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What happens

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when no one around you can help? What happens when the humans around you are incapable when the doctors can't cure when the police can find the missing person what naturally happens in an hamdulillah nama do who want to start you know who want to start federal when older biller him insurer unforeseen Almansa Yeah, Medina, Maria de la who follow moulden de la woma you the little fella, the Allah wa shadow Allah illallah wa who luxury color wash hadoo anna Muhammad Abu rasuluh Yeah, you have nothing in common otaku? Lahab koutou katoa he went out and molten lava into Muslim moon. Yeah, you have livina Armand otaku Allah Hawa Hulu Conan sadita Useless hola como Arma hola

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como la comme de Nova calm Wilma? Yota illa huwa Rasulullah who forgot the further foes on Alima and my bad in US talkin Hadith Nikita Allah wa Sol how do you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are shorter or more remote. To have what coulomb of desert in beta are called lepidopteran. Bala will call about in phenom.

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam. The title of our hotbar today is Mata Nasir Allah, when is the victory of Allah subhanaw taala coming, the people of Palestine, they have been suffering for 80 years since we were born. Since we came into this world, we know that there is a problem in an area called Philistine. We grew up hearing and seeing the murder, the destruction of homes, the imprisonment of the innocent, the imprisonment of children, the wailing of women. And he who amongst us does not remember a time when there was not some woman crying about some atrocity or injustice that was done to her on the news or something on television. And it has never ceased once. So the

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question is when will end when is the situation and follow steam going to end. And in this whole bunch Shala we're going to attempt to provide evidence that the end is near be it Nila. And we will present two points and give evidence. The first point brothers and sisters is that victory and relief comes at the very end. It doesn't come at the beginning. Because then there is no test. It doesn't come in the middle because then it didn't get difficult yet. But it comes at the very end, when there is no other way out. When all the doors are closed. When you lose hope in people around you. Either they all let you down. Or they all abandon you. Or they're all unable to do anything.

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And Philistine and in the Gaza, the situation is arguably the worst it has ever been. And no one around them is helping them. And by that we don't mean to attack the people around them, meaning we are certain of the good people of Egypt and the good people of Jordan and what they would do to assist their brothers and their sisters. But we know the political situation and we know the government but that's not our discussion.

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We're saying assistance comes at the very end after the difficulty has reached its peak. Take the example of her daughter robiola, Ana Ibrahim Ali Salam leaves her and her baby and her infant son. When does the relief come to her? Right at the beginning, when Ibrahim Ali Salam walks away, the angel comes and the tribe of Judah home comes and settles there and she gets relief at the beginning. Does it come when her food supply her food and water supply is halfway through? No. Does it come when her food supply is completely finished? No. It comes when even her own milk supply is finished. So then does it come? No, there's still food in the belly of the child until the food

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finishes from his belly. And he's just crying nonstop in pain from hunger. And she's panicking and she's running from one headlock to the other looking for help. Then the angel comes. It came at the very end when every droplet of food in his belly and every droplet of milk that she had was finished. Then at the very end, the assistant came the angel Jibreel it Salam brings out the water from zum zum and then the tribe of Durham shortly thereafter comes and settles with her. We'll look at the example of Luca his Salah, the angels came and they specifically came in the form of handsome young men like as a final test and as a final argument against them. And the narrations mentioned

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that as they entered the city they met one of the daughters of

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No who was outside running some kind of errand. So it's fair to assume that a girl was out by herself. This must have been before Maghrib time or close to Margaret. So at least from Maghrib time, she took him to the house of her father Alayhis Salam. And the people of the village heard of the news and they came and what does he do for the rest of the night? He is talking and negotiating and stressing and barricading doors and barricading windows. Then in Surah Hood, Allah azza wa jal says curlew, your loot in Russolo robic, they said, Oh, Lord, we are messengers from your Lord. We're angels. We're not even humans. Lay your cereal like they're never going to reach you. They're

