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AI: Summary © The history of the Hadith is described as a false messiah and a false god, leading to the woman eventually being revealed as a god. The transcript describes a woman who embraces Islam and becomes a Christian, leading to a group of women arrested and punished by the police. The transcript also touches on the potential consequences of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of the "has" of
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James Villa Nana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala schaffen was said he said no Mohammed Ali He also pledged mine. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdullah. We continue with the major science of human glioma, and we continue with lmsc Hit the gel, the Antichrist or the false messiah. We see this hadith which is sort of the mother of Hadith when it comes to the 10 signs of karma within me, Salah mentioned that before piano, you need to counting things and these 10 are not in order or not, though, as Robeson listed them did not list them in order, as we'll come to see, when we add other Hadith together, we build a picture that is slightly different to this order. So there'll be Salah mentioned that the 10 sides of Kiama is number one, the smoke, the coming of the gel, the dab, it will be a beast that will emerge from the

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earth, the beast of the earth, the rising of the sun from the waist, the coming down to the descent of nobility, sorry, sir CERAM, the emergence of Judah merge, and then three earthquakes are three earthquakes, one in the east, one in the West, and one in the Arabian Peninsula. So each one is a sign on its own, and then a fire that will gather mankind to a remainder of mankind to a to basically Jerusalem, and that will be the end of the world. And so we said the first sign undoubtably is the emergence of Mercy hit the gel, and is the gel someone that is going to be born easy, someone that is already born, this has been a disagreement amongst the scholars for some time.

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And the one group of scholars that says that the gel as he is a human being the gel is human. So the job is not from the Hadith literature. He's not a system. He is not some kind of special creature. He is a human being. He was born from a mother and a father, but he will be given great abilities and powers. And we'll talk a little bit about those powers and abilities. However,

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one of his one of the

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reports mentioned, and one of the evidence has mentioned that, like maybe isa Nerissa has a long life. He's alive now. And he's been alive for over 2000 years. That gel was the false visa the false messiah has also been around for a very, very long, and the one Hadith we mentioned yesterday I would even say add, even Sejad, the man who communicated with genuine time is going to be so Salam. He said I will tell you where the journey is remembering the Hadith yesterday, he said I could if you wanted me to tell you I know where he is now. So the journal was alive. And in a very, very interesting Hadith. The hadith of Tammy my daddy and you find this hadith in Sahih Muslim even

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though many scholars struggle with this hadith, it's really strange and interesting. Hadith

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14 Out of the 14 case, so famous Sahaba she never she narrates the Hadith lady, and she says, One day there was a call or Salah to Jeremiah. It wasn't Salah time, but the Adan was given Come Come get it to the masjid. And so we all rushed to the masjid. And she said I was sitting in the front of the ladies. So I could be closest to the salam to hear what he's going to give. And he stood on the member. And then the son says, I have brought with me, to me my daddy Tamim daddy, or the Alon, he initially was a Christian, and now he embraced Islam. And to me, my daddy comes to Medina and he wants to tell them to be salaam about something that he saw, which made him embrace Islam. So that

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to me, says to me, my daddy has a story to tell you, which corroborate what I have told you. So this is Go ahead. I mean, tell us the story. So tell me about the Alliance's that intermedius from a tribe that used to go, they lived on the coast and they used to go with ships. So he said that myself and my crew, we were traveling on a boat, and then we got lost in the middle of the sea. And for a month, we had no idea where we were flown from the side of that side until we landed upon an island. And on that island, there was like a monastery up on the hill. So when we disembark from our boat, we saw a creature that came up for an animal. We never saw an animal like this before it was

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covered in hay, that you could not see the front or the back of it. You'd know what this animal looked like. And then this creature came to us and he spoke and we became afraid. And we said what what are you like, what are you? And the creature said I'm what you call a Josiah. And in fact, in Sahih Bukhari, you have a chapter the chapter of just Sasa. So the creature said, I'm cool, they just sesor Allah, Allah Mattia, and these Amen, in that building, that you need to go and see. And so tell me, my dad, and his group went and they went into the monastery, and they said, We found a big, strong man, but tied up and chained up. And they said, Hello, who are you? What are you? And

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the man said, I'm at the John and I have been chained up but I want to ask you and while you in the jungles, what do people see? Well, Arabs. So he asked the Joe the man who's the gel says to me, my daddy, I want to ask you a few questions. Tell me about what's going on in the outside world because I'm locked up. I don't know what's up.

