18 Degrees Prayer Timetable – Ramadan Q and A

Haitham al-Haddad


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The speaker discusses the features of Islam's prayer time calculator, including the ability to calculate the time needed to attain a prayer. They also mention a website called "The Prayer Time" where users can calculate the time needed to pray. The speaker notes that both individuals are working on improving the calculator and mentions that they are using the same algorithm for both.

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Yeah, as we are saying that we are talking about that I think it's an M 21. C is going to produce an app. Okay? Yes. Okay. Yes. The prayer times calculator. Yeah, the prayer time calculator. There is already the prayer time calculator on the website. I also want to mention

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that there is another website, which is for me, maybe the most authentic website that calculates

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the prayer times. Okay. very academic. Very scientific. Very precise. I am so amazed. Okay. Of the work the brother has done.

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Which is more kid. Don't come? Yeah. Yeah. More kid.com This is the most authentic one that

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I myself and do the prayer time calculator on Islam. 21. See? Oh, you rely on Yes. What the The algorithms is what the calculator is based on? Exactly. Both of them are using the same algorithm. Okay, which is the 18 degrees?

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Yeah, there is.

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What is it called the telegram, Telegram bot? Telegram bot. Yeah, Telegram bot. Yeah.

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I think it is at pray of times. Yeah. It is very useful. Very effective. Send your location wherever you are. Exactly. And it will send you the exact time. The exact prayer times for the entire day. Yeah. And the brothers are working on it to even improve it and it is one of the products of Islam 21 C, and the brothers and Islam 20 ones here and market.com they are working together on that particular fixture.