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to spend 10 to 15 minutes on it and sha Allah Tala maximum. So we reached wherever I am talks about is the ornamental called the uprightness of the heart, and the uprightness of the heart takes place with two things with Tao vema number one now he making the orders and prohibitions of Allah great, and he says that would not take place unless when magnifies the, the legislator of that which is good the legislator of of of the prohibitions and the orders. So you have to make a law great in your life before you even make what he orders and prohibits grading your life. In other words, the deen of Islam will be important to you only if Allah is important to you.

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So I've been okay and goes on to speak. Rahim Allah when he gives examples of ILM I'ma tell him and I'm gonna win now he says Rahim Allah to Allah women I met Salim and I'm gonna whenever he

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under Sunita whether that be abroad before Fisher detail hurry, he says

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often he says a layer starts in Marathi Illa heading Hakuna Sahiba who Jaffe and Haider Mr. Heyman Alan Mahajan was what he says basically, not to be an individual

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that is very very lackadaisical on

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the orders and prohibitions and not being someone that is in the middle course. And he says me throw that under Sunita, what are that Bill abroad the bibliography a little harder he's an example of that as the sun is legislated that one can use water to become cold in the the depths of heat so if it is very hot outside, one can use water to become cold actually the process of selling during select the Lord at certain times he will allow them to delay so lots of water because of the harsh heat and they will make will do with cold water. He said for Tara also for Tara hosel Jaffe and you breeder LFO it will work the it says For terracotta Jaffe, so for someone that is going too far with

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this particular rasa, because this is a concession, concession meaning an exception to the rule, or that which has given you permission to do something that in regular cases it would not be generally allowed or recommended to do. He says if someone was to use this method of being cold until the exiting of the time of the hook, so they would still use this cold water or to delay their prayer because of the subs the heat that was in the beginning of the time. And let that goat and delay to the end of time. Oh my god, aka T Oh my god, but to hold G O if it was coming close to the end of that time for you, hakuna matata his son Jaffe. And in this case, the person is using the

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concessions in a lackadaisical way. And if we think about it, and make an analogy with that on many other aspects of the religion that Allah subhanaw taala has given us permission to do so for instance, for instance, if someone is traveling, what's the ruling on prayer and traveling? Who can tell us

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also, what is considered

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shortening the prayers and you can also do what? You can combine the prayers. So for instance, if you want to combine Fajr and Voer,

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You can't combine Fajr indoor, you'll say prayers. So French is not a part of the purse.

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What are we doing here? Well, part of the religion is

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right you can only combine what

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goes on after maghrib and Isha. Right? And you can combine them when? So say you're traveling. Okay. You sleep over you wake up for 5g You offer frigid right? And it's time okay, then the water comes in.

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What can you do indoor comes in if you're traveling let's say you're in Houston

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so as soon as Laura comes in, can you pray Laura and Astra together?

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Yes. Okay.

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As soon as the word goes out, can you pray Laura and also together? As soon as answer comes in key pray the Word Nasir together

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from the beginning of Lord till the very close to the end of us, you could pray Lord and answer ish. Together together, right? But if someone waits till the very, very end of answer, and they're very, very sure that manga was coming in in about a minutes and then they wait and then Margaret comes out. Margaret comes in and they haven't prayed. This is where when he's using the concession and and not in the correct way.

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It's a concession mean it's concession means and a permissible act for otherwise then travel that wouldn't be permissible to do for him to and by the way, the best situation and traveling is to offer the prayers in their times cos run, be doing German. So the best situation is if one was to offer the war to raka

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But when the order comes in, and then make OS or two rakaats, when answer comes in, you can combine but there's difference of opinion among scholars in that in any case. So here the promise of the, you know, imminent claim is mentioning this and this is important because this deals with the manners of the city and the dean and he's talking about how to make the dean of Allah's Potala Great, then he goes on to speak Rahimullah, I'm gonna skip a few parts, but he he says something very beautiful here and in here, it's a beautiful portion, he says

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for Haqiqa to tell them and tell tell them a little, um, when he and lay out a lot lay you out a lot between Tallahassee and Jeff and whether you are interested in running for nm nuxalk Who has said autonomous docking and Musou Ilahi as eligible

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A B Sadiki. He says so the reality of making the order in the prohibitions is basically not to be very, very hard on the concessions and not to be on the concessions to where you are lackadaisical. very lazy, and taking advantage of the concessions beyond their limits, right well we just to give an example of where you're out of ability to do a lot and and also not being too harsh

