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was then known if the harbor Mojave been for one Allan Poe de la de

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suva Hanukkah in two minute wa the mean

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festa jabeen Allah Juana Jain Amina Mohan me waka

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rubbish hourly salary were silly Emery was no doctor melissani of cocoa leaf and hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah He was happy he

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once again everyone sermonic or tonight our cattle. So tonight inshallah I'll share with you a beautiful doll that comes from the tongue of Yunus and his salon. And it's on the 18th in the 87th and 88th ayah of the surah SoTL MBR, the 21st of the Quran, Allah azza wa jal describes this after the moment when he had left, you know, every every messenger gave, preached the message that a law charged them to their nation. And in all of those cases, those nations rejected the message, and insulted the messengers and the messengers bore those insults. And despite getting made fun of getting attacked, getting humiliated, they kept on patiently and lovingly, going back and speaking

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to their people. You know, it's very hard to speak to someone after they insult you. Right, and especially speak to them in a loving tone. And if they do that again and again, and again, it's harder and harder for you to keep your composure, much less have a normal conversation, but to actually lovingly have a caring conversation, you know, like no honey, salaam Jaco me in the local min hoonah zero movie. And even at the end of his career, he says, My people, my people, my people, the same people that curse him, the same people that make fun of him, the same people that attack him, and put yourself in that position for a moment, if somebody insulted you. You know, first of

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all, if you didn't insult them back hard enough, then to even not have a frown on your face, or to not get upset. And if they made a habit out of that these are the people you want to stay away from. If somebody you had a fight with or somebody you don't get along with, or somebody who hurt your feelings, you won't even drive through that neighborhood, man, you're not even going to go to the same restaurant, or if you saw them, your mood would be off. You know. So this is the kind of thing prophets were asked to do time and again, and not because of some animosity that they have, all they show is love and courtesy, all they show is care and people all they do is email, you know, my azido

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milanoo fora, nothing increases in them except more and more hatred, they get more spiteful, more aggressive, you know, more offensive. And so it came to a point with with unicyclists around, that he got angry with them and basically said, you know, if you want to just be destroyed, fine, and he was done. And he walked off, he couldn't take it anymore. That's human, it's a very human thing to do that. So he left and but the thing is that messengers are given a heavier responsibility than any normal human being he was supposed to keep on taking those insults, even though if you put any other human being in that position, they're justified in leaving and being upset. And the word Mojave been

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when it's used when he left, not just love the band, but move on the band, it actually can be tagged also meaning not only that he left he left in a way that was he made them angry also when he left. So not only did they make him upset, he lashed back out at them also, it's possible that that's within the meanings of the IRA. And when he left, he felt he was completely justified. And then not one not enough data and he and he was convinced that Allah is not going to hold him or restrict him. What does that mean? That doesn't mean in some bad translations say he thought Allah won't have power over him because the way they work comes from Cody like well Lahore and aqualisa in the deep,

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so he didn't think Allah would have power over him. maravilla no prophet would ever think that once I have you read this ayah came to another Sahabi and said today I was drowned inside of an ayah out of out of anxiety. And he said What happened? He said, I read this ayah about you know, Eunice had a Salam. And Allah says he thought that Allah won't have power over him. How could the Prophet ever think that that's not and then he explained to him this is not other as an podra. This is another reason Allah will not hold back from him. In other words, he never thought he did anything wrong. He didn't realize he had crossed the line. He just left in a moment of anger, justified feeling

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justified, and he didn't think that he had actually violated any Command of Allah at that very moment, when he had left. Now he goes off into see the ship grounds which is a traumatic experience on its own. Then he swallowed by a large whale. And some even our boss actually says he was swallowed by a large sea creature, and that sea creature was swallowed by another sea creature. Like he was in shades of darkness and then it was the middle of the night also. So it's the dark ocean.

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And then he's been swallowed and then swallowed again. And he's now in the belly of this whale. And he is. In that moment, he then called down to a funnel, def illuma. He called out in the depths of darkness. In shades and shades and shades of darkness, he called out, this is a time where, you know, if you're out at sea alone, and you're crying out for help, which is what anybody would do, if they're out even on holding on to a plank of wood, nobody can hear you. Nobody's gonna hear a word you say, and he's not even on the surface of the water. And he's underwater, inside of a fish inside of a whale. And he's calling out to Allah, Allah is letting us know that the cries we make to him,

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whether nobody hears them or not, Allah hears them. I was important to mention, and it's particularly important here, because to call out anila, when you are in the worst states, when you are in the depths of darkness. And actually, sometimes we end up in very dark places because of our own mistakes. Because of, you know, the way we've messed up, and we bring trouble on ourselves. So be Microsoft ad calm. Sometimes the calamity that hits you is because of what you did yourself. To give you an example, if you were speeding, and then you got into an accident and you're in the hospital. I didn't do that when you were speeding. You did that when you were eating sugar all the

