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The speaker discusses the importance of the test of people's behavior during quarantine, which is being conducted by the media. They emphasize the need to be thankful to Allah via various means, including giving money and being a thankful person. The test is conducted by the media, and the speaker provides examples of how it has been conducted.

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What is in Bologna and we have tested them what was the test of the people have arrived

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at that time, and we said last time that this surah according to some of our city, and was the second surah to be revealed, and according to others, it will be the fifth or it was anyway the among the first first a few sources to be revealed. So, what was the test?

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It is again, the I found that El Corte be among the very few of Assyrian who mentioned this, he said, we tested them by giving them what wealth as we have tested the people of the Jannah by giving them wealth.

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Yes, and it seems that it seems that Allah Allah this is just a reflection that

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we tested them by giving them wealth and we want to see what will be the impact of this wealth on their life?

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Are they going to be arrogant

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and reject the truth

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okay, are we are they going to be humble?

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Because the test of the people of courage so far, what is need what is apparent and evident is what the bill itself Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Is that true or not? Yeah, the the advert the advent of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it is not the

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obligation of the car, or obligation of sadaqa. So how come Allah Allah Allah said, in Bologna home comma below now let's have an agenda. The test of the people of the Jana is on what?

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Whether they are going to give sadaqa or not,

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whether they are going to continue in giving sadaqa what their father used to give or not, but here, but the people of Christ are not tested like this, know, the essence of the test.

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Okay, the essence of the test that this money or this world has been given to you by you, Lord, are you going to be thankful to your Lord or not?

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So to be thankful to your Lord?

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Yes, if you can pay attention to this, to be thankful to your Lord differs from one situation to another situation. So to be thankful to your Lord, if you are a disbeliever, you need to believe

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and if you are already a believer, and you use to give sadaqa or someone come, someone comes to you to take sadaqa then you need to be charitable to this person. And this is the way to thank you look. So thanking Allah, Allah Allah differs from one situation to another situation and this is the best definition of tanking to fulfill the rights of Allah, Allah Allah in every single NEMA that he has given to you and every single put in every possible way. So it includes thanking Allah, Allah Allah by tongue, by heart and why actions. Okay, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah gave you the net amount of money, you need to spend that money for what Allah Jalla Allah will be pleased with. You need to

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please Allah by this money. Allah, Allah Allah gave you the net amount of power you need to please Allah, Allah Allah by this power, Allah, Allah Allah gave you then aroma of

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being eloquent.

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So you need to be thankful to Allah, Allah Allah, through this, Allah Allah Allah Allah gave you then Yama Macedon of

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masculine, an intelligent person. So to thank Allah Allah Allah Allah as you need to use that number that has given to you in a way that pleases Allah Allah, Allah Allah. So this is in our own our own karma bologna does have an agenda