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Brazilian coach on a hunt for an Arab man

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Ali Hammuda

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A few days ago, Brazil played against Serbia as part of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, and it was an event that took place after the game that caught the attention of TJ, who is the coach of Brazil's football team. What happened was that after the game when people were going home, there was an Arab man wearing a Palestinian flag around his body who came up to a woman whom he saw struggling with two children who were very tired. And he asked her if he could help her in any way. He took one of the two children and he walked that family to the nearest Metro.

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Now, unbeknown to this individual, he was actually helping out the wife of TJ himself, the coach of the Brazil football team.

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And those children were in fact the grandchildren of that coach. And so now the coach he's on a mission to find this error man in order to sack him take a look into squeezers we

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