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Al Hamdulillah Harlequin Voodoo demon Adam modjadji new demon agulla are mostly just subliminal alum fabricado but he didn't finish for who had masa he became Manish guru who Allah Nam wonderfully allows hula hula chrome to shut off election v menulis. Attempt when kids will walk and walk a mile in a beginner with heart and say either one or the other. And the division over here is something very young whether alluvial city or hemara. is in a kind of debated him.

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For some Allahu alayhi wasallam wide as well. He hated Oman, Latina barakallahu li him cafard and as an Arab, Elijah,

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but hamdulillah Allah de la mia tahith Wellington Willem yaku Allahu sharika framework, Willem Yaqui, La Jolla, you made a truly beautiful tequila. Well hamdulillah Allah, the ns Allah Allah, Al Kitab, our language Allah, what hamdulillah Latina who understand you know when to stop when we know when at our colony? When our Ruby lady mentioned Rudy, unforseen that woman said, Dr. Medina, when you had a

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woman who did for Lucha de la,

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la sharika when shadow Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu dynamin Hoda. leovera who either clinically work or fabula in shahida

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for so long while he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira because Hera, a mother stuck at hediki tabula rasa that had he knew Mohammed and some of that money he was alone in the chatroom omoni, Matata to her inocula mata 13 wakulla dokkan balada mocha La la la

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la la la Marzocco Karim Nakula Rosa ministry, Jim

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alum yet nearly Latina Manu and Tasha kulu boom De La Hoya manager Amina

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when a Yahoo candidate you know ultra Kitab I mean come upon Allah Allah you want me to focus at work Kathy on minimum fassi Khun Allah and Allah your Alibaba multi, multi billion dollar como iottie la la quinta we don't publish it. Sorry, were silly Omri Wagner, Dr. Tom melissani of Coca Cola along with EBITDA and multibillion dollar in the law much unlevel having to suck at, but also be happy whatever sort of anatomy to this number is focused on two Ayat of Surah Al Hadid.

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This is the 57th surah of the Quran, one of the most beautiful, powerful surah of the Quran. My beloved late teacher, Dr. Sol recommended Rahim Allah, who I could not have had a foundation in the Quran and understanding of some of the bronze overall message without his without his remarkable work. When he used to talk about the suit, I used to take special pause. And I can't forget that because since I was even before 20, listening to him, I would always take note of what he would do when he would talk about the song for him.

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And one of the things he would do is he would talk about hospitals, Alaska

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is considered like a summary of the entire quad. So if somebody contemplates a class and we'll ask him, if he has led to an anomalous it has but also it helped me with also the subject, that if somebody properly understands that they've got a pretty good bird's eye view of the entire Koran is the most comprehensive, short surah of the Quran.

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And he would say that sort of acid if it's if total acid is like a seed, than the tree that grew is sort of heavy. That's what he would often say. So it's actually elaborating in obviously in more comprehensive fashion,

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expanding on every one of the components that we're talking about a slicer here. So it's a really powerful Sura for that purpose also, it is a Madani surah that means that it was given to the Prophet slice, once he had moved to Medina. And Medina was now a diverse community. So it was people that were with him in the times of Makkah. So they had been through pretty hard times together and they had even left their homes and in their in their loyalty to the profit slice of them, and their commitment to him and they came with him and they fought battles alongside him and risked their lives.

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They were people that had taken Shahada, and we're becoming the hosts of the mocha community OLED in the turbo world data. Well, he man, you have when a man has already laid him, Allah talks about them, they give their homes and they opened up their homes, and they opened up their hearts to and they have love for those who migrated towards them instead of thinking of them as a burden, right? You know that emphysema kind of being kasasa they give others preference over themselves even if they themselves are starving. So that's the that's the answer. That's the title. You know, even the Quran gave them an allowance on the helpers, the AIDS.

