Prayers of the Pious – Episode 25 – Oh Teacher of Abraham

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Episode Notes

Sh. Omar Suleiman covers a prayer narrated by Imam ibn al-Qayyim that highlights Allah’s power to grant knowledge and wisdom.

[ Day 25 Du’a ]

يا مُعَلِّمَ إِبْرَاهِيْمَ عَلِّمْنِيْ

“Oh Teacher of Abraham! Teach me!”


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The segment discusses the importance of affirmations as a powerful way to connect oneself to the Lord of the prophets. It emphasizes the need to connect oneself to the Lord of the prophets and to increase one's understanding of the Holy Spirit. The segment also references a woman named Yamazaki muscley man who was given a spot on the streets of a city called Solomon.

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Not wanting to live in a castle Welcome back to prayers of the pious.

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Some of the most beautiful narrations that we have of your eyes and practices are from a students narrating from their teacher what they saw. And if you ever felt like as you were reading something that you were having a hard time comprehending it or you were feeling disconnected from something or you're trying to prepare for an exam or you're trying to prepare for a lecture or you're trying to prepare for something or trying to comprehend the verse, or Hadees that you got stuck.

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This is a really powerful No I am Rahim Allah, I am narrates from his teacher and the management team era him Allah to Allah. He said that I frequently used to hear him when he would get stuck in his studies. He would make this drought and he would say yeah, ma Lima Ibrahim Alemany Oh teacher of Abraham Teach me Yeah, my name is Ibrahim I eliminate Oh teacher of Abraham Ibrahim it has Salaam Teach me and some narrations mentioned we are more famous Elohim. And for him me and Oh, he who calls Sulaiman it is Salaam to understand, allow me to understand as well. This is a powerful, powerful way that we could learn as we are getting stuck in certain things or we're trying to

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understand things to recognize that Allah is the one who grants knowledge and understanding and wisdom. And Allah is the one who grants relief. And beyond just the immediate implications of a sort of calling upon Allah subhanaw taala in this way, is really the idea that you're connecting yourself to the Lord of the prophets, because a lot of times you forget, as you're reading the Koran, you forget as you're going through those drawers, that the same Lord, who, who took care of those prophets who rescued those prophets who heard them in their in their darkest times, is the same Lord that you call upon the rub of Zakaria the lord of Zechariah is your Lord as well the lord of Abraham

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is your Lord as well the Lord of mottingham is your Lord as well. The Lord of he says, Your Lord as well. The Lord of Mohammed, slicing them is your Lord as well. So when you read about the miracles that allow some parents out of work than their lives, recognize that he could work those same miracles in your life. And when you go through the daily difficulties or the daily trials, or struggles that you may go through, as you're trying to, to, to increase yourself. Recognize that you have the lord of Abraham on your side Lord of law, he might he has said I'm on your side. So again, this is young lady, my boy whom I limini and one narration Yamazaki muscley man, for him the old

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teacher of Abraham Teach me and oh he who granted understanding to suit a man to Solomon, Grant me understanding as well. May Allah subhanho wa Taala The Lord of the prophets grant us the station of the prophets as well a llama I mean, does ECMO hide on See you all next time in sha Allah wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh