Power Moves Only – Umm Sulaym the Mother of Anas Ibn Malik

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three moves that a woman made during a hip hop performance was supposed to receive, including gifts from the Prophet cellulitis, a proposal from a baton on Saudi Arabia, and a lovebound child. She also talks about her passion for her husband's wife and how she is proud of him.
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Hamdulillah salasar Rasulullah native Cybersyn MC MC if you don't know a lot of people when they think of power moves only they think of someone like American hip hop someone like hydrogen university. But the first person who actually came into my mind when I think of someone who just made strategic moves, and was just very clever, very wise ism suit aid

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from the unsolved, and I'll tell you why I'm going to share three moves that she made. The first is when the Prophet cellulitis and him came to Medina now, you can imagine, you know, I've been to enough seminars, conferences and Muslims seminars, events where I've seen the volunteer team and I've been involved in the volunteer team, and how much concern people have for giving the chef a gift. And it's usually the sisters, you know, they're really serious about making sure that that that gift is reflective of the appreciation that the students have.

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Now, when the Prophet cellulitis and him came to Medina, you can imagine when it's the Prophet Rasulullah, sallAllahu SNM, who's coming to Medina and people are giving gifts from all over what kind of gifts must they have given, yet one person's gift stood out over the rest. And that was the gift of Amsterdam, she brought her son Ennis, to the province of abiertas. And and she said, O Messenger of Allah, my son Ennis is going to serve you. And so in one shot, she benefited the province of Elias, immensely and at the same time, even more is that NSL the Allah on who benefited from 10 years serving the prophets of ally de Sena, he became one of the most prolific narrators of

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Hadith, because of how intimate his relationship with the province of the lightest in them was. He was raised by the prophet saw the light and set it up. And he benefited for the rest of his life, because of the gifts that his mother gave to the Prophet cellulitis in them. Number two,

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on Sudan gets a proposal. And as his father Malik, he passes away. He's separated from Sudan from before, but he passes away and she gets a proposal from a baton on Saudi at the time, he wasn't Muslim. And he accepts, he sends a proposal. And Amsterdam says to Abu Dhabi, don't have someone like you. His proposal isn't rejected. She doesn't tell him no, you're emotionally like he was unwilling to get the time. But she doesn't say no, you're unwilling to get away from me. She says, I will not have someone like you. His proposal isn't rejected. But you're in mushrik. And I'm almost didn't accept Islam and I will marry you. And so I will tell her accept Islam. And they used to say

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that no woman had a ma greater than the mother of homeschooling, because her MA was Islam.

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Amazing. Number three.

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I will talk primary isms today. They have a child, I will tell her loves the child, the child passes away. And I'm so lame, doesn't tell. I will tell her. She covers the child. And she beautifies herself for her husband. And after their intimate, she tells a bulldog.

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I will tell her so and so borrow something from another family. And when someone so wanted his item back, the other family rejected and I will call her got upset and he said that's not right. If someone lends you something, then when they call that thing back then you should give it to them. She said well, Allah azza wa jal called back the sun that he gave us, so be patient. And so I will tell her then went to the private cellulitis and complaint about you know what his wife did. He told the province of Elias and him about his wife did, and the province of Elijah Center said May Allah azza wa jal to bless the night that you had together, and they were replaced with another son after

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that, but just the patience and the wisdom of him. Sunni is absolutely amazing. And this is a great hobby. And she's the first person that I thought about when I thought of this concept. power moves only are somewhat biased