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But then there was also another, you know, population or few populations inside Athena, there were those who were committed, and they migrated, there's those who committed and were helpful. And then there were those who just kind of became impressed with the ideas of Islam and accepted Islam but

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Didn't quite realize that it's so demanding, because Islam is actually not very demanding for you and me right now. It's actually not. It's actually pretty easy. And Allah even says, later on, you read a lot Will you have to find Camilla wants to lighten your burden, but Islam at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam actually came with a commitment that you are going to risk your entire life. And you're going to put everything on the line to hold on to this Islam, because you are not just a Muslim who believes in these ideas, you have joined the mission of the Prophet sallallahu. You don't get to be a casual believer, you get it, you can't just take this on my boy, you know, my

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Islam just means that I just take a backseat. I mean, you guys are a lot more serious. You guys do your thing. I'm going to do my thing, because you know, I need some time. That's not what Assad was that Assad was, you better know what you're walking into. You better know that everybody should know that this is going to be an enormous amount of trial. If you're not ready to fully surrender, then this is not for you. Right. And so it was a it was there was this this strong verbiage in the fraud and a demand placed on those who came on board dismission with the profits of a lot money, right. And of course, that doesn't mean that they weren't, you know, they were nurtured and developed. But

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you have to understand this was the most important heavy task given total sudo, La Silla, Hanyu sudden, and it demanded the people have the strongest commitment. Right. So these are, they are the best of the best for a reason. So there were people who accepted Islam, but didn't quite realize how this they are becoming a part of this Prophetic Mission. And that there is a massive burden placed on him and by extension on them. And because they didn't realize that, and when the demand started coming,

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then they started feeling shaky. I don't know if this is what I really wanted. But I feel bad leaving because I know it's the truth. But you know, I don't have the strong will to do what this religion demands. So they were kind of, you know, weak in their faith, and in their commitment. And then there were those who weren't just weaken their commitment. The only reason they accepted Islam is because it was the winning party. It was it was the it was the the wave at the time. And it took over Medina, so the only thing to do now is to be Muslim to really be relevant anymore. So some of those people were also part of the community. So there were, there were people with the strongest

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commitment. There were people that were fluctuating, they were weak in their commitment, there were people that were actually outright hypocritical, too. So there was a range of people that was in Medina. So if you think of it this way, if you think of eemaan inside the hearts, and the time of Makkah, then the overall emotion is a very high concentration is very pure. Because all the believers that are there, nobody, nobody casually accepted Islam, and everybody who accepted Islam knew what's what's coming, and knew what it takes. So this man is being called crazy by his own family. He's being accused, anybody who believes in Him is being beat is being mocked and ridiculed.

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If I sign up for this, I'm next I'm on the chopping block. You know, there was no ambiguity. So people who came on where people have the highest levels of commitment and faith. So if you have this overall, everybody has this, you know, temperature of Iran in their heart. So if you took the overall average temperature is pretty high. Right? But when when the private sector moves to Medina, there are people of very high faith. But then there are some people that have a little bit lower temperature. And some people are ice cold, right? A little bit. They look like believers talk like believers, but the faith isn't there inside. So the overall intensity of the faith is fluctuated.

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It's actually gone down. And Allah is talking to every but all the people who believe all the people who claim to believe whether they mean it, or they don't mean it, he's talking to all of them at the same time. in Medina, Cora. So he doesn't say, you know, yeah, you have a flat fee money him. Oh, those of you that are weakened faith. Let me talk to you first. Yeah, you heard munafo. Oh, hypocrites. This one's for you. It's not like that. Oh, yeah, you are looking only for those who truly believe Actually, no, yeah, you are the nominee became a phrase for everybody, regardless of the degree of intensity of their faith, in fact, that even covered hypocrites and even covered

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hypocrites, because they were also in the cover of claiming to be believers. So when Allah uses the word, yeah, you know, it's actually including all of that as one important observation about what I'm going to share with you today. The other important observation is actually the phrase and Athena Avenue. I was talking to my students this week earlier about that phrase, and just one thing I want to remind you of it we commonly translate that as Oh, you who believed or you who believe and there will be often use the present tense to translate it, but actually the past tense is used. Those of you who came to the faith it's closer to the literal meaning those of you

