of the people from bussola came to visit him. They said,

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Oh, unless we have traveled all the way from Basra just so that you make do out for us. You are the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you shook his hand you met him. We traveled all this way just so that you make do out for us. So understood even the magic said Robin attina for dunia has an authority as a working adult. But now they said make more he repeated the same draw. They said make more he repeated it thrice, it is as if they were not satisfied. And NSW Matic said, if this drop alone has been answered, then you have all that you need. Meaning I don't need to make more than this. If just this drive is answered, that is all that you need. Some of the benefits from

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this drama dear brothers and sisters, first and foremost, we start with Rob banner. And we've said many times our Lord, our Master, the one who takes care of us, the one who created us also in this beautiful there are there are three phrases as you know dunia has no one will ever heard he has no wahkeena either. But now we get a rough idea how much of our job should be for the spiritual and how much for the worldly side, one third, roughly one third of our data should be for this dunya and two thirds should be for our hedaya for our most vital for our agenda, the emphasis of our dollars should be for our soul, not for our body, too many amongst us we make up only for our body, we

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forget that there are for the soul. We also learn from this, that there's nothing wrong with making dua for this dunya there are some people that they feel guilty to ask of this dunya no ask of this dunya our profit system would ask for good health, our profit system would ask for sufficient Well, this uncover he would say I don't want to be more attached to anybody he would ask Allah subhana wa tada for me for alfia for anything that is good in this dunya nothing wrong to ask Allah for the good of this world. But the emphasis should be of the accurate and also of the benefits of this. And with this, we conclude that in this drop, we also get a glimmer of one of the main etiquettes of

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duality. And that is our doors should be between fear and hope. We want a large response. We are scared of a large rejection this fear and hope has to be together. As you know, dunya has an Warfield accurate he has an A we want the good ol love but we're scared of the bad we want Jenna but we're scared of jahannam this combination of fear and hope of wanting good but being scared of rejection must be coexisting in the hearts of the believer. The both emotions need to be there for the dog to be accepted as a law as though it just says in the Quran. That in the home Can you say the owner for the hero, the two of them is Acadian, his wife, they would be rushing to do good

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deeds, while the una and Robin were rojava. And they would make dua to us hopeful that Allah would accept but scared that Allah would reject Allah describes them around Robin rojava. They wanted Allah's mercy but they were scared What if Allah doesn't give that combination must coexist in our heart. So with this drop, all of these things are mentioned robina Tina for dunya has an orphan throaty has been working either but now was Solomonic Muhammad Sallallahu Baraka

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ most common and comprehensive dua. 

“Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.”
[Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:201]

This dua is very profound and widespread in its reach and we must fully comprehend the magnitude of this dua to obtain its benefits.


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