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or left FML Horto bukem A you hell moron saloon on who in will see na Illa comin Majidi mean de novo Silla it him Hey, Jay. Alright, moving on. Most of them were met and are basically the most reefy

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rubbish I disagree with silly Emery rock that have melissani of Gokhale. But hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah one other URL. He was so happy Ah, man. I'm glad Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today, Inshallah, we're going to look at a new chapter in the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam, the way the Quran talks about him is that there is a brief encounter with wisdom Road, which is mentioned in SOTL Bukhara I'm going to get to that after this episode, even though chronologically it appears that that one is before. We're going to look at Ibrahim Ali Salam, now we're getting a glimpse of him in his very old age, and he's married and he lives with his wife and

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they both become very, very old. If we go by the biblical account, he's in his 80s. So he's, that's that's the biblical version that the first child he gets his when he's in his 80s. And the next one, another 14 years after that. So smile is the younger one, in the 80s. And the end is half the, the younger child is half is actually 14 years later after that, maybe 9899, maybe even 100 years old, by the time he has his haka lace along. So both miraculous births actually. Now, in this story, what Allah says to the prophets, I said, I'm Hal attacca, Hadith LiFi Rahim, Al MCRA. Amin has the news of the guests of Ibraheem Alehissalaam that have been honored by Allah has that ever come to you?

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Meaning this is Allah's way of enticing the interest even of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, he says, for example, he'll attack a hadith of Musa or he says he'll attack a hadith last year. Right now. He says he'll attack Hadith LiFi Ibrahim Al Makara mean, haven't you heard this? Now the way to, you know, there's some people that like in conversation, they you already know the answer, but they put it in the form of a question. You know, and they like to, to in the form of questions. Well, one reason you can do that is to actually kind of

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create an emotional comfort with someone that you're talking to, like, a parent can do that to a child and say, Do you know what I got for you today? And he's like, because you could just say I got you something. Or a cruel parents can say nothing. No, I got you nothing. Have you seen your face? But what I get you anything? Look at your math score? I got you nothing.

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The idea is that when you ask a question, you're trying to create a gentleness right? So there is a level of there's an F, there's an element of gentleness in these words. Other the the flip can be do you know, Have you have you realized and you put a question like that, well, that becomes a threat. So it actually behind these words, what the law scholars call a Miranda philani secondary meanings are about trying to understand what is the tone of the speaker? What what emotion is being solicited by these words? I've spoken to you about this on numerous occasions, but you know, words like okay, or yes, right, those are easy enough words, but you can hear the word, okay? And it could mean

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something gentle. Okay. Or it could be okay. Okay, you know, are okay, yeah. They're all they're all okay? They're spelled the same way. Right, but they're completely different in what is behind them. Right. So words aren't just about figuring out what they mean in the dictionary and figuring out what they mean in grammar, but there's also a rhetorical aspect, what is the intended meaning?

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behind it and what it seems to be the case in this is that a society that was being given comfort that Ibraheem Alehissalaam was at a time when he felt there is no support. And his you know, his mission is pretty much over and he does not have a legacy to carry forward. It is at that time at that old age that Allah azza wa jal answered his prayer so I'm going to connect this to what we said in Soto sharara Ibrahim alayhis salam had said which I live in velocity Jannetty name and he said you know, he said well how can you be solid Hain connect me and join me with good people but pretty much his whole life he has been alone he's been traveling alone right he's on his own and omega and

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omega and now in his old age when after an entire lifetime of making you know of having that feeds filled ceiling seemingly enact answered. Allah sends guests to his house and they appear to be human beings. But these honored guests are actually angels. A number of them maybe perhaps three, they come to his house definitely more than two because I look Ramin is Gemma with a car Salim right. So it's, it's the plural form. My grammar students called these the combinations una Ina. So it's more than two. Right so it's at least three that are coming to his house. And they seem to be very nobly dressed. Right lol MCRA mean could mean that Allah has honored them. It could also mean they they

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seem to look like they are you know, some kind of a royal guard or something like that. And they show up at his house. If the Hello Allah He when they entered upon Him meaning they knocked on his door he opens the door he sees these these three angels or these three human beings dressed you know and you can tell they're not from around town. Right? And also they say all for Carlos Salaam and they said salaam they said peace and the word Solomon is monsoon it's not some form of Solomon

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called Color Salah moon, you hear the owner T and of this. It's more for it's in the rougher form, right? And so the Salomon is actually have a rule mutlak Nusa Limca Salam, and this is the health of it's called the verb, the emission of a verb. What that means basically is we extend peace to you. And the short way of saying that is just Salomon or like an Arabic We say Mark Cuban, right? That's actually not a Hebrew cover Haven. But we don't have to say Nura Ibuka. We just say what Mark Cuban or we say Shokran but it's actually a school Ruka Shokran. But we don't say a school to catch too much. We just say what chakra and this is called them of Ruby mouflon. Woodloch. Right? And it's, it

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represents the entire statement. It's the same way we say subhanallah it's actually subito SubhanAllah. That's what that is. That's why it's monsoon Subhana. That's why it's like that, okay. So, so when they say what that represents is we extend peace to you. That's what that means, okay. And this is important because he there they are strangers and when somebody says Peace in the ancient days, that means we have given our word that we mean you no harm. Because strangers could come for whatever reasons back in the day Raiders could come and knock on your door and kill everybody in the family and take whatever they want. It was you know, it was the wild wild west and

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then some back in the day, right? So so when they say salaam like that there's a okay. They don't mean harm. Okay, all Solomon, Ibrahim Ali Salam responds, he says said moon and this is more Hoover, which means this is an indication of a generalized smear. What that means is there's no verb behind it. So salami there was a verb behind the we extend was or we extend piece was already inserted in Salomon. But it's not inserted in Salamone. It's agendize me for now, what does that do? Well, first of all, what Ibrahim alayhis salam is saying is actually in line with what the Quran was going to reveal 1000s of years later, you know, if somebody either who you don't be to hear it in, you know,

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so then if somebody extends a good greeting to you, if somebody says salaam to you, right, then you have to respond with the acid I mean her out to do her

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respond with something better, or at the very least, respond in kind reciprocate, at least equal right. So what Ibrahim Ali Salam says Salah Mundo morefor form what it means is, I pray peace itself, pre peace itself shall fall upon you shall come upon you it means peace from me. Peace from my family, peace from Allah Azza peace when you're with me peace when you're not with me. I hope he's with stays with you your entire lives like all of it. Because there's no subject it's not reduced to a subject or a verb. Because the verb has a tense right? verbs have past tense and present tense and future tense. Well when they said Salaam and this is in the present tense in this

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current moment we offer you peace. But when he said Salam when he's saying, may peace be with you when you're with me when you're not with me May peace be with you eternally may may come to you from me made come to you from all directions may come to you from Allah like Salam o Allah here. Alikum is included. Salam Alaikum is included. A Salam or Aleikum all of its included and it may come in ways that

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are unexpected or unknown, because that can mean is for 10 weird or an hour. It expands the scope of it and it gives a variety make all kinds of peace come on you so beautiful that he responded with something better. Right? So this is the this is the tradition of the Muslims. Sometimes somebody says he said Mr. Alikum walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato as in the habit of saying something radical, and I was at a, at an airport, I didn't know that the guy recognized me, and I'm checking my my getting my stamp in Turkey. And he goes, I said, Said, I'm only going he goes, where's the Rahmatullah here but I got to know Malecon and I was like, what I heard what

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he wants to

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know he got me good. I got slammed at the airport.

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Anyway, so he responds with something better now he's responding with something better to strangers in that embedded is actually a mentality that Ibrahim are they said, I'm carried with him. He met strangers all the time. He doesn't. By the way. Nowadays, when we say salam, it is an indication that someone's a believer. Right. So Salam or Aleikum is the signature code between Muslims around the world. Right? Unless you go to Philadelphia where it became a part of the you know, the culture and so when people say Salaam Alaikum brother, and then that doesn't mean that they're Muslim, they just say it because that became a thing in Philly in parts of Philly, but the other than the hand,

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you know, the Salaam is actually an, you know, a kind of a guarantee that the person you're dealing with is a Muslim. And Allah even alludes to that later on in the Meganisi, era Latin coolamon aldehydic masala Anna, the stomach Mina don't don't say about somebody who just throw salami or with that they're not a believer, right? Because it makes us assume that but this is the olden days. In the olden days, you can say somebody can say peace to you in any language. That doesn't mean that they are believers. But Ibrahim alayhis salam means well, for believer nonbeliever, for anybody who comes to Him, they extended him Salaam and he wants to give them so much more. He prays for that for

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them. It's it's so remarkable that he just wants good for people, even people who This doesn't have anything to do with. It just has this intention to just benefit someone, anyone. You know, and he's praying for them. He doesn't even know these people. He's praying for them. You know, they actually said Salam not because they're praying for him. They said Salam because they're assuring him that they don't mean harm. But when he's responding, he's not just responding. He's actually praying for them. That's actually taking a few steps further, which is really beautiful. That that if we have that mentality towards our neighbors or non Muslim neighbors, anybody you're sitting on a plane next

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to anybody or you know work with at a restaurant and the cashier at the grocery store, there's people you run into, you just want good for them. You don't even know them but you want something good for them. You know? And you have this this inside of you and that's the thing about Ibrahim Ali somewhat come what's in his heart is what comes to his tongue. There's no conflict between what comes out of his mouth in what's inside. Right so you're gonna have Muslims who hate each other's guts, but they still say Salam Alaikum salam, but they don't mean Salam at all. I hope you fall down the stairs today but but the way they translate that is Salam o alaikum.

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You know, so, but he what is inside is what's coming on the outside. So he says call a Salomon, but then that's that. Okay, I pray for you. But that's not enough Coleman when karoun

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People say to people of people unknown, aren't you? I don't know, you guys.

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So he's basically trying to say,

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haven't seen your kind of round here and haven't seen you guys before? You're pretty alien to this area. And he's hoping that they're gonna say something. Yeah, of course, we came from, you know, New Jersey, and it's a different planet. And they'll say something they don't say anything. A woman karoun Do you see no response from them? So they're, like a little bit secretive? You can tell? Right? They're not they're not very forthcoming about where they're from. You know, contrast that with like, Musa alayhis salam, when he went to the Sheikh and Medina and fellow Majah, who Bakasana helped us as he came, a stranger came right. And he told him his whole story. I was in Egypt and I,

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I like punch somebody and they died. And now I'm wanted for murder. And that's why I was helping your daughter's with the water. Because I was going to die of dehydration myself. I was just told this whole story Passarella heal cancers. But these angels they come temporary. They're not saying nothing. They're just a woman. Karuna is what Abraham says, you know, and they say nothing. So anyway.

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For me, this is just coming. Just comments. Okay. So Rahim is I'm inviting them in and he rushes to his family, meaning his old wife

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and he basically gets her and he and her start preparing a meal. And they have animals and they have original which means a calf meaning a baby cow, right? So the slaughter the baby cow, the skin it started barbecuing it in the backyard. These guys are sitting there waiting chillin, and they're the old family is making food for them.

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them and the baby calf meat is the fresh that tender meat. Right? So they they're preparing the most tender kind of meat. And he brings this entire feast, which I'm sure it takes some time. And then he because they don't have that ready, right? That's they don't have microwaves back then they didn't get this wrong.

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So, so they, so they, they bring this thing, and they he cooks it, he puts it in front of them. And these are men that clearly they're not from town, so they're travelers. So what do you know about travelers you know about travelers that they get hungry? Right? If you I've done a lot of road trips in my life, especially with you know, some friends, right? And when you go on a road trip and it gets passed to a one hour mark, there's always someone in the group has a yo, yo, we got to stop somewhere. You'll see a sign, I see a sign now they're not talking about a spiritual sign. They see a sign for her McDonald's fries or something. That's what they see.

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But the idea is there's a you know, when you travel, you just really can't wait to get your hands on food. Right? And you know, since one one guy usually his only navigation contribution is he's looking at Palau restaurants on the way this is salty does. You know there's this is part 40 miles from here, we have to take a detour. I already check the reviews, talk to the owner, everything okay, so. So they bring the food and he's expecting that these young men are gonna just dive in, we're just gonna eat the food, it's fresh meat that's put right in front of them. So he you know, he didn't say mean Fakarava who you name so put it right close to them. Like he's not even going to eat

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it first. He wants to give them hospitality puts it close to them. And then he notices this is called cada Rata Kulu. He said, You people you're not going to eat. They're not even looking at it. They're not interested. The smells going in their nose in there just no reaction. That's not humanly possible. Right? So now he's like,

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something's up. Something's wrong. And this is some some scholars commented on this that in the ancient world,

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there were different kinds of people, obviously, governments were there kingdoms were there. But a lot of a lot of places were lawless. Right, a lot of places were in between kingdoms are so far away from the main city, that you could get away with anything. You could kill someone on the road and pillage and whatever, and nobody would know about it. Right. But and they had people that were that were assassins that were paid to kill, or they were paid to rob and steal from a village. And pun intended. The assassins back then did have a creed. Right. And they did they did believe that if we're going to kill someone, it is against the code of the assassins to eat their food.

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So if we eat their food, we can't be killing them. It's part of their honor code. Honor among killers, right? So he gives them fresh food and what are they doing? They're not eating. So now that might be a problem. Cuz that might mean that they're gonna kill the family, right? Kill everyone in the family kill him and his wife thought oh, just I'm in humpy fatten. So he expressed from them a very delicate form of fear. So he didn't just say you're not eating like it's not it's not expressive. So what just is actually a form of fear in Arabic that is barely, barely noticeable. Like a small change of expression on the face or a little bit of sweat pouring down or a little

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bulge on the eyebrow, or some maybe the eye wanders just a little bit, or person looks like for a second they got lost in thought.

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Like a little bit of that. He doesn't want to show his cards immediately, right? Because he's making contingency plans. So he felt a level of fear from them. They sensed it right away and they said love to have it. Don't be scared. We're not here to relax. So now we can tell you why we're here. Right? So the heat now he's like, Okay, well hamdulillah they're not killers, right? What are they here for? overshadow who Behold, I mean, Eileen, we came to give you good news, you're going to have a boy who's going to be very knowledgeable. Congratulations to the family. Not only will you have a baby, that's Wellard. Right? That's Wellard. But actually here, Allah uses the word whole arm, and

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whole arm is like 910 years old.

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So now not only are we going to have a child, he's gonna grow up. And by the time he's a boy, he's going to be super knowledgeable.

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Right? So there's a description of even the child as he's growing up inside of these words. And so he knows that these are angels and as he as they say that we came basically to congratulate you on behalf of Allah that you're going to have a child. That's why we're here. And his wife who had just finished cleaning up the baby calf skin situation. She heard them say that he's going to have a child for Aquila, Temora to houfy Salatin, so his his wife is all of a sudden frozen. So what

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I think I did that well, but so

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she, she's just an absolute shock for Sukkot wedge ha

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aiutato who's what?

00:20:11--> 00:20:24

And then she screams out what color I use on our team. She said all woman never was never able to get pregnant. First of all, I couldn't even get pregnant when I was 20. And now you're telling me I'm gonna get

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so she just she's in shock and she laughs about it. Ibrahim Allison has no reaction. The thing with Abraham or Lisa that means he's jumped into a fire that became cool. Okay, so he's, he's been around the block a little bit. He knows how Allah azza wa jal does the impossible. He knows that. So when he hears from the angels, he's calm, but his wife is an absolute shock. I would use an Hakim. You know, by the way, so when she screams this out, the angels turn to her and they talk to her. So called Luca Aliki that they say yeah, that's exactly how it's gonna be. That's what we said. garlicky

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call Laura buki, your master said it know who this is exactly how your master said it. Meaning we're not saying this. This is coming from Allah. It's not from us. We're not here to convince you how it's going to work. We're just saying Allah said it. So the the mandate from Allah is that they're going to have a child in the who who will Hakeem and I believe he is the one ultimately, who is wise. He is the one who has ultimate knowledge, meaning how it's going to happen is with Allah. And Allah has wisdom that you shouldn't you didn't have a child all these years, and Allah has wisdom that you will have it now the lesson we learn is sometimes we have an expectation in the world, we

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have expectations that when a person is at a certain age, then they're going to get a job, then there is a certain age, then they're going to get married, then they're at a certain age, then they're going to have children, then they're at a certain age, then their kids are going to do this, this this, we have these societal kind of standard expectations, right. And a lot of times we're not able to meet those expectations. Somebody wants to get married, some woman wants to get married, her younger sister got married, her brother got married, every other cousins got married, she can't get married. And she's like, Oh Allah, Allah hates me. Allah doesn't want me to get married. And, you

00:22:08--> 00:22:39

know, it's never gonna happen for me. And you're looking at everybody else that met the societal expectations, and you weren't able to meet them, or somebody was going to college and their their parents passed away or their father passed away or something happened, and they're not able to continue their work, they have to go and get a job. Right? So all their peers, cousins, whoever else, they graduated, they moved on and they're still stuck in school and they're still struggling, and they're like everybody else moved on in life. I wasn't able to meet those standards, right? But what is Allah azza wa jal say, when he tells this family, he made this technically solid hence so

00:22:39--> 00:23:16

long ago, and Ibrahim alayhi salam could have been given a child all these years, he could have been given tons of children in his youth, he could have raised an entire nation of children by himself that he could have done that Allah could have given him like he gave Jacoba Alayhis Salam, you know, he gave him 12 sons, he could have given to Rahim Allah. But Allah chose that for some people. The timeline for these things is different from others. There is no normal, there is no standard, the standard is what Allah decides. So we shouldn't we shouldn't create. We shouldn't look at social norms, and social expectations, and then say, well, they don't apply to me, therefore I'm a failure.

00:23:16--> 00:23:50

Therefore, Allah doesn't love me or Allah, Allah has a worse plan for me than everybody else. No, maybe because you're unique. The story Allah crafted for your life is unique. And so it's not going to fit with anybody else's. Stop comparing yourself to somebody else's story. Stop comparing yourself for someone, Oh, they got married at 25. I'm already 28 I can't get married. They got they had a child when they were 30. I'm already 33 I can't have a child. Don't do that. Just stop doing that. Stop comparing yourself to everybody else. Because Allah has given every one of us a different set of plans. And the every one of our plans is filled with the wisdom of Allah.

00:23:51--> 00:24:13

In the who who will, Hakeem will, Eileen, this is how your master said he is the one that has that wisdom. And he knows. He knows why and when but we know one thing, whatever he knows that we don't know, whatever he does know and whatever he does decide is always full of wisdom. So that's what the angels tell the wife. And as I leave you today, Ibrahim alayhi salam is not thinking about the baby.

00:24:14--> 00:24:18

But the wife was thinking about the baby. Ibrahim Ali said I was like,

00:24:19--> 00:24:25

I know my Rob. My Rob does not send three angels to tell me about one baby

00:24:26--> 00:24:27

or something else going on.

00:24:29--> 00:24:49

So he's something Something's fishy. So they come here and they want to eat the food. And then they want to act all like and I thought they were killers, but they're not killers. Okay, then we're gonna congratulations on the baby. Okay, okay. He says Mahatma Kuma Johann Musa alone. I love the genius of Ibrahim Malissa. He sends us something. So he says so what's your real mission?

00:24:50--> 00:24:59

Messengers? Why are you really here? What's your real deal? Right? So you're not here to kill me? You're here to tell me am I gonna have a child but something else is up.

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

Why don't you tell me what's really going on here? So the way he's processing that situation is very different from the way his wife is processing that situation right? She's still dealing with the shock of she's gonna get pregnant. But he's like yeah, that's okay. I'm not gonna do that. Yes, Allah controls life in the Olympia live yo yo you meet he's already had that episode. I'll tell you about that episode tomorrow inshallah. So he says to them, yeah, so why are you really here? They're like, Oh, in that Odyssey Lila COVID We were actually sent to a criminal nation. Lino Silla him Hey, Jonathan McLean so that we can shower upon them. Stones made of clay baked with clay

00:25:38--> 00:25:49

each one of those stones or MUSAWAH they're branded ended up with a bio rub for those who excel accessed meaning it's like a sniper bullet coming from the sky with the name of the target on the bullet

00:25:51--> 00:25:56

right that's what Allah has decided so Oh, you're not here to kill me but you're here to kill an entire nation I see.

00:25:58--> 00:26:35

So they are they are killers they are to destroy here to destroy. So they came to give good news to Ibrahim Ali Salaam. That's their their minor stop. And their major stop is they're going to head towards the nation of loot Aileen salaam, and they're going to rain fire from the sky. On those people. That's their next stop. These are the same angels that came to the house of nuit. II they set up next. Right, so they let Ibrahim Ali Salam know that that's what we're actually here for. That's our real mission. Okay, so then so this is what's captured in sort of the idea so far, right? That's what we were learning that they are going to kill everyone. And it's going to be a unique,

00:26:35--> 00:27:14

like individual punishment kind of punishment. It's not like a flood came and drowned everybody. It's like a collective punishment. But each one of them is getting shot specifically, each one of the criminals This is a unique X, you know, like interesting form of punishment that is not described anywhere else. And by the way, if you study the punishment given to the nation of loot Island Salaam. By the way, I should say a couple of things. Loot Isilon ism is an honored messenger of Allah. And I hate the fact that Muslims use the word loot in disgusting ways. That's the name of a messenger you should be ashamed of yourself. And they call the you know, certain acts shameless,

00:27:14--> 00:27:50

as they call it Liberata, which is absolutely wrong. Absolutely wrong, because we have to have honor for mesothelioma and other more saline. We don't drag their name in the mud, because of what they had to face. You see, so you should have respect for the names and the legacies of the messengers. Allah Himself was Saddam. That's number one. Right? So number two here is if you study the punishment is given to the nation of luta Elisa. In the Quran, Allah will say he drowned the Pharaoh and he killed you know, some mood and other than that there's a list of nations and then he gets the nation of loot, right? Consistently, you will find the way he describes their punishment is

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different from all the others consistently.

00:27:53--> 00:27:56

Like he hits harder on that nation than any other.

00:27:58--> 00:28:37

He does. But he starts describing you can see the tone, gets more aggressive, gets more, you know, rhetorical calmer, as a case study, for example, on your own study suit of armor, look at all the nations that God destroyed. Right? So, you know, Canada, but some Moodle mursaleen, conservative, you know, Adelaide, mousseline, etc, etc, then convoluting, when you get to the punishment, something something changed here, something happened here, that didn't happen before. You know. So this is very, it's a rage of Allah manifest that he wants to do this with this nation. And he didn't even do it. But that and home lash Arun like, you know, normally he says the punishment will come to

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them all of a sudden, they won't even know. But no, first he's going to send them angels, he's going to let them get even worse than they already were. Let him dig your hole even deeper, and then he's going to punish them. It's a whole plan for their destruction. Right. And so when he does that, the they haven't done that yet. But they've told Ibrahim at least, that's the plan. That's what we're actually here for. And from here, Ibrahim, Allison's going to have a conversation with them. So the the conversation about his own child is kind of put in the background hamdulillah I'm gonna have a child but now the real conversation is going to begin and which is recorded elsewhere in the Quran.

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We're going to talk about that BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Hakeem whenever anyone here can read it with kindness. Sorry I took so long today