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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting as a habit is emphasized, but struggles with overcoming hardship and the difficulty of avoiding alcohol and cigarettes. The speaker warns of potential complications and warns of negative consequences of missing work and drinking. The importance of progressing in learning to deal with addiction and training oneself for 30 days to become a doctor is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the importance of gratitude and praises the success of shelling income.
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hamdulillah Allah Akbar who want to start you know who want to start when we know we want our q&a when we let him in surely and phocoena woman say, Melina, when you have the hula hula Mandala woman you bleed fella howdy Allah. When a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. When a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he was solo of Salah hola hota Allah Buddha Medina Leone's Hara who Allah de Nicola he Waka fabula he shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Catherine kathira,

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nos da di t tabula rasa Alhaji Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we're in a shovel, Morimoto sativa or indica la, la la la, la la la, la la la la, la, la la la la la Kitab al Karim Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah him in a condo Jean Sharla Madonna lady Angela hill or an orderliness you have a 90 minute Buddha will photon kermanshah hidden commercial raffia some woman cannot even determine a man Oh, have you read the law ob como use whether you need to become an officer? Well, it took me a while to complete Oh, la la la la, la la la. Quinta Sharon, officially sorry, we're silly Emily, Dr. Melissa Hokulea, lahoma. Submit now under multi Bella Ilaha, Illa. Allah, I mean, your anatomy.

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We are now at the end of Ramadan. And I wanted to dedicate this whole bar to thinking ahead. Of course, the first reminder I give myself and all of you is that it's not over yet. And we try to make the most of what is left of this month. I know it's a time that we're exhausted. And for a lot of you in some people you hear around you lnf thought I can't believe it's almost over I wish it could be another two months long. And you're thinking in your head, no, I disagree with you. I think I'm pretty happy that it's about to be over. That's why we celebrate it. It's a celebration for a reason.

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But the point is that it is it is something that Eliza which gave us and I wanted to remind myself of the purpose of Ramadan, because every every worship that we do for Allah actually leads to something more, it's not a goal in and of itself, it leads to something else, right. So as we reach the end of this month, then we need to remind ourselves what is this month supposed to give us because its purpose isn't the goal, the month itself, it is what happens after the month. So I want to start with actually something about fasting.

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Fasting itself was given before the month of Ramadan. And as a matter of fact, Rasulullah Salallahu Salam used to fast you know, an odd number of days and a very small number of days, but a lot of calls a Yama might do that, you know every month and this was actually the norm for the Muslims for some time. And eventually Allah decided that he's going to give us not single digit days but 30 consecutive days. Now obviously fasting for a couple of days in a row or three days in a row is much easier than fasting for 30 consecutive days. Also too fast in the month of Ramadan Ramadan actually should have in Arabic the extreme heat it's called on what the month was called Ramadan because it's

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the hottest month of the year actually fought for them traditionally. And so to pick the toughest month and then to make the Muslims fast all of that month was actually something of a different an added difficulty. And it's surprising that what a lot talked about that and said you have to fast the entire month in the eye of Ramadan. He said you need Allahu Allah intense is for you. Allah wants is for you, whether you need to become universal, he does not want difficulty for you. And that's surprising because he just made things harder. You know, he went from few days to full 30 days and made things harder. The other thing was previously if you missed a fast you can just make

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it up or you can just feed someone and that's good enough. That's that's all you have to do. miskeen but now you have to make it up unless you have like a you know, long standing condition and very few exceptions. Otherwise, if you miss a fast of Ramadan, you can't just say I'm just gonna feed some people and I'm good. No, you got to make it up. In other words, the relaxations that used to be there before are no longer there, things have gotten more difficult. And yet Allah says he wants ease. The first thing we have to understand is that the month of Ramadan is special. Allah brings a kind of ease in this month that does not exist outside of this month. If you try to fast next month,

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and some of you will inshallah and encourage all of you to do so. But if you fast any time outside of Ramadan, you'll know that it's exponentially multiple times harder than fasting, even 30 days in Ramadan. One day outside of Ramadan is way harder. Allah wants ease for you in this month, he made something he made us capable of something that we're not nearly as capable of outside of it. So this is some special ease that comes from Allah. That's the first thing. The second thing is I want to give you by way of example, it will take me a couple of minutes to explain but this is an important thing for us to really internalize. And that is that Allah

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Dean came to make life easy.

