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We'll be learning Amina shale banyuwangi

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Mino, Luna

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forsale comala bezu being an or

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be certainly smaller fuzu Baron then he man woman tuber fell

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ecomo Vani

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Mila Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was set up Marlin shortfill ambia you will mursaleen early he of total solder will attempt with this theme Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. We are on verse number 10 and 11. And as you can see from the title, we're going to talk about something pretty heavy today what should never happen after Amen. Once you have Amen, what should never come afterwards and you're going to when you hear it, you're going to be like, Oh my goodness, that is so common. I hear that all the time. I see that all the time. Oh, my goodness, it's actually mentioned in the Koran. Now, we finished talking about falsely who've been falsely who

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bainer who may be largely a placebo. So we talked about

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to correct and reform. It's mentioned twice in the previous a. Now in this particular verse, verse number 10. Allah says yet in the middle mean on indeed believers and we've already talked about why believers are mentioned. But here's the thing, the next subject in verse number 10, Allah subhanaw taala is going to say indeed, people who have the quality of IE men in them, remember the difference between Allah Xena MnO and when Allah subhanaw taala calls you men remember the difference between the two? Okay? a Latina M No, you recognize what is correct. What is from amen? But you don't necessarily practice it but you know that that's the right thing to do. That's a Latina M No more

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men. Not only do you recognize but you practice it. It's a quality in you, men. What is the law? Same in men on plural mean on? Indeed the people? who are believers that have the quality of men in them? When they see it? They practice it as well? What

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else is there brothers? Is it what twin is blood relationship? It's your biological brother. A horn is like a sorority. Right? It's like a fraternity. So when we say le or this is my le Phil Islam, this is my brother in Islam. It's like we're part of this group. We're part of this oma we're like a fraternity. You know, we look out for each other. But the problem with that is this really simple. When you're Effie to someone it's almost always a perfect relationship. You know, there's no disagreements because there's you don't meet and get to know the person to the extent where you have a close relationship. kind of see him at the masjid see him around at a class kind of bump into each

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other here and there. But you don't exactly text each other. You don't keep in touch on the phone, none of that stuff. That's your lie, Phil Islam. Allah says that when you're when your fellow brother or sister in Islam is no longer just a fraternity brother or sister. Now, you treat that individual as though they're your blood brother or sister.

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It's incredible. That means do siblings fight? Yeah, we fight. We argue here we argue something happens to one another. You know, we'll get worried and concerned but at the end of the day, to blood, brother or sister, that's your sibling. don't want anything bad to happen to them. And whatever problems you have you work through it.

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you cancel each other and you work through it and you move on. Sure, you know, he or she can be annoying every day of your life.

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But we all know if something happened to your sibling, you'd be the first person at the hospital. You would never wish anything wrong or anything bad for your brother or sister, for somebody in your family. That's the attitude that we have to carry. And we must have if we call ourselves believers, with each other in faith, it's it's unbelievable. So if I have a disagreement with a brother or sister in the masjid, and you know, in this job, being a daddy, we get exposed to this all the time. I can't tell you over the years, you know, I'll meet somebody who will barely know who I am, will may have just heard my name somewhere, but not actually know the person, not actually know who you

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are, and may have heard a statement you said or watch to conduct yourself in a certain way and pass a judgement immediately. Oh, he's this and he's dead. Or she's this and she's that you have no right. And even if you disagreed with something I've said, we're supposed to be

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we're supposed to be able to talk it through. And even if we still disagree, we should still get along. We're still brothers and sisters in faith. You know, you're like my actual sibling, I should be able to argue, you should be able to argue, but we should be able to work through our problems. Easier said than done, right? Easier said than done. This here. If you notice what's already happened throughout this surah we're about halfway through the surah. The tongue is a real priority in Suunto hoogenraad, we've already been taught letter for a swatter confocal Sultan, Don't raise your tongue or your voice above the Prophet it starts with Salim. Then we talked about the

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receipient and fuzu and Kufa. Then we talked now about four ously, who obey that then we talked about in the mailman owner. Now we're talking about the whole brotherhood issue. And at the end of the day, it's about how we communicate, it's about how we disagree, and that we can still work through our problems.