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time for years and years, and then you got diagnosed with diabetes and a heart condition. Well, that's you did that. But even if you did that, and you and you know, profits are held to a much higher standard. So even if they have a little bit of a, you know, somewhere even a little bit of a slip, Allah gets them with a very heavy disciplining and that's what happened with Eunice la sallam. He doesn't do that with us because we're not held to the standard of profits. But regardless, when this happened to him, you know what the human tendency is? I mean, okay, fine. I made a little mistake, but come on. Do I deserve this? This is a bit too much Yella. Okay, I got I got learned my

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lesson. I'm good. You don't have to go this far to teach me a lesson. No, instead of going to a lie and saying your punishment was too harsh. Or your disciplining was too harsh, or I find myself in difficulty. Why are you putting me in difficulty? Instead of having that attitude? What attitude are we learning from unison histogram, he says, is the hub for another format and La Ilaha. Illa? anta that no one has to be worshipped and obeyed in any way, shape or form except you of course he never did shake. Never. And when you say la ilaha illAllah. Or when he talks to a lion says La Ilaha. Illa. anta it says though he's declaring no one needs to be worshipped, loved and adored and obeyed

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other than other than yourself. He's recognizing something that what I felt when I when I abandoned even for a moment when I abandoned the mission of law had given me then I didn't do justice to Laila. Hi, Lola, I'm going to renew my Allah, Allah. Hi, Lola. So I'm going to take Shahada all over again. And that's what you and I have to do. Sometimes we have to renew our Islam itself, or we have to reintroduce ourselves and we reignite our commission commitment to Allah saying, not even talking Singh La ilaha illAllah La Ilaha. Illa, anta meaning no one has to be worshipped, obeyed, adored, no one has to be you know, to be obey, you know, to be submitted to in any way, shape or form, except

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you you're talking to Allah. Now, imagine when someone sends they get further away from Allah, they're less inclined to talk to Allah. They're embarrassed to face Allah. They're embarrassed, you know, converse with Allah directly. But in the worst of your moments when you feel the lowest of the low, the darkest of the dark. That is when Eunice Ali Salam inspired us to talk to Allah and said La Ilaha Illa, anta and then he said, some Chanukah, how perfect you are, understand these phrases with their Converse, when a lie is perfect. What does that mean about me? That I'm not perfect. And actually, when you're saying allies perfect, you're saying what however you decide whatever

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situation you decided to put me in. I will never blame you. I will never say that you did something imperfect. You did something wrong. You could have dealt with me better. No, no, no, you're always perfect. And that's actually acknowledging that I'm not perfect. That actually the fault is within me. So even within sub Chanukah, there's actually an acknowledgement of one's own fault and Allah zone perfection. And those two things have to go hand in hand. If a person refuses to recognize that they are at fault, then actually, they haven't recognized that the only one free of fault is Allah. There's a connection between those two things. And so he says for Hanukkah, you're too perfect. I

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declare your perfection. And then he says in the continent of Valley mean, certainly I have been from those that have done wrong. That's one mistake. And he says in equal to will avoid me as if he's done a lifetime of wrong. In other words, whatever wrongs I have done, the ones I know the ones I don't know. I admitted the ones I remember. I admit the ones that I don't remember, I acknowledge them, I confess to you my robs us of Hanukkah, in the continent of alameen. Now Allah azza wa jal describes in another place in the Quran. Actually, before I take you to the other place. Know that his name is Eunice. But Allah also calls him the noon, the noon the one of noon, noon in Arabic is

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another word for a whale. So the one of the whale This is not because children at Sunday school can relate

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Number Oh, that's the one that the whale swallowed. No, not for that reason. But because it is as though Ally's telling us the most important moments of that man's life. We're inside a whale. The most important things you will learn from unison is, we don't know much about this nation. We don't know much about his Dawa, we don't know much about his, the location where he was, we don't know much of anything. What we do know much about is what the worst of his moments, the darkest of Islam was, we know about that. And actually, he's coined by that name. And that's not an insult to him. That's an honor to him, that in those moments, he turned to a lot and he made this draw, you know,

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this is so power and by the way, milliseconds is law. You know, he says, I know Allah Allah, Allah and so hanoch in economy navali mean no one has to be worshipped obeyed or loved in any way shape or form except you know one more than you that's number one and then number two, your to your perfect entirely I'm not an I'm the one no doubt, I have been the one that has done wrong or is among those who do rock in the country. I mean, think about that. He has a career of being a prophet. He's got people that have done wrong around him all the time. He was the only one doing right. Nobody else was doing right. And yet in spite of all of the wrong they did, all of his focuses on not on them,

