Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – June 9

Nouman Ali Khan
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Hola wilhemina shaytani r Rajim

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what can

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earn an r&b young masala Snuffy? He meanwhile de de la la homea una Oh, this hula hoop the Kra

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Fatah ma who medical

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while gentlemen Endymion COVID de

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la Cava you

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are called Rob vz Dini, I

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recently only know Dr. Tammy lasagna Hokulea hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah Allah Allah. He was a big man, about everyone once again salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today's da belongs to sudut Baja, a DA that the Prophet was taught sallallahu alayhi wa sallam insula Taha, and this is iron number 114 of the sutra. If you don't know much about the surah, just a quick, you know, overview of what the surah entails the very first passage of the surah Allah talks to the messenger sallallahu sallam, I'll come to that because it's relevant to the star, then a huge chunk, probably the majority chunk of the solar is different accounts of the life of Musa

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alayhis salam. So it talks pretty exhaustively about Masada Salaam, from his meeting with Allah, all the way to even his encounters after crossing the water, and dealing with the likes of samedi. All of that is mentioned in the surah. And then allow us to tell against, again talks to his messenger but before he does, he speaks about Judgment Day in some detail. And then at the end of that passage, he revealed this door, the door I'm about to share with you and then at the end of the soda is the story of Adam alayhis salaam, again, in any case, what I wanted to highlight is after describing the, the, you know, the the massive event of Judgement Day, Allah azza wa jal says waka

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Delica, and the nahu Quran and RB and that is how we sent down an Arabic Quran. In order to understand this dog give you an example. You know, if someone's trying to convince you of something, and you're not, you don't want to hear it. And then try to convince you again, and then try to convince you again and convince you again. And then if they did, if you didn't hear it this way, or you didn't find this argument convincing, they come with a different argument, they advertise it to another way that another way than another way, the more time somebody comes back to you and tries to convince you of something, the more desperate they seem like they're just trying to win you over.

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Right? It's kind of like I'm reminded of like car salesman when you're trying to leave the dealership.

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Let me show you something else. There's just one more thing.

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So it's very hard, it's easy to walk into one, it's really hard to walk out of one. Right? So desperation on behalf of the one who's trying to sell you something, give you something. The thing is Allah says he sent an Arabic or an Arabic cater to the Quran, the these people spoke Arabic, and Allah revealed revelation, particularly in their language. Then he says what Salafi he mean, and then we kept alternating, changing, demonstrating the teeth, the teachings of the warning of judgement day, he teaches that one way than another way than another way than another way. It's not. I mean, if you study two thirds of the Quran mechanical on the way in which Allah talks about the

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coming of Judgment Day is so many different ways. It's actually huge numbers of hours. It's not just, there's a judgment date, be ready. It's not like that. It's exhaustive explanations one after the other. If this didn't click, maybe this will help if this didn't help, this will help. If this didn't touch you, maybe this will touch you. So he says what sort of nappy human and wine there are longer taco in hopes that they might become people of color, they might become good people, cautious people, maybe they'll change their ways. And a lot chain teaches another way, another way, another way and another way and then he says, oh, you're on the clock, or at the very least maybe some

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reminder will just go inside at least Okay, they won't change completely. Maybe just one word went in and maybe they got influenced just a little bit like a seed that maybe eventually will grow but at least the seed was dropped one drop when in one little bit went in, maybe that'll help and this sounds almost like by any means necessary the message needs to get across and so in the very next ayah Allah says Fatah whole molecule hug and so just know that Allah is the is His Highness is the greatest Highness The Allah from Lulu means height.

