Surah An-Najm #24 Detaching from Worldly Things

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the concept ofFOST" and how it relates to the Bible. The concept of remembars is discussed, and the "has been revealed" meaning "has been revealed" is used in the transcript. The "has been revealed" meaning "has been revealed" is used in the transcript. The "has been revealed" meaning "has been revealed" is used in the transcript.
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They're want is the extent of their knowledge. Wait a second once our knowledge is in the brain, but once or we're

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in the heart and Allah is saying what is in their hearts their wants or the extent of their knowledge.

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He told us this already he said when Najimy either

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male board nurse or he will come woman of our

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MC for most of this series by downloading our free workbook for a guided contemplation of this powerful Surah are all the villa humanists Shavon Raji for added

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to one big cleaner with me read in higher dunya then you can remember Allah Wuhan Mina line me in Nara Becca who I know will be one Sabine he will learn will be many the

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Wali la Hema is 21 Murphy,

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Leah jersey and the nurse

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will be my Emmylou wire jersey and the National Bill was

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published actually somebody was Cindy Emily Hello Dr. Melissa any of cocoa leaf and hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. By the early he was happy Ah man. And my bad once again, everyone's family from what I've had to live with the cattle we're still talking about is number 29. Turn away from the one who turned away from our remembrance. And again in English, you would have read turned away and turn away but there's two different kinds of turning away one describing the commitment of the prophets I saw them and the other conversely describing a different kinds of commitment of the machine, how they're sticking to something, and the IO will then describe what is it that they're

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sticking to. And that's going to come in with a muted ill Hayato dunya. But we'll discuss that in some depth a little later. But right now we're going to focus on the and the Karina from turned away from remembering us or from our remembrance. So what does that mean? It could mean ignore or ignore the ones who turned away from the Quran. They've heard so much of the Quran, they've been hearing it for five years, they know what it is, they know the impact it has. They know what they feel inside when they hear it and they still choose to walk away. You don't have to keep running after them. The Quran is enough as as as demonstration of value, you don't have to prove its value to them. You

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don't have to succumb to them. That's one meaning. But our remembrance also goes back to something else Victrola he failed vehicle we call the man who Allah Fitzwater he and that the Fatah Allahu Allah.

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Our remembrance could also mean human beings were created with the remembrance of God inside them. And these people have turned away from something their conscience has been screaming all this time, even as they worshipped idols, something inside them was telling them this is wrong, because every human being has the vicar of Allah inside them already when they were born, every human being has fitrah inside them. The Quran correctly describes a phenomenon and beautifully describes a phenomenon that we see in the United States all the time. Allah says that Christians, when they hear the book of Allah, you see their their eyes roll with tears. And they say that because they

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recognize something from the truth. And they say we were already Muslim before this in that couldn't have been completely Muslim in I've met dozens and dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of Christians, who when they became Muslim, or like something wasn't sitting right. And then when I heard this, it's like, this is what I was feeling all along. This is what I had inside me all along. It now condemning complete Muslim in. So the idea of the remembrance of Allah is not just the Hatim who gives you the remembrance of Allah, the revelation that gives you the remembrance of Allah. Actually, the remembrance of Allah is already inside every human being, they just suppress it. So

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Allah is saying, ignore someone who's ignoring their own hearts, because that's already inside them. They're ignoring, they're ignoring their own true self. So you don't have to worry about that. This is It's not them ignoring you. They're just ignoring the truth that is already buried deeply within them, and they can feel it, but they're ignoring it anyway. So this could also mean the historical Victrola mean it unless before human beings were put on this earth,

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Allah gathered all of us in His presence and Gula the last round of funding the Halacha and hula, the earliest, you know, historical moment for humanity. Allah has collected all of us and he asked us the question, Am I not your robber? Am I not your master? Am I not your nurturer? Your master your caretaker. Your protect

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Sir, am I not that? And we all said Bella for why wouldn't you be? Shahid now? We're testifying that you are.

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And Taku yomo chiamata inocula and Hadar feelin this I'm saying this. So you don't get to say on judgement day we had no idea about this. We were unaware. You were aware, you already had this conversation. So when did Karina can also be remembering this conversation we had? Because that was the mythos that was the promise Allah had taken from us to accept Him as our our Rob. And now when revelation comes and reminds them of that original promise, they're not just turning away from this reminder, they're actually turning away from the the first reminder, it's interesting, they're turning away from a vichara hula and a Decra and Astra they're turning away from the earliest

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reminder, at the same time, they're turning away from the last reminder SallAllahu hirato when Gula

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it just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Like the way things connect in the Quran.

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How, how,

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just sometimes you just have to sit back and just like yep, not human,

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this is on the Maharsha diesel Cola, this this, this is something else anyway. Now,

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previously, we saw two things in yesterday's session, we thought assumptions, one

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and we saw things that lowly things that they love, how am I told you assumptions are intellectual problem and how is a psychological emotional problem? Remember that so simple, simply put, a lung is here and Howard is here. Right? So this problem thought process problem and heart problem lung verses however,

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when he says they turn away from our, our remembrance vicar happens in the heart,

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because Allah says, this is in the Phaedo Nicola vichara naman cannula who called and are busy Karina he talks about a new alkyl lube, vicar remembrance of Allah is not here. Remembrance of Allah is here.

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Okay, so now, but this is says, The turned away from our remembrance you know what this is, then we're going back to the intellectual or the emotional.

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We're going back to the emotional and look at the next word. And while I'm muted ill here dunya this person didn't want anything except worldly lives. They didn't have any intentions, any goals, any aspirations. irata can also mean goals, aspirations, plans, things you're intending to accomplish in life. What do you where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see yourself in 10, this is all they had. Whatever you did, in the dunya, this is all they had. This is a description of what is in their mind or what is in their hearts

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is what is in their heart. This is actually an explanation of the word how you no matter where the first limb you read a little higher Tony, they're actually talking about the same thing and two different phrases. So Allah has taken his back to something he's already described. And in doing so Allah has told us that these people, they don't cling to the word of Allah, because they're clinging to something else. And that something else is something in this lowest life. Let me we keep translating and Hayato dunya as worldly life, you should know something about this. The word dunya dunya comes from it's the feminine form of Edna. So you know how you have axon and persona, and

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Akbar and Cobra and our VM and aroma,

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and a scar and Sephora, the same way you have at dinner and Sonia at dinner means the lowest and Adonia means the lowest al-hayat is feminine. So the feminine adjective is used actually means the lowest life also means the closest life, meaning the life that is closely experienced by you right now. And there's another life that's a little further away from you in the home Jana hoever Eden, they see it as far away when Rahu Kariba. So the idea of a dunya is life in which everything you want is close. Your temptations are close, your appetites are close, your career is close everything you want to hold on close to you. And we want things quickly. And we want things within proximity

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within reach of us and when things are far away, and they're going to take too long to get to we don't have the patience for that. Allah says I'm gonna give you our camera and we say when

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Allah says I'll take care of all that you desire. Yeah, but what about right now though, because I want to live in the moment

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because you know what, how to duniya six super close. What about this moment right now? What's God gonna do for me right now? You know,

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he says these people, they don't want anything else. They just want worldly life. That's why they're turning away from you. When they look at your dean, when they look at this mission, when they look at this message when they look at these words, they say

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that's not this. This fits with none of the things that I want. I want to look good. This is not about looking good. I want to feel good. This is not about feeling good. I want to be rich. This is not about feeling rich. I want to show off to people this is not about showing off to people. I want to I want I want I want I want and the Quran is saying not what you want what God wants. I'm dealing Sani Mata mana Felipe de la cara to Lulu No, not for you, for God for Allah. Not that I don't want this. I want to live my life.

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Have you heard this one? As far as with my lives? Oh, Allah says yes, that's what they want. They just want to live to slaves who haven't done yet. Allah quoted them. And they're quoting Allah, they don't even know they're reciting an ayah of the Quran when they say, let me just live my life.

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Oh, you know, Quran, or know, the Quran knows you.

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With a muted ill hair to dunya. Notice also the structure, the exclusive structure of lemon Illa, muted Illa you could just say, alright, then higher dunya these people wanted worldly life. That would mean they want worldly life. They want the slowest life but they want other things too. They have some spiritual pursuits. Some other things. It's interesting. You would think there's materialism and spirituality, right? There's two things because spirituality is immaterial. Right, your your your Chanel and your Gucci and your Mercedes and your Ferrari, that's material. And your your yoga, meditation is spiritual, right? What's interesting nowadays is the spiritual is only

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being sold as something that has material benefits. So there's the spiritual is being turned into the material.

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The only kind of spirituality that sells is you're going to find calm, and you're going to be able to concentrate, and it's going to get rid of your anxiety and you're going to feel good about yourself and blood pressure. It has lots of health benefit. Okay, so the engineer the Ninja, yeah, I want to I like this kind of spirituality. Let me get a yoga mat. You know, that's their masala, right?

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Well, I'm muted in the dunya. Now this is about something I taught you on the first day or two. I said there are three kinds of speech neutral and I forgot.

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Neutral, doubtful and opponent. Neutral speech is used when there is no opposition to what you're gonna say.

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This idea is neutral speech. Let me read a little Hayata dunya is not na Arada in that, hey, attorney, if now was used, it would be accurate. It would be stronger negation. Lamb is a regular negation. It's just plain plain plain as day as if the thing Allah is saying is an undisputed fact. But then we run into the problem. The prophet is being told, turn away from them, right?

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Why? Because they turn away from remembering Allah. So the Prophet, they're physically turning away, and the Prophet is also physically turning away. Fine. You can partially see that they're turning away. But what the prophet does not know is that they're turning away from the vicar of Allah in their hearts, the prophet cannot see their hearts. So Allah Allah, so Allah is telling him what they're actually doing, is turning away in their hearts. So you need to turn away fine. But the second part, they don't want anything but worldly life can the Prophet see who wants worldly life? And who doesn't want worldly life? No, the only one who can see that as Oh, there's only Allah.

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Well, let me read a little Hayata dunya is something only known to Allah. So the prophets, I saw them is turning away from some people, because they're acting arrogantly. But some of those people may not be let me read a little Hayato dunya they might actually come back. And some of them Allah knows the nature of their hearts. I want to introduce this problem to you, and we're gonna solve it down the road today. What's that problem? Allah is describing, giving a description that I and you cannot judge.

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We can't unless somebody says, Hey, I only want this worldly life. And I've always only wanted I've never wanted anything else, until they confess that to me, and for 100% Sure, I know they're telling the truth. Otherwise, I have no way of knowing this is what's inside their heart. That's only something Allah can know. So how is the prophet so I said, I'm being told to turn away from someone that he can't even judge.

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He can't judge them because that's this is in their heart. It's like telling someone turn away from the hypocrites. And then you say, Okay, I shouldn't talk to my cousin anymore.

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You don't know your cousin's a hypocrite. You didn't check their heart. You don't. There's no there.

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is no more difficult scanner. You know, there's like a COVID testing machine thing. There should be a no swap for Nimona 15. You know,

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oh, sorry, I gotta turn away from here.

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There's no such thing. So we can't because we can't judge what's going on inside the heart. So what is Allah telling his prophet Isaiah to salaam, actually just the first part, he's telling the Prophet section, people who are turning away from you don't chase them.

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And by the way, among them are those who want nothing but this life that's for me to deal with. Their heart is mine to deal with. That's not your problem.

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This also teaches us that as incredibly effective as the Prophet SAW Salem is

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he cannot change someone's heart.

