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Imam Malik

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen said now Mohammed Ali, he was mine, my beloved brother sister in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All this evening.

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Before beginning Shall I just want to speak about a certain question. Someone asked me a question yesterday. I don't think I see him in the masjid tonight. I asked me a question a very good question about fasting. Question is, let's say for example, Fatima is here in Cape Town and she begins fasting with Cape Town and as we know, Cape Town, started one day off the maca. Then she goes for Amara, she gets to Makkah, and she spends the rest of Ramadan day, but they have a short month, 29 days. So she was one day behind them. So when they get to the 29th day, she has how many days fasted? 28. Now, eight comes, what does she do?

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Right? That's correct. She celebrates aid with NACA, and she falls a day off their aid. Because the ruling the principle is once you get to a certain area, you automatically fall under the calendar. You make solar when the sun sets when the sun rises. So you follow the calendar in terms of fasting. What if the opposite happens? Seiler is in Makkah, he started fasting. Now he comes to Cape Town for a holiday. And he's fasting with us. And he's one day ahead of us. And then we have a full month 30 days, does he foster 31 days? Or does he keep eat on his own? or What does he do?

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He foster 31 days and I mentioned that the brother incorrectly that he should break his fast this is not correct, that you should force that 31st Day Of course it's going to be sooner fasting for him. It only counted as Ramadan fasting, and he keeps aid with the people. And this is the principle we keep it was the place we find ourselves in irrespective of where you are in terms of your fasting. Okay, well hamdulillah we continue with our heroes of Islam. And last night we spoke about the great Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and I said, how should you picture Abu hanifa in your mind like that? The loving genius that grandfather figure. That's how you should picture him loving and smart and

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intelligent and encouraging our students. Mr. Malik is slightly different. The words that come to mind when I speak about Mr. Malik, he's the expert, the professional, the perfectionist, a man who commanded all and a bit of fear, seriousness, strictness, you didn't come in Mr. Malik's presence, you know, untidily or playing in front of him. If you felt scared in front of him. This is how Mr. Malley carried himself. So his name is Abu Abdullah Maliki bananas. He was born 93 after the hegira and he died 179 so he lived about 90 years. He lived in Medina his entire life and he never lived Medina except at home Hutch. He this hadith that says that special if you pass away in Medina it's

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quite special. And he never even wanted to leave Medina so he only went for Hajj once in his life, came back to Medina and never lived Medina and he died in Medina. And that's why he schooled the Imam of dharuhera imaam of the place of Egypt meaning the Imam of Medina.

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How do you look? He was told he had European features slightly blond he light eyes very well, both very handsome. And as I said his face was one of seriousness and sickness very seldomly. Did he smile? Very serious, man. And what is his his life story? I mean, as a child, how did he go through the stages of knowledge, we said Abu hanifa basically stumbled into knowledge. He was 2122. He didn't yet open a GitHub, and he bumped into a scholar. And the scholar said, You should learn some knowledge. So he went that way. Even Malik, he came from a family of scholars. But he wasn't interested in learning. He had an older brother who was excelling in Indian Studies. And the father

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would ask his three brothers and his sister at the dinner table. What do you think of this masala? And what do you think, and he would always get it wrong. In my mind, he could get it wrong. And he wasn't too serious about studying. And his father said, you see, if you are more serious, like your brother, you would Excel but you're not interested. And it didn't encourage him. But his mother was the profound change in his life. His father's criticism didn't push him further to study. It just made him less and less interested. Whereas his mother had a different approach. When he was 10 years old. He said, Come my boy, she bought him a nice outfit that the scholars would weigh. And she

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dressed him, you know, like a student of knowledge. And she said today you're going to be an A student, and you're going to study and he said is believe it or not. He said I don't want to be a alum or Shia. What do you think he wanted to be? I don't think you can guess what Mr. Maliki really wanted to be. He wanted to be a singer. He had a beautiful voice. And he said I want to be a singer is is good looking. And he could and he could, you know had beautiful voice. So he said, I want to be a singer. So his mother said okay, learn knowledge for a bit of time. If you don't

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Like it, then you can go into singing. So he said, Okay. And he was a mischievous young boy in his youth and he was intelligent, but he used it for the wrong reasons. And he was quite competitive. And he didn't like people to innovate. Anybody pushed him around. Even as a child, he never allowed that. So when he came into the classes of learning for the first time, it became competitive, and he wanted to be the best, and his mother selected. And again, she was really the motivation in his life. She selected a very good teacher for him, not any teacher, a teacher, and I need to speak about him and it will take some time, but I'll speak about this man. We don't know him. His name is

