Behind the scene of Corruption

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Once hearts are corrupted, then you will get corruption appearing on the earth. Once a heart is rectified, you will get rectification you will get good actions of yours. When you look at Musa alayhis salam Yes, he had three great enemies and all three of them I mentioned by name okay So here Allah is using the law saying the name but again what the dilemma after Sita said is that equally Musa frown that every Moses will have a pharaoh. This is a very important point here is that the Quran when it when he spoke about Musa alayhis salam and about Iran, it didn't just tell us about a story that happened, you know, 4000 years back about Musa Moses and Pharaoh. He told us the nature

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of evil tyrants. He told us about how the and the nature of true men like Musala salaam, and he told us about how you know each of the political situation continue. Now I haven't got time right now to go into the politics of you know, the leaders that are in the world like Iran was a was a man who was leading, and you're going to say that for Iran was the worst enemy of Musa Salman. He was the cause of all his problems. But Allah doesn't say that. Allah says yes, he was one of the causes. But Allah says Wacol mela hoomin FIRA called me from that there was a council behind frown. There's a whole Shura, there's a council, there's a cabinet. And Allah talks a lot about this cabinet and this

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cabinet the influence of this cabinet appears more than the influence of frown and his his,

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you know, his strict strategic plans against Musa alayhis salam. But as a quick reference, you can just look at the ninth Jews, this is Surah Al Aarav, which is the seventh Surah of the Holy Quran. And you look at either number

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and number 109, or AI number one to seven and you will find the influence of the Council on frown. So what Allah is saying is that there's a larger party that has a

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has an influence on the tyrant himself. So the tyrant Yes, he's a problem. But he's got a cabinet of about nine people who have helped many people and they're having an influence. If you look at the story of some mood, the story of

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Saleh Allah, Islam and for mood, you will see Allah azza wa jal he says what can you call me the TSR to start rotting used to do nothing? He's Allah azza wa jal again said there were nine you know, barons who are you know, evil people who are who are influencing the entire nation. So that there's not an Allah didn't mention their name. But he said the nine people in the bad man who are influencing whatever's going on in the time of Saudi Ali Salaam. So what I want to say to you is that you might look at the a country's government, and the President or the prime minister, and you might think, well, that's the person that's making this and that's not true. That person is the

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mouth of these people. But the real brains of this person is a whole group of people. And you got to understand that the root of the problem is much deeper than just targeting this one face. Because when that one person whoever this government leader is when he or she is replaced by another person, see what happens in most people. I've seen this every four years we have election, right? Or every four years in America, or every five years. Yeah, wherever you know, we have elections. And what happens is that you know, people people say, oh, yeah, this is the new leader. Yeah, he's given new promises. Yeah, he's gonna make a big change. Yeah, yeah, let's vote for him and whatever and then

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they do that. And then the say, this guy know the fed up of the of the previous guy, the Fed up of him and they know that he's an evil this that that blah, blah, blah, blah. And when he leaves, they're saying Alhamdulillah mashallah, and I've got a new leader now who bring new promises, and this guy slowly becomes no different to the last guy. So all it is it's a facelift. That's all it is. It's a facelift. So it's the same body with a new face, same body with a new head.