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All the Wheeler humanists a carnival team

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or call a new hola Bella.

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demeanor Luca Farina the RA in NACA

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newbie the new Iboga kawada. You do

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a bit fiddly well you led the holla at me no meaning, I mean

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what does he divali mean?

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Rubbish is everywhere silly Emily looked at me lasagna Coco leave Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah so Allah Allah Allah He was a pH ballinamallard. Once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We are at the tail end of sordid news today, so on number 71 of the Quran. And at the very end of this surah Allah describes a prayer of new holiday Salaam, this will be the last time I'll be doing a new release to them.

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And it's somewhat of a strange dog because it raises a lot of questions when someone reads it for the first time. New Holland Salaam said, I'll be letter of the minute capitolina the Yara Master, don't leave behind of any of the disbelievers a single home and a single household. Just annihilate all of them. In your home. If you do spare any of them, leave any of them behind, you'll deliver a bad luck, they will misguide your other servants, when I really do elaborate on kapha, and they're not going to give birth to anyone except sinful people, vile people that are going to be extremely ungrateful. In other words, not only are they messed up, their children are going to be messed up

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also. So kill all of them. Let them all be destroyed. It's a very strange or odd to think of, you know, lessons profits as mercy. And here you have a prophet asking for everyone to be destroyed and annihilated. And it's very hard to process. There's more to this drama, but just this part that we have to first understand, the most important thing to know here is a prophet or messenger of Allah, any of them. Never make dua against the people until Allah gives them the license or the permission or even the instruction.

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Allah revealed to know how to answer them elsewhere, that he had actually told him and the hulan umina 11.

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No one is going to believe anymore, except for those who've already believed. So there's no way for new la Salaam to know that their children are not going to be believers, and their children are not going to be believers who knows the future human being is not capable of knowing the future. But Allah had told new had a Salaam, specifically his verdict has come, whoever has already accepted are the only believers, everybody else is actually a disbeliever. There is no good coming from them. This is the only reason no holy Salaam knows that there's not going to be any change in the future. Now he knows Allah has told him there is no good left in these people. It's important to note that

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Allah describes I mentioned this in passing before no nation was worse than the Nation of Islam. No nation was worse in the who can whom Allah mahatva for answers they are the more wrongdoing and the most rebellious of all the others. So for our own definition of odd, some would think of all of them alone puts no nation on a separate category. And I describe to you how generation after generation, they rebelled against a line denied Allah. But even at the end of all of that human beings don't have a right to judge who's good and who's bad and who's going to have good in the future or bad in the future. You could have the worst human being like the pharaoh today, even about him, Allah says

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lander who had the courage, maybe he'll take benefit from the reminder, he could change, anybody can change. So the only way we're ever going to know that someone is beyond hope is when Allah Himself reveals. Since that door is closed, that door is forever closed. rissalah is no longer coming, what he is no longer coming, I will never know about anyone, they are a hopeless case. That door cannot be opened again. So even though we're looking at a historical prayer, the fact that it's historical teaches us a timeless lesson, that we cannot shut the door on anyone anymore. And we cannot pray for an entire nation of people, Yala destroy them, y'all like kill them all, etc, etc. We don't do that.

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You just understand this even further. You know, one time I was in a tarawih prayer, in a place I shall not name and you know, in many countries in the Muslim world, we get up from trouble and we raise our hands and we make da and the man makes lots and lots of different dials. And he's and I was visiting there from the US and he's making drama. You know, Lama de mer America. Pilati him and he's like Allah destroy America down their planes. I'm like, I got a flight in the morning bro and put my hands down. I'm not making this up. What's wrong with you?

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People who don't know Arabic they're like I mean, I read I'm on the same flight know why you say I mean bro.

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Another reason you should do Arabic but all jokes aside,

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we don't make the against nations and entire nations to be destroyed and you don't look at an ayah from the Quran, like this story of neuheiten z he made against the kuffaar and they won't give birth to anyone under the kuffaar. So we should make the director Hold on a second. That's that's a very shallow and a very partial and a very dishonest look at what new had a saddam did. And by the way, after you're done preaching to 20 generations for 950 years, then maybe you can talk to me about that, then you can make the same kind of door and by the way, it's a similar to that Musa alayhis salam made when he was going through the water. While he was going through the water he made the out

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to Allah. And he said was to the Allah coleauxv him, Atmos Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah who make their hearts hard.

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And, you know, destroy their wealth make their hearts hard, they should not believe until they see the punishment.

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A messenger always praised for the guidance of people, this messenger musallam is praying Yala. keep their hearts not soft, make them what hard? How this is similar to what we're reading about northern Salaam now. They're also Allah said, What to kill Biafra one in London. Morricone leave the sea go through the sea, they are meant to be drowned. There's no good left in them. In other words, the only one that can tell about an entire nation of people, an entire group of people that there is zero good left in them is who? It's Alaska. And we will never know. Well, let me compare this to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam before I get to the end of this, it's very, it's all connected. You see

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those who la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, when he went to make hajat, you know, on the occasion of Colombia, and they did not let him make Hajj. And you know, the rumors spread that Manuel de la Han who has been killed. And when that rumor spread, the Muslims were ready to fight and just go into Makkah. And just even if they didn't have swords and shields, they came for Hajj. They were not prepared for war. They were ready to go in there and fight and kill, they're ready to do it. And they took a bait and a moat. They actually took and pledge of death, we will be with you We also Allah even if we die. And that bear has mentioned twice and certified twice. But you know what Allah

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says, why did why didn't Allah let that happen? By the way, they were ready to go to war with one and they were going to revenge This was revenge against the unjustified death of an ambassador of what's Manuel de la lanu. Even today, killing an ambassador is an act of war. An attack on an embassy is an act of war, its foreign soil. That's even today. So they were going going to go into war for because their Ambassador was killed and here the ambassador is coming back safe and sound. So it was the situation was dispelled when it was dispelled. Allah gives reasons why didn't it happen? Listen to this carefully. He says Laura Lola rajala me know when when he saw me in Atlanta,

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Allah moon, and Tata una foto Siva command Kumar avataan behavior in the cinema, at Manisha Lotus a loo. The abdominal Latina de forma de Lima is huge. He says there are believing men and women in Makkah that you don't know

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that you don't know. And had it not been for this, you would have gone inside Makkah, and you would have trampled all over them, you would have crushed them. And if that happened, then and you know, there will be an ugliness on you too on the oma because the believer would have killed another who believer and that would have been an ugliness on you. And then Allah says Leo, Allah Allahu

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Allah and Allah stop this fight from happening at Makkah. So Allah can enter into His mercy whoever he wants, meaning some more people are going to take Shahada in the future.

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This is the same city that kicked the messenger out sallallahu alayhi wasallam the Rasul Allah Sato, Sara, they fought the messenger, but they fought him and often they form his arm. They tried to kill him multiple times, same people, yes or no, two thirds of the Quran came to those people that city, two thirds of the Quran and they didn't believe. And even after all of that, Allah doesn't say they're all disbelievers. None of them are good. Kill them all. No, no, no, you don't know there are some who believe in there. You will never know. This is the first and most important lesson here. We don't judge the future of someone and therefore we don't make the law against people just because

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they're not Muslims. We don't do that against nations of people. That license has been taken away forever. That license wasn't even given. And we are the final oma, which is we are the Omar Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that was not given to him. That was not given to him. And you know, by the way, even when that punishment came, that was full of Allah so some are messengers so different. Allah told him, Allah gave him the sauce with the Toba for serum, or the Arvada surely now that you're about to be punished disbelievers. I'm going to give you four more months to think about it.

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Every other nation learner can lay it on the Home button, or on the punishment comes out of nowhere comes once it comes. There's no stopping it. You know, lifestyle.

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The moon they can't delay it. They can't bring it sooner. Once it's there is there for it. I don't know.

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genome and the agenda of courage came. And then Allah said four more months. That's why the soul lies like metal and it means a lot to saddam. But now coming back to the door of new Harris and what we learned from it, he first said those people that Allah has already written off, fine, I'm writing them off to if Allah hate someone that I will hate them. If I know for a fact the law hit someone that I have licensed to hate them. But on top of all of that, he said, it'd be a fairly Master, forgive me, forgive me, the only one who's not doing sins in that entire nation is who knew how to disarm, and he starts with himself, forgive me.

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So before we're concerned about destruction of someone else, we're supposed to be concerned about our own selves, number one, and he says, Well, you will need a uh, you know how old new Hyundai Salaam is 950 years. So his parents lived a long, long, long, long, long, long time ago. And he still remembers his parents and his daughter.

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What does that teach you? It doesn't matter how old you get. It doesn't matter how long it's been some of your parents, your grandfather, your grandparents now. And your parents have passed, your grandparents have passed. Don't ever forget them in your door. That's what you learn also from the door of localism, even in that critical time when they're boarding the ark. And this nation is about to flood even then he's like, it'd be really, really valid idea. And then he says, well, even though holla at me, and whoever comes into enters my home as a believer, because you know, his own wife was not a believer. His own Son was not a believer, and they used to come into the home too. But now

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since they're making the final departure, the only people who were coming into the house were the few that believed. So he says, Whoever comes into my home as a believer, y'all love forgive them too. You know what we learned from that? It's not just the disbelievers that need to be seeking forgiveness. Just because we believe doesn't mean we're beyond forgiveness, right? We are in desperate need of forgiveness. And we don't even have to know what sins we made no holy Salaam is not counting particular sins. He says he's acknowledging there are things I may have done that I don't even know that I don't even know and when you make draw for the forgiveness of your parents

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you don't think of Yeah, my dad was pretty messed up your love forgive other times he was messed up. No, no. You don't have to count your father's sins. Allah knows those are your mother's sins. You just make the island open sense. A bit Philly Valley Valley. They are William and duckula at a moment. Now listen to this should be enough. The only people that are believers are the ones that come to him. Right? That's it. I mean, his family, he prayed for his parents, he prayed for himself. And he prayed for believers, and that should be done. But he says, Well, I mean, are we not for believing men and believing women? Wait, but the ones who entered your home is everybody. There's

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nobody left everybody else's a disbeliever. He's acknowledging even though Allah says nobody else will believe. Maybe there's a believer out there that didn't hear about me.

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Allah May Allah didn't talk about him. Maybe there's someone out there that's a believer, and they might get dropped. We don't know. He doesn't know. Allah knows that. I can't know that. So he says, For any who will believe of the men and of the women will, Mina will want me not for any that might make Toba even after the ark leaves, who knows? Allah knows that I don't know that. And he even This is beautiful, because he's not only making the offer the past, he's making the offer the future, that believing men and believing believing women that will come in the future, the future generation. So right now he made to her about the previous generations right or coming generations

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of the disbelievers and said they will not give birth to anyone except more sinful, because Allah has told him that, but he doesn't know that his survivors are going to only have good people in the future. So he says, Yeah, Allah forgive believing men and believing women even going into the future. What does that teach you and me? We need to be thinking not just about ourselves, we need to be thinking about our children, but not just our children, their children, their children and their children. When we think about Islam, we're thinking we're supposed to be thinking about the next century, the next two centuries. What are what are we leaving behind? How are they going to hold on

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to La ilaha illAllah? How are they going to carry this Deen with confidence? How are they going to be people of istighfar? When in Mena Will you not and then he goes back to the disbelievers again, we'll have to see the volume in letaba. Don't enhance the wrongdoers now any more accepting more destruction, your life they are wrongdoers like this, again, remove them from the earth again, only let the believers survive. This is actually before the door that I explained to him on Instagram, but it's similar to the family system that he's making. And so from this drought, we learned that there are people that are not Muslim, that are not Muslim, but they may have human inside them.

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They may have a man inside them and we cannot judge that. You know in Quran Allah will tell us there are people who came to the prophets I seldom heard the Quran and you know what they said? It says gorons word these are not my words Allah words. He said in economic company he muslimin they came to the prophet and said when they heard this, we were already Muslim before this.

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We were already Muslim before this Yala. We think the Muslim is the one who takes the Shahada and accepts Islam Yes, but there is an Islam inside the heart also. And they just hadn't met this light hadn't met that light and so they say even before this, we were in acceptance of Islam. We were in submission to a level four and a lot of recognizes those people

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He knows what's inside of their hearts. Allah tells us about the People of the Book. We know Martin Martin. Among them there are people that are upright the good people, yet Luna Ayatollah Khomeini a student? Yeah.

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Well, I mean, they're among they're considered among the righteous. Even among them there are people who make such that they command the good differ a bit the evil the qualities of believers are among them. So don't dismiss so quickly that they will never have him on or Allah will never forgive them or a level, they'll never come to light and I handle that you don't know this. And I don't know this. So it's not just Eamon as in someone who declares the man, a man is also someone who may have it in their heart and it hasn't reached the tongue yet. It hasn't hit yet. Just because it's not come out doesn't mean it's not inside. Right? So we will never ever know. I leave you with this one

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quick story and I'm done. I was flying back from abroad one time and I'm waiting for my ride to come pick me up at the airport. This happened right here at DFW DFW Dallas airport because Southwest flies there, you know the bus in the sky. So I was definitely you know, Dallas airport outside and a flight attendant from Southwest you know how flight attendants dress I don't have to describe it to you. She rolls her thing and walks by me. And she said Ola, and I was like what? Ah shala espanol, si. Vito. Thank you. Oh, my goodness, Montana must algunos palabra no more than a few words, but I know some Spanish. And she just says, pray for me. I'm working on it. And, you know, pray for me

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inshallah. I'm working on it.

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Oh, cool. I will. You know, my kids need, uh, my daughter. She has a very severe allergy to like, non vegan diet. So there's very few vegan bakeries in the area. And here now there's one in Fort Worth. They drive 1718 miles to get her cookies from there because you can't get cookies anywhere else. So I go get our cookies from there. The guy at the counter tattoos big jack dude bald tattoos on his skull in the scalp. earring looks at me goes nominally con. All like

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is there a biker gang that's out to get me? Oh.

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He goes, Yeah, man, I finished listening to Bukhara. I was like, You did? Yeah. What are you gonna start on Iran?

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Soon inshallah. So

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we exchanged numbers, and we talked afterwards and SubhanAllah. You know, we judge books by covers too quickly, to too quickly. Who knows where I'll put him on. And who knows, you know, nobody would have looked at American law before Islam. And so this is going to be one of the most pious human beings you'll ever meet in your life. That wasn't gonna happen. People weren't thinking that way. But it happened. So you have you know, this is the lesson that I wanted to share from the draw of New Holland Salaam, believing men and believing women should be included in our prayers, the ones we know and the ones we don't know, may make us humble towards others and not judgmental. barakallahu

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li walakum Solomonic