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The religion came Islam came when my brother and a demon heritage, Allah did not put any discomfort in the religion for you, it didn't come to make your life hard. Allah didn't give you rules to, you know, take away your joy or take away Take away or comfort or take away a relaxation or deprive you of things that make you happy. That is not why Islam came. As a matter of fact, a lie even says you need a law Julio huffy. funcom. Allah intends to lighten your burden from you, you have these burdens in life. And one of the joys of Islam one of the benefits of our religion is that it removes burdens from you, it takes away difficulties. So now if you understand that, then you understand

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that these 30 days, you're supposed to get closer to Allah closer and closer and closer and closer. And as you get closer to Allah, then the more ease Allah brings into your life,

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Allah actually wants that in these 30 days, we become so loyal to him, that it's easier for us to obey him outside of this month. You know, for these 30 days, we deny ourselves a lot of things our body, as I mentioned before, our body or my throat, my stomach, right, they have needs, and I've trained myself for 30 days to deny even what I physically need. Some of you, man, you guys work at an office, you're like, man, I need my coffee, I don't know how I'm going to function without my coffee, I need a break. Some of you are addicted to cigarettes, I'm not about to pass a photo, but you need your cigarette break. Some of you are constantly chewing gum, some of your whatever, you

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have a chocolate problem, whatever your issue is, you know, I have a chocolate no problem. But whatever your issue is, you need to go back and snack at it and you can't function if you don't have it. And for 30 days, you function just fine. You did it. In other words, you prove to yourself that none of the addictions you might have none of the things you think you can't do without you can actually do without them. And only because you're obeying the law, and that something you thought was impossible, but allow me that easy. Now you take that forward, and you realize there are some things you are engaged in, or I'm engaged in that maybe a disobedience to Allah. And you've told

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yourself, I can't do without it. I have to do I there's there's I'll die if I don't? How can I survive without it. And Ally's already trained you for 30 whole days? Yes, you can. You can actually live without it, you can obey me and I will make things easy for you just as I did in Ramadan. That's the lesson. That's the first lesson that he's giving us that outside of this month, you know, chatons, about to come out of jail. And he's gonna hit you hard, because he knows that you've made a lot of progress. And the more progress that believer makes, the more angry she gets. So he's gonna be more aggressive as soon as Ramadan is over than he's ever been in the entire year. Later on, when

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he's done his attacks, and you've gotten used to him again, and you're back into his way of things, then then he takes it easy. He's got other victims to worry about. But right after Ramadan, he's waiting, he's waiting. And he's he's perched up ready to go, and to ruin whatever progress you've made. And I've made, this is his goal. And so part of that when the law says, Well, are you ready to become a doctor, and a law does not want difficulty for you is actually the battle we're going to have which happen, because chevonne comes to you and says, Man, take the easy road, make life easier for yourself. every act of disobedience is actually his invitation to make things easy. And he's

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trying to convince us that obeying the law makes things harder. It makes things more difficult. And ally Singh believe right now he's his influences, and they're listen to his words. He's the one who wants things to be easy. And he's the one who does not want things to become difficult. This is the exact opposite of the message that you will feel inside of you when Ramadan is over, when obedience to allow will start feeling difficult, and disobedience to a level start feeling easy. You read the law Hobi Komal yourself, whether you need to become universal, then Allah says, Well, he took me to get into and one of the goals of this month is that you should complete the month, the complete

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account, what's the purpose of saying that we should complete the account these 29 are these 30 days. You see in any training, some of you are training as athletes, some of you have training at work, people have police training, Fire Department training, medical training, all kinds of training exists in life. And in any training, it's inconvenient. You have to get accustomed to a tough schedule, you have to wake up early in the morning, you have to do things that are more and more difficult. And as your training goes on, things get heavier and heavier. But you know what's happening as you're training and especially as you're consistently training, you know, if you're

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physically training, your body's changing, your stamina is changing, your ability to get up is changing, your ability to last longer is changing. Your ability to withstand more difficulty is changing. You're able to lift heavier and heavier weights, for example, the purpose of training is to make you stronger. And it is as though Allah azzawajal is telling us that these 30 days you have to finish these 30 days of training, because at the end of that training, you'll be strong enough to last the other 11 months. You need these 30 days to give you the spiritual strength, the muscle that you can stand against what's coming

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For almost an entire year, and then you have to revisit and retrain yourself again and that will be the next Ramadan. So slowly took me to Linda so you can prepare yourselves you can train yourself and if you don't train yourselves then difficulty lies ahead. You see, the more one obeys Allah What does he say? When when yet Taka La Jolla Allah Hamas, Rajan was a human Heisler school I have to say, omega token Allah for who has boo. Whoever could have whoever could be aware of a lot of conscious of Allah be mindful of Allah protect themselves from disobeying Allah, then Allah will find a way out for them. Allah will make things basically easy for them in another iron. So talaq,

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he says it is Allah. And Rahim Allah, Allah will make it easy in every situation he finds himself in Allah makes ease for you when you obey Him. And now these 30 days are there to make you strong enough to obey Him. In other words, for you to be strong enough for Allah to make life easy for you and for me, actually, that's the goal. Allah wants things to be easy for us. Allah wants to show us love care and mercy. And that's actually one of the goals of Ramadan. Now he says, Well, he took me to the render. And then he says, Well, he took a bit Allahu Allah Maha Darko. So you could declare a lot of greatness based on the way that he guided you. And this is really what I wanted to focus on

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today, to declare allows greatness lead to computer law. You've heard the word tech before, when you hear the word tech media scream out Allahu Akbar. And this is of course, what we do at the end of Ramadan. On we're heading to the need prayer, we're doing the vicar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha, Illallah. And so on and so forth. We're doing the query of Allah, literally, we're reminding ourselves allies, greater allies, greater allies greater. But as a matter of fact, right now, even in this month, we are living.

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My stomach is hungry, but Allah is greater, I'm not going to feed it. My throat is thirsty, but alized Allah Akbar, Allah is greater, I'm not going to take care of my throat. Allah, Allah command on me, a lot of demand on me is greater than my physical demands of myself. I have taught myself Allahu Akbar for a month. It's not just something that I say, it's something that I live. And so Allah says, at the end of this, when you say Allahu Akbar, it should mean something else. When you're walking to the prayer, and you're saying, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, it means something else. Now. Now, you're not just, it's not just something coming out of your tongue. It's something

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you've actually lived. And now you've made a commitment to Allah, that even though this month is over, and now things are a lot easier for me, I can eat during the day, I can be with the spouse, I can be with, you know, I can drink, I can do whatever else and these things have been opened up for me again. But still one thing is for sure, things that Allah has forbidden from me, I will deny myself those things just the same way. I denied myself food and drink. The same exact way I'm going to actually do that because I commit to Allah Allahu Akbar. That's what I'm actually celebrating. We're celebrating that allies about to make our life easier. When we do that the creator of Allah

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will need to compete Allah. This technique has another dimension. You see it please? about him? What is it? What does Allah teach us in the same Surah abbar was stuck by the same origin of the word. He refused the last command. And he was arrogant. He was arrogant. He did not do the tech V of Allah, his opinion was greater than the last command. So to him, Allah was not a kebab. And therefore he had his thick bar, he wanted that Kibriya for himself. That's what makes him mostakbal. That's what makes him arrogant. In other words, he rejected the notion of Allahu Akbar, now allies contrasting us with our enemy, at least who's about to be released. And he's saying you will be people have

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Allahu Akbar, because he wasn't. That's why he's your enemy. You understand? We're now on opposite ends of a police. So one thing I wanted to make sure I talk about today in this whole book, is how does a police get you to be like him?

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Because you know, he's been rejected. He's been pushed away from Allah. So what attack is waiting for you and me when this month is over? There's lots of places in Quran Allah talks about what he's going to do, and how he's going to mislead and misguide. But one particular place I wanted to highlight today is well they learn at home he swore to Allah, I am I swear to you, he told Allah, I swear to you, I will absolutely, absolutely mislead them.

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I will absolutely confuse them. lol also means confusion. I will absolutely confuse them. I will make them pick between your guidance and maybe I'll make them say to themselves, yes, Allah said this, but it's not that bad. Allah understands. It's okay. Allah is merciful, you know? And they'll be confused. Yeah, well, Allah is merciful. So I guess it's okay. And will they'll do what I want them to do. Because they'll start telling themselves or I'll, I'll tell them things on your behalf. You lie on behalf of Allah. And we're going to go further and further away from what Allah actually says about himself. And we're going to start listening to what he says about Allah or he'll

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Come and tell you, you know Allah is so angry at you no matter how much you fasted pray, you're a lost cause you know what you're gonna die and burn in * anyway might as well go out partying.

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So just do your thing, man. Just at least Live a Little okay, because you're you're you're lost cause anyway you're cursed Anyway, when I only Lennar home I will mislead them. I will ask he swears by it. He's very emphatic there's no more you know the to say something with more exclamation is impossible in the Arabic language the alarm is there no custom, then the noon not so FIFA tequila is there at a law or the London home level the London home it's incredible phrase, I will absolutely most certainly misguide them, mislead them. And by the way, the way Shahzad misleads me is not the way that he misleads you. He uses your experience your feelings, your emotions, your temptations,

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your life, your friends, your circle, he understands studies you like you know how they in sports, they study the opposing team, and they watch previous matches. And they say, Oh, this is how their defenses This is how their offenses he studies you in. You know, you're welcome in Haifa, latona. Home, they're watching you, the devils are watching you from where you can't watch them. A lie actually describes this. They're doing surveillance of you.

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What is your day? Like? When do you wake up? When do you slip? When do you tend to make a mistake? Ah, this guy, okay, every day. around eight o'clock, this is what happens. I see. Okay, let's come at him at a at 745.

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Or he's starting to get into this good habit. She's starting to get into this good habit. She's starting to sleep a little early. Why don't we just kind of Whisper Hey, there's a new show out on Netflix. And you're free right now. Just stay up a little longer. Yeah, I can stay up a little longer. Yeah.

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A little later. So it's still it's still nighttime, but fudger yet.

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And then you pass out on the unknown. I'll just close my eyes for a second. And I'll make will do I will make the

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next thing you know, it's

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and they're giving each other high fives. They study you. They study your weaknesses. They use those against you. they manipulate you. This is what they learn at home. But he doesn't stop there. He says I will mislead them. But what what's one of his most powerful attacks? How will it fill? How will it take the next step? Well, the only unknown I will fill them with false hopes. I will give him so many lies that will make him feel or her feel better about themselves and they'll start believing them. false hopes Amir? Amir means a wish that's not going to happen. Your final is that upset with you? Everything's okay. Why are you making such a big deal out of this man? Relax, okay.

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It's just one prayer you missed. It's not like you're going to *. Easy.

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Okay, yeah, fine. Maybe what I said was backbiting but I mean, they deserved it. Allah knows how messed up they are to you know.

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So you start filling yourself with hope that the sin you commit the sin I commit, whether it's the sin of our tongue, or our eyes, or our hands, or whatever else is not so bad. It's okay, relax, you're being too hard on yourself. When a woman in the home, patch you down, go Go back to sleep. Easy, take it easy on yourself.

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He will fill you with false hopes as to what makes you happy. You'll start telling yourself lies. You'll tell yourself if I don't have this, I can't be happy. And whatever that this is for you. I don't that's your problem. I don't know. And I don't want to know. But whatever this is that you think will make you happy. He'll make sure it's something that you get to by disobeying Allah, or that thing itself is how

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you say without this, how can I be happy? I need this because that's where my hope lies. Without it, I will die when a woman the unknown, and you will keep and he will fill you with those hopes, those wishes those dreams over and over again, you're obsessed with them. That's all you're thinking about is what you desire, what you want to attain, and it's not even coming from you every time you forget. And you wake up a little and you start remembering a law or finding your purpose. Again, he'll come back and make you think about the wrong thing again, and again and again. And you'll go back and go back and go back and he says I will absolutely do this. And I will do this continuously.