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not going to come in here. They're not going to make it into the house. Play Why didn't loot or they Salam say that once you told me sooner. When did they tell him this news? The verse continues after they tell them what to do. In pneumonia Docomo soap in the Merida homos soup. La saw some haga curry. They told him at the time of Voyager but close to the time of Fajr. So that means all night he was panicking, negotiating barricading doors, windows doors the whole night. And now at the very end they turn by the way they're never gonna make it in here that they can't touch you they're not gonna harm you. And we're angels. But why didn't look at a salon say that why don't you tell me you

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had me stressing all night you could have relieved me from the beginning of the night and told me that nothing was gonna happen. And I would have been relaxed because he knows it he Salam that the ease comes at the very end that Allah subhanaw taala tests you until the very end, and certainly Bukhara Allah subhanaw taala says, I'm Hasib tomb and the whole Jana? Yeah, Annie, I'm hazard to Hanabi mana Bella von Thun that rather you think you're going to enter Jannah without being tested. But being tested is a given and sort of uncovered and if la meme has given us a youth Rocco Kulu Amanda Humla afternoon, do people think they're going to be left alone because they said we believe

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and they're not going to be tested. It's rhetorical. It's saying people are going to be tested. Being tested. The scholar said is a mercy from Allah azza wa jal, and that's why the prophets were tested the most in the famous Hadith, I should do nasty Bella Ambia thumb masala thrown thumb and I'm thorough for the people who are tested the most or the prophets and then the righteous and then in varying degrees, people will be tested based on their religious religiosity.

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And the person will kill the person and mentioned that the Hadith continues that a person will or Allah will continue to test the person until they walk on this earth and there was not a single sin upon them.

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So I'm Hasib to them and to the whole Jana, do you think or you do think that you're just going to enter a Jana without being tested? What am I yet to come methodology in a Holloman? publikum and mace basically it's saying you think you're going to enter Jannah and you have not experienced circumstances like those who passed before you so it's saying you're not going to intergender before you experienced difficulties just like those who entered or experienced before you were llama llama to feed the walk karma bada Yanni lemma indicates that something is going to happen and as opposed to LEM lamps chose there is nothing else you encounter will be had nothing. So that's what Allah

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says what a mere Kula who cook one lamb merely Willem youlet there is nothing expected after that, but lemma something is coming. So, the example of the nations before you and for something to be a method. So for someone or something to become a method and example, you have to have experienced all kinds of tests and difficulties not something simple. If you say a YouTube method for server, a yoke is an example in patients. That means he went through a lot and he showed a lot of patients before he became a method. So when Allah says methodology in a Holloman public, yeah, and he that means they went through all kinds of tribulations, different circumstances, different trials and tests,

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types of trials and tests. So those who passed look at the example of us hobble the people of the ditch. This is an entire group of people that had to willingly jump into a blazing fire. And this was including old and young, included women and children, even infant newborn infant babies, they had to jump into this fight.

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They were consumed by this raging fire. So examples of the nations have passed you will find so many different tests all different kinds and types of trials and tribulations. So Allah azza wa jal says Mossad homall Betsa oh, what Dora, they were afflicted with Al Betsa. Here, Phil, I'm one it's in wealth, and Adara is in a Abdon is in the bodies. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used the same argument with hubub, Nola rot, and who is above a lot of all the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He is the method of in torture. He is the one that was tortured so severely.

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And he and we're not going to describe them. But it's so severe alone to describe this sufficient to describe this years later, during the Khilafah of Omar. Bob has been a long time away, and hubbub and covers his back. And our pub saw the back of above.

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And he was astounded and shocked. He said Mara a to call yo myalgia. What happened to you? This is years later, so it's enough to say above the earth. He comes to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he didn't complain of all the people above or below and he didn't complain. But they said we came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and we said Allah the sponsor Lana, will you not ask for victory? Just make dua for victory for us. Hola. Hola. Hola Anna, would you not ask Allah for us but that's all they didn't complain.

