Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 27

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The use of the phrase "take off your husband" in the Bible is discussed, as it describes the relationship between the gods. A woman who refuses to do anything until she gets arrested refuses to do anything until she gets arrested and is punished by the police. The speakers emphasize the importance of disobeying Islam and protecting one's privacy to avoid dangerous behavior. The use of the phrase "take off your husband" in the Bible is also discussed, as it describes the relationship between the gods.
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We will

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call it further liikanen levy Luton any fee well according to one FC fustat some wonder Illa Mia

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Morrow hola use Jalan Mina Swahili Carla BCG new boo Elijah M. de

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tous three funny Qaeda en la

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mina de Helene

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questa Bella hora boo Hassan who Qaeda

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in who who has semi

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proficiency salary assembly Emily Wanaka tamela Sania Kohli. 411 salatu salam O Allah so Allah, Allah, Allah, he was right about. Today I'm going to cover the second law of use of Elisa Salam from seducer. And it at first glance, it doesn't even look like a da. So let me set the scene for you first, because again, as I've been saying the prayers of the prophets, it's really important to understand the story behind them. So you appreciate when and where to apply them in your life, and I apply them in mind. So we saw, you know, the minister's wife was crazy about him, she tried to seduce him and all of that failed. And now she's embarrassed and the word spread all across Egypt

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that she's, you know, she's got a crush on her servant, and she's very embarrassed by that. So what she does is, you know, and there are other women that are from the same political elite, these other women, they're having their parties or whatever, and they're making fun of her and talking about her and word gets to her, you know what they were saying about you at that gathering? You know, what they were saying about you over there and she's now heard that these women, they've made a mockery out of her reputation because of the word getting out. So what she does as a result, his fellow ma semiotically mcaleenan, Salah delay hinda and when she heard that they were making these kinds of

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statements about her and scheming, you know, about her reputation. She had all of them invited, well attended lahoma Taka and and she's placed cushions for them specifically, like you know, like a big living room type thing and they're all sitting reclined relaxed, while at a lower headed demeanor. Sakina and she gave every one of them a knife. She handed every one of them a knife or political jolly henna. The Quran says and then she said come out to use the phrase and she said come out and come in front of them or through Giuliana

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for LA Marina who Obama who so when they saw him they thought he was amazing. A cabana who means they thought he was incredible. He's magnificent. Well, cabana idea another Carranza, and they cut their hands, they started cutting their hands. So this is a very strange scene in the Koran. And often when somebody reads the translation, they don't realize that what the Quran does is something called Ijaz. The Quran speaks in very concise language. It uses one phrase and it expects the reader to fill in the blanks. This is not what happened. As in, they were all sitting there. She says, here's a knife for you. Here's a knife for you. Here's an eye for you. I thank you, thank you for

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this knife. And then he walks in Oh my god. Like that's not what happened.

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That is not what what took place. What did what does take place. You can imagine the scene. Obviously, you give someone a knife not because they're going to go on self surgery. You give someone a knife because they're going to be cutting a cake or an orange or whatever they she hands him some fruit, some meat, meat, whatever. And they've got these plates in front of them. And they're cutting away at their meals. And then he walks in. And when he walks in, they're cutting and where are they looking? Oh,

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So their eyes went over there and they weren't paying attention and a bunch of them cut their head and his job is he's a servant. So when he's a servant, and she cut her hand What's he supposed to do? Oh, let me fix that. Let me get that for you. Let me get you some Band Aid let me get and so one of them is getting the attention and the other is like hey,

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I cut my hand do

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so one of this is our Katana Katana means they cut cut banner ad on one after the other after the other after the other cutting their hand all for what buying is it? Can you can you put some bandaid on mine too? Can you give me attention to and starts going crazy and this lady who set this up because he was like incredibly handsome looking. They actually said you know how shall we law Oh my God. That's literally the translation of Harsha de la. I don't know how else to translate that. It has to you have to have a southern accent we Oh my God. You know, when you translate Harshad Allah God forbid, heavens for heaven's sake. Marhaba elaborate mahadasha This is no this is not even

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human. In hatha Illa Malecon Korean. This is a

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Gracious Angel. This is some kind of a Oh my, this is what they were saying. So they were gawking at him checking him out. And then they cut their hands and doing so in this crazy scene is happening. And she then says, oh, oh, you thought I have a crush on just some servant. Huh? What happened to you? See all of you. You're making fun of me. And so she puts them on the spot. Call it further Nicola de Lune to nanny fee. This is the one you were blaming me about her? How does that feel? You feel embarrassed yourselves. And so when did she she got revenge on them. When the camera went to NFC. You know what, it's true. I did try to seduce him. I did try to make him slip. I did try to

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catch him off guard. It is true. I'm not ashamed to say it like you women. You You wouldn't you would want a chance with him anyway, any one of you would take the chance with him. So she calls it out. And she has no shame and now saying Yep, I liked him. And I tried to make him slip. And it didn't work. And so then she says, well, a lottery fan, Nikita Honda, or actually, she says for your file Mamoru Mamoru. And if he doesn't do what I'm telling him to do, in other words, I'm still the owner of this house. He's still my servant. When I tell him Come here, you should come here. When I tell him do this, he will do this. How dare he disobeyed me as my servant. You know, last time he

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just said, you know, Robby Oksana Messiah, my master is taken care of me all this time, why would I just obey my master? And she's basically saying, Who are you to tell me who you will obey and just obey. I'm the owner. I'm the master. And so she's employed and she's now imposing her authority on him. Now, you better do what I want, or I'm gonna burn you. So in other words, this is the the psychosis of a woman who's obsessed with a man. And if the man turns down her advances, she says, Oh, yeah, I'm gonna ruin your life. Now, you see what happens when you turn me down? So this, this kind of subpersonality is not one time this can exist in the world. There can be a woman like that,

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who says, Oh, yeah, you don't want to listen. Oh, let's see how your reputation does afterwards. I'm gonna and what does she say about him? He's innocent himself. She says about him.

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Yesterday, should they use shenana? I will make sure he gets arrested, he will get thrown into jail. What are you gonna mean? asahina I will make sure that he's humiliated. He will absolutely be from those who get him assaulted in Arabic doesn't mean small. That he's already a young man. And he's already not of someone high status. He's a servant. Salted in Arabic means or in the Quran, especially Saharan south, it is used for humiliation, I will make sure that his reputation is destroyed. I will make sure not only is he thrown in jail, but people speak very ill of him. Nobody will like him. So what if he or he's gonna turn me down? We'll see how that plays out for him,

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whether you're gonna Minnesota hidden. Now he's in the state that he and he understands. Now there's two threats on use of a certain one threat. I'm gonna throw you in jail. Second threat I will humiliate you. Those are two threats, two separate threads. One of them he is worried about the other one he's not worried about.

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The one he's worried about is, oh, should I be addressing that I'll be thrown in jail. Because I have two options. Either he should obey her and do heroin. Or he should go to jail. So he'll discuss that. But the the problem of being humiliated he doesn't even bring it up. You know why? Because he knows that dignity belongs to Allah, He gives it to whoever he wants, he takes it away from whoever he wants. People don't control that. To resume and Tasha, go to the loo and Tasha, big Can you give and you take away dignity from whoever you want, you control all good. Their scheme, their accusations, their propaganda, they're plotting, none of that will make any difference when you

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decide to give me dignity. And if you decide to take dignity away from me, it doesn't matter if I'm the king of the world. I won't have any dignity, it won't matter. So he clarified he's clear about that. So what does he say to Allah? He says, Rob besieged new hubzilla very commonly very misunderstood. This great prophet, he says, My master prison is dearer to me I prefer or I love prison more, me, my adoni lady from what these women are calling me to do. These women are inviting me towards How am I prefer a person over this. man. He's telling a lot of decision about how boulia Some people have looked at this door and said, Well, you know what, this is why I threw him into

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prison, because he said, I prefer prison. So I'll put him in prison. You should be careful what kind of door you make. It might come true. You know, but actually, he's not asking for jail. You have to understand he only has two options, haram or jail. He's not under control. He doesn't have Korea. He's actually a servant. I called him. He says you got two options. Either you do what I'm telling you or you go to jail. He has to pick between one of these two. So he turns to a lion says yeah, Allah with the options in front of me. I'll have to prefer jail, because jail means I don't disobey you. He's not asking a lover prison. Do you understand this? He's asking

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A lot of the limited options he has. I'm going to take the one that doesn't disobey Allah. That's what he's actually asking about bcgeu hubzilla madrona de la. And then he adds, I mean, the only options he sees is if there's a multiple choice answer there's only two answers jail or haram.

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But he knows that Allah will use zuckermann hydroelectricity, you're in high school eftersom whoever protects himself and it has taqwa of Allah. Allah provides them in ways they can't even imagine.

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So he says in front of me, these are the only two options so I'll pick this one. But my ROM in the past refer Nikita hoonah if you don't turn me away from their scheming as boulais hinda I'm not worried about what they will do. I'm human also, I might become childish I might lose my maturity right now. I am, you know, like described him as Pokemon, someone who makes firm decisions. He has that hook and he says Yala. I hope that if they keep tempting me and keep poking at me and keep pressuring me and keep coming at me that one day I might not slip Yella, let me just go to jail because that's probably the only place I'll be safe from these women. He has to you have to

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understand the women that were in that room. We're all wives of ministers, millionaires, like elite women. And this young boy is just a certain young man just a servant. He can't escape them even if he got away from that room. How far is he gonna get? They have control over the entire society. The one place where they can't reach him and can't mess with him is where do so he says you're up if you don't get me away from their scheme. If you don't and then I might become childish. I might inclined us boo LA. In other words, US bukem sabi sabi means child. You know how a child doesn't have control. A child starts crying, they can control their crying, you know, and kids I mean, many of

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you have children. I have children. I know kids are very good at fake crying, do. You know they're crying for like the juice or something like the most excruciating pain, but if you don't pay attention, then all of a sudden, like nobody's paying attention.

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And unless you're looking in the back again, you know.

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But the idea here is children can be out of control. Children can do whatever not think about it. turn their brain off. Why did you do that? Why don't you spill this? Why don't you drop this? I don't know. I like to say

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he says I might become childish. I might lose control. I might not like act like in a mature way. What a communal javelina, we get to the same words of Masonic Islam. What a communal jehlen I might become from those that are giant. What does that mean? I told you last time, I told you, I have been someone who cannot control their emotions with Masonic Islam we were talking about the emotion of anger. He had to control his anger with use of Islam is the emotion of of temptation. I may not be my I'm human being I might lose control. You know, feeling temptation is not Haram. I'll give you an example. We're fasting. And when we're fasting, your your throat feels thirst. Your stomach feels

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hunger. Yes. When it feels those things is your throat doing a sin by feeling thirst, no, your body, Allah made it a certain way. Your throat is asking you to disobey Allah. Your stomach is asking you to disobey Allah. But your heart says no, shut up, throat. Shut up stomach, not until about it. And that fight goes on the whole day. Your throat doesn't say okay, it's from Allah, I'll be fine. I'll stop giving you a hard time No. Your throat keeps you give keeps giving you a hard time your stomach keeps screaming at you. And miggy turns into a musical song sometimes and sings at you.

