Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminder #29

Mirza Yawar Baig
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salatu salam, ala Nabi mousseline, Muhammad Rasul, Allah Allah so seldom does leave in case you don't consider

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this, now that Ramadan is over.

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Now what

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I want to ask you a question which I think I asked you and myself on the first day or before then began which is

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that did Ramadan enter me or did I enter Allah

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because if I enter another, then I will exit another

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three or four days from now, that will be over dead change we are in shower.

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We do not know whether we will get one more run or not. We will be

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bereft of all the benefits and the beauty of Ramadan that came with and we will go back to our old ways, whatever those were.

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But if Ramadan entered us, then Ramadan will be with us. The purpose the reason why Allah subhanaw taala sent Ramadan was to make us Motoki in Allah said quotevalet cama cama. cama coup de la la la, la la junta de Haan, Allah said the fasting that Allah said that fasting has been prescribed on you as it was prescribed on those before you so that you may become a taco. Now question is did that happen? If Ramadan entered me, then Alhamdulillah I have become a Mata Ki

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degree may differ, but at least there is some change in my life which is measurable which is perceivable by myself as well as others and this is a positive change. The question is, did that happen? Or did it not happen? This is what we have to ask ourselves.

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the issue is that we lose track of one very important matter which is that all the promises of Allah subhanaw taala gelatin Allah who are conditional, Allah subhanaw taala put conditions on all his promises, Allah said if you do this, you will get this if you do this, you will get this if you don't do this, you will not you will not get this.

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For example,

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what is Allah subhanaw taala is what did you say,

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with regard to getting a beautiful life in this dunya?

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Certain I had

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a lot of Antara said the one who is who does righteous works.

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Man I'm ella sallyann.

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And who is for a woman. And this person is a moment is a believer

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that God in our own, whether it's a man or a woman very specifically mentioned, both are equal in this respect.

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Allah said that he will give that person higher than diva in this world knowhy Allah who had antiva

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Allah will give this person a beautiful life in this world, alive which is free from stress free from calamities, free from accidents, free from sickness free from weakness, free from dependence on anyone other than a loss of Anahata gelato alive which has beautiful result, which comes with dignity and without running around like a wild animal behind it. Allah subhanaw taala will give His love will give respect Allah will put the love of this person in the hearts of other people and so on and so forth. For who for the one who does righteous good deeds and is a believer, he man What am I What am I

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believe belief and good deeds will give us this and Allah said and on the Day of Judgment, Allah will reward them for all their good deeds equal to the best of those good deeds, I see this. See this

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amazing generosity of my agenda. Allah subhanaw taala is rewarding good deeds, right. So if he is going to reward good deeds, the the requirement of justice would be that allowed rewards each good deed in accordance to the quality of that date, in accordance with the quality of that deed. So if I did one Salah, which was kind of you know, this way that I would get an equal reward for that. And then I did one Salah, which was absolutely fabulous 100% in the state of that I would get that reward for that one Salah. But all the rest of my Salawat in my whole life are not of that standard. So I cannot get the I get the reward for those Salawat according to the standard of the

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Salah, know, Allah subhanaw taala What is he saying, I will reward such a person which person, a person who has the man and who lives a decent life who was doing, who lives alive, doing good deeds, and they have him at first and foremost, Allah will give them a beautiful life in this world itself. And then in the other day of judgment, Allah will look at their account, and whichever is the best deed that they did.

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Allah will reward all their deeds, according to that best date. Now, what kind of generosity is this? How do we thank Allah Subhana Allah sallallahu for is amazing, absolutely mind boggling, you know, blow your mind, kindness, generosity, so Allah.

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But remember,

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condition and love will reward you and me in keeping with the quality of the best deed means what means that deed has to be done.

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I cannot want to be rewarded for a deed I did not do. My brother and sister seriously go look,

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go look in the camera. Or look into this, look in the Quran and find me one night, one night which says that Allah said, I will give you a beautiful life. And I will give you Jana, no matter what you do.

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Whether you obey or you run away.

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Finally, one I'd like this, believe me, I will be the happiest person in the world because I am the law that I don't have to do anything. Allah will give each other

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what you know and I know there is no such thing. There is no such thing.

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So under unless rather centers Ramadan so that we understand this, so that we correct our lives and bring them in line with what he wants. Because then we get

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Allah subhanaw taala centers Ramadan, so that we get our lives in line with what he wants, so that we can get what we want, what we want. We want a beautiful life in this dunya. And we want general idea. Allah promises this. And he told us how to get it.

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Now, that's why I asked this question twice.

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If Ramadan entered me, then there has to be a perceivable measurable change in my life. So my request to you is, let us go back and look at our lives. While we are here. By the way, while we are still in order, and make a plan to say, what is it that I'm going to change going forward? What will I do that I was not doing before? And what will I stop doing? Which I was doing before? And what will I continue to do with consciousness which I was doing before start, stop continue? This is the framework, what will I start doing? What will I stop doing? And what will I continue to do?

