Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 13

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I said I'm on economical law. What a cat two. It's your brother. Hi Brahim with another daily tip, see you today we're beginning the Tafseer of Jews number 13 of Jews a day Alhamdulillah Jews number 13 begins near the middle of sort of use of this is a moment of awakening, the the wife of Al Aziz of the prince who was chasing after Yusuf, she finally comes to terms with the reality that it was my fault I was the one whose soul had led her to that disarray. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, you know, quotes her

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were, you know, her words are very expressive in her remorse and in her regret, and she returns to a law integrate Toba and the king immediately hears this knows that Yusuf was in prison innocently and has remained faithful and patient and hasn't misspoken about others hasn't made false claims about others he sees in him in a level of trust so he allows them to interpret the dream and he says in the Hatfield linoleum use of at the end says allow me an opportunity to assist you and be the guardian over the food stores. Now that's a very important thing that when even you know in a position of weakness use of stands forward and puts himself up for a level of responsibility and

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leadership. From that moment on a lot of transitions quickly into the story of use of alia Salaam having gotten a position of trust, a position of power, a position of authority on account of the genuineness of his heart, his brothers entered during those years of seven years of famine the auto effect on the home the home kiddo and he recognized them but they didn't recognize him. They never in their wildest dreams would think that that Prince of Egypt would be their long lost abused brother that was set away by them and therefore it's a powerful lesson. Use of Aeneas lm immediately begins to ask about their family conditions and so on is generous to them but says I can't give you

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everything unless I know about your whole family. bring another one of your brothers bring someone else from your household so they return to their father and as they come back yaku ballia salaam is now about to be tried again all these years he's missing use of all these years he's praying to a law and the laws gonna take yet another son from him without him knowing that it is for his protection and that's one of the greatest lessons that you learn from soda use of and from this juice is that in the difficulties lies great measures of success and the laws of health to take yet another son of you have a yahoo body is set down, but it will bring relief and and and happiness. In

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the end.

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He cautions his children don't enter from one door and determine a blabbermouth. It's a discussion about jealousy and the importance of keeping prying eyes after some of the important things in our life. It speaks about the increase of test after test and that's a sign of love of Allah. It speaks about Allah subhana wa tada

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showing use of at testing his brothers and seeing their veracity and in fact, they fail the test because they misspoke about use of color in Soraka Soraka Honda home in common. If this young Moy has stolen, which was the ploy that use of us, he caused the measuring cup to be placed in his brother's saddle, and his brother didn't know anything about it. And it was a way of testing them and earning his brother coming and saving them from whatever abuse his other brothers may have been planning and he keeps him with himself. And that way he puts a test on them what they will do and how they will return to their father. And it shows you that knowing about Allah subhana wa tada

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having good hope in Allah that Yahoo when he hears that yet another son has been taken. He says well al amin Allahu Allah dynamin I know about Allah what you don't know I know that Allah is generous to me loving to me kind to me and Allah will never let me down a lot also speaks about you know the Statement of Use of Ali Salaam when his brothers finally uncover him and know that he his use of he says to them the only reason that I was ascended above you in Romania Taku is where the in the law allow you to add your own Marcin? Surely the one who remains conscious of God pious righteous in their conduct and elsewhere and is patient at what a subreddit Jamil is the underlying theme of sort

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of use of with love that in the law, Hello, Dr. Roger Marcin, Allah does not lose the account and the favor and the blessing of those who do righteous deeds. So all of these are underlying themes that you you can see and Allah subhanaw taala, immediately after speaking about taqwa and sub he speaks about at Temkin, which is gaining authority, prominence in the land, and so on. So, you see, these are all wonderful, wonderful statements of Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran, reassuring the hearts, it's something that you should pay attention to when you recite this Jews. And that sort of use of ends with the fulfillment of his dream which had taken decades to come in the beginning of

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sort of use of he says in the aura, I had the natural chemistry

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I'm so uncommon, I see 11 stars, bowing down to me subjugated to me, the sun and the moon subjugated to me. And then when he came, his breath, his brothers, that 11 of them, they were all subjugated to him, they were all in awe of him, they were all enamored by him, his father and mother were recollected with him. And it was a fulfillment of the dream of Allah. And therefore dreams do come true, even if it is many, many years later at wrote, yeah, a slightly higher is a reality for us as believers, and that's something you and I should consider. The next surah is sort of arrived which is a phenomenal surah in the Quran. And sort of the rod is one of those chapters in the Quran where

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Allah subhanaw taala, instills in us, His Majesty and all it has two major overarching themes about tauheed the belief in Allah Ya Allah is central to us and the belief in the Prophet Mohammed so I sell him proving his messenger ship, but sewn together in that is what a lot of requests of us and what Allah Subhana Allah to Allah asks of us to ponder over to understand who he is and why he has sent us the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah Subhana Allah says in verse number 19, till about 2324, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about 10 different characteristics that we should embellish or not have within ourselves. FME animal and nema winzeler la Kim and Rebecca Huck,

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have they not come to know that what has been sent to you from your Lord is a statement of truth. And then Allah says come in who are they going to be like the one who is blinded in NEMA? He avec capital? Al Bab? Surely only those who ponder over it and remember, are those whose hearts are awake, whose hearts are cognizant of truth. What are their signs, those whose hearts are truth, and levena yufu nebia de la there are those who fulfill their covenant to Allah when they've made it when I am Kaduna. mythique. They are not those who disband. When promises have been made, when Lavina Elsie Luna, Mr. Allah will be here and you'll see that there are those who connect what Allah

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has ordered to be connected and maintained and practiced. While shown are bound there are those who have an R and a humility before their Lord, were high for now. So and he said, there are those who not just have that all of the Lord but they're fearful of the day they will meet him and it's a day of accounting for their deeds. When levena Saba Rukia ha, I wish he would have been. There are also those who are patient seeking the counters and the majesty of the face of their Lord, meaning their patient and doing the good deeds and that's the greatest level of patience we must endure. It's more difficult to be upon truth than it is to stay away from evil. What are common slaughter? The

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greatest way to show that your patient upon truth is they established their prayer when the whole minmetals lockdown. And there are those who have given spending from that which we have left them with Cyril run while Ania in privacy and also publicly making it known so that other people can follow their example where the owner bill has sanity say, and they wipe away using good deeds, their sinful deeds, they wipe away evil with righteousness in its place Allah Allah home down for them will be the eventual happiness in the final life and happiness and contentment in this life. But the greatest reward Jen not Jenna to admin yet the whole Luna woman will follow him in that he was word

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you whether they are those who will enter Janata, the final abode and in it from those men Salahuddin Abba him from those whose parents of them were righteous, and therefore it's not a blanket statement. Just because you enter everyone you love will enter men Saleh are the one who's righteous from their families, their spouses, their children, their for their great grandchildren, when men are equally toluna him equally bad, and the angel shall enter upon them equally bad Salam aleikum. Wa Salatu greetings be upon you for the patience that you showed in that worldly life and restraint Finnair melted down at that is a phenomenal moment in Salta. Ron Soto Ibrahim follows that

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same theme and it gives the examples of Prophet Ibrahim and his patients and it ends with a loss of Hannah to Allah speaking about the punishment of disbelief, the punishment of oppression speaking about the parable of a good word in comparison to a bad word, Kelly mettam play by war Kelly mettam javita It speaks about the drama of Abraham of the city where he rarely do tremendous I mean, forgive me uh, my parents in the believers are on the Johnny multi Masada women do really well at seven Aloha, Lafayette and iometer body moon male law protects us from oppression it's your brother your hybrid Rahim with another daily tip See, and it was a day was said Mr. equal or documented ly

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or Baraka to us number 13.