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Because asking you to disobey Allah, there are some inclinations that are put inside of us. Whether you're a believer, whether you're a habit of Quran, whether you're I am What do you spend your entire day in the machine hunger is hunger, thirst, this thirst, you're all gonna feel it. It What matters is your heart is in charge. It stops those feelings and puts them under control. Temptation towards the opposite gender is like that's a very powerful emotion. A lot put that inside us, you know, Nancy Boucher himself, that feeling will come it can be very overwhelming. But are we asked a lot that we don't lose control over our hearts and be given to that temptation. So we control the

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eye, we control the tongue, we control the hands, we control the body and we hold ourselves back from the harm. So he says if if you don't take me away from this environment, I will eventually end up falling. This is the part that I wanted to emphasize. The teaching of this drawn from this is the begging of Allah he's doing he didn't ask anything. By the way. He didn't say Allah put me in jail. He said jail is more beloved to me. From what I see. That seems to be the better option, my rub, but I don't know that. I just know one thing for sure. I need you to get me out of this. I need you to get me out of this. Because he also doesn't know maybe jail is even worse. He doesn't know that

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answer. So now what I wanted to tell you in this in this particular dial for myself and yourself, is if you find yourself in an environment, if you find yourself around companies and you know some of you guys are going to college university

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Some of you are at the office and your friends say, hey, let's go out to lunch, not a normal line. But afterwards, let's go out to lunch. The people you hang out with the kinds of things they talk about the kinds of conversations they have, what they're comfortable with. If you're around that long enough, your guard goes down, and that messed up, stuff starts becoming normal to you. That becomes your normal, and the more that stuff becomes normal, then the more the obedience to Allah is this start seeming more and more difficult, unnatural.

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This Dean Islam is Dino federal, I'll take three more minutes, I promise. This Dean is Dean of natural religion. Naturally, our hearts are inclined towards the obedience of Allah made human beings to want to obey Allah. But when we put ourselves in unnatural sinful environments, then our nature changes. Our nature actually gets contaminated. You know, for example, when you eat unhealthy food, it can become an addiction. Right? If you're drinking soda all the time, if you're eating artificial sugars all the time or whatever, you need to have your cheese puffs, you need to have your swiss roll or your chocolate fix or whatever. And if you all of a sudden, you know from today

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on no more coke. No more, no more soda, no more. There's no more that there's your body goes through withdrawals. You crave it again. Yeah, even though that's not natural. That's not natural stuff. But you've developed an addiction. The same way, if you're in a bad environment, it can become very addicting, to the point where you think that's normal. That's normal. He's asking Allah azzawajal jail is the only place where I will be safe from this environment. Because if I'm here all the time, they'll keep poking away at me poking away at me poking it and one sooner or later a human being will slip. If use of La Salaam is afraid of that none of us should be able to say you know what? I

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know I'm around a lot of that stuff. But it doesn't affect me. Alhamdulillah Allah has given me super awesome human and does not nothing, nothing. Nothing bothers me. I'm a hard rock baby. No, no, you're not. You're not even a rock when you drip water on it long enough what happens to the rock and it gets a hole in it. Even that, that can you know, crack. So don't overestimate your ability to fight temptation and assume nothing affects you in the in the environment you put yourself in. And so when he made this door to allow us origin that I will lose control over my emotions, my temptations. first job Allah hora boo fissara fan who came in who was me, Ronnie. This is the last

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thing now. What would that one minute left? Allah answered his prayer. First Java horrible. He got him away from their scheming for sort of an ohana. And then he said, Alonzo just said about about this in the who who was senior learning. Certainly Allah. He is the one who always hears and he's the one who always knows. Now why is that important? Because he didn't say he heard and he knew. He said he hears and he knows why. Because he's telling us he still hears he still knows. So when you find yourself in this case, no doubt about it. A level here when you want an escape.

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When you are strong enough to be able to say to Allah, pain, prison, the threat of someone who's going to destroy me. That's not strong enough. I would prefer jail over what Haram is. When you show a lot that Allah hears Allah knows and a level rescue you. You find refuge and protection in Allah and Allah will not let you down May Allah so don't give us strength to get away from the scheming of any around us men or women. We shall protect our dignity and our honor. And may Allah azza wa jal give us the ability to ask him sincerely from the heart when we are in need of him. barakallahu li walakum wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Ramadan Nightly Reminder, 2018 by Nouman Ali Khan

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