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So I want to go to logicbroker

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handling galantamine for LA Houston limo balaclava heroes, Regina Vina Mohammed Ali he will be here in Canada.

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short video remain reminder insha Allah, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he states in the famous Hadees, where he talks about the little bit his family estates with a guru como la FEA, LGBT, with a caribou, la de la Beatty, that I remind you with regards to my family, I remind you with regards to my family, the hope and the rights of his family, the LLB we also find the messengers that a lot while he was sent him stating that I leave you two things, that if you hold on to them, you will not fall into misguidance number one killable law and number two a karate a karate meaning his family. We also have a Heidi's were the messengers for a long while it was stated that I leave

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you two things, number one, the Book of Allah and number two, my sooner or we do have these are Hadith which also specified his family. We also find the messages that a lot Hollywood sends specifically with regards to members of his family, the messengers that a lot of it was sent him when he was asked in public, who do you love the most? He said he loved it shall be Allahu Allah and had the most we find in the noble for Allah of words that I states was why'd you hold on to him and his wives are your mother's as the mothers of the believers. We find the messengers that a lot while he was selling them with regards to alley or the along the line he states. Now you have Booker in

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the meanwhile Are you believe in them or not? Nobody loves you except that he is a believer, and nobody has hates it in which he against you, except he is a man of the hypocrites. We find the messengers for a long while he was sent him with regards to Hassan and Hussein He states that men have double man, Attorney woman avago Houma. Sahaja Bhavani whoever loves these two men, he's loved me and whoever harbors enmity hatred against both of them, that he also hates me. We find the messengers for a long while he was dealing with regards to Fatima probably along with Allah and her his dates Fatima Baba to mini Fatima is a portion of me she's part of me. So numerous are highly

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misunderstood a lot while he was emphasized the rights of his wives. He emphasized the lives of his children. He emphasized the wives of those who came from him the debate or the last line one and also the grades are the big the battle Hashem, etc. So on one side we find the messenger for a lot of money with them stressing the rights, they hope it cetera. And he himself when it came to practical implementation, we find that in terms of the dounia, the province or what why he was sinner, maybe one can say he put them last. And when it came to the dean, the province that along what he was going to put them first problem for a long while he was going on comes to the house of

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Optima and Ollie in the middle of the night, and he wakes them up for the 100 solar. We find the messengers for a long while he was the wind farm Lima and Ali had come to him. And Fatima was complaining that her hands and our costs because she's working so hard, and she has to make the brain and she has to make all of this and she required she wanted a seven she requested a servant from the slaves that they had, which the Muslims had captured progress that along it was then said to her that how can I give you a Steve How can I give you a slave as a servant for you in the house, while the people in the message chain on the sofa? They are going hungry. Rather I would sell the

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slaves. Whatever money we get from that we purchase food for them. So I'm unable to give you a state that you want to request it. We find the messages that are long while he was and then said to her and said to Ali Radha give you something better than that. What's better than that, that the speed which is called the spirit alchemy, that before you go to sleep, you say Subhana Allah that He three times Alhamdulillah that he three times and Allahu Akbar that you four times, and Alia will be along with the language someone asked him and they asked him that you always mentioned as equal before you go to skip the speech. He says yes, even on the night of the Battle of Safin when he and what are we

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out of your lungs and I'm going to battle even on that night. He never forgot to mention this. This the speed. We find the messengers that alarm it was sent and received when the people came to him and said, You know what, this female was stolen. And she's from a higher ranking family and how can we have a head cut off? Maybe someone peed into seed on her behalf with the messengers and a lot while he was sending them. And so some at 10 00 law you know, this female people are complaining maybe don't implement the punishment on her for a long while he was he was extremely angry. And then he comes out in public and he mentioned that this is what the story

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The people before you that when the rich when those wines, the, you know the high ranking they eat when they do something wrong, and they would not implement the head. But when the poor and the downtrodden do something wrong, then they implement the punishment. He says fathima been to Mohammed Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed, if she had stolen, then I would have her own hand cut off. And if people understood the position of Fatima, that's why he used the name of poppy but everybody knows, refers to the Maha use and loves Fatima so much. So if he was willing to cut off the hand of Fatima, what do you think about anyone else, when it came to the football club, the last panel who was

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elected whoever it might be, whether it be family, whether it be friends, none of them had any special privilege. We know the messengers for a long while he was the lamb when he received revelation. And he stood up on that mountain, and he called out to his own family members. And he said, oh man or something, something open with something, something new, some new members of his and he even mentioned Fatima, oh, Fatima, my daughter asked me for whatever you want, ask me for whatever wealth etc you want. But before last kind of was that I will not be able to avail you, my own daughter, the one who came from him, I will not be able to help you before loss of words Allah.

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If you do not accept this message, we find a Buddha has the uncle of the messengers that a lot while he was sending Abu Talib uncorrupted messages from a long line he would send them but because they do not accept the message, then being related to him then being from the parish, etc, would not benefit them in beliefs bits, as the business along it was a mistake. If someone's that ml does not pull him forward, then who his father was and what his lineage is, won't benefit him in that. But obviously the person is good. And he's right. And he's also from the unawakened. This is honor upon honor. And this is Baraka and virtue upon Baraka and virtue. We found the messengers that alarm it

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was going to be the various factors, who would he put forward to fight in the jewels, he put Hamza, first, it would be a lockdown First, if this was a man, who was trying to amass wealth and position for his family to leave them behind with lots of physician and travel and wealth and all of this, he would have put them last put other people for a better food more forward than five, maybe they could die, but rather save early and save his family members. But rather, what was he doing? He was putting them always forward. So nobody could cast aspersions on him that this is a man who's trying to amass wealth and position for his family, as I will have some nedry regime a whole lot said that

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the province for a long while he was the number came as a religious leader number one, and then secondarily etc, as a political leader, as a religious leader. That's why he put his family first in the line of peril in a line of destruction. Nobody could cast aspersions and have any doubts about his mission. Otherwise, people could have said that this man only came to make sure that his family was nice and satisfied to make sure that he had a lot of position and wealth for his family. And that's why our version of history and the version of history of the Shia are two different in conclusionary one for a while. The message is that number one, the rights of the beta for folk of

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the LLB they have in our solid every single solid in our dirty Brahim, what do we say? along my Sunday Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Mohammed, whether we take cognizance of it or not, but we mentioned and we make the actual last kind of words Allah that He blesses the family of Mohammed for a lot of money he was sending them. So that's number one, we respect them, we may go after them and we give them therefore for number two. We also remember the fact that the messengers that a lot while he was sent him as a religious leader, he put his family in the line of peril he put his family last when it came to dunya. And we put his family first when it came to the matters of the

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deen. That was the last syllable barakallahu li he was Regina Vina Mohammed while he was off, he hears rain does not