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And so Larissa describes that Allah is the owner of the greatest side no one is higher than Allah, Allah Allah. Let me say, Allahu Allah, Allahu Tabata Kawata Allah, this idea of meaning now no one is higher than Allah, meaning don't think because Allah is explaining the Quran in so many different ways that Allah Allah is desperate to convince you. He's way too high. He's way too high. And by the way, in silica abasa He didn't say that he is way too high and he said his revelation is way too high. He described with a revelation is not it's not there to convince you. It's you should be honored that you have access to the words of Allah. And so there allows Odin describes Kala in the

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heart as

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Hello Financial Officer COVID mocha Rama Murthy Ratan, Tata hora. These, these words that these arrays don't want to listen to us they are not interested. They act like they're above it unless there's nothing is above the word of a lie It's from. It's right under the Irish it's in soccer for makara mama for elevated scrolls from which these angels legions of angels descend and give you this word, your honor to have even heard one word of Allah, Who are you to be worthy of hearing a word of Allah, you know. And here instead of comparing the height, and the grander of the word of Allah, it's actually the greatness and the height of Allah Himself, the highness of Allah himself, his

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highness, for Allah, Allah, and Malik the king, a king is never desperate. The subjects are supposed to be desperate, the ones that are under the authority of a king are supposed to come begging to the king are supposed to be afraid, have we violated some command of the king? What is? Is the king? Is the king happy with us? Is he going to provide us the support we need the protection we need? You're supposed to be the humble ones, the desperate ones. So just because a lot of His mercy explains things in so many ways. Don't you ever think he's desperate for Allah and Malik. And then he says

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that he himself is the ultimate truth, which is important to mention here because whether you're convinced of the truth or not, that doesn't change the truth. So even if you accept it, or you reject it, it doesn't change the fact that a lies that he's not in need of you being convinced for the truth to somehow become more meaningful. You won't even have to exist and he'll still be I'll help. So for the alcohol medical hack, and then there's a you know, if you don't, I set the scene for you. So the next part of this is easy to understand. Otherwise, you don't see the connection to what's coming. It seems like an estate blog like a tangent, a subject that changed completely. And

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so in this ayah allows origin says to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what will or aren't even complete a nuclear alayka who don't rush to get more Quran before Allah decree decides when it should be revealed. Don't rush to get more and more Quran. What does this mean? what this actually means is also de la sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gets criticized by these people who don't believe Oh yeah, if your Quran is from Allah, answer this, tell me this, give me this answer. Give me this response. Explain this. And also someone doesn't always have the answers. When they said sometimes a boy is born sometimes a girl is born. Can you explain why can you God explain why?

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Or when they say these people are the cave? Who are they? Can you explain? Can you if you give me if you give us this answer, then yeah, maybe we'll think about the fact that you are in fact speaking on behalf of Allah. So they start putting in requests, if you can show me what my curiosities are being answered by these, these questions, these questions are being answered by you, then yeah, you know what, then I'm kind of convinced that it's from Allah. Really? Are you at a restaurant placing orders on what, what you want from the menu? You know, is this some is this Google where you ask whatever question you want to try to get an answer. You're speaking to Allah. You're asking Allah to

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dictate His revelation based on your requests. Based on your curiosities. The messenger socialism is now in his innocence thinking that these people who ask him these questions, if he just answers these questions, they're going to be convinced they'll become believers, because more than any anything else, it eats away at him that they're dying disbelievers that they're rejecting the message of Allah. So he's hoping more Koran comes and maybe if more peran came to them, and their answers came, that they'll accept and law says, Don't rush to the Quran, Allah is the ultimate authority. He's the truth, he decides when the truth comes in, the king decides when to send His

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word, the slaves will not decide when the master will speak. So he says well, and even calmly and

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others have also interpreted this to mean the prophets lie, Selim was so eager to get more Quran more eager to receive. But actually, even though that is in and of itself, a valid interpretation in the context of these thoughts, something else is going on. That seems to be a heavier weight, in terms of its interpretation. But then we get to the law. And the law is very famous work with Lenin say, obviously, the aroma master increased me in terms of knowledge. Now, that last part of the day, almost everybody knows because the shorter doors are pretty lazy. we memorize those quickly. But obviously, the asthma and people do this before they take their biology exam.

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And then

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which do I can I make? So I remember all these glossary of terms? Oh, yeah. are visiting the asthma? No, hold on, understand where it came from first. First thing I'd like you to know is that the word ailment which means knowledge, in this ayah actually refers to the Quran

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increase me in terms of knowledge is actually the entire conversation was about what don't rush to get more Quran before it's been revealed, enhanced me in terms of knowledge. In other words, even the Quran that I've memorized, even though Quran that I think I know, I may not have full knowledge of it. And as a matter of fact for us

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After the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, every idea of the Quran, we're going to have drops from it. We're going to have some things from each of these oceans. And there will be so much more knowledge still left. Yeah, let's just increase me Give me some more drops from what I already have a revelation what I already understand of it, or visit an EMA. So you know, the idea that knowledge is compared to the Quran is, it occurs often even on the prophets own tongue, some of them, he says one man or other Allah, Allah, He will Quran, whoever wants to seek knowledge, then let them commit to the Quran. He's the Sahaba when they were worried that one day knowledge will

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disappear. They said, okay for years who are on how can knowledge ever disappear? We read Quran, in their mind, knowledge and Quran was the same thing. Today in the mind of a Muslim when we say someone's educated, we can think of accounting biology we can think of, you know, psychology, we can think of their fields, we can think of a college education or high school education, a PhD. This is knowledge. This is information. This is education. But when we think of knowledge, and it's when we think of Islamic knowledge, we think, Oh, this is like religious knowledge. It's like one category, according to a lot. This is actual knowledge that gives light to all other knowledge, the knowledge

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of Revelation. Well, your Alamo, Milan, Taku tala moon, he's teaching you what you had no possibility of knowing you had, there's no way this knowledge could have come to you. This is there in that we need. And by the way, it's though the language is broad, you can make this law for all kinds of knowledge, understand its place here. Well, I didn't just say increase my knowledge, that would be a really bad translation of desire. By the way, if you read the translation, you know, sometimes when people say, which translation do you recommend, and then they handed me a translation of the Quran, I said, Oh, God, I don't want to speak about another author or something. But there

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are some places in the Quran where you can just open up and tell if it's a quality translation, or not easily. This is one of those places, increase my knowledge would be a pretty terrible translation, because that would be a lot busy demeanor me, or me, increase my knowledge. It says Sydney Elman enhanced me, make me more by way of knowledge, make me more through knowledge, make me more in terms of knowledge, actually, it's not even increasing your knowledge. It's actually increasing You make me something more than I am, enhance me make me a better person, make me closer to you make me stronger through the knowledge. And by way of knowledge, so element is a term used

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here. And so the request is to our you know, to yourself, this is what the messenger was taught by saddam, but what do we learn from it ourselves? What is the application of this law? First of all, in these ions, we're learning how to study the Quran and why to study the Quran. Some of you have studied the Quran for many years, some of you have never studied the Quran before. Some of you don't know where to even begin. First thing you know, when you take when you learn anything, you have to have the right mindset. These are give us the right mindset, the first thing that we have to have when we're learning this book so we can protect ourselves. There's one reason Oh, you're the fool or

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Home Depot, or at the very least, whenever you engage this book, at least some reminder of some kind, some advice of some kind should hit me. I opened this book and I engage in and study every time for some kind of advice. I don't come to it for curiosity alone, I don't come to it for interesting information. I don't come to it for those reasons. I want some kind of a reminder, that benefits me that impacts me that's, that's number two.

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Then he says Don't rush to the Quran. By the way, before that further Allah LaHood medical help. Every time I read the Quran, I need to be aware of a law being up here, being the most high, the most Supreme, and I am in no place to challenge what Allah says, I have to approach this book with humility. My attitude towards this book is the master is speaking and I'm the slave. And I'm hearing the words of my master. That kind of humility has to be always present. When we engage the word of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mallacoota

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then the next part of it is never study the Quran so you can answer somebody else's questions.

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Like, you know what, somebody asked me the question, I'm gonna, I'm gonna find an ayah and just slap them with it.