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on that on the deme. So basically being too harsh in the religion. And then he says for inland Maqsood, who has said autonomous docking, rarely the goal, the goal and intention is declared the straight path that gets us to Allah subhanaw taala for the one that treads that path. He says well I'm gonna lie here as the nominee. Well Matt I'm gonna Allahu isaa be Amarin Illa with a che Bonnie feet and then we're going to take this subject it's three lines and then we'll finish he says Allah azza wa jal has delivered never legislated something or a situation except for shape on there's two ways that he literally pokes you. Right now, guys like to poke or to come at you. He says imagine

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see it on what tougher it

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either with being someone that is negligent? Okay. Well imagine if fraud will follow. Or someone that goes beyond the bounds and is what harsh or rigid, they will use a rigid on the religion. For now you barely be Melva for Minelab de minimis poutine. He says he doesn't care which one of the two you take. That's very important. A lot of times we'll see the person that is harsh in their religion. You know, I for instance, ISIS, right? Are they Muslim, they're Muslim, but they're very harsh in their understanding of their religion, which takes them outside of the correct understanding. Now outside of Islam, outside of the correct understanding, you know, they take from

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a group that was during the time of illegal the law 100 will call the cottage, the cottage, anyone that had a major sin, they took them outside of the fold of Islam, meaning that his blood was halal. Meaning that if you kill them, you are not a sinner.

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Not so this was some of the part of their methodological understanding ISIS, for example, it went too far beyond the bounds they must have Yes, but their interpretation of certain parts of the religion was incorrect. And that's why he's just dealing with God and are the one that is saying in my tuxedo, tougher it were MA for auto guru. So someone that is saying, for instance, tuffrey their lackadaisical in the religion will lie It's 2024. As they say it's 2023. It is not obligatory for the woman to wear hijab.

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not obligatory for her to wear. It depends on where you're living LA.

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Is someone that doesn't want to it's impermissible. It's haram.

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But depends on what's the reason why they're not doing it. If they say Well, like I have my you know, I'm trying my best to do so. Do you believe that it's haram to to uncover Yes, It's haram but I'm trying my best to do so. Or they say no, no, no, that was from the past. Now it's different.

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How to Avoid Hannah Coleman Quinton. You know, bring your proof of evidence to show that Allah subhanaw taala allows for this to happen so negligence or going too far beyond the bounce. And then he says here, we'll cut foot in every other act federal Hulk he says uh, most of mankind has been trialed with this fitna.

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One or the other.

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And he says, Willa Eun Ji Min dedicate 11 One rasa and no one will be saved from that fitna one or the other, except with pure sound knowledge. What Eman and Iman will call were to Allah mahadi But he and strength and honor upon fighting upon that fighting that fighting that type of

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that type of understanding or practice will resume in the lawsuit and this is important and having allegiance to the middle path, the middle course not being too harsh and not being

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too easy, right? And all of us are parents here and for those that are young should be future parents. You know, sometimes you have to know when to apply the discipline, the sledgehammer, and sometimes you need to know when to give the roses.

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This time they weren't this this particular child, you may need this type of methodology. This particular child may need another that requires and being a parent that's what makes makes being a parent not easy, but it's blessed.

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Because all of that is an investment in the same situation with Allah subhanaw taala when you're practicing this deen and then he says well Allahu Allah Musa and and Allah is the one that we seek ultimate help. And so I've been okay and concludes this beautiful portion of making the deen of Allah subhanaw taala great in our lives, in honoring his and honoring the religion and the way that one honors a religion. The first condition of that is honoring Allah, which means knowing Allah and understanding who he is. That's how we make the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala great in our lives, and remembering that Shavon will always come at you in any aspect of your life. By making you

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take it too easy, or making you be too harsh, make you take it too easy, or making you be too harsh in your faith. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be of those that are on the middle path and everything that we do, may last month I'll make us of those and when we take this pathway, it is a pathway with loss insincerity in the hallway to you then it gets you out of bed. I mean of feeling Illumina will cover it honestly, it No it's often I'm on a blog, or the creator of the heavens in the earth make us of those that worship you in in secret and an open ya know, but I mean, you got to build out I mean, filling out the numina forgive us for our sins. You have a bit out of me protect

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our brothers and sisters in Gaza and Sudan and Afghanistan, in China, in Morocco, in Libya, in Kashmir and all around the world in the eastern parts in the western parts of the world. You haven't been I mean, all our bless us in our hearts with our trust and faith and honor in you and you're predestination. You had a bit I mean, was that Allah was saying we're back when it being a Muhammad why the Eddie was