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but on the wrong that he may have done. You know how difficult that is, how difficult it is when people around you are doing wrong. And because of that you messed up and then when you mess up, and you're about to apologize to Allah we have like a half apology outline really sorry for what I did. I still feel okay, I'll be but you know, those guys, they messed up and they really messed me up. They mean, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have messed up. You know, what really happened? Yeah, like, you know, the whole story. Allah knows. You don't need to point the finger at anybody else. Even if they did enormous amounts of wrong. It's actually he's forgotten about everybody else. I

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don't care what they did or didn't do, what their part Allah will deal with. I have to deal with my Arab by part I have to acknowledge that's all that matters. And by the way, when he does this, does he ask you Allah rescue me? Your love? Forgive me? Yeah, like take me out of this. Yeah, like give me my old position back none of those things he didn't ask of any of those. And so you know, another place in the Quran, Allah says, had he not been from those who declare a less perfection, he would have remained in the in the belly of the whale, when lowland condominium must have been, well, why not most outfitting? Why not asking for forgiveness. We're learning a new dimension of learning

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seeking forgiveness. We've talked about forgiveness a lot in this series. Today, we're learning a new dimension. When you declare a loss perfection, it has to go hand in hand with you declaring your own fault. There's no such thing as declaring a loss, perfection and saying, so panela, if I cannot acknowledge my own mistakes completely without hesitation, and without focusing on anybody else, on myself on myself and on myself. If I can do that, then this door opens a treasure that you cannot imagine. Our messenger sallallahu alayhi salam rarely talks about other other prophets, doors, they're self explanatory. He says my main gut microbiota will be hard to draw ilustracje Bella who

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he said, there's never anybody, never anybody who has been hit with some kind of catastrophe and disaster. They're completely drowning and trouble, and they make this acceptable response to them.

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And they didn't even ask for some cash, some relief, some new job, they didn't. They just made a confession. They just declared a lost perfection. And this is declared that they've been wronged. That's all that's all it took. And Alaska will bring relief for people which is why in this next ayah Allah azza wa jal says, first janella, who does we responded to him when Ajay nominalism and we rescued him from depths of sadness, actually, what why sadness, we should, we should have said, We rescued him from the darknesses of the whale or, but it wasn't death. That was his problem. His problem was he felt that now that he has fallen, that he's fallen in law's eyes, and he can never be

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the same in a lot of eyes again. And that's a deep sadness when somebody makes sense. And this they feel that they can never recover themselves with a lot again, Allah says we rescued him from that sadness, too. In other words, when you declare your imperfection, allows it which lifts you out, he brings you back into light. And he removes that sadness from you. He restores your relationship with him. workaholic Energy, and Mood, meaning beautiful words. And he says, and that's how we rescue believers.

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Not that's how we rescued him. That's how we rescue who the rest of us. This is rescue for the rest of us. So this is one of those two hours. I know, as Paxton is having on our fridge again, probably La Ilaha Illa and does have Hanukkah and decontaminant volumen. But being aware of what this means, don't don't make don't make that into something you parrot. Laila, how long does Hanukkah and even domina Bali Malala hotlanta, some Hanukkah and even Dominica

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there's nothing going on in your head. There's just words on your tongue. And when you and I actually start feeling what universalism felt the confession that he felt the acknowledge

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judgment that he felt when this law isn't just on our tongue, it's being made from our hearts, then there's no one in trouble who says this from their heart calling on Allah, except that Allah responds to them. I'll take one more minute of your time. You know, in too many parts of the Muslim world today, in our culture, we say which one should I recite? Which do I should I recite? Which one should I say, Hey, I'm having a baby which law? Or they had an article which the law this situation somebody's sick, which do I can I recite? I'm having this trouble, which though I cannot recite, and we're so focused on recitation. We're so focused on recitation, I am limited, I want to tell you

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something when uncle Salaam was in that will, he wasn't speaking Arabic. So these words that we have La Ilaha Illa, Allah Subhana. Allah means a translation. So he didn't have exactly these words, is that the words that are important are the meaning behind them? It's the meaning that the meaning is the law. The meaning is law, when we don't have meaning, in our words, when you don't mean what you're saying, just like in any other relationship, when you just look at your data, say, I respect you.

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You mean that? You can tell from the way you're saying it? You could only when you say, I'm sorry.

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Really? Sorry.

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This is you Sorry.

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This is how you're sorry? This is how you confess? Yeah, sure. I messed up.

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Last night, you confessing nothing, the words may be there. But the meaning behind them isn't. These doors will not give us the relief that is promised by ally in this case, and also the messengers are loads of them. If the meaning isn't there, malaria would have given us the ability to make meaningful to him, and to really ask a lot from the bottom of our hearts barakallahu li walakum glucuronic Hakeem when finally we accompany it with the critical team of Santa Monica by Tata ricotta,