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Let us make sure that we have this plan, ready for ourselves before the end of Ramadan. And then we work on that plan.

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Hello sisters, the problem is that we live in a world which is completely upside down

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which is completely upside down. This world tells us that what Allah subhanaw taala told us is the truth is false and what Allah told us as false and pointed it to us as false as false is true.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us

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coluna cinza eco modes

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were in to a phone ah Hulu Roku Yeoman Kiana

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Furman Zuzia and Inari vasila. Janata

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Amal had to do Nia Illa moto. Allah mentioned four things. First, Allah said every living thing will taste death. I asked you to reflect on this how aware are we of our death? how aware Are you that you are mortal? However Am I that I wish that one day I will die? I think one of the biggest blessings of the Coronavirus is that it made us conscious of the fact that we are mortal that one day we will die. Right May Allah protect you from this but this is the To me it is a great service that this virus has done for us.

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So unless telling us this school was absent.

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Then Allah said, Ye nama to a former I will do a coup You're welcome. And that the reward of your good deeds you will get after you die on the Day of Judgment, the full reward Allah will give you some taste of reward in this world, but the full reward you will get only after you die. And then Allah said, Allah set a standard for Gonzo ziani Nari Allah Janata for advice. The one who has been freed from the Hellfire and entered into Janna, only this person is successful.

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Omar had to do near a llama towel roll and this life of this world is deception. It is deception. It is imaginary

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It is not real. Now think about how do we look at the world? And how do we look at life? Do we look at it according to how Allah subhanaw taala jalaja? Who told us? Or do we look at it according to what Shannon tells us? Number one, Allah said everyone will die. Does it include me?

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Is this how I behave? As if I'm going to die? As somebody who is a traveler, as if somebody who really has no assets and no stake in this in this life?

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That I'm focused on the accuracy of my destination? Am I doing that number? That's number one. Number two, reward for the deed. Allah said, the real reward you're willing to get in the asset. Now think about this. We do some we do some work, right? Some good work you do. And so you know, this is a thankless job. I'm doing all this. Nobody appreciates. I'm not getting enough money for it. I'm not getting enough likes on Facebook for it, whatever it is, the hawala, what do you think about this? Allah said, Allah, Allah say, you will get a reward in this world. No. Allah said, the reward of this world reward of what you are doing, you are going to get in the ashram

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, who

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is a better example than a lifelong learner

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with a better example, than the Prophet promises herself.

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On his last day, when he looked out from his office, from the door of his house,

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into the masjid, how many people did you see?

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Think about that he saw this bucket full of people, but that budget at that time was how big

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it was full of people, people meaning what, how many people were there 100 people, 200 people, 300 people.

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And he was given he came here with a global mandate.

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He came here with a global mandate for everybody, all of mankind, did you see all of mankind.

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So what should you do feel satisfied or happy or unhappy?

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Nobody gets the full reward in this dunya whether it's for good or bad, think about all the people in this world who are doing all sorts of evil, people with power and authority and so on and so forth.

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All kinds of stuff, which they are doing and then we of course, we watch all of this on on TV or on social media and we get depressed and we say oh, you know, look at these people, nothing happens. Nothing is supposed to happen to them, what will happen to them will happen to them on the Day of Judgment, that is why there is a day of judgment. If there was if things were to be done in this dunya and matters over enclosed, then there would be no Day of Judgment, but there is a day of judgment.

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dinickel Yamazaki Huck, Alice Montana said

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so, the reward of the deed meaning the punishment or the reward, the benefit or the or the harm of the deed whatever you did the full reward you are going to get only on the Day of Judgment. And then Allah gave us a standard to the ask yourself, What is your my standard of success?

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I can bet you for almost every one of us, it is purely material. Right? Money, property, a nice family, good family life holidays.

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Even for the people who are you know your your focus in terms of Dean this qualification that qualification this degree that degree

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for how many of us is the standard, I should be freed from the Hellfire Aloma geoderma

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lesson that is the standard, the one who was freed from the Hellfire and entered into Jannah only this person is successful. Nobody is.

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But in this dunya opposite, that's why it was upside down work. And then Allah told us this whole dunya this this whole thing which is happening here is a deception. Why the deception because what is seen here as success is actually failure. What is senior success is not success, what is seen here as failure is not failure.

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So my submission to you and myself, I remind myself in my submission do is

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let us use

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what is left of it, to bring ourselves back in line or to put us in line. Maybe Maybe there's no bring back because we were not in line in the first place. put ourselves in line,

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make ourselves obedient or lost. My brother or sister there is no value and there is no benefit in the disobedience of Allah.

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There is no success in the disobedience of the Sonata masala. Right. All goodness in this life and the next life comes from obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala

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And obeying Rasul Allah is Elijah

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Amati Rasul Allah, Allah. Allah is the one who has the word my mine Avi Salah Salam has made me

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so everything comes from obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and that is what Ramadan came to teach us. Rather than came to teach us and make us with the cane means what make us what we did last time. That's where Amazon came with these rules where even what is normally halal became haram and we considered it haram during the period of fasting. But what do you say to the person who will not swallow one drop of water?