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Who came to the faith? who entered the faith and by saying that many things happen. And one of the things that happens is, every single person who hears it is being reminded of the moment in which they left darkness. And they accepted this truth, which was a profound moment in their life. And you know what, for even a Muslim nowadays, we may have been born Muslim. We may have been raised, hearing the athon or attending the Friday prayer or the prayer and recitation of Quran. Islam may have been a background like, you know, I have background music and an elevator. Right? salami had always been in the background of our upbringing. But we were never conscious to it. But there may

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have been a moment even in a Muslim, Muslim by name, I'm Muslim by family in their life, at one moment, some switch turned on, and the emaan actually became conscious in their heart. And in their mind, that was a really profound moment in their life. When they said, I need to start praying. I need to learn what this religion is, I don't know anything about my profit. I need to make a change. I got to get out of this haraam stuff. I got you know, they had this there was this profound internal, you know, moment. And when Allah says alladhina amanu, it's as if Allah is calling on me and you to go back to that moment when we woke up, right, and he's building on that energy. Because

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you know, in that moment, the energy that you had, and I had, and the way in which we prayed, and the way we do, which we shut our tears may have been an old story. And now the tears have dried. And now the intensity is the temperatures come down even for those who sincerely believed, right? That can happen. So what does the law say? Now I'm done getting at, he says, alum Yeah, Neely, levina, armano and datia called only the gorilla woman. So I'm gonna have this is one of those questions that

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let me set the scene for you. Sometimes, someone who loves you cares for you provides for you, like a parent.

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When if a mother said to a child,

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Isn't it about time, you showed me just a little bit of respect.

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If a mom said that, Isn't it about time that you showed me just a little bit of respect, and she's not yelling? She's not screaming, it's at the top of her lungs. You see tears coming down her eyes? And she says isn't a time yet? Because I keep I'm hoping I keep hoping one day you will just treat me with some kindness, but some little bit of respect. What would that do to you? But what effect would it have on a person like that? The feeling that I've been wronging mom all this time and this is how she's speaking to me. What kind of dawned on us, right? We I talked to you in previous lectures about shaming and guilting. You know what being ashamed in front of Allah is a good thing.

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being guilty before Allah is a good thing. shame and guilt can be misused by people, but being ashamed before Allah, his health is even needed sometimes is needed.

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And sometimes Allah says words that put a believer to shame.

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He literally puts my heart to shame, your heart to shame. He says, isn't it yet time for those who have come to the faith that their hearts and Daksha Hello, boom, they declared that their heart should be filled with all their hearts should feel overwhelmed.

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Because of the remembrance of Allah.

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Because of the reminder from Allah, because of the remembering of Allah, because of my remembering of and Nicola is then how do you remember a line? What kind of Vicar of Allah Do you do that makes your heart crumble? He said, Isn't it about time that when you remember me, something happens to your heart? is Allah's way of saying so many of you are Muslim? You claim to be Muslim, you pray you make Gods you do all these things. But when I'm reminded of what I'm reminded of when I'm talking about when my word is talked about, there's you don't feel anything. There's nothing going on inside you. Isn't it yet time that you felt something, but something happened inside your heart when you

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heard my words. It says if Allah azza wa jal is highlighting here that you know, knowledge is important. But the purpose of knowledge which is here, is to actually finally trigger something in here. The only reason I'm learning is that my heart gets affected. If I keep learning and learning and learning and my heart is not being affected, then that knowledge is becoming useless. In fact, he talked about other people who learned a lot but their hearts were hard.

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So learning my religion is only actually a means to an end. And that end, that ultimate end is actually my heart should feel a tremble. When I engage Allah's words when I engage a reminder from Allah. You know, what's even crazier? Sometimes a person learns and the learning they confuse the learning with becoming a good person

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because I'm learning I'm now one of the Beloved of a

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I know you're learning to become a beloved, but you're not learning and that made you beloved. Because the Israelites learned a lot. They learned a lot Allah testifies to how much they learned, and how much they knew. And yet they rejected the Prophet such and Allah talks about how their hearts were hard, right? So learning isn't the accomplishment. Learning is a profound and he does emphasize learning, but learning is a means to a much more important end. And the end is this heart. Because on judgment day, Allah will not question how much we learned. But Allah will question where our hearts are, right? eliminate Allah convincingly. So he says, isn't it time yet that their hearts

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should just be filled with all with the remembrance of Allah wa and I said, I'm gonna have to sculpt Huawei in here, meaning they feel their heart should be filled with all with the remembrance of Allah that is to say, their hearts should be filled with all because of what he said what he bought came down from the truth.

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The heart should be filled with all with the words of Allah, the revealed word of Allah that came from the truth. This, this, this, this, the Sula is that he revealed these I thought that he revealed, you know, the scary thing is we're at the tail end of Ramadan. Right? Think of it, I like to think of it as a tail end of my life. Right? Or Milan is our spiritual life encapsulated, and we're at the tail end of it. Right. And many of us, we recited a lot of crime, we heard a lot of crime. We learned a lot of crime. But how much did the Quran make us feel? When we read it?

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How much do we actually stop and actually allow our hearts to feel what Allah is saying? He's talking to me. He's telling me something that's hitting, it's supposed to hit me. They're supposed to touch me. He says, isn't it time yet that when you engage the Koran, something should happen in your heart.

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You know, Oh, man.

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And then he gets this is still the same II he says, Well, I akuto, Latina, Kitab, and Avi.

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And they should not become like those who were given the book way back.

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Or they shouldn't become like, you know, populations of the Jews and the Christians, the elements among them, who What about them, for Allah, Allah, He will Amadou along era passed over them. So the Jews have been holding on to the Jewish tradition, the Torah. And, you know, the terminal wood and the sacred law for centuries and centuries and centuries. And the Christians have been around for centuries and millennia, right? In these, these are old civilizations, and they've been holding on to their religions for a long time. Allah says they should not become like these other nations that have been around for centuries. But because they've been around for centuries, what does the law

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say? focus at audioboom, their hearts became hard.

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Their hearts became hard. So Allah is making a connection between a religion becoming ancient, and hearts becoming hard. And this is this is an important connection to understand. Remember, I told you, anybody who accepted Islam at the time of the Prophet said, I said, No, this was joining a mission.

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Right? And they they knew their life is completely going to change because they have joined this mission, and it was this demand put on them.

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Today, you and I are maybe born in a Muslim family?

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Do we have this sense of urgency that we're born into a mission, don't have this, our mission becomes graduating from school, that our mission becomes graduating from high school, then graduating from college, that our mission becomes getting the job done, the mission becomes getting married, and the mission becomes having kids, then the mission because buying a house and the mission, you know, having enough savings and the mission becomes getting our kids married mission after mission after mission wears Islam, and the score on and just does is that ever even a thing? Like a goal in our lives? No, it's something in the background. It's there to bless each of those

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stages. Right? What was Ramadan to them? And what is it I'm allowed to me. And I'm allowed to those people that the Koran came to, but that happened in Ramadan guys.

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But that happened in Ramadan. They were fasting. And they were they were, you know, standing by the messenger slice on them to fight for this word, even if it cost their lives. That's what they were doing. That's what Amazon was. And I'm not it was actually an inauguration of the coming of this broad like this, this word that has given you this mission and this cause we're celebrating that we get to be part of this mission. We were that's what we're celebrating that we get to be part of this mission. What is the less saying what Allah use what Allah gave was something purposeful, it was a mission. But over time in previous nations, by the way, what Musa was given was a mission, yes or

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no, it was it was given to the Saudis some of the mission, yes or no, it was, but over time, they become, you know, these anthropological sociological phenomenon or religious tradition.

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And what is the religion now, or Christians go to church on Sunday, many of them, and Jews go to the synagogue on Saturday, and the Muslims come to the mosque on Friday. And they have their way of celebrating the birth of a baby. And we have our way of celebrating the birth of a baby. And they have their own funeral services, and we have our funeral services. These are the few rituals that count sort of distinctly separate Muslims from Christians. And there's they believe this, this, this, we believe that that that so it's our beliefs, our rituals, are selling our ceremonies or celebrations. That's what makes our religions different. But that's it. These are just the practices

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that make up a cell. It's no longer a mission. It's no longer something driven, driving us to purpose. And you know, when someone's when someone is on a mission, when someone has a purpose, and then someone says isn't a time yet that you studied your exam is tomorrow.