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Arabia, even Pharaoh, and he has a great story. Robbie are they called the Robbie Ri robbia, meaning the garden of knowledge of great opinions. Robbie as mother obeah, married a man Pharaoh. He was wealthy he lifted 2000 dinars with her. And he went off to fight Jihad and Horus and Uzbekistan, and he stayed away for 27 years. He came back to Medina never knew he had a son. And he comes to the masjid. And he sees you know, most of the novel we base this young man giving a lecture and his classes, the biggest one of the biggest class in the harem, and they say, Who is that? He says, Who is that man? They said, Don't you know that sort of er shahabi are one of the most famous guys in

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the room. Oh, God, I don't know who he is. And he goes to his house, where he expects his wife to be and he comes there and he finds the shirtless young boy in the in his house with his wife, what's going on? And he's and he grabs, you know, the ship, and it's out there. You come to my wife, she's alone in the house. What are you doing here? And we're about to fight. And Mr. Malik is there and he says, uncle, this isn't your house. This is my chef's house. What are you doing here? And this is not I'm faru This is my house. And the mother comes out for 27 years. You just disappeared and now you come out of the blue. This is your son Arabia. This is that great chef now of Medina, Arabia.

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This is your son. So arrabbiata Rahim, Allah was a great scholar in his time. But what he had even above the other scholars is he had excellent etiquette. So Mr. Merricks mother said to Mr. Malik, when she took him to robbia, go to robbia. Don't learn from his knowledge, learn from his manners start with these manners. And, you know, Malik spent eight years with Robbie and that would be when he says my chef, he speaks about there'll be a, this was his main tool. And there'll be a tool team etiquette and humbled him before knowledge. And he became in love with knowledge. And he would spend many, many years under Arabia, taking from his ad up and taking from his knowledge, to the point

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where he became so serious about learning Hadith, that it will he would be presumed to be overcome with learning. Even on the day of aid. He would ask the chef, can you just teach me a few new IDs even on aid, he became so interested in learning. So amongst his teachers, his robbia she had a zaharie we spoke about him. Zoe is the man that Omar Abdulaziz said, start writing the Hadees down. So we know this is a great scholar the hollyford tells you start compiling the Hadees This is one of his teachers navair, who was the freed slave of Abdullayev and Omar of the library, the son of Satan Ahmed again, he had a slave who he taught everything he knew freedom and your Malik learn directly

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from the slave. In fact, Imam Buhari says the most authentic hadith if you're a Heidi, that is Malik heard from NASA, who heard from Abdullayev and Omar, who heard from rasulillah salam. This is the most authentic chain of Hadith we have no Hadith is more authentic than this, and he learned from Jaffa sodic. So Imam Malik would spend the next 20 or so years learning from all the masters of Hadith in his in his time, and we say my Malik loved his 13 years younger than Abu hanifa. And he loved in the time when Hadith sciences was still in flux. There was a lot of weak Hadith going around. The science of Hadith was not yet authenticated. So he played a huge role in distinguishing

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authentic hadith from false Hadith. And he became known as the expert in his time with regards to Hadith. And he was so serious about Heidi, when he taught a class. He took Wu when he narrated Hadith, you don't need hydrophone for you don't need to do for Hadith, but he would take VUDU and he would dress very smartly. He was very smart looking man, and he didn't mind spending on his appearance, and he wore the best perfume. And when he came to the class, no one spoke when he was around Malik spoke when he gave a Hadeeth. You kept quiet you didn't ask questions, he would sit down and he would pause for a few minutes. And then he would speak and at the point at the height of

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his career. There were many people in the room teaching. He sat at the same place in the vehcile salamu teach that was reserved for the top alum of the harem, the same place a normal windows halifa giving commands that spot Mr. Malik set that spot in his class. The hula fell would send the kids to learn in Medina under Mr. Malik, and he was regarded in his lifetime as the greatest scholar alive.

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halifa the hula fowl would know, the most learned man in the world is Mr. Malik. Even though Abu hanifa was alive that time, Medina was still taken as the center of Islamic learning. And the Imam of Medina was Mr. Malik. So they would send the children and the advisors to him. Why did they seem children to him? Because he never left Medina, many times they would request him to come, we need to ask you something. He said, You know, I don't leave Medina, if you want to discuss something with me, you come to Medina. That's the kind of kind of all that he held. That's the kind of kind of position he held people didn't challenge him or question him. Islamic spirit to Spain, as we said,

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and people would come from Spain, with all the questions they scholars couldn't answer, and they would give a list. These are all the answers, we don't have any mathematic would say, Fine, give me a few days, and he would perform two records before every question. And then you would give these are my answers. This is what my answers are. And a great story is that a man came from Morocco for months, almost a half a year he traveled. And he came with all the questions of Morocco. And even Malik took a few days. And then he said, You know what, I can only answer about three of these questions out of 50. I can only answer a few of them. I don't know. And the man said I came all the

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way from Morocco, the people are waiting for an answer. And we said go awesome. eliquis is the most learned man in the world. So he says I don't know. Tell them Malik says I don't know. There's no shame in saying I don't know. But this is who Mr. Malik was, and in his class amongst the students you'd find in his class. Mr. Musharraf, you know, I'm sure fifth grade teacher was Mr. Malik. I will talk about how he ended up in Imam Shafi scores. Another name on there. We didn't mention him yesterday, Mohammed Al shibani. This is Abu hanifa is like top student. So he studied under Abu hanifa. And then he came to study and the Imam Malik and he changed the Hanafi madhhab when he found

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some new things. Abu hanifa was criticized for not accepting Howdy, why? Because he didn't have the tools to know if the Hadith was authentic or not. Mr. Malik is the scholar who knows what's authentic and what's not authentic. And therefore he can apply his method on authentic hadith without using too much logic, Abu hanifa to fill the gaps with his brilliance, Mr. Malik has the Hadith in front of him. And that's why you have a differences between the two.

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What else can we say about Mr. Malik? amongst Where does he stand amongst the scholars? What is his position amongst the scholars? They would say that there's a hadith interior MIDI within a resourceful city very soon, Will people beat the the flanks of the camels in search of knowledge, and they shall find no one more knowledgeable than an alum from Medina and Mr. metonymy v. Sophia and I've been Reina Imam emulator Mr. Habib Imam Shafi, they say this Heidi speaking about Mr. Malik,

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who said he will come a time when the most learned man is from Medina. They all agree that this hadith refers to Imam Malik because he took the Hadith sciences, and he basically began the process of perfecting it.

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We say that he, he was 100 Heidi, and there was a big difference between the 100 ie, those of a logic and those of Heidi those who were literally lists versus those who use logic and interpretation, which side is Abu hanifa on those who use logic, as you can see from Mr. Marley's personality, very by the book very strict, he's more of a conservative traditionalist literalist. So when he heard about a man in Iraq, using logic and not applying the Hadith, like we said, when he heard about Abu hanifa, initially, it was what it is this what man is starting a mother using logic and throwing away the Hadith.

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Abu hanifa meets Imam Malik and Mr. Malik was really keen to meet this guy. I want to see what this guy is because his reputation became famous. And Imam Malik students said he went to speak to Abu hanifa and he spent hours discussing things with him and his family came back to his students in a state they never saw him before. They never saw the Imam. So the flustered of balance and he was always reserved. He was always held this position even in front of the halifa. You put the halifa of balance, but Abu hanifa pushed Mr. Malik of balance. He said, Well, I have never seen a man like this. I have never met a man like Abu hanifa he made me sweat. But Allah he's a true early majority.

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I have never seen a man debating like that. If you were to convince me this iron rod was made of gold, he could do so his brain works, you know faster than we can comprehend. So he said Abu hanifa I respect him. He is an alum. And we show the respect between the two. The two scholars, Abu hanifa says what Mr. Malik, my eyes have never fallen anyone faster in understanding more correct in advancing and beta examination of evidence. Then Imam Malik

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the California Abuja federal monsoon. He asked Mr. Maliki said

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Whoa Malik writes a book of course, I want you to write a book of Heidi for us, so that we can keep the Hadith we can have it safe for these no one today who is more knowledgeable than you. So Mr. Malik agreed and he wrote a book called Alma

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alma mater is a book of Hadith before behati, before I met Muslim, before the six books of Hadith that we have al Motta came first, it says any of the oldest, if not the oldest book of authentic hadith, and he put in the, the most authentic hadith that he knew and those that he was certain, went back to the interview so seldom, and he put his fatawa in there, and he preserved the sayings of the Sahaba in there. And when he showed it to the the jurists of Medina, they said over 70 scholars of Medina all signed off that this book is 100% among Shafi Imam Shafi says there is no book more accurate or more correct off to the Quran than the water being mined. Bahar is sorry only

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came after this. So my mileages book, at that time for the next few decades is the most authentic book of Hadith in the world. And it is the benchmark of Hadith. So much so that I don't Rashid the halifa said, let me mass produced this book, and let me hang this book on the Kaaba and command everyone to burn the Hadith that they have with them. This is the only Hadith that they should be using from now on. So Mr. Malik said No, don't do that. Because there were other scholars that didn't live in Medina, they went across the world, and I didn't receive Hadith from them. There might be other authentic hadith that I don't have. But you understand his position. In his time. He

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was of all the four times he was the man that enjoyed the highest level of prestige and honor. He was a wealthy man. And I said He is an expert professional, that when they wanted a hadith you into Malik, this is the man who knew about Hades and his motto would be the most authentic book and some even would mentioned today, they would say that in terms of Hadees only Biharis saya Buhari is more authentic than the motto and the only reason why the mawatha isn't put in the six books of Heidi There are six books of Hadith that are very famous and we take from those six books. Why is the mortar not there? Because basically all of them author is in Buhari. Understand, because only the

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most authentic hadith in Bukhari and all of them is in Buhari all of him are mallex Hadith. Heidi is in the and this is and from that book of Hadith, his mother hub would follow so people would then come to him to pass fatawa so he's a hadith scholar and we need to understand the difference between a fixed scholar and a hadith scholar Hadith scholar is all about collecting Hadith, memorizing Hadith, authenticating Hadith, but because of his extensive knowledge, people came to him with fatawa we want you to pass a judgement at the age of 20 the Imams of Medina gave him the right to pass with our you know enough of the deen to answer questions that you can't find in the Quran and

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Sunnah. And that's how he's madhhab started. Many scholars like even Shafi. They learned the fig from him and his fic and I need to go a little bit into this. I know we went over time, we need to go a little bit into this. He's madhhab Why are the disconnects between his main hub and Abu hanifa mata number one we said Mr. Malik smarthub is more literal and based more on authentic hadith Imam Abu hanifa smarthub uses more logic and interpretation and we know why. Also Mr. Malik has a unique a unique criteria for solving problems. So they all agree Quran comes first, then you look to the authentic sooner. Mr. Malik says the third thing you need to look at is the practice of the people

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of Medina. If Medina had a certain custom, or certain habit, he believed that this must come from going to be so certain, even though there was no Hadith to substantiate it, if all the people of Medina when it came to Salah they will face even though it's no Hadith to say that they may be something to it, and you put it in his mother, for example, the other mother who didn't live in Medina, the other scholars, and they wouldn't have this as a reason for it as an evidence and therefore you would again find a disconnect between his mother and other mother, his mother in the time as we said it became the official Mother of Islamic Spain, scholars from Spain and most of the

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scholars from Spain were Maliki till today the book that we studied Medina be die too much that he'd written by evolution. whoever else is a Maliki scholar to the Medina Islamic University of Medina. You want to study fick, you will learn this book without too much that he'd written by a Maliki scholar, it's uncompetitive. Fiq. This man even rushed, and the scholars of Unruh Spain, the Maliki scholars, they were one of the founding members of the European Renaissance, because the Europeans would come to these scholars to learn and the philosophers and the thinkers and the jurists of Spain would be the foundation of the later thinkers of Europe through the Renaissance, so in my mind, it

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actually has a high regard and a high

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standing with regards to the Renaissance and you'd see a picture right at the end of the slides. The picture isn't included way, when they show the top scholars for the European Renaissance. There is an Arab in the picture is a picture showing all the great scholars that helped both European society. There's a picture of a man in the film and a turban. There's a Maliki scholar, because of his thinking he helped influence Spain. So this is Mr. Malik. And as we said, If I'm share for you was his one of his great students. And we'll talk about how Imam Shafi ended up in the class of a Malik and now he's madhhab deferred tomorrow in sha Allah. So any questions?

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Then we move on to the quiz. Tonight's quiz.

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There we go. All right. So that's a picture showing some of the scholars and the pictures are a lot bigger. And it shows Aristotle and Plato and all the great scholars of Europe, and there is this Muslim guy in the background. And that's even the Russian the Maliki scholar because the Maliki method. In fact, European law at some point in time was taken based on Maliki fick, for many for many parts of Europe. Maliki fick became the basis on which European law was was to be taken from so he had a great influence throughout the world.

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Last night's questions.

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The question was Prophet Ibrahim came from the city

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or came from the city of orange gibreel has how many wings 600 wings and nebia was

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now he says cousin, right? He wasn't it was the courier son. So he says, cousin tonight's question is a shala

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who was the last prophet to die before in Abu Mohammed Salah Salah. Was it gonna be Eastern Ebrahim? That'd be no Granada here. Number two, which is that he could control the wind that we there would never be Sulayman let me know when I'll be Moosa. Number three. This award was revealed to which nebby let me know and Avi Rahim, Avi Moosa, when Aveda would, please fill out the cards. Actually, a complaint came through that we give out so many cards but only about three or four comes back, please fill out the cards. Even even if you haven't folded all the cards, you still have the chance of the lucky prize throw and I said who knows you know, shallow might be a good price. So please

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fill out the cards and put it in the box. Does our color fade or subtle? I say now Mohammed Ali, he was Saddam Hussein hamdulillah Arabella alameen Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh