Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 25

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The police use multiple methods to investigate a murder spree in Egypt, including doll stories and police actions to identify suspects and families. A woman in Musashi becomes angry at her brother for killing her, and she goes to Musashi and becomes angry again. She goes to Musashi and becomes angry again. The speaker also touches on the use of musala Islam in Pakistan and the importance of protecting one's identity and legacy, citing an example of a prophet namedattila Alaysha. The speaker emphasizes the need for balance and staying calm in order to win war against anger.
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Villa has been a Polymer team

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in La Jolla, Morocco

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Baqarah corlew at Luna

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Villa he an akuna Minal Jaya Helene

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Sabri westerly Emery, Dr. Tamil descending of koko de hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allahi wa sahbihi. Spain, I'm about before I start, if you guys can close that door, so the children that are attempting to murder each other, I don't hear them.

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Or if one of your parents are still here, you could still maybe save a life. Okay?

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I'm totally cool with kids, it's fine.

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So what I wanted to talk to you about today requires you to use a little bit of your imagination. So I'm going to ask you to imagine that you are living in ancient Egypt and you are one of the followers of Masada, Islam. And after many years of his return, you've heard now news that he was able to humiliate the federal inside of his own court. And later on, when the entire nation was gathered, you had front row seats and you saw a stick turn into a snake, a snake, you saw his hand turn white, you saw the magicians fall into such that and call on him as the Messenger of Allah. And of course you believed in him and eventually, when the pharaoh decided to execute Masada salam, then

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you saw that Allah sent all kinds of disasters to the nation of Egypt. And the only time that the disasters would be removed, is when your messenger Musashi Salaam would make da. So you've seen some incredible things at his at his hand. And then finally, he asks you and all of your family and all of your community to escape in the middle of the night, so you follow his orders, and you run away with him into the desert all the way to the water. And when you get to the edge of the water, there's nowhere else to run. And you see the army of the pharaoh coming from behind the dust is rising. And one of you says in the law moroccon they're gonna catch up to us we're gonna get caught,

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they're gonna kill everyone. And your messenger Moosa says to you, Canada and America big No, no, no, my master is with me, He will guide me and he strike Allah commands him to strike the stick onto the edge of the water on the rock, and the water parts. And you were among the people that were going through the water. I mean, if you were in doubt about Musashi Salaam, up until now, all of those doubts are now removed. He has the direct connection with Allah and Allah is with him. And Allah guides what he does, you get to the other side, and you're in the desert and it's hot. The army of the pharaoh who no other army could defeat Allah defeated. Allah got rid of them the entire

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army of his, you saw that with your own eyes, the one who claimed to be God drown you saw that drowning with your own eyes. So you appreciate the power of the law and you appreciate the nobility and the status of your messenger musante. Around here in the desert. It's getting really hot. There's nowhere to turn. And whether there are musala, Salaam Alaikum Oman, there is a cloud following you like an umbrella so you don't get hot. And then food is descending because there's no animals to hunt. There's no food to eat. Mainland salad was coming down to you food is descending to you. The only thing left now is drinking water. And you see your messenger strike a staff and

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springs of water come out. Now 12 Waterfalls 12 Waterfalls are gushing out springs are gushing out because they're 12 tribes of Egypt. Eventually musante salaam gets called to speak with Allah. So he leaves you and your people, and you're among them for 40 days, he goes away. And when he goes away behind his back, some of you your friends start getting edgy. And you guys build a golden cow or calf and start doing worship. If you change religions, you start worshipping this cow. You pick up some of the pagan practices that you had learned in back in the pharaohs time, and you start doing them in front of him. And then when he comes back, he's he's extremely angry. He actually gets angry

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at his brother, what's his brother's name? How old are they? So he gets angry at his brother grabs him by the head. And he says I couldn't control them this they just did this and I don't know what got into them. And Allah gives him a command. And the command is those of you that committed this crime of worshipping the calf Allah commands that they get the death penalty, tough to do and they should all be executed. This is the command of Allah. And you some of you the guy next to you turn to musante Solomon said, Len minella Katana Raja Ratan. We're not going to accept what Allah is saying until we see him face to face. What do you mean kill our own people? Until he tells us he's

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going to tell you know, he should tell us. And when that happened for 100 kusaka an explosion happened and all of us died. All of you died. And then he raised you back from the dead so you can humble you

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selves. So you will know your place you don't talk like that. And so you've seen some amazing things happen one after the other after the other after the other. And at the end of it all, I mean, I'm skipping some also, at the end of it all a murder happens in your in your community, people find a dead body has been killed. Nobody knows who did the murder. So you go to Musashi. So, imagine yourself go to Busan, Islam. We need to know what happened here. masala Salam gets revelation from Allah in the La Jolla, Morocco and tobacco Baqarah.

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Allah has commanded that you should slaughter a cow.

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Allah has commanded that you saw you should slaughter a cow, the I'm coming in asking you're coming in asking, we need to figure out who committed this murder. And Moosa the answer is, I got you alive telling you slaughter a cow and your response to Mousavi Islam at this point, if you can imagine, at this point, if I'm, if I'm in that place, I will think back and say, Well, if I can take this messenger, and the staff can turn into a snake, and I can take this messenger and change the entire natural climate of a nation for years, if I can take this messenger and by his hand, he can split water, and make the desert a cool place, and provide us food and shelter and make springs of water

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come out and bring give us death and then bring us back to life. If he says slaughter a cow, I think I should slaughter a cow.

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I'm pretty sure that's a good idea. Here's what they say. Here's what they imagine you say.

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You take us for a joke.

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Are you kidding? We're serious here there's a murder that happened.

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Basically, when you have to appreciate a tetrahedron Yahushua here as an expression the equivalent of English would be Who do you think you're talking to? Are you serious? This is the attitude the tone they talk with? musala sam, I want to help you understand, at this point that musala Islam isn't just an average personality. Musa alayhis salaam when he sees something wrong, he gets extremely upset. He gets angry. Well, the pusateri his chance his chest becomes tight if you remember, and his tongue stops moving. When he saw wrongdoing happening he threw a punch when his journey will Hagar is mentioned in the Quran. lenta Sati Amaya sobre you want you're not going to be

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able to be patient stuff is going to happen you're not going to be able to be patient.

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And before we found yesterday, we learned lusardi salam asked Allah in New Earth to be Obi Wan Obi come I have the one who has sought protection sought refuge I'm holding on to my robe and your robe from someone who has more power than I do with a Kabir Yeoman hisab against the Pharaoh. Today the equation has been flipped. Now Musa alayhis salaam is temporarily being tested, not against someone who has more power over him. But someone who's actually under his authority. Sometimes the one who offends you, and the one who hurts you is above you and someone The one who sometimes the one who offends you and hurt you is the one under you. And when he's angry again, what does he say? rubella.

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Another day of seeking protection and refuge from Allah. This time, not refuge from Allah or protection from Allah. I'm going to hold on to a law against some tyrant outside no an akuna minal jehlen. I am seeking a less protection this time that I might become someone who loses control over their emotions. jehlen Arabic is the opposite of Arkin, after Aquila. They use an Arabic Allah tilma to Shara when a woman ties the knot. Aquila means to tie something. The idea is when your your your thinking and your logical process are in your in your right mind, then you're able to control your speech. You're able to control your actions. But if you get upset, and if you get overly angry, then

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it doesn't matter how logical you were 10 minutes ago, you become someone else. The words that come out of you the actions that take place or someone else, you essentially lose all control, which means you lose. And when you lose when you fall into jail. Jail means loss of control. You don't have control anticyclonic you have no control over your your emotions, your feelings. He's asking Allah azza wa jal what they just said has, Have you not seen enough? I didn't say I said slaughter a cow. I said Ally's telling you to slaughter a cow in the La Jolla, moroccon and Takara. I am not even the one saying it. And he added the words in the laws if there is no doubt it is not my

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instruction. It is a large instruction. You still and you're gonna come up to me and say, Now instead of saying Why are you know, later on, they asked which cow what color cow and all of that. But their first response was not what color cow? Or how fat or how skinny or how old or how young their first response was? Are you kidding? It's not a joke. But who knows? What do you take us for a joke? Are you mocking us? And at this point, just pause for a second. Let's stop the story of Busan Islam. Let's think about ourselves. You know, I

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I did my early schooling, some part of it in Serbia, a little bit of it in Boston. And you know, the American schooling system is very different from Pakistan in the East in general. In the east, if you're in a classroom, you're in fifth grade, you're in seventh grade, you're in eighth grade, whatever. And your teacher asks you a question. And some student says, Are you kidding?

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After that, there's going to be a janazah. I mean,

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over here, if a teacher hits a student, you know, they get like Protective Services called in, the teacher gets fired, that could be a lawsuit against all kinds of stuff. In our countries, if a kid gets beat up at school, he goes home, the parents beat him up even more.

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And then they bring him back to school. You want me to show you how we're mad at him too. And you know,

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when you have authority over someone, and they cross the line, then is a natural urge to put them in their place. is a very strong, what did you just say? How did you just talk to me? Now musallam could make the against them, but he doesn't need, he can just throw one punch. This could be over. Right? And he knows the power he has over them. He knows the position he's in. He knows how obnoxious and how out of line they are. And at this moment, he doesn't need protection from anyone else. He needs protection from his own tendencies. There's a there's there's explosive material inside. He wants to make sure it doesn't get lit up. Ooh, Bella here, an akuna minal johannine. This

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door is very short phrases at the end of this ayah Allah Allah, Allah here, and akuna Minal Jaya Helene. And I want you to just just know that this the high is really important for us, especially when we're dealing with people under us. Your kids may be the case, your employees may be the case, it may be that you're a head of an organization, there are volunteers working under you. It may be a younger sibling, your younger brother, your sister, it could be a spouse, anybody who's under your authority, and they're crossing a line that you never imagined they would cross after everything else. And at that point, you and I have to, you know, if we decide that we're going to let our

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temper loose, and there are some of us that are in charge of our household, there are some of us that are in charge of children are in charge of their the elder brother, or whoever else, and anybody gets even a little bit out of line, and we put them in their place right away. And they're terrified of our temper. They're horrified by our temporary we feel this is the only way they learn. Well, if this was the right way to learn, then this would have been the legacy of a prophet like Musa alayhis salam. But instead, he has a different approach. First of all, he recognizes that he can exercise that power, he can punish, he can discipline. And there's probably no messenger like

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that, that can discipline like musala Islam. But yet he decides to hold himself back and control his temper. Why? Because when you exercise too much power, when you yell and scream all the time, when you punish all the time, you know, what happens? Then the ones that you are punishing and yelling and screaming, they become immune. It no longer affects them. Have you ever seen a kid whose parents are yelling at them all the time? And they say, I'm going to tell your dad he's gonna yell at us? Uh, yeah. So what else is new?

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Well, it's like any given Sunday, what's up? doesn't even make a difference, you know. So what happens is we do this, I do Jetta Banda. I used to get used to it. And it doesn't even affect you anymore. They also say Samsung, so new data and so on. Right? You heard it so much that you just it doesn't even affect it's, you're numb to it now. And at that point, there's no point giving advice, they're not going to listen to you, because you didn't show them mercy. And you didn't delete as far out outrageous as they become that even then you have to exercise some degree of constraint. And he actually goes along and answers your questions. And that's a that's a separate part of the story.

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But this is the thing that I wanted to highlight. There are two kinds of seeking protection of a lion holding on to a law, you can lose your fear of Allah because you're afraid of someone else like that around. That was yesterday. And you can lose your humility, you can lose, you're holding on to mercy and patience, and dealing with ignorance with some degree of restraint. And in doing so you start becoming someone who becomes a job or you become someone who reinforces, enforces, or acts, you know, out of impulse, loses their temper. And so for any of us that have a temper problem, any of us that get extremely angry, any of us that become explosive, like we don't know how to hold it

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in, when you hear things that you just I just need to answer this person. I just need to say something you know, some of you have, you know, Allah has given different people different level of breaks, you know, so there are some people among you, when somebody says something ignorant, you can ignore it.

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Whatever, as if you didn't even hear it.

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Others among you when someone says something ignorant, I have to answer them right now. They can't get away with that. If I'm quiet, they're gonna think I didn't have an answer. I can't let them win.

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I have to have an answer. If you're a

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Category number two, then you need this

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rosabella here an akuna minal jehlen. I'm seeking a less protection that I become from those who lose their temper, you know, because there are some people who love that they should see you angry. They love it. And when you start reacting and start saying, How dare you when you start trolling back, or you start writing back or screaming back, this is exactly the game they were playing with you, you think you answering them ended this? No, that's just started the game, then they're gonna say something even more offensive, and you're more agitated. And this is something more offensive and you're more agitated. And you're like, Oh, I need to answer them for good. There's no such

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thing. There is no such thing. They'll just keep bringing you along. You know, they said to musala salaam Do you take us for a joke? You know what the reality was? They took him for a joke. They wanted to make a mockery out of him. They weren't, they would never take him seriously. You should understand that when you lose your temper, then people will make a mockery out of you. Then you will become you'll be the one running around in circles burning out and people around you get to manipulate you like that. If we lose control over our emotions, and our and our thoughts, then we become easily defeated,

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easily controlled. This is what Mossad Islam understands. This is not a battle, it's a war. And to win that war, you have to stay calm. You have to deal with some of these punches and some of these comments and not not have to respond to the relay an akuna minal jehlen allows you to give us the strength and the willpower to be able to take advantage of this profounder This is item number 67 at the end of 67 of sorts of Bukhara barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa tada that was the last offer masala Islam at least in this series, surprise prophet tomorrow, inshallah.

Ramadan Nightly Reminder, 2018 by Nouman Ali Khan

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