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Then you know, you're like, you're right, I keep losing track. How can I lose track? Because I'm on a mission. So when Allah here says, isn't it time yet, that their hearts should tremble from the word the remembrance of Allah and what came down from the truth, and they shouldn't become like people of the past? Who Allah, you know, those who are given the book in the past, after a long period past, the only thing left of the religion was some rituals, which have nothing to do with their hearts anymore. It was just something you do. You just get dressed up on him. I don't know why we do. It's fun, though. Right? If we just we cook in Ramadan, and we eat you know, lots of, you

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know, fun food or whatever. This is what we do. And it's, it's exhausting, but it's so much fun. Yeah, it is. And it's beautiful. But you know what, that's not why the religion came. It came for a purpose. It came for a mission. And over time, that mission disappears, and the rituals remain like the scary words of the Prophet. So I said, I'm Leia amin, and Islami Elizabeth small.

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camino Quran a lot of small, nothing of Islam will remain except its name, nothing of the Quran will remain except some, its script.

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You know, a scary time May Allah make us of people of that time. We have to restore this in ourselves, a sense of purpose. We are the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and his mission is the only mission of any prophet that didn't end with his passing

00:22:16--> 00:22:26

every other vision, the prophet, the prophet, and you know, his career ends, his mission is done. Now just abide by his Sharia. Our messenger says, Adam, for you, believer, Shahid.

00:22:27--> 00:22:29

He says, well used to be my mission. Now what's yours?

00:22:30--> 00:22:43

Before He Leaves, he says, Every one of you. Now the ones who are here better go teach someone who isn't here. But it will get this word to someone. So I have to feel it in my heart. And now I have to help somebody else feel it in their heart.

00:22:44--> 00:22:51

Because he made them feel it in their hearts. And from a heart to heart to a heart to heart to judgment day became a mission.

00:22:52--> 00:23:10

That became a mission. So if I, so what's the first step in that mission? I have to feel it inside of my heart, before I give it to anybody else. So when Allah asked this question, isn't it yet time that they felt it in their hearts? It's like saying, isn't it yet time that they took first step towards that mission?

00:23:11--> 00:23:21

Forget step two, three and four. What was that one? Isn't it yet time for Casa Kubo. Okay, human hongfa own, and so many of them have become corrupt.

00:23:22--> 00:23:32

The majority of them even if you can be mean majority, a majority of them a huge multitude of the Muslims have become corrupt. And again, obviously, the more and why that luck is that many of the people of the book became corrupt.

00:23:34--> 00:23:49

And so one of the I concluded with today is the next time somebody hears this and says, Yeah, I feel like my heart is hard. What do I do? You know, I can't feel anything. Allah says in the next day, he answers this question.

00:23:50--> 00:23:59

Y'all might want to change I want to make a difference. How do I begin? alemu? You had better No, an Allah Yo, Ababa damonte. Ha,

00:24:00--> 00:24:11

you have better know that Allah is the one who gives life to the dead earth after it had after it was dead. He gives it gives it life to the earth after it had died.

00:24:12--> 00:24:54

Why would he say that after talking about hearts that become hard, and so many centuries have gone by and it's just turned into a culture, it's no longer even in mission. Why I mentioned that, because he's telling us something profound. He's telling us that the earth dies just like the heart dies. And the earth is brought back to life just like the hearts can be brought back to life. And the earth is brought back to life by rain by water. And the Quran came down from the sky just like water comes from the sky. So it doesn't matter how long your your soil in here has been, has been dried up and dead like a desert. Now allow the water to fall on it. Allow the revelation to touch

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

it, give it time. And by the way, that doesn't mean that today when you open up Quran or you listen

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

into something from abroad, or you contemplate the Quran that all of a sudden a tree will grow today. So that means, that means maybe the salt the soil got a little softer today. Because the way Allah gives life to the earth is not overnight is it? It's a process. It's a nurturing, it takes time. So you have to be patient with yourself, I have to be patient with myself. If I want this heart to be restored, then it's going to take work, it's going to take a commitment. You can't say I watered it last week still don't see a tree, you know, it's not for me, I I tried, though, you can't see I didn't try. I threw a cup of water on there. And just clearly I'm not getting a garden. So

