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Covering the Usul of the Madhab
Tabaqat of the Scholars & phases of development
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala Abdi he wore a suit he Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine amudha Atlanta was second and one more have a big warm welcome our dear brothers and sisters in Islam or Helen was silent one more haven't become your brother in Islam Dylan is mareel of the alcocer Institute and Imam development project with you will handle in the yard Abdullah Yeah, I met a lot in our previous modulus. We discussed we went through the biography of this great Imam, Imam will only assume that he will Gemma Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal Rahim Allah and now be in Illa hits Allah we move on to an

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introduction to his school introduction to the hanbali School of jurisprudence, the hanbali madhhab while hamdulillah yonder Maja amateur law we will discuss the soul of the madhhab we will talk about the development of the madhhab the different stages, then with the god the moon scholars then with our seatoun scholars, then with the rune scholars, the various important works and books authored by these scholars. We will talk about why are they so many different rewired and acquired from Imam Ahmed even though humble will talk about when the humble state that the Nagas the Quran and the Sunnah is supreme? Well, we will we will look at how they give reverence and respect to the Quran

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and the Sunnah. We'll also talk about certain special features of the method when it comes to jurisprudence. We will talk about the fact that the hanbali man had has the least amount of followers in comparison to the shaft we read the Maliki and the Hanafi schools of jurisprudence. And why is that your amygdala, your amygdala, we will discuss all of this as an introduction to the school we'll handle a left, we will end off with some of the reference works available for those who want to continue their studies on these topics in the law, he in the light hits Allah Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, we begin the hanbali School of jurisprudence, the soul of the method, there are five

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soul of the method number one notice or and and the sooner This is supreme, the poor and and the sooner is supreme will handle India. If for example, we do not find the answer in the Quran, or the sooner then number two, they move on to the actual of the Sahaba the statements of the Sahaba. Why? Because they were most knowledgeable with regards to Tenzin. They were most knowledgeable with regards to the Quran and the Sunnah. And so number two, we take the statements of the companions, the fatawa of the companions, etc. The hamburgers do not give preference to Diaz or each jihad or an El Medina over and above the statement of the Sahaba. Number three, if for example, we find that the

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Sahaba their statements with regards to allowed and not allowed and the Sahaba have differed, then what do we do? Well then number three, what we do is we look at those statements of the Sahaba whichever one is more in sync with the Quran and the Sunnah, this is given preference in sha Allah number four, let's say none of the above are available then what do we do number four, we use more Salah a hadith or week a hadith and we will discuss this further in chat a lot more cell ahaadeeth week ahaadeeth are taken into consideration. Mr. Humble would rather use this than giving his own he had or his opinion. Number five, let's say none of the above we've exhausted all of the above. Then

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we move on to TLS we move on to analogy bs etc. and Imam Ahmed, even though humble would prefer the class of the award in the earlier scholars, the Tabby in etc. The trs of those individuals, it would give it a lot of a lot of credence and no doubt the hanbali men have a man I've met him to humble give credence to and accept Iijima although in my humble is rather conservative with regards to EMR consensus. Why? Because he doesn't want people coming up and claiming ajumma when it's only the opinion of majority of the scholars major difference between majority and consensus doesn't want people to rush into claiming that something is a is a consensus and so proper Iijima This is

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something that is accepted by Imam Ahmed ignore humble also is this hab must Lucha masala said as the right we find that the humble new school and the Maliki school. They are very very conservative and

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They love to close up the door to any type of healing, any type of loophole, you know, close up the doors to any types of any types of loopholes been a hitter highlight the fact that the first upsell is the Quran and the Sunnah. And this is obviously agreed upon by all of the schools, all of the LMR except that the Quran and the Sunnah comes first well hamdulillah but some specific traits of the humble new scholars Imam Ahmed, even though humble with regards to the Rena Yeah, be new Seuss they respect and reverence with regards to the text of the Quran and the Sunnah. Let's see number one, the mage that hid scholar he has to be a half is of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala so they've

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put it as a condition that you are a mage to hit to be a mage that you need to have memorized the entire Quran in fact subhana wa many humbled scholars states that you need to generally humble whoever humble you are Masha Allah, you need to make a hot arm of the Quran every four days. 40 days you should make a hot arm of the Koran every 40 days to Panama and you are which they hit. You need to be a half is of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is them putting the Quran and the Sunnah on the head putting the Quran and Sunnah Supreme. This is the extra reverence that they've given towards it that you want to be a mage the hip while you need to memorize the entire order, not just

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the hadith of occam not just the verses related to Arkham and law no like others might have put as conditions No, the humble is say you must memorize the entire core and also number two, we find that the humbling scholars were masters when it came to Israel and when it came to defects and find the intricacies with regards to a hadith you will find that Abu Bakr Al halaal ebru Kodama via al Makdisi, they've all authored works related to alien. So this is how the humblest scholars are putting the Quran and the Sunnah. First, that they have a lot of respect, and arena and dedication and give it a lot of importance. Number three, that humbling might have is the actual Alma de

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hipbone and Venus, the humbling madhhab you know, they are very, very conservative with claiming that something has been abrogated, you know, this is the final resort. They're not fair, they don't hasten to claim that you know, what, these two ahaadeeth Well, this one here has abrogated the other ahaadeeth and so the second one, we leave it out, no, no, no, no, no. And so, the humbling scholars, by them being very, very conservative in claiming something has been abrogated. This would mean what this would mean that they will try their level best to make amends upon both of the Hadith, both of the verses, etc, etc. This shows that they are giving extra reverence to the text of the Quran and

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the Sunnah, as opposed to avoiding one disregarding one and practicing on the other. They say no, no, no, no, this is the final final final final resort also Subhana Allah, according to the humble soul, that the Sunnah cannot abrogate the Quran cannot abrogate a verse of the Quran or Hadith cannot abrogate a verse of the Noble Quran Why are Ani stronger and the sooner they are Hadith of the rasulillah while he was Selim a level below that, so this is how they are making the text of the Quran and Sunnah supreme number four, the application of the text of the Quran and the Sunnah, we find that Imam dear media mentions that there are three a hadith that this consensus that they are

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not applied, they are not practiced upon. One was with regards to certain scenarios where you join Salah where you're not a traveler, etc. The other one killing the one who consumes alcohol. Number three, who sell for the one who performs or sell over the deceased. All these three here Imam Academy Lee says consensus that we do not practice upon them there is no Amell there is no application of them. Also take note, when he says that there's consensus Does it mean that the consensus Iijima has abrogated these a hadith No. Rather the Iijima is a cache if it's not an acid, the agema here is informing us is bringing it to the fore that you know what?

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There is an issue with regards to these the Hadith as for the Gnostic, it might have been a verse of the Quran or it might have been a hadith maybe that Hadith is not known today. Maybe it's not reached us. But the Jima is an indicator that they was this is a bit of a higher level matter. Nonetheless, point is the mammoth pyramid he says these three ahaadeeth no practice upon them. But subhana wa if you dig in the humble man have you find that Oh,

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These three here they are applications for them might not necessarily be you know the default opinion of the method, but within the hanbali method, you find that these three ahaadeeth there is application for them with certain conditions and UHD etc, etc. So, this is what this is a sign that the hanbali madhhab they are not avoiding and not,

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you know, negating practice with regards to the Hadees, but they are trying their level best to practice upon all will handle the left. Also we find that they give preference to the text, you know, the text that a companion might have narrated over and above the fatwa of that companion, Larry brobee Ma Ma, we go with what this hobby has narrated as the Hadith, and not what the companions own personal opinion might be if it's in conflict with that with that Hadith. We also find that the humbler men have, oh, several muda hippy jemat been a hadith if we find that there's a hadith and maybe there seems to be some sort of conflict to something within them, the hanbali

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madhhab they rarely rarely rarely try their level best to join between the various ahaadeeth first level is we join between ahaadeeth second stage is you know, we look for abrogation third stage, if we can't find abrogation, then we give preference of one handy over the other, but the Hambali might have, they remain in the first category for a long period of time trying to join between the various are hiding example, you know, how do they do this? Many times they would claim if they laugh at a no war that you know, all circles all different examples, all of them are allowed example, do stifter Allahu Akbar that you are you say when you begin your Salah subhanak Allahumma will be handicapped a

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lot maberry been you have been a haka, etc, etc. So numerous different Dr. Steve had have been narrated from neuroscience that a lot of it was send them what would the hamady School say humbly school would say this is this is if they'd have to know we're all allowed every different type that you find all allowed while handling the different versions of Salawat upon the lawsuits that a lot of it was set up all those aha days all I find all of them allowed different wordings with regards to Tasha hood all allowed not that they choosing one and disregarding the others Salatu is this different manners of performing it all allowed, every manner is permissible? Well, Hamdulillah, a

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professor of law when he was selam, inside out, when you come up from your Roku, to tie their hands or to keep the hands on the side, due to the fact that these the man the narration is not explicit with regards to the time or with regards to the hands on the side, they say that whether you keep your hands tied or whether you keep your hands on the side, or allowed both allowed Alhamdulillah also, when we find that the new source the ticks, there seems to be some conflict contradiction, etc, then they apply if they laugh and hand if they laugh and have meaning that well, this happened under this circumstance. And this one here happened under a different circumstance. And so they

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wouldn't say that this is a contradiction This is a tear out No, this was done at this time. And this was the answer at that time for different circumstances trying to find a way out of you know conflict so that they can apply both generations in sha Allah also the fact that they use number six they use weak ahaadeeth not rejected a hadith not you know, lies not fabricated a hadith etc etc. Around the you know, weak Hadith and there's a long debate with regards to what is meant by weak here remember Imam Muhammad even though humble before email Academy they had come and before we had that, you know the muscala of Hassan coming around so what many scholars states here what is meant

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is not very weak, a hadith nonetheless. So definitely not malankara and modal ahadith. And they shouldn't be conditioned. There shouldn't be any thing stronger which overpowers this weak Hadith, like maybe another stronger Hadith or Iijima or something like this. Also, there must be some sort of Kareena some sort of Mirage he had some sort of like evidence to aid the weak Hadith, maybe a statement from the Sahaba maybe bs etc. point is that they are not, you know, abandoning even this weak Hadith here that they want to make amends upon it. And this is how they're putting the tick's as supreme even before dabbling in opinion. Number seven, whenever we have that, if they laugh at

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the no word where you know, humble said Salatu is this for all types.

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the shareholder all different wordings allowed sort of walked upon the Crossroads for a long while he was an all the different wordings are allowed. Yes when he says all of that allowed, but then further within that he would give preference to the one which is most authentic. So all are allowed no problem fantastical will hamdulillah Which one do you prefer the one which is strongest in it's a snap, etc and it's chained, then that one which is strongest would be the preferred option and the rest would all be allowed while handling that jandola emeter lock. There was just a little bit with regards to the arena Yeah, the importance of the importance that the humblest scholars have given

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how they gave importance to the Quran and the Sunnah. And the text, those were some examples Bismillah he isn't Allah hits Allah,

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we now move on in sha Allah to the development of, of the jurisprudence, and especially the three different stages, then with the odd the moon, the earliest scholars with awasi to the middle level scholars and with the affair on the latter day scholars in sha Allah, you can call these stages or phases or levels, the first one, which are called the moon, this is from the date of Imam Ahmed Abraham bell in the year 241, after he dropped from his debt to 403 H to 403. h, this period here 241-240-3403, up to the death of one of the scholars has an Abraham in this period here is called the period of the Buddha called the moon Buddha the moon, what are some of the features salient

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features of of this phase or stage? Well, here we find that the students of Imam Ahmed Abraham Well, you know, whatever opinions they've collected from him, I've met him no humble, we find that they pulling them putting it together. And then we find that Abu Bakr Al halaal, he comes along and he goes and collects all these different opinions from the students of Imam Ahmed Abraham but the different fatawa and opinions from Imam Ahmed in blue humble. He collects all of this here with the chains of narrations to Imam Ahmed Abraham belt and puts it together in a 420 volume book called al jammy jam. So Abubakar, Allah halaal has done a major service What was that? He went and collected

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from the students of Imam Ahmed Abraham bill, the different fatawa and opinions of Imam Ahmed new humble puts it together in this 220 volume work called Allah Jamia. Remember, Imam Ahmed did not author a book in fick. Why? Because he didn't want to defer people and to divert people rather away from the Quran and the Sunnah. Rather, you stick to the Quran and the Sunnah. Also, if you write down something, and let's say it was a mistake and error, you know, if you're teaching, you know, just the people in front of you, they, you know, got this mistake, but if you wrote it down and the book spreads, and later on you realize that was a mistake. Now, how are you going to undo that?

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Very, very difficult. So, you know, humble, didn't want to, you know, have a book of fake written down. Also, he didn't want shubra. He didn't want to become famous, but had a lot of low medium, super famous. Also, he was prevented from teaching. Maybe that was also another reason why Allah Alam. Nonetheless, Abu Bakr Al halaal, puts together this 20 volume work with the opinions the Messiah of Imam Ahmed ignore him. Well, it's called Elijah, Elijah. Then we had Abu Qasim Al hiraki, putting things in order he took this Allah Jeremy, all these different fatawa and opinions, etc. And he rearranged them in the, in the order of a machten affic. In a fake book. He put all of these

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different opinions and he put it together as a book of fake and this was called mocha sir, therapy, massage therapy. This is the first Hambali book affic the first Hambali text, the first Hambali mutton and soprano law. This book here MK de ser el hiraki, which has been translated into English. This here has over 300 shuru 300 explanations done upon it has over 300 explanations done upon it and the main one, the encyclopedia, which explains this, most of us are alpha T is is the famous is the famous Alan Mulally. I'll move me by the great scholar more faac ibnu Kodama almak dc Rahim Allah and we will discuss him later inshallah point to note now, this phase here of

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About the moon earlier scholars after the death of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal. We had Abu Bakr Al halaal going to the students and the students of the students collecting the different for Tao etc puts it together in 20 volume Allah Jamia comes along Allah harati. He takes this Allah Jamia, and he rearranges it does a different narrative and makes it into a mountain of fake a fake book will handle the left, and this is the first hanbali fake book later on in history. And we know that ibnu Kodama died in the 620. So much, much later on in history, the greatest explanation done of the smoker sort of therapy is called alimony. And it's available today it's an encyclopedia of fake

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Alhamdulillah containing within it, different opinions within them and have also the opinions of the other muda him and debating the opinions and evidences while handling. Also within the spirit of the motto on the moon, we find that

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the scholars would make to be of the Kalam of Imam Ahmed Abraham but explain what he meant by this statement or that statement, etc, etc. So that was the motiva demo period 241 to 403. The next period, which is the golden period of fick and this is across all the different major hip the Hanafi, chevier is Maliki and hanbali is the Moto was seatoun period, this is from 403 to 880 84 880 434 103. To 884.

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This period begins with all the Abuja Allah kabhi Abuja Allah and Subhan Allah, this period begins with call the Abuja Allah and also our motto, Iran period which will come next. It begins with another call the and that is called the Mara Davi Mr. Davi the famous el naroda. We saw the middle period begins with a Adi but all the Abuja Allah and the Iran period also begins with a Collie, but that is called de la mirada we as we will discuss in sha Allah. So this is the golden period of all of the Messiah, he will hamdulillah some famous scholars during this period here.

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As we said, call the Abuja Allah called the Abuja Allah. He had, he was called he, he had a lot of power. He had a lot of authority, Allah blessed him in that he also authored many books will hamdulillah the humble man have he authored a book called elite or

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at elite or at talita and Subhan Allah when Imam IGNOU Tamia was in jail, he requested one of the volumes of this talica he requested one of the volumes you know he wanted one of these volumes while he was in jail. Abu Abuja Allah called the Abuja Allah also had many many fantastic good students. Callaway Danny Abou wafaa these are famous students of his and they had all done great heat map to the main hub of Imam Ahmed ignore humble. We find that student, one of his students by the name of will have Bob I'll tell you why Danny, he authored a book named in Tucson and another one called Le hedaya. This book here Allahi diaa. This is the motto was seatoun scholars. The first one was called

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the Abuja Allah called the Abuja Allah student, Abu lahab. Bob Al kalwa, Danny who died in 510 authors a book called Le hedaya. And this book here al Qaeda, it became the more attempted the relied upon book by the humble ears for a period of time and he is also the teacher of Abdelkader Gilani urashima. Hola. Abdelkader Gilani was was a humbling scholar, Masha Allah. Other famous scholars of the Buddha was seatoun period. Abu Ismail al Harare,

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Abu wafaa appeal famous scholar he's also one of the students have called the Abuja Allah. We had the Carter Gilani, as we mentioned, died in 561. Josie died in 597 the famous Kodama almak, Dc ableto. Kodama l knock DC, a blue Buddha, I love DC, one of the main scholars during this phase one of the main scholars died in the 620. Let's talk a little bit about him in the law. He made the law he Tyler, he is called shaquil madhhab. He is called the share of the madhhab Alhamdulillah. We already said he did an explanation of mozzarella, Hera p, which is the first Hambali text and it's called alimony. It's an encyclopedia, it's available. You can download it you can buy it while

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handling death and

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This immuno Kodama almak de su su panna LA, you know, he opted for famous fake books, you know, like the level for the primary student, the you know the the one above that the secondary students, the college student and the university level student it's like as if he opened them like that span a lot. He's got the level one he's got the book called on the toufic will handle a lab and on the terrific Masha Allah, Allah Allah granted us the opportunity to do a full explanation of that book we'll handle it left on the 12th is a basic thick primer. He doesn't dabble into evidences doesn't dabble into different opinions within the method only mentions You know, one opinion with regards to

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all matters.

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and he also brings one Hadith or one pneus at the beginning of every of every chapter. So this is on the topic many many many many many good explanations of on the toufic out there will hamdulillah one level above this, he authored a blue Kodama share as madhhab one of the main scholars of the spirit of the motto was seatoun he authored the second book and this is Al mocha near mocha nearing so it's one level above on the total fake it's a little mocha near and this is very, very famous and mocha near super famous will hamdulillah and super important. Here he mentions the ashari ye attain the most famous of the two requires from Imam Ahmed employ humble the famous of the two opinions of him

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and made him more humble. And he also mentioned the rajee of both of them the correct one of both of them. So in on that will fit just one opinion in mocha near mocha near he mentioned two opinions and the correct of the two opinions. Third Level he authored el kaffee so he brings more opinions here and he also brings the evidences of the metal hub. So I'll kaffee and you want one level above that the PhD level then that is Al Mohini, which is the encyclopedia here he mentions he laugh and Nazzal and he laughs Allah alley killer financial differences within them and have different opinions etc, etc within the method and also helath li li. This is the Shafi opinion the Maliki opinion

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differences outside of the method will handle the left.

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So this these were four famous books by by Ignacio de la MK dc urashima Hola. Just note, the book and mocha

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mocha Naira which was the second of the four books I will open. It has a very very famous explanation call Sharm el cabbie Shara al Kabir by the nephew of yBnL Kodama almak, Dc shamsudeen, IGNOU. Kodama, our famous IGNOU kodamas nephew, he is the one who authored this explanation of El MOCA near him. And then also, we will see the first scholar in the green period. This is Dean almara Tao, he, he also has an explanation of Elmo Canaria, which is called l in SOF, l in soft, where he mentions different opinions, and he mentioned is the correct position of the method. And we will come to that very soon Bismillah hits Allah. So those were two important explanations of the book, I

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will makani As you can notice, this book here, I will mocking it, we find that a lot of the scholars giving attention towards it, a lot of importance is given towards it will handle the left. So those were two famous explanations of the book. And

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then we also had summarized versions of this al McNair. So we had, for example, shut off for Dean alhaja we coming along, and he summarized the book al McNair. He summarized it in a famous book called xad Elmo stuck near xad Elmo stuff, the mirror, is the Mutasa 50 saw an opening and Subhanallah that Elmo stockinet many of you might be familiar that she was a mean Rahim Allah has an explanation which is almost 20 volumes and it is called short.

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Tear off Zod Allah stuck near Shara material, which is the explanation of Zod Alamo stuck near and saddle stuck near his the summary of Al muka near which was authored by a blue Kodama, Alok, DC will handle in excellent and you'll find that

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Most of the Masha Masha Allah in the college in Saudi Arabia, in Qatar, in Kuwait, etc. Most of them they have explanations of this book here that Elmo stuck near. They have explanations observed almost doctrinaire, which is the summary of they have explanations of saddle mo stuck near and saddle most often it is a Mutasa is a summarization of the book. I will mocha near by ibnu Kodama el mapa de si rahima. Hola. Let's get back to our moto seatoun period. Yeah, Abdullah yo ma de la. Then we also had much to do a blue Tamia in blue teamers. Grandfather was also one of the leading scholars in this period he authored, he authored an explanation of al Qaeda. We talked about al

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Qaeda. Al Qaeda was authored by Al Qaeda was he has an explanation of, of al Qaeda now. And it's called al mojarra explanation of al Qaeda called al mojarra. And Subhanallah this much do Dean much do Dean abou Tamia merged with Dean ibnu, Tamia Majid Udine abou Jamia and our famous ibnu Kodama, I'll knock the sea there's, there's a phrase amongst the humblest scholars when they say Shea Han muscala this is you know, one of the terms when they say the Shea Han have said such and such who do they mean? Who are the two shakes? Who are the two big shakes a blue Kodama Allah, the sea and mage Dean, a blue Tamia. These are the two shakes the two shakes, right.

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So he managed to do a blue Tamia. He has an explanation of al Qaeda. Al Qaeda was the fic book written by the student of called the Abuja Allah, and that was Abu Hamza al Qaeda, Danny he had authored in TSR. And he authored a book called al Qaeda, which this al Qaeda became the relied upon book for a period of time amongst the hanbali scholars. So the work by Abu Musab al Qaeda, Danny called al Qaeda was regarded as was regarded as the more time at work was regarded as the relied upon work by the humble is during during a period of time. Well, fast forward, a blue Tamia, his grandfather comes along and does an explanation of that al Qaeda, and it's called al mojarra. Al

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mojarra, in fact, managed to do a blue Tamia and a blue Kodama almak, DC, they are called chez Han. They, in reality made people forget the previous works, you know, people now relied upon them, all the other works that came before in reality get put on the back burner. And these two scholars they works come to the fore will handle the left. And you also had during this period, the grandson that he used in a blue Tamia who died in 728. And he was one of those who called for going back to the new source of human achievement into humble and the quantity of MMR made him to humble not just to rely upon what has come down to us, you know, in the works of the of the Judas No, no, no. Let's go

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back to you know, the works of the acquire and the rewired of Imam Ahmed, even though humble, let's go back to the so let's go back to the issue. Let's go back to the issue of no humble and then a whole host of his students, if they'll pay him and Josie died in 751.

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Ignore abdulhadi 744 Niger with Dean abou fee. These are also other scholars within them with awasi tune period shamsudeen IGNOU Mosley

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shamsudeen, ignore Mosley. He died in 763. And he authored a super important book entitled alpha zero, alpha zero, in reality contains within it all the previous works. All the previous works, which came before are found within alpha 01 hamdulillah. And so this book, alpha zero is a very famous book, very important work, and it is a great work, we'll handle the left. We also had a knowledgeable Hambali 795 died, Achmed

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was this evening, call the eligible 771. Some features with regards to this period here, we find that books have sold within the hanbali madhhab will also put together we find that the humbler men have spread a lot into sham. There's a lot of books that were written during this period here. And we also find that

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at the end, when everything was said and done, the final mortem and relied upon work in this period was what

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Mostly mentioned in his fool, whatever he made the G of whatever he regarded as correct, this was for this entire period here. This was you know the final word on the matter what is the final madhhab etc, whatever if new muffler finally regarded as correct you know this was the time and during this period here in sha Allah after this we move on to the Roman period, the latter the scholars and span a lot. That's from the 885 up till today from 885 up till today, why 85 we find that Allah Deen elmora da we he died in 85 and he is the first of the scholars of Iran period. Allah de la mirada we Allah Deen, Amara Davi super important, he is called El Mirage, you know, the one

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who, you know gives the correct answer al-musawi, the one who corrects matters and monaka the one who, you know, digs up and investigates and examines etc. He is the foremost specialist of the motor neurone scholars, he is called called the Allah Dean elmora. Davi and he in reality set the foundations for the metal hub for the next 500 years. Up till today. He set the foundations for the metal hub for the next 500 500 years. He authored what he authored the famous book called Allen soft in soft and soft. We spoke about this Previously, we said that a blue Kodama put together four books on that we'll take a look at Neeraj l. kaffee. And l. Mooney. Well, the second one, that l mocha

00:36:44--> 00:36:45


00:36:46--> 00:37:34

Allah Dean Mara Tao, we call the dean Medallia, who is the first of the scholars of Iran period, he puts together an explanation of that, of that makan. And what did he do in this instance off the books name is Al insaf. He brought everything which came before him while handling that he brought all the works all of the information that came before him while hamdulillah he mentions the different opinions etc. And then he brings the correct position of the method. And so he brings eventually the correct position of the correct position of the madhhab Alhamdulillah. And so, those who will come after either a dean Mr. Davi those who come after Allah Dean, Mr. Davi they rely upon

00:37:35--> 00:37:55

two works. They rely upon two works. They rely upon the work of a blue Kodama almak, DC which was called Elmo Canary, which we already spoke about, which Allah Dean murder we did an explanation of called Le insaaf. So

00:37:57--> 00:38:15

these are those who come after Allah didn't murder we they rely upon two works. Number one, Elmo Kenya, which we spoke about by Kodama DC and number two, another work of this Allah Deen Mahdavi, besides the insaaf he authored something called

00:38:16--> 00:38:58

then T. l moosh. Beer, then te l moosh. Beer feed the Harry l mukuni. Then te l moosh. Beer fi the Harrier l mocha Neeraj. So we find that the scholars who come after the scholars who come after Allah a dean Alma Davi they rely upon two works they everything revolves around these two works. Number one album opener hypno Kodama and number two, then de la mouche beer feed the hairy Elmo pioneer, what's this work? This work here?

00:39:00--> 00:39:10

Allah de la mirada we wherever a blue Kodama in his mock near, you know, he might have mentioned certain craft and he doesn't, you know, show one over the other, then

00:39:11--> 00:39:59

Allah did Mr. Davi would make clear these matters where for example, they set include the certain shuru etc, that required mentioning then he mentioned all of this here. So he made you know, technically he made the more clear, much clearer and much more while they will hamdulillah so all scholars after Madhavi they depend upon these two works here at MOCA near Antony de la mouche beer, feed the hairy Elmo near Al Hamdulillah. Take note. Now these two works here. They set the tone for the main hub for the next 500 500 700 years up till today. Well hamdulillah let's see these talks here. They will join together. I will move on

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

And then P l mush beer feed the Harry l McNeil. Both these works were put together and we find

00:40:11--> 00:41:06

shot off with Dean Moosa alhaja who was from Damascus who was a musty there in the 968. He died. He put together a work on an economic economics. What is this aliannah it's basically a smoking it. And then T allouche b fita hurried al mcnett put together. So he put together a mutton called an Ethan. And similarly, another scholar in an ajar alpha, alpha to Z, who died in the 980. He was from Egypt. He was a coffee there. He put together another method called monta, ha era that what is an era that it's basically a joining, it's a jump between 110 de la Bushby, feeder Hurry, Elmo will handle enough important important I know things are getting a bit difficult important, these two works now,

00:41:06--> 00:41:07

this is

00:41:08--> 00:41:56

an era that these two eventually become the two main books of the main hub up till today. They are the relied upon manuals are bought in the court, etc, is based upon them. These two here become the two main books of the main hub while handling that we find that technically, if not, the wording in Vietnam is easier to understand the scholars talk about well, if they are the tool relied upon works as a canal and winter has eroded but what if, for example, you know, there's some differing, which is very rarely literal, but if there's some differences between them, then we find especially the scholars in the G 02 era, they give preference to moonta era that so if these two worlds come

00:41:56--> 00:42:44

together and there's some differences etc, then the Sahib l moonta. is given preference will hamdulillah in summary Yeah, Abdullah Yeah, I met a lot of Iran scholars begin with called the dean Elmer Davi, he is the super great scholar of this period here. He was a kadhi he authored an explanation of Elmo canirank, which is by IGNOU, Kodama almak, DC called Le insaaf. Then he also authored another book called, then key l must be feed the Harrier al McNair and that book, and I will mock nearly become the main two books for the scholars who come after Dean Alma Davi then eventually, a few 100 years later, we find scholars taking these two works and joining them together

00:42:44--> 00:42:48

and putting them into one work, I cannot underline that

00:42:50--> 00:43:40

by sharafuddin Musa alhaja, we have Damascus, super important work number two, and other scholar joins between al mopinion and delta l moosh. Beer feed the Harrier l mopinion. And that is a bit of photography in who died in the 980. And this is called moonta. Era that and these two works are the main works when we talk about our law, etc. The most important tool relied upon works of the main hub while hamdulillah after this here, the scholars What did they do the either the explanations of these two books, if Cana and monta era that or we find them joining those two books together alakina and monta era that or we find that they make summaries of both of them together, or summaries of

00:43:40--> 00:43:53

each one of them. That's what many of the scholars who came after started to do. Example, some explanations of Equinox and Moon era that one of the great hambly scholars

00:43:54--> 00:44:21

Hootie hoo died in the year 1051. He did explanations of these tools relied upon works, he did an explanation of a phenomenon called Kashif alakina. And he also did an explanation of moonta, eroded sharp eroded this Bahati here, he did an explanation of the tool relied upon works of the hand many of the 100 scholars

00:44:23--> 00:44:59

there's also an explanation of, of moonta eroded by its author himself, alpha two, he he also has an explanation of that work himself important, as you might have noticed that there were periods of time that the hambly might have revolved around certain individuals. At the beginning of the month, there was seatoun period called the Abuja Allah, you know, everything revolved around called the Abuja Allah His works and his students then later on, everything revolved around IGNOU Kodama almak, DC later on the first of

00:45:00--> 00:45:21

The motor of hearing scholars call the murder we everything revolves around him while hamdulillah and then now everything revolves around the Hootie, famous one of the greatest humblest scholars of that period. They the Hootie, everything revolves around him. He does an explanation of la pena, one of the relied upon works and he does an explanation of

00:45:22--> 00:46:09

eroded one of the two relied upon works will handle the left. We had others who came in join these two akena and eroded we find use of khurmi joining them in a riot will move into ha we also find summaries of them. We already spoke about mocha mocha near which is we talking generally now about the mocha Surat about the summary eight summarized books, we find that almost opinion that almost doctrinaire, we spoke about it. It is the summary of mcnett which was authored by ibnu Kodama almak dc Rahim Allah and check with him. He has a famous explanation of this that almost happening, what's the benefits of these mcda? salaat? The summarize texts ofek What's the benefit? There's no

00:46:09--> 00:46:47

evidences in them. What's the benefit? The benefit is that for you to understand the massage in affic, for you to revise the massage in affic, the great scholar is now a Chevy scholar. He said that the fucky is the one who goes through all of the chapters of fic at least once a year, at least once a year you go through all of the chapters of IQ. And when life is too difficult, how can you do that? Well, you use these Mozart, you use the summarize books or fake you go through them while hamdulillah you've gone through all of the chapters of fichte so that they almost appear to be solid McNair is one of the

00:46:48--> 00:47:37

most Assad in China insha Allah and he became very famous Why? Because Alba Hootie hoo was the famous handbells scholar around a few 100 years ago, he was the famous humbling scholar and he did an explanation of it. And so because of that, it became very, very famous. And then eventually with time, it also became, you know, the syllabus in the schools in Saudi Arabia, etc, in the universities. And so it became, it became very, very famous. We also have for example, delille, a polyp, which technically is like a summary of moonta eroded the legal appalling explanation of the legal authority. We find my now a Serbian famous one. And then the evidence is mentioned in menara.

00:47:37--> 00:48:27

Sabine, for your information. The evidence is the Avila are found in manado. Sabine, and you know, checking up on those evidences whether they are authentic whether these were they referenced et cetera. Chahal, Albania Rahim Allah put together in WA Allah Holly arrow, WA Allah Holly, that the heritage of the a hadith which are found in manara, Sabine, and menara, Sabine is an explanation of the book The Lille a polyp, and delille. a polyp technically is a summary of the book moonta era that while hamdulillah and moonta era that is what monta alborada technically, it is the joining of El MOCA near and then ke l must be fee to hurry Elmo near Al Hamdulillah

00:48:28--> 00:48:30

Yama Yama tala,

00:48:31--> 00:49:24

one should also take note that technically, what Sahib Epona and monta have eroded what they agree upon. This is you know, the final method, the final position of the Hambling method, those two works, those two important relied upon works moonta has eroded and I cannot whatever they agree upon. This is the final position of the hanbali madhhab Al Hamdulillah, Yama, Yama de la with that we've covered them with Taka Dimona moto Sichuan and the Moto Iran periods we'll handle the left. Why does Imam Ahmed humble have so many differently wired and acquired etc. In fact, he is acquired can be divided into four categories pneus statement explicit from him. EMA. EMA is, you know, what

00:49:24--> 00:49:59

is understood from his statement. So it's not explicit but what is understood example, let's say he says lion buggy it is unbecoming. It's not proper to do such and such. From this, his students will pull out two opinions. So you understand now with all of these opinions from Mr. Ahmed coming is he confused? No. If he said for example, Lion D it's not proper. His students pull out from that the US had pulled out from that, you know an opinion that it is macro and an opinion that it is haraam and opinion that it's macro opinion that it is haram so either there was nothing from him

00:50:00--> 00:50:15

explicit text or for example, Emma understood from him or there's a wedge, the scholars who came after us have all this the courage they asked upon the statements of Imam Ahmed, Abraham, Bill etc, etc.

00:50:17--> 00:51:00

And all these four here are regarded as a while in the madhhab nasima. Watch the fridge they are all regarded as a coil, whereas rewire according to the latter the scholars, they regard the NASS the texts from among many more humble, explicit and email which is understood from him, they regard those as rewired, but the watch and the heat. They don't regard those as rewire yet. Also your amygdala, your amygdala, some salient features with regards to the method in furu in jurisprudence, one might argue that technically, the humble method has all the other three mazahub within it, because in almost every issue, you know, we find that

00:51:01--> 00:51:41

the humbling method has 234 opinions, and those two, three other four opinions which might not be, you know, the correct position of the method, but they might be, you know, in sync with the Hanafi method, or in sync with the Maliki method or in sync with the Shafi remains, hub, etc. And that's why many scholars stated that technically, if you are humbly you know, you have all the Messiah, he wouldn't it and, you know, rather you be a humble man, sha Allah, you know, you can do as you want, and you are still a Hambali Masha, Allah, you haven't left that year or you haven't left the the circle of the malherbe. It's also a matter of of HD had, because of these different opinions, it

00:51:41--> 00:52:17

grants you the ability that you know, you've studied this matter, etc, this other UI out of him, even though humble will hamdulillah here and Baraka, we also find that there's many more for that of Imam Ahmed, no humble way he differed with him. I'm a chef, we remember Maliki Imam, Abu hanifa, Mo for that with the humble states such and such, and all the other scholars, the other mega hip states something else. This shows us that, you know, he went with the evidences where he found that the evidence was clear. And the evidence was stronger wherever, you know, he went with that while handling that. Also, in jurisprudence, we find that

00:52:18--> 00:53:04

like every quarter of fick, every rule of fig has its own quality or salient features or rules example. I'll ask you to fill that out. The general rule with regards to that is that we want to be on the safe side, we find that the humblest for example. They would say that based upon a weak Hadith, you know, they would say that well, you know, this is Mr. hub. This is Mr. hub based upon the week Howdy, or something is moku. Based upon the week Hardee's, we can't say it's Haram, etc. But we can't say it's an obligation, but we can say that it is Mr. hub recommended or it is macro based upon a weak Hadith, so they want to be on the safe side. Also, they go with the safer of two

00:53:04--> 00:53:13

opinions, examples about militia, there's, you know, evidences which show that solidly Russia, you know, time ends

00:53:14--> 00:54:00

after one third of the night, and other generations of midnight. And so the humble is would say it's best that you pray your Salah to Russia, before the one third of the night is over to be on the safer side salatu salam ends when the shadow is double the size of the object one opinion. Second one evidences also show that the Salafi will answer permissible time ends when the sun starts to turn pale in color, which is a bit later. And so the humble is would say let's be on the safer side and the permissible time ends when the shadow is twice the size of the object. So our slow filigree bear that the art being on the safe side, where as in what am i lacks in business transactions? They

00:54:00--> 00:54:14

don't use that be on the safe side argument but rather they say here, the default rule is that everything is permissible until proven otherwise I'll as to who will help and that's why we found that within the hanbali madhhab.

00:54:15--> 00:54:22

You know, in business transactions, whether it's one to 10 conditions added to the contract allowed

00:54:23--> 00:54:59

more Aqaba you know allowed you know transactions built upon other transactions, one transaction built upon another transaction era having options in a transaction all allowed or there was sort of filthy rot also, something is haraam due to a intrinsically it is haram or a transaction is haram due to what it leads to do to another reason. So we find that generally within the humbling might have not necessarily the official position but generally within the matter of the ham berries. We find a lot of leeway

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

And that's why some said that technically today, the Islamic finance is built a lot upon the humbling men have because it has this room for navigation Masha a lot. Whereas in Jeanette in Hadoop and legal penalties and punishments, they take the middle course between the Maliki school and the Hanafi. School Hanafi school, very, very easy, you know, they put difficult conditions to apply the hood. So they make it easy upon the people. Whereas the madaket scholars, you know, it's, as you said, it's a very, you know, harsh and tough when it comes to its, you know, it's the main hub of the soupon hub of Super. When it comes to these penalties and punishments, the conditions are rather

00:55:44--> 00:56:26

loose. And so that means you're going to have more people, you know, going through the justice system, and there's more room for execution, etc. Whereas the Hanbury might have in the middle between both of them. Also, the humble method gives a lot of excuses to people who were ignorant you to something or they had forgotten. Also number six, there's less hypothetical fit within the humble in school in comparison to the other schools. This means also that there's less fake massage that you need to go through and study then in the Hanafi, madhhab, or Maliki, madhhab, etc. Another salient feature of the humblest school is the importance they give to salute your manners and your

00:56:26--> 00:57:13

behavior and added importance of adab. Many a scholar of the Hamblen school they've got books related to adapt, adapt a Sharia etc. We find that in the books of fichte, they would have the chapter of adab also importance given to Suna erotica D, the matters of aqeedah usually people in history who are Shafi in jurisprudence, and they would say but I am humbly in in a pita humbly in a pita and many examples of that last matter in the lakita area. Why the low spread of the Hamblen madhhab Why you know in comparison to the other Medina him they have the least amount of followers will be one reason is because the other mazahub will already in domination. It's the last of the

00:57:13--> 00:57:58

four schools of jurisprudence as the poet he says yaku and fers happy I've met Kyla, they say that the followers of Imam Ahmed a few faculty now I'm in Al Karama kalido I said, Yes, the noble ones, the dignified ones, they are few as somebody said madhhab mega, mega man have been the main hub of Imam Ahmed is the best of them as hubs. One of the other scholars he said that, you know, I am humbling for as long as I live, and I die, and I will see you to those who come after me that they must also be humbly Allahumma Stein. So the other modality will already in domination obor, was upon the Hanafi madhhab, during the Abbasid period, also during the Ottoman period, and the soupon

00:57:58--> 00:58:44

whichever, you know, madhhab This will bond takes and robotics etc. It's natural that you know, the scholars will gravitate towards that method that will be dominant. So other modality was already in dominant domination were prominent, although was upon the other schools, Nirmal mulk. And others, you know that when the shaffir emails have also spread a lot, we find that they were actually the issues between the, between the ham bellies and the ash arteries. We also find that many people think that the Hambling might have been difficult might have to follow, when in reality, that's not the case. And so before the death of Mohammed Abdel Wahab and the establishment of the Saudi state,

00:58:45--> 00:59:31

before this year, there was no government or no Emirate or no Sudan who had taken the hanbali madhhab as the official method. So the Saudi state was the first to apply and make official. The humble men have the main hub of the of choice, the main hub of the state. And the same with regards to Qatar. In Saudi Arabia, the Oba and also in otter, this is upon the humble he might have also important to note at the beginning, humble email hub was they were in Iraq in Baghdad, later on, then spread to Damascus, and then eventually to Egypt, etc. And then one of the and then number three, the third important base was in Nigeria, that important base was in Nigeria, and it spread

00:59:31--> 00:59:42

there to nudge around the 11th century Ah, around the 11th century after hegira. And then from there it spread to the rest of the Jazeera to the Arab, the Arabian Peninsula will handle the left

00:59:43--> 01:00:00

Mr. de la for those who want to further the reading with regards to Mr. Othman Abraham Bell yBnL Josie has a fantastic work the monarchy the virtues of him and made him to humble and these two volumes have been translated into the English language while hamdulillah excellent translation

01:00:00--> 01:00:08

Has the Arabic and the English day Masha Allah, Allah Allah. Abu Zahra also has a work on Imam Ahmed employ humble,

01:00:09--> 01:00:59

humble son salia. And this has been published Sierra will Imam, the Sierra of Imam Ahmed ebru humble and there's many other works available in English etc. There are some YouTube videos in English going through the life of Imam Ahmed in new humble, but unfortunately many of them have have errors in them and Allah Subhana who is Allah knows best so be wary of that. As for our resources references with regards to the method then we find a fantastic work and manage alpha key Allah am lirael Emma and Hannah bira by Abdul Malik Danish, there is morality and measurable harmony by the Arab Allah Hamidi, this method Madame de facto Alhamdulillah by the current great humbleness scholar

01:00:59--> 01:01:28

Ahmed Al Karimi Mahal into the main hub of Imam Ahmed mo humbled by the famous cubitron there's madhhab Alhamdulillah by Abdul Mohsen a turkey is all detailed works on the humble method, medical album for Solomon had admitted into humble by Sheikh Abu Zaid, there's also the door by shake up the Salah Shui really made her into the main hub of Imam Ahmed Mohammed Al Hamdulillah.

01:01:29--> 01:01:53

Yeah, I met a lot would that be the lead hitter Allah would that be is the lakita Allah we end off this halaqaat we end off this modulus while hamdulillah we gone went through the a the the the the the development of the humbler method we went through some famous works Masha Allah, we went through the different stages the Moto, the Moto, the Moto Z tone, call the Abuja Allah the beginning of them with our CTO and call the

01:01:54--> 01:02:37

dean l marudhara. We the beginning of them with a hero and finally we also spoke about the tool main works relied upon works today and that is la pena and when eroded will handle the law? Yeah, I'm the law Yeah, I met a law we have here. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for the best in this world and in the hereafter. We ask Allah to record our sitting our discussing our explaining our listening our benefiting our teaching, we ask Allah to record this in our skills of good deeds. We ask Allah for the best in this world and in the Hereafter, we ask Allah for your class We ask Allah to accept from us a lot of Mr. And Mr. Handle used to run away from shubra used to run away from you know people

01:02:37--> 01:03:09

asking him and people wanting his opinion etc etc. We ask Allah for all we ask Allah to accept from us alone Stein jandola Yeah, I met Allah. Remember if your knowledge is above average, then your luck your character your men is they are also supposed to be above average here qumola ha ha da wa Salatu was salam wa barakaatuh md he was fully healed. Amina Mohammed, why Allah Allah He wasapi edgy marine until we meet again barakallahu li Khan Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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