Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 26

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Ramadan Nightly Reminder, 2018 by Nouman Ali Khan


AI: Summary © The host discusses the theory that a woman named Al Qaeda is pursuing a man who has authority and respect in society, while a man who has authority and respect is also pursuing a woman with authority and respect. The use of words like "has" and "has a" to describe people's characteristics is discussed, as well as the use of "verbal" to describe behavior and emotions. The speaker also warns about the danger of harms' feelings and relationships, and the potential for harm in certain situations.
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Santa Monica Monica

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will be learning ministry Carnival Jean. Welcome to our show. Who

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the candidate is in mazzini

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wha wha that whole lady who FEBC her

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FC he was caught in Abu biwako Allah tie into luck calama de la in Abu Dhabi

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in you flee who was the moon?

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From Russia? Sorry, we are silly Emily looked at me listening of Coco Lee hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen while the other he was a humanist and the reason that he didn't allow much on the main home, Amina Latina, Amina Amina, sorry hurt whatever sobbing happy, whatever. So the southern I mean, I mean, I once again everyone so Monica Morocco to light on obrigado.

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I'm going to share with you a very short dollar today and a very heavy lesson behind it. It's just two words those words are my other law. Words are from Yusuf Ali Salaam. He uses the words mother law, Allah azza wa jal describes in the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam that he was as a child abducted, he was taken away from his father, his brothers threw him in a ditch basically almost a dried up well, and they left him there. And from there he was taken and sold as a slave. We also learned from the story and hinted at in the Quran. And then in other narrations, it's more explicit that he grew up to be an unusually good looking man. And he's a good looking man, a young man, and he's also a

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servant. And he, he serves, as you can see, just one of the house servants in the house of a minister. His name is Al Aziz in the Quran. That's not a name. It's a title minister, essentially, someone who has authority and respect in society. And Allah describes this character and he describes him Allah tala z is the wife of that minister. It seems that the wife of that minister had some sort of a psychological issue. She was an unhappy housewife. She didn't get the attention she needed from her husband, whatever the issue was, she Siobhan came and whispered to her quite a bit. So she sees this young servant of hers all the time serving in the house, and she starts fantasizing

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about him and thinking about him and wants his attention towards him. And of course, she has authority over him too. Before I go any further in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal does not describe how crazy women can get about men. In fact, the other way around the law does describe how crazy men can be about women. So you know, the nurse Yakubu chahatein. And Lisa, it's the other way around. Typically, it's the man pursuing the woman. You know, in Arab culture, for example, they name all the all the animals that hunt, they named boys after them, like I said, the lion, you know, things like that. And then girls are named after a lot of times animals that are hunted like,

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you know, because the asset is going to get that as well.

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So, but the idea that one is the pursuer and the other is the pursuit. But in this story, you kind of find the flip, you find the reverse, you find the woman is pursuing the man in this case. And typically what you find is women may be attracted to, you know, intelligence, they may be attracted to appearance, they may be attracted more so attracted to status, intelligence, charisma, personality, etc, etc. This is a woman who's the wife of an elite. She's the wife of a minister, and she's now attracted to a servant. So it's clearly something unusual about his looks. And also something missing in her psychologically, this idea that, you know, allows children before he tells

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us this die and what the incident that occurred, Allah tells us something unique about Yusuf Ali Salaam. And before you think about user friendly Islam, you have to think about

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any young man at that state, so you're a young man, you don't have parents with you, because you've been separated from your parents. So he hasn't been raised by under any parental supervision. nobody teaches him religion. There's no Muslims around him. So he's not getting religion from anywhere. He learned some of it from his father, but he's been separated since that time. And whatever he does, in his free time is his business. And he's a young man living essentially, in a non Muslim society. That's what it is. It's a non Muslim society. And he's a very good looking young man, again, with no adult supervision, and now he's reached puberty. He's a teenager or is a late teenager, you can call

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him Maybe he's 1819 years old. We don't know the exact age. But then Allah describes when he when he became a young man, what were some of his qualities, and unless has attina hookman Wellman work early cannot say mercy name. There are three qualities that allows that we have describes, of use of holism. And through describing those qualities, he's actually teaching young men especially young men, what three qualities they should be aspiring for