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And the process alum said Can or Raju theme and Kana copula ko from the nation's before he used the example of the nation's before any disk disk. He described how people were tortured and punished. Then he says to his companions, when can I come to start Jiun but you are people who are hasty, you rush things. So what is the process? I'm teaching them? Number one, he's using the examples of nations before just like this verse we're looking at in total Bukhara. The second thing in the besides LM is showing them that tests are difficult. And he's telling hubbub of all people what used to happen, the torture that used to happen to nations before. And then the third thing which is so

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important, and BISAZZA. Let me saying, don't ask me for victory. Now. This is just the beginning. The victory comes after the test gets difficult. The victory comes at the end and not right away. That's really what the problem is saying. He's not saying you didn't get punished or tortured. He's saying it's too soon. Well, I can not come to start you know, you are in a hurry. Continuing our verst mircette homall Betsa oh, what Dora was zero. So they were touched with afflictions and their wealth and in their bodies was Zulu. Zulu, they were shaken down. Oiselle Salah is like the the shaking the earthquake is known as El Sol was Zulu. Zulu. What's interesting about this word, it's

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the word Zanna which is any work on mechanic something was removed from its place, but it's zanla plus another Rosella to make the word Zulu Zulu. And these repeated words in Arabic, they show it to rob and Decra and Adams about the show distress, the show repetition, they show lack of stability, and we see this a lot we see it in the word color, the same word repeated twice, solid Salah for the jurist the sound that the bell makes. And what happens in the bell, we see a repetition. The, the clapper, or it's also known as the tongue moves from one side to the other, and it keeps moving and hitting the sides of the bell. Hello, hello. If you want to remove a nail, that held Hill, you're

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going to move it from one site to another. So Zillow, that means they were shaken they were taken from this experience to this experience to this experience, to this experience.

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So what Zulu Zulu they were shaking, and all kinds of different ways, had Google or Rasool hotter and higher until it reached the point where the prophet or the messenger when Medina, Ahmed Omar, who the Prophet, the messenger, and those were believed with him. They got to the point when they asked a question, Madonna's Rolla, and they didn't ask the question, meaning there, they don't believe or they have doubt, but min Bob is the journal and Nasir because they want the victory to come soon. So they said when is the victory of Allah azza wa jal coming, so that means they were pushed and tested until the end until they wanted it to come.

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And Allah Subhana Allah gives the answer.

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In nostril Allah He carried indeed

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The victory of Allah is near. Allah subhanaw taala is giving the response and other Mufasa didn't say they're answering it by themselves because they believe they said the victory of Allah subhanaw taala is near. So this verse, the story of how Roger the story of loot, and other stories all show that relief comes at the very end, when things get very difficult when you lose hope in others coming to your aid when everyone else around you leaves you. And that's why no hottie salaam when it got difficult, further out of boho, and name of Lou urban fantasy, but what does he say that? Does he say it in the beginning of his life? Does he say in the middle of his life or the middle of his

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Dawa? Or does he say it in the end 950 years, he called his people to Allah, and then he makes this dua at the end of the attempt, and that's towards the end of his life. So victory, or the ease or the relief comes towards the end. And it comes after it gets difficult and it gets impossible.

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that's why we argue that it has never been as bad in philosophy. And that's in sha Allah a good sign for us that the end is near Bismillah. And we hope and we pray to Allah azza wa jal that it will happen in our lifetime.

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So that before we leave this earth, Allah subhanaw taala will bring

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will bring peace to our hearts that we will

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they will finally see justice in the land of Felicity

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or if not, it will be in the lifetime of our children.

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The second point was alluded to in the first one, what happens

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when no one around you can help? What happens when the humans around you are incapable? When the doctors can't cure? When the police can find the missing person? What naturally happens? You turn to Allah subhanaw taala and you turn to Allah azza wa jal alone, and your heart is free from anyone else besides Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And sort of the soft fat Allah subhanaw taala says, Well,

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no upon further near Ahmed, Mooji, Boone, Allah subhanaw taala called upon us, and we're the best to respond to him.

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There was a man by the name of God.

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His name was robot, a say Rafi Al Baghdadi. And he was asleep in his bed. And he saw a man come to him in his dream and he said Dr. Oba calm and animal hoof Oba, get up and assist the one in this dire and desperate situation. So he said, What I know how am I going to find them? Where is he? So the man in the dream tells him get on your riding animal, and he will be wherever it stops. So he said, I got up from my bed, and I got on my animal. And it was just, I'm just passing through the alleyways of Baghdad, one alley after another after another until the animal by itself it stopped at a masjid. And I walked in and there was a man facing the Qibla. And I gave him salaams. And I said,

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What is your situation? He says in Neeraj dooryard he says, I'm a man who has small children.

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And he said, Well, I'm gonna end the home, Leila shake, and they have nothing to eat tonight. So I sat here in the masjid, asking Allah subhanaw taala for is

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so bad says I gave him 100 gold dinars and said, I am a bonobo a sarahfey if you need anything come to me. Yeah, Annie. I'm letting him know who I am. So anytime he has a nice he can find me in the city and come to me and I'll take care of and this is the point from this story. Look at the response of the man. And why do you think this man or about gotta dream randomly in the middle of the night, taking him out of his bed where his animal knows the way and he doesn't and it stops right at the place so he can give this man his his health, health and help and assistance. So the man answers he says Subhan Allah Atro could lead the karma coming theologic Should I leave the one

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who made you get up out of your bed? Well, because he lay a few Almighty laid and brought you to me in the darkness of the night. And then I go to someone else.

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That's why it was responded to because there was nobody but Allah in his heart. Even after the man said this is my name you can come to me and anytime he said why?

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Would I come to you and leave the one who got you out of your bed in the middle of the night and brought you to me? I don't have to go to it. The cash came to me.

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Allah was in his heart 100% And that's the second time that's when ease comes. When you're rid of everybody your heart is not relying on anybody else. So a robot said, I bade him farewell, and I left. So there is no hope and others no asking others, the people of Gaza they know not to attach their hearts to Muslim leadership. They know that no Western Power and their whose hypocrisy has been made clearer than ever before. They know not to put their hearts or touch their hearts to any Western Power or nation. They have no one but Allah azza wa jal, and they only call upon Allah azza wa jal, and that's why the victory of Allah azza wa jal and the ease is near for them be it Nila

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Apollo cola ha That was tough for Allah allow them they were looking for stock

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in the whole affordable.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I mean, while he was here, Jemaine and my bad brothers and sisters, in Islam, if we only believed in this world, it would be difficult to take in what is happening in Gaza, and to the Muslims of Philistine and to the Muslims in other parts of the world. But we are people who believe in life in this world and the life in the next and that is the bigger one in our eyes, and that's the one we're looking forward to. And it might be there on the Day of Judgment, while billions of people are waiting for their judgment and to stand before Allah azza wa jal. You see people of Gaza and Philistine and people in other parts of the

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world that experienced difficulty, you will see them just get a free pass to Jannah. And you will see mountains of sins disappearing, and you will see because of the difficulty they experienced, and you might see martyrs after martyr, skipping the judgment going straight into Jana interceding for 70 of their family members and friends to and take them with them. You will see the children of Philistine and Gaza and other parts of the world entering into Janna, interceding for their parents and taking them with them into paradise. And perhaps at that point, perhaps on the Day of Judgment when we see these things, we will all wish that we were from the people that because Allah whom I

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didn't and converse alternativa are in about a lot bolted on was nice to know but Lahoma flagella dunya Guerra Homina Well, I'm a blogger Illumina whether it anonymously Rana Allah hoomans sort of one and I feel alone might have been Dima Allah who may have been demand or whom Allah Muhammad Akbar shahada alone mafia or wa wa wife of Nyssa

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Allah who has a bit home era but I mean was happy to have them in Tatia Khademi him Aloha Martha animal Bella will call with him era but Al Amin Allahumma Kula whom I wouldn't want to see Allah whom they hit

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us up hello, biotic Daffy. Hello, Marcia tick, Murphy bill Morrow, while you're unhappy animal Korea semi Hydra also the Lahoma robotic and I mean while he was here, Germaine Bahama had assaulted them in Hong Kong Allah