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I don't know why this doesn't happen. I can think of some reasons. There's a lot of pride, there's a lot of ego. And that the bottom line is that people have reduced themselves to a standard by which if there was one mistake, or someone says one statement, and rubs you the wrong way, the relationship is done. cut them off. As a matter of fact, they just had that experience recently online. There's one student, one piece of advice they disagreed on, or an approach that I took they disagreed on. Okay, fine. You disagree. You had your approach, you would have counseled the problem little bit different. That's your thing, agree with it. But don't force your opinion down my throat.

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Don't make me have to give in just because you see it through your lens a certain way. Because at the end of the day, we both might have our approach, we both can solve a problem or help somebody out. So why can't we still get along? You know, this person said to me, Well, I can listen to you tomorrow, okay, I'm done. And I don't see them back online. No more helaas they're gone. It was just like my mother used to say, and she tells reminds me from time to time, she'll say Muslim. And moms, you know, moms know how to do this really well. They know how to take like, burning situations and extinguish it and bring light back into your life. Mothers can do this. So Pamela, you know, my

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mother would say to me,

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for every one person that dislikes you, I hate to comments against you. Just remember, there's still 1000s of people that appreciate you that will listen to you and understand you. And I was just like,

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that is such a relief to hear. Because you try you try your best to make everyone happy. Even though that's impossible. The men in you still makes you want to make people understand at least appreciate your perspective, even if you disagree, appreciate it. And Subhanallah that's where mothers can do. Allah is saying at the end of the day, you're supposed to be like siblings. So even if you have problems, work it out and move on. But I just, it just doesn't ever, ever work out. It never happens that way. Along with Stan, I don't know why. Matt, Allah has so much he'll help us. You know, this verse. Listen to this. Okay, this verse about Brotherhood is the easiest verse tourist site and one

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of the most difficult verses to practice.

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It's easy we run our tongues all the time yeah hey we're supposed to be brothers I was supposed to be this was what was supposed to be one oma was supposed to be united valo until we disagree until we disagree or we bump heads until something have you know, I it's just it The reasons are endless. I even remember growing up I would meet I would hear certain people, one brother would not go to a particular message because he didn't like the color that the message was painted. It was colors panela and I'm going to go play there anymore. I gave my suggestion and they still chose a different color. Like you're not gonna go to a mess just because of the color of the walls What in the world

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is wrong with you? And you call yourself Muslim You call yourself movement. You take the sacred, yet profound title that Allah subhanho wa Taala will point out throughout the quarter end and trivialize it this way and throw it around as if it meant nothing it's got no value so in the mean owner

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now Alesis fall asleep obeying a Hawaii calm

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Alice's and work out your problems Bane away you come

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amongst us brothers. On the hill, let's talk about oswayo. saleha means the repair yourself you work on you.

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Honestly, who comes from the word us Lucha? And us Lucha is very different from saleha. If you say saleha, it's all about you. When you say aslha it's about you, and everyone around you. This is what how I started to grow and appreciate my own a Muslim. Muslim is different from Silence. Silence is the person that is constantly working on themselves. But when you're Muslim, is what the prophet isolettes was Salaam was, he would constantly work on himself, and encourage and help those around them. Never settle that okay, as long as I'm good. I don't care about no one else. No, that's what a Muslim is. You know, growing up, I never liked my name, because I didn't understand what it meant

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until I learned Arabic. And I studied that I realize. I'm so grateful for the name. I'm so grateful that my parents chose such a name. So Allah says Asli, who? So with two things has to happen here. Here's how you repair problems between brotherhood sisterhood in Islam, here's how you do it. Number one, look in the mirror. That's US law. So if you still have requires these two things, so number one, look in the mirror. You have a problem too. Don't just blame the other person for everything. Or they didn't understand or I didn't like the way they are they are that Stop.

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Don't throw everything on that person. The first thing Allah is saying is, okay, see where you said, Look in the mirror and see what problems you have. What did you contribute to the problem? Once you identify that, fix it us little fix it. It's a command for us little fix yourself.

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When you realize you were wrong, admit it and fix it. Number two, honestly, who now remember, it's not just about you, but also those that are affected around you. Now you go to the second step, and try to rectify the problem. Say, Hey, you know what, man, I was wrong. I shouldn't have spoken to you that way. I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have acted this way. I shouldn't have behaved this way. I shouldn't have made those comments about you. I'm sorry. I apologize. That's all slow.

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Why can't we do that?

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Why, you know, you know, all of you listening to this? Can you please just share some thoughts?

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type in the comments. Why is it so hard for Muslims? to us? lubaina wakil to fix problems with one another? What Why do you think based on your own experiences or even thoughts? Just tell me something. So I'm asking now for your help. How is why is this so hard? If a brother just says one thing or makes one mistake or you know anything or system, just one simple thing, that culture and norm across the globe, is just forget it. I don't want to talk to done and just you throw away a sacred relationship out the window. I see a lot of you typing Eagle. I couldn't agree with you more. Absolutely pride, Eagle Eagle nuts.

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self centered attitude. I get it. I see it all the time. Yep. What Why else? Why is it that what are those barriers that prevent people from doing this?

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I'll add to it.

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I strongly believe there is a lack of genuine sincerity with respect to the Islam with respect to their connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. In other words, the sincerity flourishes and it shines when everything is running smooth. And silky. Everything is nice. until there's a problem, then the beast comes out. That's a lack of sincerity. That's a lack of sincerity. The genuineness in you, isn't there. And so a lot exposes a lot allows you to be in a tense situation to see how you would react. And it's exposed. Yeah, you're not really you're not really in this Deen 100% or wholeheartedly, you're not there. What else? Tell me what you guys think why is it so difficult? And

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now we're going to look at what the horror and tells us to do. And here's the thing about Firstly, who a lead doesn't tell you exactly what to do. He just says fix yourself and fix the problem. Figure it out. It doesn't give you a formula. Okay, first thing is talk it through. Then next thing is go for counseling. Then the third thing is talk to somebody. None of that stuff. A lead justice for Asli. Who figures it out whatever the problem is, figure it out to your own way and move on.

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Okay, what telco La la la quinta hormone, be conscious of Allah that perhaps in sha Allah, Allah will have mercy on you, Allah will will shower Rotman on you. Remember, we said in the previous step, seal urashima is is like the bonus from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Forgiveness is what is the standard, you do the right thing Allah forgives you. urashima is the extra bonuses that you get. It's the additional things that Allah subhanho wa Taala will do. Allah will give you more out of his courtesy out of his will. Because he sees that you have done a, b and c you've done certain things. And out of his own will. He decides to panda who with arella. You know what, I'll give you a couple

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of extra blessings. I'll give you some extra reward. I'll give you a notch as Jenna, you're not going to just be in the seventh level of gentlemen. I'm going to upgrade you you're going to go into the second level, or the first level you You did well, I'm going to give you that.

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You know, it's like a parent, right? When you reward your kid, you give them ice cream. Okay? They did something great. You give them some ice cream.

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And then you know, the next day they do it again, you don't just give them ice cream anymore. out of your own work. They expect only ice cream but out of your mercy. You give them ice cream, and you give them some free time, play some video games, whatever, right? You add a little extra. And even they're shocked. They're like, mommy Daddy, I can play games too. And it just it makes their day because they didn't expect that. That sort of.

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So Allah says what duckula be conscious of Allah. La La Torre Hamel

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hopefully in sha Allah, Allah will shower mercy on you may Allah azza wa jal give us that a lot of man I mean, yeah, you will let me know.

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Whoa, do you guys see what happened? Verse number 10 is in the middle meaning.

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But then verse number 11 goes back to Yeah, you will

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see two groups are being addressed here. So now we know that working through brotherhood and all the struggles of maintaining and preserving brotherhood and sisterhood is actually a reflection that you have true and sincere, amen. And if you don't work through your problems in brotherhood, you do not have sincerity in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala let that resonate for a second. How we cooperate and are willing to look out and deal with each other's weaknesses is a direct reflection of our sincerity to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now Allah in the next day, it goes back Yeah, you're Latina woman, or people who at least acknowledge a man even though you're not practicing it, but you at least acknowledge it. Here's what you need to do now. So this is a second group.

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Law Yes. harco momento manassa in your corner higher on men home. Don't you dare for a moment Yes. Hi.

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Yes, hello salia

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you know what sorry, is so clear is to embarrass someone and put them down, put them on the spot. That's salia you make fun of their clothing.

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You make fun of their accent, make fun of their culture, make fun of the way they walk, make fun of the way they eat, what they eat, how they eat. That's also Korea, to belittle someone to make fun of, to ridicule, to joke, like that person is always the subject of every comedy. And every joke and I've used this example before, just look at pretty much every comedian out there. When you go on here on YouTube or whatever in your school scroll. Look at every single, every single comedian, what's like 90% of their stand up all about just making fun of people making fun of, you know, countries, cultures, political leaders, you name it, just making fun of everyone. You know, over

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time, what ends up happening, when you listen to things like that. You start believing it was just like the great Malcolm X when said, If you tell a lie long enough, it eventually becomes the truth.

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And so if you are sitting there and you're constantly making fun of or belittling someone or something, eventually people will start to believe it including yourself. It's it's inevitable.

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So this phenomenon and how it progresses unless is law. Yes, or no one should ever be Lidl a nation from another nation, or as a cool new hire or men home

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in order for the with the intention that you are more superior and better than them. This is another reason why people make fun of each other. It's to be little, so to make yourself superior above others.

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I can give you a ton of examples of this. I won't. I think all of us we know. There are cultures out there. If you speak to them, they speak down to you they don't speak to you they speak down to you.

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Like a Dorito cake kid get out here. Good. Good. Yeah. You don't know this language very well. You don't know this. You don't understand these things. We grew up with this. So it's it's part of our culture.

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Like wall is another big problem. So dealing with the struggles of brotherhood and still cooperating and getting along is one problem. Look what Allah subhanaw taala does brings up a different problem now. So put aside the struggles of brotherhood and sisterhood now it's about making fun of each other. So honey is also like, Oh my god, you see what she's wearing?

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Oh, that's Sophia.

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Sophia is also this. You're praying. And brother beside you. Kind of reeks like, oh, what's wrong with you? That's so that's how you repair a problem. That's not that's how you fix something. You just walk away and be like you tell him I watch that person. You stay away really stink. Just don't pray beside No, no, no. That's also Korea. Lessons. Never ever do that. Because not just because you're motivated. You're Yeah, you're Latina. amodal that alone, you doesn't allow you to do that. Just even if you just recognize what he meant is the fact that you can recognize right from wrong, then you don't do this period.

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Now when you set meaning the set in our set and you couldn't go higher, I mean, one, so sisters, Allah says it now the exact same message. And the sisters Don't be putting down and making fun of each other. So one is better than the other. You know, high schoolers are really good at this. High schoolers are really good at this. The bully This is all they do.

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And they'll sit there and target somebody and make fun of their name.

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His name sounds like blah blah blah.

00:24:11--> 00:24:20

And and you know, we're gonna look at this in a minute about the tongue it's going to take this conversation even further. But now a lot even singles out when when when sisters do this with each other.

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Oh, my God, look at her. Can't believe she's here. Why is she dressed that way? Why is she wearing a hijab? I just saw her outside at the mall without the hijab. You don't get to say that. Never. You never get to say that. Because you don't know what someone else's starting point is. And I've said this over and over. When someone makes fun of someone else's effort to better themselves for the sake of Allah. We never get to question their sincerity. We never get to put them down. We never get to judge them. And if you do that, then be afraid that perhaps as a result alone

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snatch away all of your email and give it to the person you're making fun of. So be careful. Be careful.

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So Maria is a poison in all communities, and it should not be, particularly in the Muslim community. It shouldn't be. Unfortunately, sadly, you know, we're really good at pointing out all of the racism and the security and the discrimination and all of that all around us across the globe, and rarely point out that internally within the amount we have tons of racism

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and discrimination amongst our communities. We have tons of that. So Allah says, both now men and the women, don't you dare belittle each other from amongst yourself or one another? Don't even try it.

00:25:58--> 00:26:00

Think about that. So panela

00:26:01--> 00:26:08

then a lot so a judge is going to continue. Well, tell me Zoo and fusa comb,

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you know, telling me zoo, Allah says Don't tell me Zoo yourself. Tiny zoo. It will tell us like in Solitaire Luma is a way to liquidity humans that illumines and this the same word. Allah says here, don't tell me zoo. Ill termism means to highlight somebody's faults and mistakes. Don't highlight it. So yeah, great speaker, great lecture. But there's this one talk they gave

00:26:37--> 00:26:38

changed my mind about him.

00:26:40--> 00:26:46

Don't highlight their faults. You know, the other day was the other day, like before the pandemic while ago.

00:26:48--> 00:26:49

Let's talk to this high school kid.

00:26:50--> 00:27:33

Right. We're just talking about doodles. Howdy. So we were talking about, you know, he was asking me some questions about where to start, you know, and how can you study Hadeeth so I told him Otterbein and Novi 40, Hadeeth, of mmm and notary Mala. I said, it's a good place to start. Notice, you know, this kid told me he's like, No, no, I don't want to take for me ma'am. And no it because he made a lot of mistakes. There's issues with his arcada. And I'm like, oh, man, I just wanted to like, slap this kid across his head and be like, what's wrong with you? Mm hmm. No, we you? You can't even you barely speak any Arabic. How dare you? Don't you dare talk? You're not ready for him. If you're

00:27:33--> 00:27:39

already belittling earlier man in which we don't compare to the fingernails of

00:27:41--> 00:27:46

them and knowing him Allah. Yeah, sure. He may have made a mistake or two. I'm sure he did.

00:27:47--> 00:28:33

But let me so don't highlight and project that stuff above all of the millions of great things that the ruler man and people do. That's what well, I tell me. So again, in my job, in the job of being a dairy, this is a norm. The moment if you say something, you look a certain way. You act a certain way, whatever. give a lecture one. So you give a lecture for one hour, you say 1000s and 1000s of sentences. But there's a one sentence is just like oh, what do you mean by that? Throw him out the window. Don't ever listen to her again. She's done. That's the worst speaker in the planet blah, blah, blah, blah

00:28:34--> 00:29:09

blah just said well tell me Zoo and then you know what's, what's the unbelievable and full circle. Don't highlight your own faults amongst each other. So don't just don't don't point fingers at one another as well and full circle within within the community within Muslims within the omen. Don't do this with each other. So what do we have so far? We have Sophia, and actually go back. We have if you have problems with brotherhood to work them out. Number two, don't make fun of each other. Number three, don't highlight each other's weaknesses or faults.

00:29:10--> 00:29:11

It's not done

00:29:13--> 00:29:15

well attended Tana bezu build a low carb

00:29:16--> 00:29:17

tenable zoo.

00:29:18--> 00:29:46

Our names that are bad and hurtful. So don't don't don't give each other like these nicknames that are hurtful. Bill lkab lacob is actually good nicknames. But Allah put both of them together. ls said don't have good and bad names for one another. What does that mean? what's an example of this? You can have a good name a nickname for someone, but it can still come off in a bad way.

00:29:47--> 00:29:50

Hey, genius. Come here.

00:29:51--> 00:29:57

See sarcasm here. Hey scholar, shave

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

your mixtape

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

Economic shift.

00:30:02--> 00:30:07

That's wallet and bezel bill pub. Allah says don't do that.

00:30:09--> 00:30:41

So what do we have for for etiquettes? Already, and everything, every single one of them has to do with what the attitude, everyone, it's all about attitude. So let them have bezu hurtful words, names, and build a low carb, even if you think it's right, even if you even if it's a good word, but you come off and you say it with sarcasm, or you add a little bit of this or that to it to embarrass to have Sophia.

00:30:43--> 00:31:05

Don't you dare. Don't shoot it. You know, some cultures are really good at that. You know, I can't even begin man. There's some cultures that will give out nicknames to people. To the point where no one knows the person's real name anymore. You'll call them the most random things on the planet. And no one will know what their real name is.

00:31:06--> 00:31:15

That's less than 1010 of us will be a cop. You got to be careful. Now we have four instructions about attitude particularly with the tongue.

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Guys, Allah is not done yet. Finally now look at how and listen to how the eye will conclude. Bit so this small fool so big So listen, we flew barrydale he man. Allah says What a shame. Fu Sukkot is comes from the word fist spoon which we've talked about quite a bit inherently corrupt things that are just disgusting, filthy. So be silly, small foo bar don't even want to know where I got the title of this video from what should never happen after Amen. So once you have amen in you the lessons What a shame for soup is literally the attitude of the believer to have fisc in them. Not just in action but even in words. So curse words, filthy language, condescending tone, rudeness, all

00:32:13--> 00:32:25

of that is captured info soup. Allah says what a shame it is that you still talk this way. Badly man. After you have Amen.

00:32:26--> 00:32:55

What a shame that's poor ends way or one of poor ends way to literally cancel like your amen is worthless now, because you talk this way. Sure you pray every day you fast you do all of these great things you will for Hajj until your angers is ignited, then people see man, you're crazy. You lose all the and here's the thing. When you have bad etiquettes

00:32:57--> 00:33:08

bad etiquettes causes the value of all the good you do to be completely overlooked or ignored. Like it loses its value completely.

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That's what bad advocates does. And that's why the Quran is so powerful, and so firm on behavior and etiquettes. Because if you mess up in one area, carelessly without paying attention, you don't care. You usually go that's just the way I talk. Yeah. And fusuma also is it literally refers to corrupt nouns as well, like so for example, you know how, you know, lots of people will be like, will say things like, ah, shoot.

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You don't get to do that. Because everybody knows what you were really trying to say. Right?

00:33:50--> 00:33:56

Or the one that I hear very often lots of, you know, Muslims, they say there's a law, what the fudge.

00:33:58--> 00:34:11

You can do that. completely forbidden because why? Everybody knows what you're really referring to, even though you didn't say you I didn't say I say fudge, changed it up.

00:34:12--> 00:34:47

That's so small for so. So even you have corrupt nouns and you have indirect messages that could lead to some sort of forsook of the tongue. Not Allah said don't do that. Because why you have a man. People with a man Don't talk like that. Don't even allude to something wrong. You don't even do that. Just keep your tongue clean. Then keep your thoughts clean, and don't instill bad thoughts in anybody else's mind. Even if you don't verbalize it don't instill that. Oh, even though he didn't say it. That's what he meant.

00:34:49--> 00:34:50

You can do that.

00:34:51--> 00:35:00

So it's really, really profound. Five different instructions about the tongue, all reflected in attitude.

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

Well melomania tuber Ola eco humo volley Mona and whoever does not repent, then they are from the wrong doors.

00:35:10--> 00:35:11

That's a lovely way of saying,

00:35:12--> 00:35:20

if you don't ask a lot of forgive you for this stuff, you've done so much wrong in your life, you have no idea so much wrong.

00:35:22--> 00:35:59

So let's leave it there. Tomorrow in sha Allah. Now Allah is going to get into some very, very specific consequences for people who don't control the tongue, who people who don't get their attitude together. And so I'm going to conclude and say to all of you, when the poor end talks about etiquettes, it always starts off with attitude. It doesn't just get into the action right away. And we're seeing it throughout psalter. hoogenraad It's attacking attitude, attitude, attitude, all the time, you fix attitude, then behavior and etiquette.

00:36:00--> 00:36:44

Come in, synchronize and come in beautifully. With the rest of your actions. Everything starts to fall into place. Why? Because it started here started with a man, you refined and you perfected the man. It's there. It's strong, it's focused, it's genuine, it's sincere. Okay, now all the good actions start to manifest. That's what it this. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, refine, protect and preserve good attitude in all of us. Allah subhanho wa Taala love and protect and purify our hearts mentalize. So it will purify our actions a lot from me. Please, guys, please continue in the comments section. They're telling me what do you what do you see what do you believe in based on

00:36:44--> 00:37:22

your experiences and your knowledge, barriers between us and rectifying our problems in brotherhood? We're What do you see some of those barriers? What wouldn't those struggles are? Why is it so difficult for us to get along? So some of you mentioned some great answers. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts. And we're going to continue to look at how Sudoku gerat will help us resolve some of those issues, but you've seen five different problems. And Allah subhanaw taala just says, Don't do it, don't do it. Shut it off in you how we go through that process. We'll continue to talk about that in short length tomorrow session, but just one level higher on a lot and so God bless you all.

00:37:23--> 00:37:26

Let's set up more alaikum warahmatullah he will wabarakatuh