00:25:36--> 00:26:17

it's just Allah didn't want me to have why. This is the mentality, someone developed what Allah crushes that kind of thinking, just by giving this analogy, you should know Allah gives life to the dead earth after after lunch to the earth after it was dead. But you know, Nikola Tesla contact you know, he's making these miraculous science clear to you so you can think so you can understand, you know, even when Allah gave his life to the dead Earth, look at what Allah does. So rain doesn't come everywhere. rain comes in select places, isn't it? And what are human beings do what other human beings didn't done since one of the first acts of civilization, we've learned to preserve water?

00:26:18--> 00:26:53

Right? water wells, because agriculture wouldn't have been possible. If we didn't preserve water, if we depended on rain to come for agriculture to happen, we wouldn't have survived. So what did human beings do? They conserve what God sends from the sky. And then they actually sprinkle the water on the land. And they feed their animals, and they plant the seeds, and then they grow the crop. Right? But you know what all of that could not have happened if Allah did not send the water from the sky. So there are two parties, there's Allah sending the water, and then there's the human being making use of that water.

00:26:54--> 00:27:07

Right? That still means Allah gave life to the earth, but he gave life to the earth by giving you the resource. And then you putting in the work. If I'm lucky, if the resource, and we didn't put in the work, they wouldn't be any crop.

00:27:08--> 00:27:45

They wouldn't be. They can be sometimes, but overall, by and large, we wouldn't have what we have now. We wouldn't have the produce that we have now. We wouldn't have the reservoirs that we have now. Because we learn to conserve, right? What does that teach us? It teaches us that Allah azza wa jal has given us this book. But that doesn't mean that only divine intervention, divine intervention with no effort of myself, that my heart is going to feel something Allah until Allah makes my heart feel something, it ain't going to feel nothing. No, Allah has given me What can change my heart. Now he wants to see how much I want to sprinkle that on my heart I what effort will I make? And when

00:27:45--> 00:28:21

that happens, then a level open up my heart and yours more and more and more. It doesn't matter how much we know from before, what we've practiced or not practiced every one of every believer, the strongest believers heard this idea, and we're shaking. The week heard this idea and were shaken. The only people that were not shaken were the hypocrites because it even these are just, they just pass it you know, Allah described them yeah, headline, he has someone who I'm Yana. That's not the hypocrites they pass. They don't stumble on the deaf and blind, but the hypocrites do they hear it on the in one ear out the other. So I pray, I don't become in one ear out the other, you don't

00:28:21--> 00:28:58

become in one ear out the other. And we won't even know that we've become that nobody else can judge that for you and me. Because the only way we know that we're dismissing the IRS is fulfilling something in our hearts are not. And the heart cannot be judged by anybody except myself. I know what my heart is feeling. You know what your heart is feeling. Nobody else can tell that. So we pray to Allah that He, you know, gives life back to our hearts and sustains them with his word. And that this, you know, the remainder of this month is actually to restore our connection to his word like there were six centuries or you know, roughly between Jesus and the coming of Mohammed salah and it

00:28:58--> 00:29:19

was no six centuries, the earth was dry. six centuries, no word of Allah was coming. And then Allah finally gave his final word so that we could be the hearts of this earth could be replenished with His revelation. Right. And so it would be a tragedy that the people who carry this water are the ones that are thirsty, were the ones that are carrying were the

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were the carriers of the karamja Lanza truly make our hearts carriers of the cloud by collaborating with a computer and attacking on an annual

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah

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Subhan Allah Foley Mahatma Nabi Muhammad Ali he was iph Mankato Lamar zojirushi w Kareem

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rubella he ministry climate regime in Oklahoma Ikeda huso lunarlon alladhina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with the schema Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Casa litella Rahim by the early for him in the government Majid

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Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed Kumar Baraka I like writing by the early for him for the Armenian Academy to Majid, Allah, Allah it took a lot in the lie a little bit ugly when your son at the local bar when he was when karate kobayakawa Allah Yamato stone Hakuna sada in LA salata, kanatal Mini Nikita makuta

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Allah when Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Azza wa