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You know what that teaches you and me and he loves these people. These are his people. There his people. You know what that means? Doesn't matter how much you love someone. You can't change their heart.

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I love them so much. I want them to become better. They're not changing. What should I do? Can you tell me an idea that I can tell them that will change things? Can you tell me? What can I tell my mom? I can change your heart. What can I tell my son? What can I tell my brother? What can I tell my husband? What can I tell him? Oh my god.

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The prophets, Allah, Allah gave him the entire Quran. And he didn't say yeah, Allah give me one ayah for Abu Talib that could change his heart. Just give me one surah for Abu Lahab the kanji Allah gave him a Surah Surah I'm not sure about the heart, change the whole

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we've developed this mentality that somehow we are responsible for changing somebody else's heart. We're not in control. That's what Allah and that's also with the person whose heart they've decided to commit to worldly things and only worldly things while I'm you read a little higher dunya now, then he come up with law who made it rain? That is the extent of their knowledge. That's as far as their knowledge goes. We're going to talk about the word extent Marbella, a little bit

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when you reach a place, it's called Bella stone McCann, what who hablo Noosa will be here Masha Allah carob interesting language, you know, you have ropes that go down and get the water from the bucket. Sometimes the rope is not long enough. So they tie another rope to the first rope to make the extension so you can finally reach that second rope that allows you to reach the bottom. That rope is called a double era. It's the extension. Okay? Bella nubs are they use this for greenery, flowers vegetation, when the when the plants mature. When your plants are grown fully they reach into Hi Yanni, dum dum, my name woohoo, it's done growing, it's fully matured. Similarly, a hula

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when they become a boy when they become mature and they hit puberty, then they actually also use the same word violated for them. From the same because the plant matured, the child matured, will soon lose shape in a higher tender who when something reaches its final end goal, that's when you use the word Bulu. Interestingly, a bad word is also Blue Origin and believes is another insult you can Islamic insults, buildings. It's hard to say though, build it's a hadith it's a it's a it's a nasty person

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who you know whom or you read the ad will see that in me but in Libya

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is a person who will do whatever they can to reach their goal doesn't matter who they run over who they destroy, what corners they have to cut, they will reach what they got to reach, they have their goal goal, you know how the the ends justify the means. Those people are called bills because they're just focused on the end. That's it, nothing else matters. The means justify the means they're justified. Okay, now, so that reaching is inclusive of maturation, final destination, the bottom of a welter how to reach the bottom of well and a horrible person. Now, the word moblog is a must as adverse meanings. This is the final place that they can reach. The first thing you need to

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understand here is Zanuka. This is why Arabic is so important. vaniqa is a masculine pointer. So in English we say that right? But you can say that for a man and you can say that for a woman you can say That Man That Woman but in Arabic You can't say that in the camera. You can't use the nickel for a woman you have to use Tilka helical Maura for a man you have to use vaniqa Rajan so Danica is masculine. The word that is masculine so if you have a transmission, put a little m on it because the vaniqa is masculine. The problem is the previous I said I'll hire to dunya I'll hire to Denise feminine, right worldly life was actually feminine. So if it was talking about worldly life, the

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language would have been still come up Lahore

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Fat worldly life as as far as their knowledge goes. But actually, this word goes back to lamb unit because from lamb urid Yum, good Enlil Murad al Murad is masculine the thing they want, the want itself is masculine. And so what it's referring to is their want is the extent of their their knowledge. Let me explain that again. Or say that again, I want this release this words to sink in your head. Now, their thought process has a limit has a cap, and that cap was determined by their intention to only desire this world. That's the reason they can think any anywhere past that. He's bringing back the connection between the emotional and the intellectual. They're not we're not

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robots, we're not purely computational beings. Our agendas, our thoughts, our emotions influence our thoughts. That is where the world of psychology comes in. If we're purely rational, logical creatures, you wouldn't have the field of psychology you wouldn't exist we wouldn't have emotions wouldn't exist we would just what is true is you do it what isn't you don't do it.

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