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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of following the Prophet's advice on forgiveness and removing one's scar is emphasized. The speaker also shares a story about a woman who was caught in the goddamn scandal of her son. Consultation and guidance are also emphasized, especially in the aftermath of the Prophet's death. The importance of seeking consultation and avoiding underestimation of the Prophet's advice is emphasized.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. everyone welcome to amaze by the Quran a series in which I love sharing with you guys things I find amazing about the Koran and today something beautiful about our profits, although I do sell them a lot tells him sort of sure I wish I would

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consult them in decision making, consult them in decision making. Actually, this isn't sort of alien run. When Allah says which I will hopefully I mean he says Fabi Mata Mata Mina la healin tala which by the incredible mercy and loving care of Allah, that you meaning the Prophet happened to be lenient towards them, meaning the companions, when opened up on one level, further knowledge on had you been tough. In hard hearted Langford woman holy, they would have dispersed away from you far from home, then pardon them, was still fella home and asked a lot of forgive them, or shower at home for lunch, and consult them in decision making. Okay, in this ayah this, by the way happened after

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often was the time where 70 great companions were killed. And including among them is the beloved uncle of the Prophet Hamza, whose body was mutilated, and what this terrible catastrophe happened as a result of some of the Muslims leaving their post, leaving their sniper Archer post, that strategic decision, and the Prophet said, Don't leave it. As long story short, he said, Don't leave it and they still left it. They misinterpreted as instruction and they left it so they messed up in a sense. So obviously, he's upset and the IR comes down it is by the special loving care of Allah that you're lenient towards them. Had you been tough, hard hearted, they would have dispersed away from

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you. So pardon them. Even if he pardons them, they messed up the guilt of costing 70 lives is not a small thing, the guilt of costing the profits, that his beloved uncle is not a small amount of guilt. So even if he says he forgives you, you're not going to feel like you're forgiven. You're not going to feel like oh, it's all it's all we're back to normal now. It's all good. You know, we are like we always were, the scars gonna be there. So Allah says, What's the fella home and ask a lot of forgive them?

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demonstrate to them that you are praying for them to

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give them some relief. But then even then they'll feel like okay, so he ceremonially prayed for us and of course he's the property will pray for us he so merciful I still feel so much guilt I don't think my relationship with Him will ever be the same after messing up this badly. So lads, what Shabbat home Phil and consult them in decision making.

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When someone feels like it's not the same anymore, obviously, they're not gonna, they're not gonna find an excuse to talk to this person. If they come and talk, you'll be cordial with them. But he's not going to go out of his way to continue communication because there is a scar. And unless has don't let that scar be there. Go and seek their consultation. When you make the next decision. Why would you seek the consultation of someone who just messed up, think about bed. And yet this is the leadership of our Prophet being taught by Allah, our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam that you as a leader, the most important thing to you is not the obedience of your following. The most important

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thing is the love of your following. They must love you, and they must know that you love them. And if there's anything that can put a dent in that you must remove it. So when you go to the one who messed up and for the next big decision, come call them over and say Hey, what do you think I need your opinion, the shocked that they will get what you want my opinion.

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I just

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okay. They will have more love and respect and conviction that there is no scar left. They won't think in their hearts as any scar left now, you have cleansed their heart of that assumption. Just by taking their consultation. It's so beautiful. It's so it's not an easy thing to do. But what a profound lesson leadership. One more thing here. The prophets lie Selim doesn't need consultation. He gets consultation from Allah, delivered directly by the angels.

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So technically, he can make whatever decision he wants. So my own take on how and who I love who knew her. He doesn't speak out of whim. It's revelation that's been revealed to him. That's how he speaks. Additionally allows origin says loyalty or config a theorem in the long term. If he started following you, in most decision makings, all of you would be harmed. Follow him instead of having him follow you. But yet in this ayah Allah says, take their decision, take their consultation. No one is more senior to the prophets. I saw them in understanding the religion. No worries, no one is wiser in the company of the Prophet size on them. No one's more knowledgeable, no one's more aware.

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And yet Allah says seek consultation. And you know what I share once one quick story with you. One of the most difficult times in the life of the Prophet and his other son is when his wife was accused of wrongdoing.

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the entire almost take advice from people who are talking left and right accusing I shall the load on our rumor had spread about her

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and that she had you know, been, you know, she had committed infidelity.

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And when this scandal got so overwhelming for the Prophet Alisa, and she actually didn't realize she happened to have gotten sick. She had gotten sick. And she had no idea this was happening outside, no clue. And she was sick for almost a month. And the Prophet would come over. And usually he'd come over and he turned to her and care for her. But he was so much in pain about all the things that were being said, they would come and just talk to her briefly. And then just say, Okay, if it can, how's this one of your seats, he asked the servants he's doing okay. And he would leave and she noticed he's being a little bit distant. something's bothering him. He's not the way He always was.

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And then she eventually found out what happened and she was just in complete disaster. She cried, like days in a row. She cried days and days in a row. She almost like on the verge of death.

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And then it's incredible. The prophets lysozyme needs counsel. He needs to hear somebody's advice. So he calls some of the youngest people in this company, he sought the opinion of a sama. Well, the long line, he sought the opinion of Ali Baba Lorena,

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what do you think I should do? In terms of my marriage? Do you know how younger it is to the province?

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how young was I was like 30 Kids compared to the Prophet.

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When the Prophet announced his prophecy, him being a prophet, and he was like eight or nine years old, he was a kid.

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And now this kid is being sought for his advice. And one of the toughest times of the prophets life on the santosa

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what am I trying to get across? When are our Prophet himself is being told seek their consultation?

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Then sometimes you should not underestimate the value of an outside opinion, no matter how much less qualified than you, you think they are.

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If the Prophet himself is not beyond it, you and I art, we can use the advice. We shouldn't underestimate where the advice comes from. We should not underestimate where it comes from Allah azza wa jal makers, people that are humbled to advice and are able to embody this beautiful, beautiful legacy of our great messenger sallallahu Sallam that is recorded so incredibly in the Quran. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa

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After the terrible defeat of the Muslims in the Battle of Uhud, when 70 companions were killed because some of the companions failed to follow the Prophet’s command in battle, Allah revealed ayat in Surat Aali Imran asking the Prophet to ask for forgiveness on their behalf and consult them in decision-making.

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