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mean, tell me about the date palm trees of bison. So they said, What do you know about it? So he said, Are they still fruits? So they said, Yes, they're still fruits. So we said soon the time will come when this land will no longer give fruits side note that Lancer has Alhamdulillah. Then he said, Tell me about the Lake of authorea, the Tiberius like, and so they said, Is there still water in it? So they said yes. So he said, The time will come when this lake would not be water anymore. Then he said, Tell me about the spring of Zahara? Is there water in the spring of people? So using it? And Tommy Medallia said, yes, it's still there. And so he said, Soon this lake will dry up. Then

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he said, since your edits tell me it has an error profit emerged that it cannot read or write. So they said, Yes, there is such a profit that has emerged. So what happened? Said he was from Makkah, and then he went to yesterday to Medina. And so he said to the people fight him as the court as His people fought him. So he said, Yes. And then that's what happened, who won and he said, he is prevailing over the Arabs, meaning that the Salam is winning, and people are becoming obedient to Him. Now, this man says, Any surprise, he shocked, has this really happened. And to me, my daddy says, Yes, this has happened. So he says, then it is better for them to be to be following him. Now,

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let me tell you what I am, I am at the jail, and I'm the Antichrist. And soon I will be released from this and I will basically come over upon the world. And so the interview my daddy was allowed to leave. And he rushed to basically going to be salam to embrace Islam. And so, Allah Allah, if the jail is alive, then he is locked away in some place until the time comes. And as you listen to the literature of Hadith, he will be emerged, he will be released. This is the narratives that you hear that something will happen. And as we said, when Constantinople is conquered by the malady, that is when the gel will emerge. Now how would the gel have these powers and ability and Subhanallah These

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are from from ALLAH SubhanA has allowed him but he will be powered by shape on and the gym. And he's mentioned circle gene. The gene say to Ghana visa will say to us in the Quran, we're in a canary jello mill. Incidentally, there are certain mean you are all Luna village village eliminar Jeanne facade whom Raha they enter into a partnership with the jinn from our side, and they increase one another in evil. And they follow what the jinn have of the gem give them abilities and powers, like traveling fast, like knowing and seeing the unseen, like having special strength and ability. And so the gene will provide the gel with this power in partnership with shaytaan with the objective of

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basically make people turning people against Allah subhanaw taala. And we won't go through all the verses of magic and the abilities of the gene have that they will give to at the gel. And as we said Allah will also give the gel special powers as a test as a fitna. That's why he is called fitness, the gel the test of the gel, will you follow Allah subhanaw taala? Or will we follow miracle workers will we follow people that have great charisma and

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eloquent speech without following the signs of Allah subhanaw taala. So as I mentioned yesterday, the world is sort of gearing up. On the one side, the Muslims are looking at Jerusalem, and this is where the MADI and the ISA will come. And at the same time, the evangelical Christians in particular, who are the biggest supporters of Zionism are pushing for the establishment of the state of Jerusalem, and to the rebuilding visa belief that if the temple is built a third time remembers both once the misalignment was destroyed, was built the second time and the Romans destroyed. Now there's no temple. Now there's a molten salt on top of it. That's a normal belt. So there is this

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belief in in Christian and Judeo Christian eschatology that the third temple must be built upon mozzie Luxa we must first remove Majid Luxa and the temple must be built, and then the Messiah will come again. Now, as you said, the Christians are waiting whenever the ISA will they believe to be the Messiah, and the Jews also have their Messiah that they have still been waiting for, they have not reached one and their Messiah is someone who will rule the world according to the belief. And so everyone is looking to this land and Subhan Allah as things move forward. So then to be Salam also mentioned that many many things about the gel so what is the chair look like? And you're going to

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hear that the child has a very, you know, an attractive features yet he would be followed by many, and I'll explain this. This is why this is. So then it says I was asleep one night, and I saw myself performing at the loft around the Kaaba. When I saw a dark man with straight hair standing between two other men with water dripping from his head. I asked Who is this? And they said, This is Lisa, the son of Maria when I turned and I saw a

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fee of complexion person that was very strong, well built with curly hair, and he's one I was blind. Looking at the I look so how does it look? It looks like a grape that has been poked, you know, grape that is overripe. I asked Who is this and the person who needs the angel said you

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This is a project and then a resource alum SubhanAllah. He says he looked just like even gotten one of those a harvester, three days just like you

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saw earlier. So the German soccer person, it doesn't look like some monster, some creature, but Subhan Allah, He will have the ability to deceive. And so what people see and what he predicts would be perhaps the most attractive, the most charismatic, the most amazing person and he will come at him at the time after malema, when the world has just been through World War Three, when people have gone through such catastrophe, and he will come as a savior. And he will come as somebody that people will want to look for as a healer and as someone that will reform the world. And so when Theresa Salama says that the true believers will actually see the through the journal. And if you

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see him, and you notice that he is deficient in one eye, you can never ever be from you can never because the jar will claim to be Allah. Remember Allah subhanho wa Taala is not defective in any way, Allah has no deficiencies.

