Ramadan 2022 Reflections – Day 9

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah salam ala Haile he wrote he was he was a woman while

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we were talking about the issue of charity in Ramadan, my brothers and sisters make the most of this month Alhamdulillah

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make it a habit to give something in charity every single day of Ramadan throughout the month don't even give this charity to one time. Throughout the month say every day I will give $10 Right or whatever you want to give $10,000 $1 million dollars every every day, give something in charity, in addition to whatever you give, I'm not talking about zakat. Zakat is for the God is for that I'm talking about in addition to the ACA, again, as I said, do not consider charity to be a net cat cash outflow. Just consider charity to be savings and investment and investment with Allah subhanaw taala who gives a result who gives a reward who gives an eel of one is to 10 Minimum mangia abolhassan

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Naughty fella who I should do I'm Talia college Allah Allah, the One who comes to me with one good deed I will give him 10 Likewise Allah subhanaw taala said

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and then Allah subhanaw taala said the one who gives spends in charity. You know one unit is like somebody who planted a seed and they seed grow and gave a corn seed and it gave the plant has seven years and each year has 100 seeds that is one is to 700 and then Allah subhanaw taala said we live will be Lima Yasha Allah Who EULA evil you Maya sharp. And Allah subhanaw taala increases that as he wishes. So Allah subhanaw taala is not even restricting that after that, he says, one is to seven and it is only for you to understand, but Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Who gives, as he wishes in keeping with his majesty and grace. So let us maximize the amount of charity that we give in

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Ramadan, give to everybody. Anyone who comes to ask you thank Allah subhanaw taala for this and say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hamdulillah Europe. It was my duty to go out there and searched and find people and give charity but you made it easy for me. You send somebody to my house, you send somebody to my office, you send somebody to fall Museum, somebody who sent me a pamphlet that I had to fill out and write a check. This is Minilite Allah Allah subhanaw taala is rewarding us. Allah is giving us an opportunity to build our palaces in Jannah. Allah subhanaw taala is giving us an opportunity to create an Iron Dome for ourselves something which will shield us from the fire of

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Please understand my brothers and sisters that alumna Allah Allah subhanaw taala secured the field in our favor. As I mentioned to you and as all of you know, in the month of Ramadan Allah subhanho wa Taala opens the all the gates of Jannah Allah subhanaw taala shirts all the gates of Jana

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Alyssa Mara della, anyone who fast in Ramadan eemaan We had this one, Allah that has said we will forgive all his sins.

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Anyone who stands man karma, Allah Madonna, Yvonne, were at this oven when somebody is done meaning in Salah, somebody stands with Emma and it is up with the begging and expectation of reward from Allah Samantha ultramarathoner forgives all his sins.

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Brothers, sisters, very, very it is very important for us to use this opportunity let us let it not go waste. Let it not always make sure that you maximize tire yourself out and ask Allah subhanaw taala not to try to give you the strength to continue and to until he is pleased path or die era. We ask Allah Subhana Allah let us do and enable us to do until you are pleased

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about Allah and even more than that,

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other than sisters, let us be very, very clear and see how beautiful Allah subhanaw taala has created the Keinath how beautifully illustrated has created the universe, how Allah subhanaw taala sustains and supports and, and, and creates and how Allah subhanaw taala protects in the most hostile of environments. We thank Allah subhanaw taala we glorify Him we beg him and we yearn to meet him Inshallah, in a state where he is pleased with us we ask Allah subhanaw taala for that meeting to meet him at a time when he is pleased with us was SallAllahu ala Bukhari while he was happy as main barometer Gallagher I mean, while hamdulillah your ability to meet