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Don't rush to find answers from the crowd and just throw them to somebody else. The variety of these artists, Cora Bz, nee Relman, Nadine home, Relman Yama, increase them and knowledge they need more knowledge. No. What do you ask? Even the Messenger of Allah the teacher of Quran, the most knowledgeable of all of us, you know, creation on earth, He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is being told, increase me and Knowledge Enhance me. He is being made humble before the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we have to be humble before the word of Allah and ask Allah to increase us. It also teaches us that no one of us will ever be an expert in the Quran. No one will ever be able to

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say I have command over the Quran or I have authority over the Quran or I understand

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With the Quran says, nope not even though Sula would last a little mahalo Saddam was given that full authority even he's supposed to ask increase me in terms of knowledge, even he's supposed to approach the word of Allah with humility sallallahu alayhi wasallam because at the end of the day, like your mama CLT said, if someone wants to appreciate the district, the gap between Allah and His slaves, how much higher is Allah? How much lower are the slaves? Then they'll appreciate how much higher is the word of Allah and the word of his slaves. Right so the word of Allah is in the highest of places What can you multiply here earlier? Nothing is higher than the word of Allah. And that

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attitude is being taught to us in one visit nygma don't turn the knowledge of the Quran into something let me quote a verse let me find an ayah that I can you know post on my my social media so that these guys that are all following me they get slapped with it like this is about I'm not gonna say this is about you, but it is

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you know, and I make sure I you know, I hashtag them or I you know, some kind of a dick don't use the Quran to take digs. Don't take your don't use the Quran to answer other people's questions or, you know, address their unnecessary curiosities. If somebody genuinely has a question. That's something else. That's something else entirely. But that's not what this is talking about. This is talking about Oh, yeah. impressed me with your Quran show me this show me that. No, ullas word is not going to come be humbled by your requests. We have to come to Allah's word with humility. And so that attitude is being taught to us May Allah azza wa jal make a sincere, humble students of the

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Quran, my hope, you know, and as we approach the end of this series,

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one of the most powerful doors is coming. It's right around the corner, is actually of the soul. As I said, I'm receiving, you know, one piece of Quran actually above in the heavens, so most of the Quran came down to the Prophet, and when the last messenger went up to receive, right so it's in a special place, that's the last of the doors that I will do. But I hope one thing you you get out of this as Ramadan comes to a close is that your relationship with the Quran doesn't come to a close, you actually start becoming students of the Quran in your personal lives. Pick up a translation, pick up a commentary, start listening to something taking a little bit of notes, just 1015 minutes a

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day doesn't matter how much Bob is it near Alma, and there's no rush. There's never going to be any I haven't finished almost half yet. Don't do that. Or haven't read read the entire translation. I haven't read the entirety of it. Don't do that. Don't worry about it. Take your time. Take your time. Just you have all the time in the world. And if you die studying the Fatiha, it's, it's cool. Very good. I'm not hoping that you do I'm just saying that.

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That if you if we die in this journey, if Allah doesn't give us long enough life to get through the entire word of Allah, that's okay, at least we died swimming in this blessed ocean. That that's good enough for us. That's really just good enough for us. You know, before I used to be very agitated that I haven't studied this sooner, I haven't gotten this far in depth and all of that and I've been trying to study ullas book for about 20 years now. But I can tell you I even to my satisfaction to go through the entire Quran at least have a decade left ahead of me and I'm okay with that. For one round, I don't know that's certainly not the end of my studies. But for one round it's okay I am in

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no rush, no rush at all. If I'm if you're going to study and I take your time with an eye to go study a surah Take your time with a surah take six months take a year memorize this right even if it's one page and it takes you a year to memorize one page, no problem. What's your rush? The fact that you spend time with the word of Allah, continuously asking a life he enhances you or visit me Elman good enough? That's that's actually what's needed. And so this idea of not rushing with the Quran is consistently mentioned to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and through him it is mentioned to ourselves. So barakallahu li walakum filco unpacking, when a final year can be it was

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lacking, so don't worry, too late.

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