Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – June 2

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Ramadan Nightly Reminder June 2

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We will be learning ministry for the regime.

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fidella Houma boo boo felon cassava Tabitha whom so To whom?

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If any is a moonwalk alien Gen.

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Akuma tilicho Masha

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Allah Kuma in shape or another

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fusina in lambda

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nakulan Amina hos III

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rubbish I'm sorry we are silly Emily. Emily Sania Oliva hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Honda le he was actually here in

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Santa Monica tonight Allah ricotta once again, I wish to share with you something about iron number 24

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out of 23 actually 24 source a lot of even though I started from Iran number 22. And this seven sort of the Quran in the beginning describes the story of Adam alayhis salaam, the Malaysian story has been talked about or has been referenced in the Quran seven times.

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And of those seven times these two, the one in Bukhara, and the one in RF are in detail. So the two times that I mentioned the story in some detail are in the second and the seventh surah. And in both of those he highlights different things about the story. So in this particular story, Allah describes in detail how shaytan got to our parents to our mother and father other men who was Salam ala, Hema, how did he get to them? And the dollar that's related to that is actually important to understand first, how did they end up slipping to begin with, in Baccarat said as Allahumma shaytaan. Allah, you know, the shaitaan made them slip. He caused them to slip from Allah's command.

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And a slip is something when you're not careful. Right? So it's not something deliberate. It's something it happens when you're not being careful. You're not watching your step. And that's the idea behind that mistake, that it's actually what shaped on a human being has to be constantly careful watching out how's he going to attack? What sneaky way is he going to approach in this sort of allows him to describes fidella Houma Behold, the word Delaware in Arabic language is actually used for a bucket. And a verb from it is to lure them now back in the day, you may have seen this in cartoons, some of you that are old enough to watch old time cartoons, is you know, they're trying to

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capture the animal. So they have a bucket and they've got some food in it, and they've got a rope and they kind of slowly pull the bucket. And the animal kind of follows along little by little by little, and you're trapping the animal by reeling it in using a trap that's actually called deadly and Arabic. And that's from the word dog, which is bucket itself. Similarly, when you're, you know, when buckets are dropped in a well, they don't just come up you have to little by little reel them up, they don't just come up right away, you have to roll them up one motion at a time. Allah is telling us that Shabbat when Allah azza wa jal had rejected him. And Adam and our mother and the

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hymn of Salaam were in Jenna, the Shabbat didn't just come to them and say, Hey, that tree, come on, do it. It wasn't like that. He lowered them little by little by little one step at a time. So that one tiny step, they couldn't tell that he's actually calling them to disobey Allah, the first step looked innocent. The second step didn't look that bad. And so when these little little steps happen, then you don't realize what's actually going on until it's too late. And that's his strategy to get you. You know, sometimes he'll make you do something wrong, but he won't just say do the harm, you'll say, I mean, come on what's so bad about one little, I mean, it's just a phone call. It's

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just this is a haram to anything. Now that's not, that's not so bad. So I guess that's okay. And then you take a little step, and then another little step and then another little step, you know, in,

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in in psychology one time our professor showed us this weird video of two frogs, right, and they have this this puddle of water and one of the puddles of water is really hot. And they throw the frog in, it jumps out right away. It can't tolerate the heat it, it pops out right away. And they take this other frog and they sit it in this puddle of water, which is normal temperature, but they heat it slowly. Right and the water keeps getting hotter and the frogs not realizing it until actually the frog dies. It gets so hot, it kills him, but he didn't realize it. It was a slow death. without all of his resect reflexes were adult because it wasn't an immediate reaction. He wasn't

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called the he wasn't alerted right away. And that's actually how Allah describes the strategy of shavon in these IOD for de la Houma boo boo, and finally when he did make them slip a lot so we just made them realize that they've done something wrong right away and this is not a dose about the story because that will take a very long time about this idea but I want to get to the door. But in order to get to the door, I The important thing to know

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is when we do something wrong. Sometimes we don't get punished right away, or we don't see the alarm go off right away. You know, I was in high school, I used to work in a clothing store. And clothes used to have it in like junction Boulevard in the Spanish neighborhood in New York City. Everybody spoke Spanish, everybody was either Puerto Rican or Dominican. But you know, the clothes, all of them had this alarm thing on it, you have to have a magnet thing to take it off. And if you walk out of the store without taking off ddddd alarm goes off right away, right? You you'll know something's wrong. There are some things you do that the alarm goes off right away. But most of the time when we

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do something wrong, is there any consequence right away? No, there's no consequence. Nobody knows you, you don't even realize you're doing something wrong at the time. Maybe your conscience hits you the next day, hours later. But at the moment, even if you feel bad, it's not like you got punished or caught immediately. When one of us lies. It's not like our tongue starts burning. When one of us looks at something wrong, it doesn't feel like our eyes don't get an allergic reaction doesn't work. That way. If somebody steals their hand doesn't go paralyzed for a few hours. That doesn't work. But with Adam and his Salaam when he ate from that tree, and our mother together when they it's

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important when they both ate from that tree, then immediately remove their clothes, immediately remove their clothes. And this is important because some mistakes we make, we don't get caught right away. We don't get punished right away. We don't get disciplined right away. We don't see the impact of those events right away. But with our parents, as soon as they made the mistake, Allah made them see the consequences of that action immediately. And they start covering themselves with leaves with a few clicks. If any other human working from the leaves of gender, they start covering themselves because they're humiliated. They're embarrassed. And so as they start doing that, Allah start

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speaking to them, and says, didn't I didn't I stop you from this one tree. And I'm Anil Kumar and telco Mashallah did not prevent you from going near that tree. And it's not having his shadow here. It still Kuma shadow telcos for a smallish alibi, something that's far away. The idea being there are endless trees in Ghana, endless trees in Ghana, how many trees or how long? One Tree, you have all these trees of all these fruits, and all this provision, holiday nefa or holiday naevia in this case, and they can go wherever they want. But that's that one tree that eliminate Harmon somehow shaitan little by little by little, got them first in the neighborhood of that haram tree. And then

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a little bit closer in the shade of that Hassan tree and eventually to the fruit of that, like it's, it's a step by step process to get you there. In other words, shaitan will make you bypass so many huddle options to get you to the 100 option he wants. You know, Allah has opened up a lot of hollow roads.

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And shaitaan wants you to skip the halaal and go for the Haram and he'll make you overlook the halau possibilities that are in front of you. And so when he got there allows me to question them, how could you do this and, you know, did not prevent you from doing this? And so long as he says, and it didn't I tell you shaytan is obviously an enemy to you. We'll see the thing is the I began which had been tricking them but it wasn't obvious. But at the end, Allah says Didn't I tell you shaytan is an obvious enemy. So there's an opposite as a contrast, Chet are not being obvious to us, because he tricks slowly, small steps, or noticeable steps, the alarm doesn't go off. And Allah says Be clear,

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he's obviously an enemy. You know what that means that other AlLahi Salaam and through him, his children are being trained, there are some steps that shaitan makes you take that are not very obvious, but you have to have the eyes to know that heading down the road. It may not be the disobedience of Allah, but it's one step closer to the disobedience of Allah. It's two steps closer. So if somebody questions me or and says, Hey, this is wrong, you can actually say no, I didn't disobey Allah, you can actually get away with saying that. But your conscience will know you took a step closer towards a less disobedience. And the only one who will know is you. Even if they were

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hundreds of miles away from that tree, and one day they were five miles away. And one day they were two miles away. And one day they were 20 feet away. 10 feet away, they still weren't doing anything wrong, even until one foot away. They're not doing something wrong. They can't be questioned. But they're walking closer and closer into the gravitational force field of sin. And that's the challenge for human beings. Human beings are very, we're very good at making excuses, until it's too late. Now they see the consequences of their action and Allah does question them immediately. By the way, does Allah do that to us? When we do something wrong? Does a lead immediately come in and say,

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Did I tell you not to do that? And he discipline that doesn't happen in this world. We wait for those consequences until the end. And I tell him Oussama until a time that's Allah, Allah has named judgment day until then, but with them immediately the aside and while right then and there when they saw that consequence, this is the dollar they made. robina Valentina and for Santa Elena. Elena coonan Domingo Hasina, I'll take four more minutes. Our Master we did wrong to ourselves.

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We did wrong to ourselves in the previous ayah, who was scheming the whole time shutdown was they don't bring up shutdown. They don't tell a lie. Allah shutdown got me. You're right. He's an enemy.

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You know, he's an enemy. And he won this time. Nope. They immediately took responsibility for themselves. They said, We both did wrong to ourselves. And they didn't even blame each other. They didn't even say, you know, I wasn't going to do it. But she was like, Come on, let's try it a little bit. Or, like, because you know, when you get caught when two people get caught when two kids get caught, what do they do?

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What they do, right? So when we get blamed, we say, Well, yeah, I messed up, but I'm, what about you? And then the other one says, What about you, and we start pointing the finger at each other for $1 fee ha, like so Takara describes the Israelites, when you committed a murder, you were pointing the finger at each other instead of taking responsibility. Each of them takes responsibility for themselves and says, we did wrong to ourselves. We admit our fault in this without pointing the finger at the other. We're a little Filipina and if you don't cover for both of us, in other words, I'm not just concerned about saving myself. I'm concerned about saving my family too. I'm concerned

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about their mistake, too. It's not just that I want to be clear with a lot they can go to hell. No, you're like we both need forgiveness. He's making the offer him he's making the offer her and they're saying it in one voice. That's a very powerful thing. It's a very powerful thing for a family to make dua for each other together, even though one of them or both of them have made a mistake. What are happening if you don't show us love and care and mercy, we will absolutely be from those that have been that have lost that have become losers. Now often it's misunderstood, that this draw was taught to them after they came to the earth.

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But actually, this drop they made while they were still in Ghana, immediately when they got caught. And it is after that Allah says his veto Kala veto Babu calmly babina do come down from here you will be enemies to each other. In other words, as soon as they made there are two a lot of forgive a lot forgive them. Listen carefully, Allah forgive them while they were still were in Jannah. And then Allah sent them to the earth meaning of life did not send them to the earth to punish them.

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Allah did not send them to the earth to punish them that was already done with the mistake has been made. The lesson has been taught is too far has been made. And when someone genuinely asks a lot for forgiveness, we went through this before, then Allah has forgiven, that's done with Now Allah says, Now you're ready for the earth now that you've made a mistake, and you've learned that mistakes will get caught. And then you turn back to align forgiveness. Now that you understand this cycle, now you're ready for life on this earth. And life on the earth will be more difficult because you'll become enemies to each other. In other words, chatango be your enemy. But often men will become

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woman's enemy woman will become man's enemy, you'll point the finger at each other, you won't be like this, where you're genuinely asking a lot for forgiveness together, you won't be like that anymore, you'll become more selfish. And so a little worn both of them that this is going to happen if you don't watch out. This was the test. This this experiment in general is literally what it was. It was a lab test. Before you get into the real field, this is the real field, you know, that wasn't to trick them to be thrown into the earth and they're punished on the earth and we could have been injured if they just didn't need that fruit, we would have been fine. No, that's the Christian

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version. or bronze version, Islamic version is not that they were not punished, punished and sent to the earth. They were meant to come to the earth in the direction of the halifa. I've sent the halifa on the earth. So the last thing I want to share with you about this is that sometimes Allah will bring some difficulty to us in this life because of our sins

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will huddle pasado albery Will you be my cassava idleness? Allah azza wa jal says For me, you know masaba Kumasi but in for me my cassava ad comb. Allah says that, you know, Allah wants you to taste some of the sins you've been done in this life, some consequence of it. And sometimes when a calamity hits Allah says that's because of what you did with your own hands. There are some things you did that are messed up and they lead to consequences. There are consequences for our actions. I'm not saying one day you were bad to your mom, and the next day you slipped on a banana peel and broke your leg. Those two things are connected. That's not what I'm saying. But I am saying there

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are sometimes consequences for our mistakes. But those are not punishments. Just like their clothes being removed. And a lot questioning them was not a punishment. How could it possibly be a punishment, there's still an agenda. That's just a teaching moment. That is a lot of teaching. Sometimes teaching is done through discipline, those difficulties that we get in life, those are special moments in which we have to turn to align say, we've done wrong to ourselves if you don't cover for us, and if you don't forgive us, and if you don't show us love and mercy, then definitely we become from those that are lost. In other words, if we didn't make that if we didn't turn to a

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line acknowledge our mistake, then we would be ultimate losers. The last last last thing I know some taking and taking long but this is important for for myself to remember and to remember. The big difference between shaitan and Adam alayhis salaam is one thing the big difference

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between the two. Both of them made a mistake yes or no. Our parents made a mistake. shaitaan made a mistake. They both disobeyed Eliza, which is true. But one of them after making the mistake and after being told that's a mistake, Adam was told you made a mistake. My mother was told she made a mistake, at least was told he made a mistake, same thing. But when he was told he made a mistake, he started explaining why he did it.

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I have reason.

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It's logical. He's made of dirt. Why am I supposed to I'm better. It's not just arrogance. He's offering a logical explanation. Adam alayhis salam could offer a logical explanation to he could in other groups I've explained that but instead he says I did. I made a mistake.

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Every time you and I make a mistake and we got caught, there's going to be an urge inside you let me explain myself. Let me justify let me offer a rationale. Let me not admit, let me not just be just admit to myself, I messed up your job I messed up. And remember that confession you have to make is not tell other people it's to Allah. Bla bla bla bla and for Santa Nadia, you when

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you tell a lie, you messed up, you confess them you start you leave your excuses behind. And it is only then that you're not from among the losers. And if you still hold on to the way of excuses, that's the way of shaitaan he justifies his behavior. He offers excuses. Well, karma Avira Allah says about human beings they keep on making excuses, allows you to prevent us from those that make excuses. I'll promise I'll stick to my time limit and shallows out of them tomorrow. 10 to 1015 barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah.