Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #20 – Secret Deeds

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When the moment finally arrives for your reckoning, how will Allah judge you for your deeds? Whether done in public or in private, all of your deeds will be laid out in front of you as you await judgment. Will you hold your book in shame, or will your Lord veil you from the scrutiny of others?

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Every single person has secrets. But what you want are that those secrets are actually good ones. And how sweet is that secret good deed that you meet Allah with on the day of judgment. And you know that it was just this goodness between you and him that no one else knew about. Imagine how pleased Allah subhanaw taala is with that deep Salah autoseal talks with a lot about Rob, the province of Assam said secret charity extinguishes the anger of your Lord. And how pleased Are you going to be when ALLAH SubhanA wa brings that up in his conversation with you? Like, yeah, I'm the Oh my slave, I remember that moment of prayer that charity, that good thing that you did for me and you didn't

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tell anyone else about and now here's my gift back to you. Now on the other hand, there's also this fear that the believer has of secrets since we might be struggling with something in private and we're trying to overcome it. But death comes to us and we still haven't been able to completely stop those sins. We keep repenting, but somehow, we keep on repeating. So what happens on the Day of Judgment when you meet Allah subhanaw taala. And those books are laid in front of you, and nothing is concealed any longer. Allah is going to forgive people on the Day of Judgment with a forgiveness that no person has ever been able to conceive or imagine.

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And here you are in the most critical moments of your standing before Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala unveils 99 scrolls of your sins, each one of them to the end of your vision. Now, by the way, this is the believer, not the hypocrite, okay, every single one of us, has some scrolls of sin, and it's right in front of you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala simply puts it out in front of you. And the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am, increment ahead in law, so you can lean horombo laser beam in a hole, we're being a hotel drummer, there is not a single person amongst you, except that his Lord is going to speak to him directly, without any intermediary, or any translator.

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And so as you're standing there, and Allah is addressing you, and you've got those scrolls in front of you, the prophets lysozyme says, For young little unnamed amino fella era Illa che in our demo, so he looks to his right, to see if there's anyone or anything that's going to come to his aid. But all he sees are deeds that he put forward. There's no one else there. And then he looks to his left fella, Yala, Illa che and cut demo, and the only thing he sees on his left are deeds that he set forth. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Then he looks ahead, but a step below who now and he sees the fire facing him. Now for the hypocrite who knows that this is not going to

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end well, that his book is about to come to his left hand. And he's effectively doomed. What does he do? He puts His left hand behind his back. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala says that he receives his book, Vichy Maliki in his left hand in one place in the Quran, Allah says be Shimada he, and in another place, the last contest says, then what are allottee behind his back? Why, because as he puts his left hand behind his back, but chain comes and locks his left hand behind his back, and then the book comes to his left hand, locked in that position behind his back, and anyone that is walking behind him, can see the shame of that person on that day. May Allah subhana, Allah protect

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us. So both the questioning and the humiliation for that person are public. But Allah isn't interested in humiliating the sincere believer. I'm loved no matter the amount of time on whom he was asked, he said, What did the prophesy some say about a Najwa the private conversation and realize that the prophesy some said when you go into Salam, when you go into prayer, you are in Najwa, you're in a secret dialogue with your Lord. So even all that is being asked, What did the prophets lie some say about the network on the Day of Judgment, the secret dialogue, and the prophets lie, some said, you know, Yeoman, piano team and Robbie, he had to yada yada he kind of

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Allah brings forth the believer, very near to him on the day of judgment. And then Allah subhanaw taala places his veil over him, and his veil is a veil of light. So you're now close to Allah subhanaw taala. And it's just you and him. And no one else is hearing this conversation. Allah is making this part of the Aesop private and Allah subhanaw taala says, you see these secret sins, the sins that you weren't proud of, and people didn't know about hell Tardif Oh my servant. Do you acknowledge these sins? And the believer will say, a lot. I'll be out of my Lord. I acknowledge them. I'm not trying to run away. I'm not

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trying to deny anything. I'm not trying to say, I don't accept any witnesses. I'm not going to praise myself.

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I failed. In this regard. I messed up. And I wasn't proud of it. It's not something I would boast about, but yet I acknowledge these things. So Allah subhanho wa Taala then says to His servant, for in need pazza total to her I Rekha for dunya. We're in need of Pharaoh Harlequin yum. I concealed those sins for you in this world. And today, I'm going to forgive you for them. They're all gone. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, He's given his record of good deeds, and the sins have been obliterated. In one narration, the Prophet SAW Selim said in the place of every sia in the place of every sin, that you sought forgiveness, for, there is now a hasna. There is now a good

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deed, to the point that the servant says, Jana, my Lord, there are things that I don't see here sins that I committed, that I don't see here. And the prophets lie, some smiled so broadly as he was narrating this conversation to us, that his back teeth can be seen sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the mercy of his Lord. And this is what the scholars say is the Tafseer of when Allah azza wa jal mentions that the believer receives his book in his right hands. And then he goes back to the gathering and he says, ha, Omokoroa, okey, Tabea. Everyone can read my book, because that book doesn't have those sins anymore. Everyone come read my book. In Neilan anto and Nicola, can he sabya

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I knew that this day was coming. I knew that I was going to be held accountable. And I prepared myself for this day. And he's going through the gathering, look at this good deed. Look at that good deed, you know, no one, no one is being humble on that day when they receive their book in their right hand. You're not trying to hide it away and say, you know, hamdulillah things are okay, no, you're going around saying, Here it is. Here's the Salah, here's the sadaqa. Here are the places that I went to have good when I was called to go to places of evil. Here are the words that I said, here's the backbiting I refuse to partake in, but instead contested when I heard it. Here are all of

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these good deeds. Look, it's here. Look, it's here and you're celebrating and celebrating and celebrating the Mercy of your Lord upon you. And subhanAllah as you are going around with that book, and you are running around to the various people and showing off your good deeds from that moment that you just had with Allah subhanaw taala. You know, one thing that I think about is the connection of that to the very first person the prophets like some told us this question, the very first person who was questioned ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says to him, didn't you think that you were going to meet me? Weren't you ready for this meeting? And that person wasn't ready. This person can

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make one claim in that gathering, he can say in the Alana and to any Malaccan asrb I knew this moment was coming. I was ready for this moment. And so as you're going around, ask yourself, Who are you going to run to in that gathering your parents, your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or someone else to celebrate your graduation to the next phase of the

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