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What qualities they should they want in themselves? The first quality of law describes this hoekman wisdom, the ability to make a firm decisions, well thought out decisions, logical decisions, sensible decisions. That's Hawkman. And then he says Ellman, and he also granted a law so granted him knowledge. With you can simply put wisdom and knowledge. So wisdom, first, knowledge second, usually you think of these two things in the opposite order. When a child is young, he doesn't have wisdom, but he can also but he can learn a lot of what knowledge they can memorize quickly, they can go from one grade to the next rate to the next grade. A child, young young people can memorize Quran

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much faster than older people write, their ability to acquire M is actually much better. But their ability to have hikma or hokum is much weaker. wisdom comes with older age, with experience, right. So those two things are usually in reverse order. And cue to give you a simple example that I often give. You can have a young man who's 1819 years old, very smart, gets an A in every class gets 100 on the math test on the biology test on the chemistry test. And even though he's so intelligent and has a lot of room, that doesn't mean that when he gets a new car, he's not going to speed.

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Right? So he's intelligent, but doesn't have much wisdom, you understand? So in some things very smart in some things, not very smart at all. Right? So it's the age where knowledge is easy. And wisdom is hard. About Moosa about use of Islam, Allah actually says Allah first granted him the power to make firm wise, well thought out decisions. This is the age in which you do first think about it later. This is the age where young men, even those of you that are now older and have gray hairs, like myself or even older, when you think of those that age, when you're a teenager, you the impulse comes, you just do and then think about it later and somebody tries to stop you. I don't

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care. You just do it. You know. And later on in your years, you're like, man, how stupid was I? Well, what did I do? Why did I do that? And then you see your kids doing it, or you see someone your younger brother doing it, and you try to stop him and he's a lawyer. I remember when I was little, and you used to do it. You are no different. So yes, I wasn't any different. Because I didn't have any wisdom. You understand? And you know, a lot of times young men feel confident. You can tell me what to do. I'm not stupid. I get A's. I'm smart. Yeah, you have n but that doesn't mean you have hokum. So Allah describes use of honey Salam with especially you know, if a guy is not very good

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looking, if he's like scrawny or like, not very charismatic personality, not very attractive or whatever, then he's not gonna get into too much trouble. You understand? What if a guy's charismatic and he's young, and he's no, no adult supervision, man, he's good looking there, there's gonna be problems, there's gonna be problems and that point, wisdom is going to be a lot harder and on top of that, he's intelligent. That's lethal combination. So So with that, Allah azzawajal gave Yusuf Ali Salaam this firm ability to make decisions and then I'll put that to the test. Now he's this young men and Allah describes what our that who allottee who are few beta Raja comes from read in Arabic

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Read been slowly, slowly, okay. And the the idea of the way this he slowly tried to seduce him, she didn't just do it one time, slowly dropped hints at him. You she dropped hints hidden by you know, talking to him in a certain tone. Laughing a little extra hard, just these small gestures that you don't think that didn't mean anything. But for a young man, if a woman gives him attention, and a beautiful woman gives them attention, and she's smiling, like,

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you know, something happens inside? Oh my god, I'm gonna marry her. You know? That much attention? Because you know, that's the age where you just discovered your manhood. And you know, every you fall in love every other woman You see, that's what happens to you. Oh my god. That's the one. Oh, no, that's the one

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Radha to a lady who have HIV at her. She's the one giving him attention. And she's giving him attention little by little by little. And she's trying to make him slip and not see he which suggests he wants him to slip from himself. In other words, he's always reserved. She drops a little bit of a friendly gesture. He's always serious. He always let me clean the room. I'm gonna leave. Let me fix the lawn. I'm going to leave. Is there anything else? No. Okay, thanks. And if she makes a kind gesture, Oh, you're so good.

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Somebody comes and it just goes, there's no, really, there's no such thing. So he's he's guarding himself over and over again. And the harder he plays to get meaning she thinks that Oh, he's just being difficult. And then for a woman sometimes in her pride, what happens? She needs to conquer him, like, hurt her dominion, is that I need to conquer that he's not giving me attention. How dare he? I'm going to do whatever I can to get his attention. Let's see how much he can resist. So what does she do one day, he's cleaning up and while he's cleaning up, she goes locks the door. And the bedroom she locks the door locks the other latch the other multiple latches on the door, and the

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windows multiple latches and while he's busy, she's just going away like it's not like you said

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Someone's sitting there, and she's locking all the doors and he's looking at her, like, Oh, that's interesting. That's not, that's not what's happening. He's busy doing his work, while she's sneakily kind of closing everything up, because she knows as soon as he finishes his work, and she says, Why don't you just sit for a little bit? No, I have to go. You know, boss called me first and he just runs away. He does. He doesn't want him to run away this time. So she locks all the doors unlocked.

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And then she says to him, Hey, Turlock Hurry up and come here. She uses the word, her words, hurry up and come in. Now listen to me carefully. When he was a young boy, his father told him Allah has given you a gift. You can interpret speech, when you are limoux come into a Hadith, Allah will teach you the ability to interpret all kinds of speech. Okay? Now, she doesn't say, I want you to come here, or I am, I desire you, let's come into that she didn't use those kinds of words. She all she said in haylock, you can say, hurry up and come here. Now understand this. If he's working in that house, and she's the owner of the house, she uses that word all the time. Hurry up and cook, hurry

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up and clean. Hurry up in this Hurry up and italic is used all the time. So she's not using a word that she doesn't use all the time. But use of Elisa Lam is smart enough to know that right now what she means by that Hurry up and get over here is different from all the other million times she said it. He's smart enough to interpret the difference. You don't just hear the words, you have to hear what's behind the words. Because she could be really sneaky and say something you say no, no. Well, I didn't say anything I just said.

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I didn't say anything. Well, yeah, you did. There's something behind the tone. There's something behind the scene, the gesture, the body language, all of it, he recognizes, and he realizes this is Code Red, this is bad. And he recognizes that immediately. And what does he do? Oh Allah, Allah. Allah Allah. He said, The words that I taught you this draft for today, Mandala, which is translated I seek the refuge of from Allah in three days now twice with use of Muslim Islam and now today with user friendly software coming back to the word of mouth, to seek refuge to cling on to Allah. But the word he used is actually more emphatic. There is no other place where there's no other is the

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other form like you say, rubella, rubella, right? When you use those words, then that's the normal form of seeking of less protection but in state of emergency, the most powerful way to say that is actually my other law. First of all, because the system is used Second of all, because the fearless, geeky with you for a little bit because the verb is omitted. The fear is Maloof, it actually means are all my other law. It's Tolkien. So the extra level of Tolkien this word, and it's actually not even my other legend be my other Ruby lahemaa.

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But it's actually my other law lahemaa incredible language. He's basically telling a lot screaming out loud Yella, take me somewhere where I can hold on to you. And the word my if you see here, the mind the beginning, that mother*er time the beginning of the meme that's actually called it can also be called an essence of life is a time and a place. Your life Take me away from this place where I can find refuge in You. This place is trouble. I'm not just asking for Allah's protection and his refuge, I'm actually asking Allah for an escape. powerful words to make us realize that when a young man is hit with temptation that is a state of emergency and very, very few among young men

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in the world will be able to see that as a state of emergency until it's too late.

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Until it's the cross the line already, it's too easy to cross the line. And he recognizes the danger of it. So immediately he says, Yeah, I need to get out of this situation. I need to get out of this proximity. Because if you stay within that dangerous, you know gravitational zone, it'll pull you in, you got to get out of that orbit. You got to get away from it. My other law is very, very powerful. And so when he first says this, he is saying it out loud, first of all to let her know that this is evil. And because you know she might make him think what what's wrong with you? What do you mean what you think I'm evil and the devil and the devil now? Okay, I'm the problem, right? Oh,

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you're all righteous. And then he should feel bad. It's a no no, no, I didn't say you're evil. Okay, let me sit down for a little bit. No, don't don't fall into that game. In the hora biasa. Number three, then he turns to a large and says my Rob has taken care. Basically the basic transition will be my Rob has taken really good care of me and provided me housing and shelter all this time. My master is the one when I was a baby. When I was a child. When I was in a well Allah provided for me, a lot protected me. And then he eventually brought me here where I can live, I can breathe, I can eat, I can sleep. He provided me all that risk. I will not violate a law. I will not leave the

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protection. I will hold on to a law now more than ever. In other words, if I commit this crime, it's like I'm letting go of a law

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It's like I'm letting go. I can't do that. I can't do that to my Rob. He's done too much good for me that I would do that to him. You would think this is not shake. This is not covered. You didn't reject Allah. You didn't go away from Allah But no, he recognizes this crime will hurt your Eman directly. This crime will take you away from Allah take you away from the protection of Allah. So he admits that openly in the cinemas. While some have interpreted this to mean that the word rub refers to his master in the house, meaning the minister, the himself the lady's husband. And he's basically even putting her to shame saying, My master, meaning your husband has been good to me, why would I

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do this? He's also saying that at the same time, in other words, we're learning a hint that you have to stand up and you have to say the right thing, even if it's offensive, that's an offensive thing to say. How can you do this as your husband it's an offensive thing to say but when it comes before Allah, it's okay to hurt somebody else's feelings. If it comes to protecting yourself in that state it's okay to be hurtful. You know, a lot of a lot of guys get trapped into a relationship and then they don't want to say the right thing because it might be hurtful. And I don't want to say it I just you know, I don't know how to get out of it because she'll start crying and I won't know what

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to do. It's okay if she cries, okay. You need less protection. And the one who guards you and cares for you cares more for her than you ever will. And you staying in something legitimate and you seeing in something haram and you continuing that is not out of love understand that you are harming yourself and equally you are harming her equally you are harming her and so get away from it

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out of love for yourself and out of love if you have any care for her do that too. Even if you have kids just if it's care for you know when guys say but I love her too much. Not enough clearly not enough because if she died right now Where would she go over Alaska and you'd be okay with that. Is that lover is that selfishness? Is the love for anybody else who doesn't believe in a lie something else but love for someone who's holding on to a list something else I if you love someone you don't just want good for their life now. You want good for this life and the next life? You want both and if you don't want both, then it's not really love is it? Who's okay with letting their family burn

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in Hellfire? Who's okay with their family member or their loved one being condemned or questioned or interrogated. Yokohama Yoda who cavity a person who commit Zina is going to meet a heavy penalty and the punishment will be doubled on them doubled. That's the standard punishment. This this is what a lie is teaching us and so these words my other law hold on to them like a security like your health insurance policy. When you're getting into trouble when you when you're on campus. Some of you guys are taking summer classes and Ramadan and summer classes in other law when they lay out your own. You know, some of you at work, this is the situation. Some of you on social media this is the

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situation and if this situation is escalating my other law in Santa Monica in the hula volleyball and this young man you know young men don't think about the future. Young men just think about what they want to do right now. What do you want to eat right now? Bro? What are you gonna do tonight, bro? There's an exam tomorrow. I don't care. Let's talk about it over a burger. Like you don't think long term. But Yusuf Ali Salaam has long term thinking because Allah has given him hokum. So what does he say in the whole livelihood volume. And the fact of the matter is people who do wrong will never succeed in life. They'll never succeed not in this life, not in the next life. This is a it's

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a vital quality that a young man should have. You know, a young man in our oma especially in our oma the Prophet was afraid for them. So a lot harsher than that the men will be their biggest fitna will become women. That's not because women are evil, because we're weak ourselves. We don't know how to put guards in for ourselves. And let me tell just one last thing to all of us. This is not something anybody safe from. This is not this. If a prophet like Yusuf Ali Salam was a prophet of Allah, Who about him. Yaqoob told him, Allah has chosen you, He will teach you all kinds of speech, he will perfect his favor on you. These are the these are the promises to use it for Islam, and he feels

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scared. And he says, Get me out of this. He doesn't say Alhamdulillah I'm the son of a prophet and grandson of a prophet. And great grandson of a prophet. I'm the son of Yaqoob, the grandson of Yes, his heart and the great grandson of Abraham, Isaac, this is going to get to me. Um, you know, pure human lineage. So I'm immune from this Nope. Nobody's immune if a profit is scared of it, if a profitable less scared of it, then who are we? And there's no such thing. We're just friends, bro. I never have any bad thoughts. Okay maravilla

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from that thought.

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In the hora bf cinemas wire in the whole life, volume Eliza will protect our youth and protect all of us from falling into sin. Now Lazarus can help those of us that have already fallen into sin or on their way into falling into sin to seek a less protection and to be able to

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Get out of that situation to find themselves in a safer place where they can hold on to a line hold on to his name barakallahu li walakum physical Anil Hakeem when finally we are coming out with the Santa Monica.