Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 24

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Ramadan Nightly Reminder, 2018

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Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim

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wirkkala Moosa in order to be a lot be war on becoming Colima, Taka beading multicap barilla you may know Bo mill is

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rubbish actually sorry we're silly Emily loksatta melissani of Coco de hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah, Allah Allah Allah He was a PHP I'm about today the DA of Masada rhombuses maybe one one or two more dogs I do I might do a masala slumber tonight tonight star belongs to sort of off here. This is the 40th surah of the Quran and you can find it as the 27th ayah of the solo give you a little bit of background first as I normally do. By this time masala Salaam has publicly humiliated fit on the magician's have already challenged Mossad, Islamic, they've been defeated. The entire public knows that phenomena is a liar. There's chaos in the society. And at this point, the generals

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of phenomenon are starting to question whether he's qualified to keep harmony in the society. They're thinking that he's not able to handle this threat to Homeland Security. So maybe we should get rid of him. So he needs to become tough on security. And obviously the main problem is Mossad Islam. But all this time, he was refusing to hurt Musashi Salaam because he himself had love for Mussolini's Ram. But now he has to decide whether to keep his power, his love of power, or his love of massage. And so when that gets challenged he essentially the last straw has been pulled and he says what color frowns aronia tomasa found finally said fine Let me kill Musab myself. And you know

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what? When you had a little boy who let him call his God, let him pray. how's that gonna help? I want you to understand the context of this challenge of the Pharaoh. He owns the for their own villalta for answers for own who possessed camps of armies. What that's the expression means is that his army was always active. They were always on some kind of a military campaign. Okay, so you know, when an army goes on some kind of a mission, they set up a base and they set up tents. Those are the OTA. So the fact that Allah mentions for the owner Hello, Todd actually means his armies always engaged in some kind of military expansion, some kind of campaign. This is the mightiest military of

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the world at the time. And now in the capital of that mighty military, that Empire is found himself and Musa alayhis salam is one of the people living in that nation who has openly rebelled against Pharaoh and Pharaoh and has given the order himself that he should be executed himself personally. Now you I want you to appreciate this you know when somebody gives the order death, you know, that sent some sentence somebody to death or call for the execution of someone and they're usually hiding then they're you know, a refugee or they're actually hidden you know, a fugitive really from the law because the moments the cops find him or the soldiers find him they're gonna kill him. This is

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happening. This is what happened years ago with Mussolini and remember how he escaped barely got away and he was full of fear. Now it's the same situation except Masada. Islam is not hiding anymore. He's out in public. And now Finland is its forget the general scheming behind the rounds back to try to kill masala Islam, found himself is saying lunia tomasa I'm gonna kill myself. Let him call his God if he wants. Well, the other battle. This is basically as short of a death sentence as it gets. The most powerful military leader in history is calling for the death of someone openly walking around in the streets in his own neighborhood. There's no way to escape this, this man is as

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good as dead. And when he makes this order issues this order. This is the response of Musa alayhis salam. This is the response of Musashi Salaam, against the mightiest tyrant army and its general in the world. He says in neurotherapy, what have become, I certainly I'm certainly the one that has sought protection and I'll come back to is the other in a second, I've sought protection of my master and your master. I'll give you an easy transition. First, min Cooley moussaka, Baron, from every person from every individual or any individual that is full of themselves arrogant, now you will be omal hisab that does not believe in the day on which they will be called to account. I seek

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Allah's protection, my master and your master, from anyone who is arrogant, that doesn't believe in judgment, a basically that's the basic basic meaning of the draw. But let's take it one bit at a time. You know, we always say before we recite the Quran or the villa human estate on the regime, the words are who are ours, which we translate as I seek refuge of Allah from shaitaan. We say that all the time, actually, the word I was comes from Peru was in the Arabic language and that actually means, you know, if you have algae on a rock and it doesn't come off, it's like really stuck on the rock. Or sometimes you have plants

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That grow on the bark of a tree and then you barely you can even peel them off. Or if you have flesh on a bone, and it's not tearing off the bone, right? It's just stuck on the bone. That's actually called an EU with and from it you get the notion of seeking refuge. What's the connection between those two things? When you hold on to something for protection or someone for protection? And you know, the moment you let them go, you're dead. You're holding on to it for dear life. That's actually called St aza. When I say, ooh, Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. I am saying I'm holding on to a law for dear life. And I'm not going to let go like that LG doesn't let go over the rock. Or

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that fungus doesn't let go of the tree or that meat doesn't look let go of the bone. I'm going to cling on to Allah for dear life against shaitan. That's the word that Musa Islam uses. But before we go to musala salaam, again, I want us to think about what is it that we say something bad happens that we let him initiate? You get a little scared. I also believe in a taco regime. Yes. But when we say that we're openly in disobedience to Allah, we get in trouble. Yeah, I'm holding on to Allah, Allah protect me and then go back to not holding on to a login. You can genuinely say those words, Rosa will let him initiate on the regime without showing Allah How is it that you're doing an axon

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Billa like Allah himself says in another phrase, well, I don't see mobila hold on tight to Allah. For custom soccer biller or whatever sky is holding on to a rope or to an anchor that is very strong. Right? That's the image of seeking a less protection. In other words, we you know, a lot of times we're so far from from our Deen and from our connection to Allah, the only time you want to come back to us when we're in trouble. And when we're in trouble is I I seek refuge. I seek Allah's protection. And as soon as problem solved, then back to back to the old ways. You know, I'm often reminded of what happens when there's turbulence on a plane everybody's sitting there headphones

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plugged in or those big giant ones and watching the movie having a good time and you know, little bit, that's okay, that much if we can and then medical mode cups drop sometimes, you know, when those cups dropped, then the headphones are off. The screens turned off. You know, this is on and this is up. Everybody's

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whatever Come on, I know I'm going to resign I'm so sorry. And, and then the captain says, oh, sorry, I pressed the button.

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And I got are all the beloved from the older Villa and put this back on.

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Go back to business as usual. Musa alayhis salam is telling Fishtown you might have the mightiest army in the world. I've I've been holding on to the tightest connection I have with Allah. He doesn't say Rosa, he says rose to the past tense. In other words, this is not some new like situation in which I'm extra scared. And now I'm going to turn to a law for protection. I've been turning to a law for protection since the time I ran away from Egypt. I've I've sought his refuge since then, and I've never let go. So this is no new problem for me. And ally has already told him when he told when he told a lie surgeon for a California balloon I'm afraid they're gonna kill me.

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Unless it cannot No, No, No, they're not. They're not loyal cilona in a coma they they're not gonna they're not gonna get to you not not you know your brother. So he's like, I'm already under protection when he gives his death order muzzles responses. I've already got security, what are you going to do? I've got a force field around me. And that's around me from my Arab. Now there's a difference between saying Rosa Villa, and he says in New York do not build a B or B. But with my master, I've sought protection of my master, this is his declaration of Allah authority over him, I will not run I will not escape from this place because soldiers are coming with their spears out

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hungry for my blood thirsty for my blood I won't run because I have been told by my Masters to stand my ground. I will not move from this place we are be and of course anybody who follows Masonic Salaam is also in trouble. So in part of him declaring this that I am under protection, he turns to the congregation and says in your oath to be to be one of the comb. And you're you're up to in other words, you should seek the same protection and stop being scared turn to Allah like he's not only is he completely unmoved unshaken by this threat, he's actually now instilling confidence and telling telling his congregation it's all of your Robin in the words are becoming it's also a response to

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find out, you think you're gonna come after me and attack me. Allah is in control of YouTube and your army. You've got nothing on me. He's not just my Arab. He's you're up to, and that, by the way, adds insult to injury that I want us to call himself Rob. He used to call himself Rob and in this, there are a lot more solicitors to what lessons I'm going to get protection of mine, Rob and by the way, you who calls yourself Rob, he's your Rob and all of you too.

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Another insult to him another challenge to him, because he can't you know, you would think that when you get in trouble you kind of start backing down and get defensive a little bit. He's getting more offensive, it needs to be rocky calm. But then there's another the other couple of quick lessons in this in this powerful drop. And that is one, we should never ever get intimidated by arrogant people. Bullies never get intimidated seek a less protection and that's it stand your ground. You have nothing to fear min Colima, Taka Baron, and he says to indystar, he doesn't say I seek I have sought a loss protection from our own. He says from anyone who is full of themselves, anyone who

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seeks greatness in this way, anyone who thinks that they are great, anyone who is arrogant. In other words, he opens the scope of it up not only not limited to fit our own, and so that others can learn this die and maybe they'll find a different fit around in their life. And they can use this law, because if he just says I seek refuge from fifth round and we can't use this door, otherwise we quote the same door and say You're lying. I said fit on but I met my mother in law whether you know,

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you'd have to change the story up a little bit. That's not what you mean. You'd have to so the language is kept general. The other powerful thing about keeping the language general everybody knows who he's asking refuge from. Everybody in Egypt knows he's asking for less protection from federal. He's the presidential order to kill Moosa. But when he says mean Kali, Mata Kabir number one, it says though Allah is worthy of being mentioned, as the rub, and found is not even worthy of being mentioned by name. That's one thing that Allah might have extracted from this, like he has no respect for the one who's trying to kill him. Just some arrogant one that wants to kill you. It's

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okay. What's his name again?

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You know, it's it's kind of like that. But the other really beautiful thing here that we should all remember is that sometimes there's someone bothering you, someone bullying you, someone that's trying to hurt you, someone, maybe not trying to kill you, Alhamdulillah. But there are other ways of hurting people. There are other ways of attacking people. And you need protection from those people and they're they're just full of themselves. There's no way you can give them advice. Because no, when somebody with a beard, they cannot take advice from someone because to take advice from someone, you have to admit that you're not entirely right. And that brings you into humility, you

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can accept that. So when you call someone with a cabinet actually means someone who's not open to suggestion, someone who doesn't want to hear it. They're set in their ways. They're going to do what they're going to do. There's no point counseling to them. There's no point advising them or trying to back them down they are they have no fear of consequences either. This kind of a person when you seek protection from what you shouldn't do is Yala. I seek protection from abdelkarim you know, who lives in Irving on you know, Park Lane and address this and you don't have to be so specific. You don't have to be named people by name Yala protect me from you know that already in case let me make

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sure I point correctly. No, don't do that. Just seek refuge in general. Don't name people don't name people in your dogs like that actually Finally, masala some way at the end. He did name for Iran and his and his generals. But that's when they were willing to kill every man, woman and child. Like that's a different level. He wasn't even coming after him. He was coming after everybody. That's when musala son named the pharaoh in that way. But for now he says been Kali mata kabillion. And then Allah gives us an insight through the words of Musashi. So I'm finally law ubiome AlHassan, an arrogant person, a person who doesn't care who's going to do whatever harm they do, and they don't

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think about the consequences. Why is it that why is it that that's the case, law ubiome elhassan. Because such people have no faith, that they are going to be questioned about what they do. When someone is so high on their own horse, then there is nobody who can challenge them, and they don't think ever anybody will ever be one to question them. So there's no concept of the Day of Judgment, where they're standing in trial, before Allah naked and humiliated, and Alliance questioning them over what they did, and the angels are cursing them over what they did. And they're standing there powerless like everybody else. This concept doesn't exist to them. They have no notion of it and

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even if you tell them about it, Allah will question you on Judgement Day. Yeah.

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That doesn't ring a bell to them. It doesn't it doesn't resonate with them at all. Those kinds of people, you cannot do anything but secret laws protection from them. The final thing I'll share with you here, do not underestimate the power of the law. Do not underestimate the power of the law. When you ask a law genuinely for protection like that. And you hold on to what happens. the mightiest army on Earth at the time is out to kill musala Islam a single individual, a single citizen, what does Allah do? Allah sent floods and the entire nation got like ravaged houses, you know, collapsing trees falling over tufan came like her, you know, the tornadoes came. And you know, when that

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happens in the country, all the armies busy with disaster recovery efforts. The entire military is busy now trying to secure the country because now

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What natural disaster and when they recovered from that disaster and Okay, maybe we have a little bit now we should go back to killing moussaka another natural disaster then another one, then another one then another one for years. This went on for years. And it got so bad that eventually, you know ferroan doesn't go out himself and kill anyone you know that right? What does he do? He tells his generals, his generals tell the soldiers and the soldiers go do that's how it works chain of command. You know what happened by the end, so many calamities hit the pharaohs and that nation only because of that Allah decided to protect his messenger on Instagram. You know what happened by

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the end his generals who in the beginning of the story secretly conspired to kill Masai remember this. Those same generals secretly came to meet with Musa the secret Quran tells us they secretly came to meet with Musa and they said listen

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the English after and Orissa loop manana laka. What a New Zealand America peninsula. Listen, if you just get rid of these natural disasters from us, these calamities that keep hitting, why don't you call MC da to your rub? Once you make the out of him, get rid of these disasters from us. If you do that, we accept everything you're saying. You can take Vanessa even leave, please. We had enough. We had enough. What did fiance let him call his God? You remember those words? I'm gonna kill him, let him make God if he wants, and a few years of his inability to do so to kill one man. His own generals are coming in saying please call your god we would rather not have but for us minga for us,

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can you please just end this and we can go you can go We'll be had enough we don't want to mess with you anymore. So kind of like this is the power of God. This is the power of Allah did not mention this dry in passing. It's not just a historical thing. The language of it is universal. So you and I appreciate that the protection of Allah will come in the most impossible circumstances in the most impossible circumstances. You know, here you have fear around and his army begging Moosa for protection.

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Just think about their begging and what's the protection they're getting from him. If you only make Tao we'll be fine.

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If you only make da will be okay because you're though we see what it does.

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This is what happens when someone holds on to Allah and accepts them as they are May Allah azzawajal put that in our hearts and really allow us to seek protection from any that want to cause us harm. Do not name people specifically, once again the ayah the surah is 40 and the iron number is 27 short dollars you can easily memorize them, male as origin connect us to him deeper and deeper by means of these daughters. barakallahu li walakum Santa Monica