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The gel as we said he will have off his power. So what we mentioned of the Hadith there are some Hadith about his powers, that he will travel throughout the world at great speed, and that he will have an ability to heal the sick and to cause earthquakes and to control the weather. And he will perform miracles even raise the data that's come up with one of the Hadith, we're going to mention that he still says I know what the digital will bring with Him. The journal will have the ability to have rivers flowing, he will be able to come on and rivers would float Subhanallah how the seas we don't know. And he will bring like rivers of fire as well. He would bring a command and the rivers

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of fire. So if anyone is confronted with Magellan, having this ability, then rather jump into the river of fire, because the fire that he brings is actually Jana. Everything is disruption. What he shows you on the outside is not on the inside. And that's how he works. So you'd rather jump into the fire of of the jail, you'd find the Jannah. And whoever jumps into the river of the jail basically will find it fire. The Sahaba asked how long would the jail emerge? And again, this very cryptic hadith is literal, what does it mean? Do we understand that the resources the jail will remain for 40 days on the Earth seems really short time 40 days will the first day will be like a

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year. And the next day will be like one month and the next day will be like a week. So one year, one month, one week, and the rest will be as normal days. So what does this mean? Subhan. Allah and the Sahaba took this literally because they asked me Salah if we live there. And again, I've said this so many times. For us, we all think about the fantastical questions, it shows the man of the Sahaba when they heard this hadith, they asked and we salam how do we make salah? If the day is like one year? How do we make sure that they understood this is the priority? We're not being seen to fight the germ and conquer the world? We have been meant to make Salah How do I make salah? Do I? If it's

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one year long? What should I do? And then obviously basically you need to calculate. So again, Allah Allah, there are many, many interpretations of this hadith. Is it symbolic? Or is it literal? If it's literal, it would appear that he would cause a what the first day that emerges. Maybe the sky is so black, they wouldn't be even a day. And this could be in line with his great Mal, Hannah. And then Elisa says, Before the gel comes, there will be great famine, the Earth will not produce its crops, perhaps Perhaps there will be such great damage done during the Valhalla that the world will be darkened over. And the gel will his first day would be in this sort of weather, it's the entire

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day, the entire year is dark. And then slowly the light will emerge Allah Allah, there'll be some random says, like clouds, when they are driven by the wind, that's how the gel will travel. And he will come to some people and call them and they will be leaving him and he will respond to what they want, they will, he will come on the sky and he will bring the rain and he will bring vegetation from the earth, and the cattle will come back in the evening and they will be full and full of milk and they will be strong, then he will come to another people and he will call them to follow Him and they will reject him. So he will leave them stricken with famine. And none of them will help all the

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wealth in their hand so he won't even force he will simply come to a city dying of famine. And he says Do you believe that I'm the Messiah? Do you believe that I am. In fact, at some point you'll say I am God. If you say yes, then he will solve your famine, you will feed you and if you say no, then he will leave you like that.

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Or he would come to a river over a certain area and he will call up and treasures will swarm out of the ground like insects.

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There'll be so some seeds he will travel throughout the world. And then he will arrive in Medina to Medina and he would obviously the very famous Hadith where he would want to enter Medina. But Medina is well is guarded and protected and he would not be able to enter you will be blocked. And he would stand at a specific place outside of Medina and Subhan Allah the place where it is mentioned he would stand on a hill right now that's the hill on which the palace of the royal families both just outside of Medina, and it mentions the Hadith he will stand there and he will cause earthquakes in Medina because he won't be able to enter and those who have no iman will leave whereas the true

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believers will remain inside

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And the gel will stand with his entourage with his people. And this is against Pamela from the Hadith it's amazing then time of the be solemn the masjid of gonna be some was very small, even you have a roof, that gel will look into Medina and He will say to his people, he's generous. Do you see that white Palace, that is the Mosque of Muhammad. That is the masjid of Muhammad. Now, really the magic number we only looks like a white palace or White House in recent times, although Allah is the something to think about. But it's really how you would describe the and you'd be to see it way that way This hill is quite far, you wouldn't be able to if you stood date back in the day, or you

