The Story of A Verse #18

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versus we're going to discuss today are of the best verses in the poor and they are the best verses after a within corsi. These verses the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about them, whoever recites them before they sleep they have suffice them. The scholar some of the scholars say that this means that if you recite these verses before you sleep, Allah will reward you as if you spent the entire night praying to Allah Coronavirus pantalon. What are these verses? And what's the story behind them? Allah apparently revealed a verse in the Quran and after this verse was revealed the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam felt tremendous fear and anxiety. They felt

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like what Allah subhanaw taala was asking of them in this verse was too large of a burden. It was too much that Allah was asking of them, and that they couldn't live up to what the Quran was asking them to do. When they heard these verses, they became afraid. What are these verses? Allah subhanaw taala says

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Lila Hema Rafi Sunnah. Why do you want to feel?

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This verse terrified the companions of the Prophet sallallahu it was send them Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala says when tube Joe Murphy and footsy come out to fool you have a simple combi Hilah if you show what is within yourself, or if you conceal it, Allah will take you to account. Meaning if you show you act upon what you've been thinking and feeling, Allah will take you to account. And if you conceal it, if you think and you feel things that are evil, even if you don't show it, Allah will still take you to account, because the verse says whether you show it or you conceal it, Allah will take you to account. The Companions felt this was too much. They went to the Prophet sallallahu

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ala you said and they said, Who amongst us doesn't have evil thoughts? Who amongst us doesn't have evil feelings at times? You know, we may not act upon them, we understand we'll be punished if we act upon them. But we're not talking about acting upon them. We're talking about thinking about them. Sometimes we have evil thoughts. So they went to the prophets of Allah, he said, and they said this, this versus too much, we can't endure it. Right? All of us sometimes have, you know, passing thoughts that are that are quite wrong. And the Prophet sallallahu ideacentre would rebuke them. And he said to the companions, don't be like the people of the book before you who said to their

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profits, we hear you and we disobeyed. rather say segment I'm now applying that we hear and we obey. And so the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wherever you send them, they said to the Prophet, semana Alpina, we hear we obey me a lot as oh god forgive us. And they went back. Once they knew that this was the decree of Allah subhanaw taala the will of Allah they accepted it, even though they felt it was difficult even though they felt they were going to fall short. If it was the will of Allah, so be it they accepted it and after they accepted this and they lived with this, some people say some scholars say they lived with it months, other scholars say they lived with the

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years. Allah Subhana Allah then revealed these verses

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and then of Rasulullah.

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Now you can live long enough sin. Llosa, Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear Allah data sent down this verse to remove the commandment that had previously been revealed. Allah how that is saying, I'm not going to put upon you this great burden. That's more than you can bear. I'm taking away the commandment of punishing you or taking you to account for the feelings that you have within yourself. Allah subhanaw taala saying I'm not going to put upon you a burden greater than that, that you can bear. And Allah subhanaw taala in these verses praises and immortalizes the feelings of the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because he quotes the exact words

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that they said to the Prophet. Well, Claude was in there now while quanah will fly in a cut up dinner, where he can mausoleum that they said, We hear and we obey, May our Lord forgive us or we seek the forgiveness of our Lord and to Him as our final destination. There is no prophet who had a better set of companions than the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was no greater honor than the home of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was sending. And the Prophet sallallahu at he was sending them said that I received these verses beneath the throne of the Most Merciful, and the Prophet sallallahu ever said have received these verses during the Isra in Mount

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Raj, when he was ascended up to the heavens beneath the throne of Allah, he received these verses. So Pamela, the other verses in the Quran were revealed to the Prophet on Earth. Yet these verses the Prophet sallallahu, how do you see them ascended up to the heavens? And these verses were gifted to him? sallallahu How do you send them? These verses are incredibly powerful, and of its power, is that the greatness of the companions, as mentioned, am in the rasuluh be my own Zilla. He wrote

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a law says the Prophet, the messenger has believed in what God has revealed upon him and the believers to that Allah subhanaw taala raises the status of the believers and the companions of the Prophet SAW Allah Islam for what reason? Because they accepted the decree of Allah, even though it was very difficult for them. And when they accepted the will of Allah, even though the situation was hard for them, Allah raises them and Allah will do the same for us in our lives. When we accept the will of Allah and the decree of Allah. Allah will raise our status and allow us to be greater believers.