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while he is fasting, but he will swallow his sister's inheritance, but he will swallow somebody else's property.

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What do you say to that person? What kind of fast is there?

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so seriously, ask yourself this question and ask myself this question.

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The time to take stock is here. Let us take stock and let us ensure that we never do anything to displease Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to save us from the mistakes that we make and from our forgive from our forgetfulness, but deliberately for a Muslim to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing that his disobedience, this has no parallel,

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noble, the people who are Muslims, the Sahaba prasada Salam did not do this.

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These are this is our gold standard. a gold standard is the Saba, there's a book of mine called the Sahaba, the gold standard in a series of lectures, listen to that, read that book.

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What is that gold standard obedience to Allah subhanaw taala.

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When we do that, my brothers and sisters, it gives us confidence. It gives us power. Today we disobey Allah. And so what happens what is actually happening when we are disobeying Allah subhanaw taala the importance of Allah, the Asmath of Allah in our hearts is decreasing.

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And when the azimuth of Allah goes down in our hearts, the actual Asmath of Allah does not go down the the glory of Allah, Allah, it doesn't. It does not depend on what you believe. But what happens is how we believe it.

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When we disobey Allah effectively what am I saying? I'm saying Allah is not important enough to be a bit. So Allah is not important enough to be a bit, then who holds my heart when I'm depressed?

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Then who gives me tranquility when I'm when I'm stressed out?

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Then who takes away my worry? When I'm worried?

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Today we are worried of dying because of COVID I asked all those people who are so worried and so you know, paranoid about it.

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If you don't get COVID do you think you are going to live forever?

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What are you worried about?

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COVID is an excuse.

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If it is not going to be a truck? Who knows?

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By all means take precautions. For example, if you will we wear a seatbelt why not because a seatbelt will save your life but because this is the normal thing to do.

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It is the correct thing to do. It's the law abiding thing to do so therefore take precautions but what's the stress? Why are you so worried? Why is your mind blowing up?

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because of a lack of email because of lack of You're

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the one who has complete and totally hinder my Rob Jalla Jalla Who

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who are you whoever you meet, he is the one who decides who will live who will die

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nobody can kill me before my time and nobody can keep me alive after my time.

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If I if it is destined for me that I am to die by a particular cause nobody can change that.

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If this is my Okay, then I live my life with complete peace and tranquility. I sleep well I eat well I do. What What will I be concerned about, about obeying the law?

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That is something that we should be obeyed. We should be concerned about Allah subhanaw taala promised us risk. Allah promised us sustenance. Allah promises that one day we are going to die. Allah told us he has written all this for us. But Allah did not say he didn't guarantee that he will be pleased with us when we die. Do you have this guarantee I don't have this guarantee.

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So when we are worried about something where it is already written, nobody can change that. The way you are going to die is written, nobody can change that the time you are going to die is written nobody can change that. But when you die will Allah be pleased with you or not? Allah has not written that He has given it in your hands. If you and I want a lot to be pleased with us, then let us do what it takes to please Allah subhanaw taala which is to obey Him and to follow the Sunnah of ourselves.

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shaytan This is the deception of this world, the deception of this world is shattered and gets us concerned about things where it is already written, no amount of concern, no amount of worry, no amount of effort is going to change anything. And Saturn gives us

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he tells us to ignore. And he tells us to not worry about things where we have the ability and Allah gave us the control in our hands to write whatever we want. And that is Jana.

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That is Jenna. Allah gave it to us. That's when I was in a salon called is world, Missouri, Russia. He said this world in the life of this world is till it is cultivation for the occur. You want the harvest of the Ashura plant the seeds of good deeds here,

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water it with the with the tears in the right in the head, you

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plant the seeds with the man

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and the harvest, you will get in the Ashura.

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Right, the sisters make a plan for what you will do after that. Because if you don't make a plan, then somebody else makes a plan for you and that's somebody else's shatter. Don't fall into that trap. Make a plan write down for yourself. All the things that you will change so that you can measure them and say I said I will change as I said I will get out of this haram business did I do that? I said I will be very careful of what I put in my mouth. I will not eat anything. I will check. I will only that which is which I am sure about that it is haram I will not eat doubtful things. I will control my tongue. I will not hurt anybody. I will not insult anybody. I will not

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play with somebody's dignity, I will control my anger. I will not act like a like a madman like a wild animal. Just because somebody you know said something or made me angry.

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Make this list whatever applies to you make the list and say this is what I will do going forward from raw and put don't make that list because then you can measure it whether you can whether you are doing or not doing.

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Let us make sure that our life after another is a completely different life from what it was before on a life which is obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala and on the Sanatana Salah. And then if you do that, Allah subhanaw taala promised the ICT, which I mentioned to you also to know how Allah subhanaw taala promised us a beautiful life in this world. And Jana, in the Accenture

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asked Allah subhanaw taala replaced with you and never to be displeased and to accept all your dice was a law degree while he was away.

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