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wouldn't have been able to see the magic. Now it's very clear to see the magic from the and then a man from Medina will emerge that a young man will come out to confront agile, and the madness young person will see this young teenager will say you are the gel that we solemn and wound us against against you. So then the gel will say to the people around him and he has got a huge following millions of people around him. And maybe it's televised across the world. He said, This young man is challenging me. If I were to kill this man, and bring him back to life, Will you not then believe that I am God Almighty. Now, again, it's not a stretch to think the people with the majority of the

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people who are waiting for the coming of the Messiah, they already believe the Messiah is God and connect. They believe Jesus is Allah in human form. So in the gel claims, that will be something strange. So he says, If I were to kill this boy and resurrect him again, will you then believe I am the Almighty. So they will say yes, and the jail will kill this man and cut him in half. And Hadith mentions he will walk between the two halves. And then he will bring this child, this boy this teenager back together, and he will stand up resurrected, smiling. And so the chances are, and this is not from Jim, this one is not from the gym. This is from the power that Allah had somehow given

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him, that he will bring this person back to life. And this young man will then say, now I am sure you are the gel because this was as the prophet had predicted. And then the gel will kill him permanently. And there'll be somebody say, God, this is the greatest shade of all time this young man Allah was but this young man is stood up to that gel, then a visa Salam says he will come to a person and the person will be in two minds. Is this the gel or not? And so is this man true? Is he should I follow him or not? And he will say to you, if I were to bring your mother and father back to life, and you were to speak to them, and they told you to follow me would you follow and then the

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gel will cause the gym now the gym. Each and every one of us have? A Kareem was a Korean. At the day we are born he believes a sign is a special gene to you. That is always with you. watches you studies, you knows everything. And when we pass away the gene live on so your quarry knows everything about you. That's what I say when you feeling alone, feeling lonely, remember you with your colleagues Subhanallah you will feel so lonely, right? So the journal will call upon the guardian of your parents who have passed away. And they will take the form of your mom and your dad. And they will tell you remember the conversation we had remember this is what happens if and only

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mom knew that that was a private cloud as possible. So you'll be sure this is mom and dad and they will say follow this man this man is Allah subhanaw taala and then people will follow Can you imagine to face your Eman facing something like this impossible. That's why then it is not possible to face the gel if you see him. Okay, And subhanAllah the resources most of those will follow the gel, many of them will be women, that a man would have to tie his wife and his mother and his sister from rushing out to follow Him and to be with him he will have this amazing charisma this amazing a power over people. And so at this point in my mahadi and his followers would be completely

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overwhelmed by the job. And while the fighting continues that Joel would basically envelop the world with his with his power. And those the only way to resist him is to run away from him to avoid him as best you can. And so basically Mr. mahadi and his followers will go into hiding and they would find themselves in a special place in Damascus remember the bases in Syria Alana and why but the base of your Maddy is in Damascus. And they they would basically on a day, allow them how long they will be ready to perform salatu Fajr and as they're about to start the Salah, they will see something descending from the sky. And this is the emergence of Nabi Isa, and so Subhan Allah will

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talk about the second sign the coming of NaVi Isa, Isa and Imodium. And so salaam The second sign tomorrow with Nila and we move on quickly to our quiz we said which companions which person with the companion suspect to be the journal we said even Sejad the very interesting Hadith about even Sejad and which of the following is not a major sign the smoke. Imam Mahdi, the jailer the true Messiah,

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the to Messiah, which of them is not is not a major sign. And then just for our quiz, let's see who got it. All right. Any questions? Anybody have questions on the meter

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Okay the winner Tasneem now with this name you got it wrong sorry wrong

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Hassan uncle Hassan as well as well this is really your handwriting is not Israel's handwriting

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and then

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oh so my yeah small as well much much much neater handwriting by the way become the the law so any questions before we conclude

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no then just say yes

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yeah so it's easy for us to say that now. However in that time, what he when he knows your deepest most needs or desires and he will come to some you will come attractive, beautiful to another person he might come pious. You might say I am never Isa, I'm here to heal the world. I'm here to kill the sick, why would you follow me? But yes, he will initially claim to be a great leader, a reformer, a person that will bring about peace, then he will claim to be a prophet than the Messiah and ultimately, when his followers are following Him, He will say to them, worship me, I am Allah worship me. I am Allah. And so May Allah protect us. As we said, this is the most difficult time

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inshallah we continue tomorrow with Mila was ALLAH Cena Mohamed

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El Amin Salam aleikum, WA Llobregat