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I will keep at him and keep Adam and keep at him. First I'll figure it out for every man and every woman. What is it that their weaknesses, what is it that they desire? What is it that they wish they had? And once I figured that out after observing them, then I'll keep hitting them with it. To the point where they're so obsessed with it, they'll do anything to get it. And when someone's willing to do anything to get what they desire. That is when he attacks with his final attack with a more unknown then I'll tell them what to do. I'll commend them at that point. He's no longer suggesting you know before it's was was just a whisper it's just trying to confuse you. Try to fill you with

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hope. But once he's got you hypnotized. Once he's got you on lockdown. Now he doesn't have to ask you what to do. Now he doesn't have to suggest

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Now he'll just tell you what to do. And you'll do it. If you don't do this, you're not going to get what you want. Okay, fine, I'll do it. I don't care about anything else. I just want to do this and I don't care. The words I don't care will become very easy for you to say.

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It doesn't matter. I'm just going to do what whatever, whatever will become your word. Because now nothing gets in the way of you and the owner, he filled you in the hopes that he hypnotized you with. This is his attack, this is what's waiting for us. And by the time that happens, by the time he gets to the stage where he can tell you what to do, by the time you and I are so duped, that whatever our temptation or desire or greed is, we're ready to fall into it. You know, dive right in, then you know what's what's happened? My whims, my desires have become greater than Allah. It's no longer Allahu Akbar.

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Then you can pray and you can start your prayer with Allahu Akbar. But those are just words now. They don't actually mean anything anymore. They're just empty words. How is the luck? Then you become an I become like the people described in sudo Joshua, Allah azza wa jal says, Wait a minute Taka Allahu Allahu wa Bala home Allahu Allah admin.

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Have you seen the one that that takes his temptations, his whims, his desires and turns them into their God? their desires become their God. And Allah allows them to be misled and misled, even though they have knowledge. By the way, the first one who allowed him his desire and his desire was recognition by the way, Shannon's desire was recognition. He let that become his God. And he allowed him to be misled even though he knows Allah.

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So it won't even that that's the scary part about this, you know, this month maybe inshallah you spend some things learning about a large book. Maybe you spend some time learning about Allah's Messenger, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. Maybe you learn some things you didn't know before your ailment increased, your knowledge of Allah increased. But let me tell you something, just because knowledge increases, it does not necessarily mean that guidance increases with it. Shaytan has plenty of knowledge. And it's for him. It's not even knowledge of the unseen. He's seen the angels. He's seen Allah, he's seen the conversate. He's had direct conversation with Allah. He's seen the

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messengers on the Lahore Listen, he's seen Ibrahim on Instagram, he's seen the truth. He knows it. He saw the angels coming when the Battle of bedrijf was happening and the Sahaba were going into battle. They didn't see the Legion of angels behind them. He did. He ran away he saw the angels. And after knowing all of that, he still do surveys. You know what that teaches us? When someone follows the footsteps of shaitaan he gets them so good. That knowledge doesn't even help. Even if they have an aloha Allahu Allah element, despite the mineral, even if they have knowledge, it won't matter. It just won't matter. You'll actually somebody will advise you and you'll just say, I know, I know. And

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you'll still do what you're gonna do. Yeah, I already know that. Okay.

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When you say yeah, I already know that. But whatever, or I don't care. Then what good is that?

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What's the point of it? You know, there are two dimensions of knowledge. There's knowledge of here. There's knowledge in here. Here, it stays here, it goes away. This one goes away. When we do tech B, there are two dimensions of tech. We're just like we're here. There's like we're here. We This is the one Allah wants. When he took up your Allah, Allah Maha doc and based on the way he guided you, then he says, Allah, Allah come to school, so you can be grateful. And this is actually a last key that I demonstrated to you these three attacks of shaitan today, but what I wanted to end with is a less key. How is it that we're going to stay away and be able to fight successfully again, shaitan

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one of the keys to that one of the fundamental keys to that is our gratitude. We have to constantly think of everything Allah has done for us. You know, when someone does a lot of things for you, then you're ashamed to do something against them.

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When you recognize that, I'm reminded of Yusuf Alayhi Salam who tried to remind the woman who was trying to seduce him in the hora de Oksana was wire.

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My master meaning also including the one who, whose house this was has been good to me. Why would I do this? When someone's been good to you, then and you recognize that, then you have a really hard time hurting them? Or disobeying them or being disloyal to them, cheating them when you and I can remember everything that Allah does for us over and over again, remind ourselves remind ourselves remind us that what is it that Allah does for us? What does he that what is it that he does for us? Then it will be easier to obey Him? The opposite is also true. Please remember that

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shaitaan will always remind you what Allah did not do for you.

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Please remember this shaitan will remind you what Allah did not do for you. Man, you got sick. He's still you haven't been cured. Look at what happened to you. You lost your job. Why did

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A lot that happened. Why are these people treating me this way? Why is the law letting these people treat me this way? Why is Allah doing this? Why is Allah doing that? Why isn't he changing my situation? Why isn't he giving me relief, you're always going to be thinking about what Allah is not doing. And when you think about what Allah is not doing, then Allahu Akbar goes away, then what you want takes precedence. And so at the end of the day of Ramadan, I'd like teaches us that if we remain grateful to Allah, not think about the complaints, what Allah hasn't done for us, but rather focus our minds on what he has, in fact, done for us. We're in a matter of law, he latter suha. If

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you're if you were to try to count the favor of a law, you wouldn't be able to encircle it, you wouldn't be able to grasp even one favor of a light, how much how much it benefits you. If you can, your mindfulness of a las favors can be a constant thing for you, then you will be able to retain the greatness of Allah. But if that gratitude is not there, and that's replaced with complaining, then it's actually complaining is the Sunnah of shavonne. He complained, how come you let this one make you more? How can you give me this one honor, I'm better. I deserve better. And when anybody says I deserve better from Allah, they're actually following the footsteps of shaitaan. When it's

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not, doesn't have to be about sachdeva Adam alayhis salam, he'll make you do your own form of rebellion. By remember by dismissing the gratitude You and I are supposed to have to Allah, we pride the believer primarily obeys the law not because of fear. The believer primarily obeys Allah because of gratitude. That is why the Quran begins with Alhamdulillah. And after we say Alhamdulillah, we accept Him as Rob Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen. That's why and so this is the core lesson that we we take out of Ramadan, be mentally prepared, that difficult times are coming as soon as it comes, it will come hard. And some of us our biggest disobedience is we do too a lot is that read,

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which is crazy. You're gonna get invited to eat parties, which you should go and eat. But then when you go there, people are sitting together and backbiting and people are making fun of how this guy these people are dressed and look at their kids, they don't even behave properly and this one and that one and stories about the community. What are you doing? Well, this is what you're celebrating, you're celebrating the the coming together. The Quran brought us together, and now we're celebrating it by ripping each other to shreds. by forgetting about Allah man. I haven't watched a movie for like 30 days.

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What's out on Eve day.

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We're planning our disobedience already ahead of time. You know, don't do that to yourself. Don't make it a time of celebrating this obedience to a login. Make a time to be grateful. Make the time when you're when you bet by your children gifts by better gifts for your children to give those who don't have.

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Make them grateful for what they have, and make them people of giving. You know, true true gratitude is when we become people of South Africa, similar as origin makers, people of South Africa this coming Ramadan, and at the end of this Ramadan May Allah which will allow us to reap all of the benefits of this Ramadan and grant all of us in our families forgiveness and guidance and milazzo it'll give us the strength and the guidance that we need that we're supposed to get out of Ramadan to sustain ourselves against the attacks of shaitan for the rest of this year. barakallahu li walakum filco and Hakeem when a fire anyway, er COVID it was attacking

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah anybody Latina Safa, Hassan Allah, Allah, Mohammed Nabina Muhammad amin, le he was happy edgebanding Allah azza wa jal Nikita Karim Allah, Allah He Ministry of regime in de la casa Luna Allenby amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed camisa later Allah Rahim while early Ibrahima philomene in the middle Majid Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed comma Baraka Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in the middle Majid about Allah, Allah Hema como la la la in the La Jolla, San Juan del corbat, Vienna and fascia it will mooncup Villa de croo la la jolla la medicina on a common Salah in NA salata cannon,

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mini Nikita makuta

Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

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