Nouman Ali Khan – Reminders From Surah Al Jumuah

Ustadh Nouman AliKhan gives a soulful and impactful lecture in Perlis, Malaysia that deals with the important lessons one must imbibe and inculcate from Surah al Jumuah.

  • Those people who were given knowledge of the Book of Allah but chose to stay ignorant about it are like the donkey that carries a load that it cannot benefit from.
  • Those who claim to be the only Friends of Allah are challenged to desire death if they are in fact truthful. There cannot be a more true measure of one’s proximity to Allah!
  • Those who know they have done well have no qualms ad apprehensions about death.
  • The death we try to run from incessantly will eventually catch up with us. Hence, it is of paramount importance that we rectify and better our actions while there is still time.
  • It is sinful to engage in worldly activities whilst unprepared for Jumu‘ah, once the Adhan of Jumu‘ah is called.
  • The worship and obedience of Allah are better than futility and business, though the latter has to be done when necessary. 

Listen intently and be mesmerized by the lecture.