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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explains briefly the trials and struggles of Prophet Ayyub AS and his firm patience with Allah and the lessons we can imbibe and inculcate from him.

Patience is the only saviour of our life and without it, we would cease to exist or get far in life. Always remember that Allah will never test us with something that we can’t handle. Allah is always Just.


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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden Kathy

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in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad ohana Stein ohana style Pharaoh. When are the villa Himanshu de unforseen a woman say you're RT I'm Marina, Mayor de la la la

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la de la

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ilaha illallah wa hola Sheree Kara wash. Mohammed and others who are a pseudo yeah you hella Xena mano taco la hopper to party wallets. In the anti muslim on my bad mario brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah mentions in the Quran, la Posada is an apostle, we narrate to you the best of all stories. So every story in the Quran is a story that is full of wisdom, and full of morals and full of lessons. And the today's short, I wish to remind ourselves of one of the stories of the Quran that Allah subhana wa tada specifically mentions and tells us to think about it. And that is the story when Allah subhana wa tada says, was a code other than a tube, remember

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the story of our servant, a tube? Remember and think about the story of our servant a tube, a was or Joe calls a tube near the lab, what a great servant was he in a while but he kept on returning to Allah subhana wa tada and Allah subhana wa tada mentions his story. And then he says in that story is the cross the only there is wisdom and benefit for people of intelligence. So what is the story of a cube? And how can we benefit from that story? The Prophet Are you but English is called job, the prophet Are you he was from the descendants of his house, and he sat down. And he was sent to a group of people called the edomites. And they were a Semitic race who lived in what is today trans

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Jordan and his people believed in him. And along with his prophethood, Allah subhanho wa Taala also gave him plenty of wealth. Not every prophet was wealthy, not every prophet was given of this world, a you was given of this world along with being a prophet, and every type of blessing you can think of money, gold, silver, lots of land animals. Along with this, his wife was of the descendants of use of and she was a righteous lady. And his wife blessed him with they say up to a dozen children. So he had Deen and dunya. And the people of the town would look at him and say, What an amazing servant of Allah He is a prophet, and a worshiper and a messenger, and he has wealth and near him as

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what an amazing servant. But a worship Hannah with Jada decided to test a tube and raise his ranks, and through his story, draw lessons for us. And so you Valley, his Salaam was afflicted with diseases of all types, some say leprosy, others say a skin disease, but every type of disease imaginable, and his skin color changed, and there were blisters and pus across his body until he became a spectacle and a pain, a sore for the eyesight. Along with this, things happen to his wife and crops, a disease came and ravished all of his animals overnight, and then a fire came and all of his land became completely gone and devoid. And then Allah subhana wa, tada tested him by taking all

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of his children away. And so in a short period of time, you went from being wealthy and healthy and having Dean and dunia to take all of his dunya away and all that he as of now is the dean, and the people of the town began talking. And this is the way of people they have nothing better to do than talk. And they say, they said what's an evil person? Uh, you busy must have done a very bad sin for a while to take all of his wealth away all of his children away, he must be a very evil person, or else why is he being tested in this way? And so his friends abandoned him. His colleagues left him and he and his wife became alone after they were the center of attention. So much so that his money

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began to wither away and his wife

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had to go and find menial jobs, chores, cleaning people's houses so that you could get some money to feed a human body his set up. And one time his wife came as the days went into months and the months turned into years. One time his wife came to you. And she said, All servants of Allah, you are a prophet. Why don't you ask a lot to get rid of all of these problems? Take us back to where we were. Why don't you ask Allah? Why do you just sit there and just do thicker because you would always do thicker as Allah says in the who Allah He would always come back and return to Allah, his tongue was always saying Subhana Allah and hamdulillah La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, his wife said make

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dua for what you need don't just do thicker and so he said, Oh servants of Allah Oh lady servant of Allah, Allah tala Tell me, how many years did we live in wealth and peace and harmony? How many years were we blessed and fortunate? She said 70 years. So for 70 years a YouTube Live the life you've then said to her, oh lady servants of a law for 70 years you never complained about a loss blessings once. Now for a few years, we're going through troubles and trials and you want to complain for 70 years you ignored you're just happy taking taking taking now that Allah has tested us for a few years. Shouldn't we be thankful for those 70 as well? Look at the whole life that Allah

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subhana wa tada has given us, why are you complaining when Allah has blessed us with so many good years, if we have a few difficult years, okay, Allah is testing us. And so he consoled his wife, but the years kept on going more and more and more, some say maybe even 10 years went by. and something happened. The books of Hadith and Sierra and Tafseer don't mention what, but something happened what it is, Allah knows best, but it seems and Allah knows best that perhaps shavon came to the wife of you, and tried to strike a deal with her that if you do something for me, if you worship me, if you exalt me, then I will, you know, cure you perhaps something like this some type of any wrong thing

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that he that he thought was basically tempting the wife of you that if you worship me, then I will bring you back to how he was. So she might have gone to her husband, and she might have made this offer. Why don't we do this, and we will get back and you became angry at his wife. And now you've said that he was too weak to move. He's lying down, he's sick and whatnot. He said, I swear by a law he made an oath by Allah, I swear by Allah old lady. If I am ever cured, then you shall be lashed. 100 times how dare you tell me to go to shake on after having worshipped Allah subhana wa Tada. So he made a vow, and he made an oath and a custom. And as a prophet of Allah, he makes a custom, that

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is a big deal. So the years go on, and they're living in worse and worse circumstances, so much. So his body began to emit an odor, and the townspeople forced him to leave the town. So they had to set up a tent outside the town where he would live, no food, no water, no family, after living in a mansion after being blessed with everything. Now he is being rejected by his own people and told to leave. And so his wife set up a tent for him, and she would go do menial chores, and come back and then just feed whatever food but then the townspeople became even more irritated. And they said, a YouTube is bad luck. We don't want him around us anymore. They blamed everything on him, even though

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as Muslims we don't believe in bad luck. But they said a YouTube is bad luck. Let us stop giving him anything. They weren't giving him anything. What was his source of income his wife, so they made an agreement we will not give his wife any chores to do so that we don't she doesn't have any stipend. She couldn't find work for days and days, the food begins to wither away until there was no food at all. And then one day, she showed up with a lot of food. You've noticed what's going on that she's not finding any work. One day she showed up with a lot of food, fruits and vegetables and meat. You said Where did you get the money? She said, Don't worry, just eat. So that lasted for a while, then

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that to withered away. Then she's back to square one. Then all of a sudden the same incident happens a lot of food comes up says by a law you must tell me where are you getting this food? Where is the money coming from? I know they're not hiring you out. And so she lifted off her hijab and lo and behold and she was of the descendants of use of she was a righteous lady and of the descendants of use of and she had to shave her hair and she had sold one hair lock one for lock to give us a week to someone to get money. Now she had sold the other so now she was without hair.

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So she had sold her own hair to him of her husband, and she was a patient and righteous lady. And she had served her husband throughout all of these years, when a tube saw his wife having to even sell her hair, that is when he moved to make a drop. So panela A man can take a lot of things in his own body, a man can sacrifice much of his own, but when he sees his family having to sacrifice when he sees his wife and children, then it really affects the person. So a uvala his set up, that is when he was moved to make dua to Allah for his situation. And so he raised his hand and the famous law is in the Quran called or be in the masani or guru, or hammer Rahim in Yara, I have been touched

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with a calamity. And you are the Most Merciful of all who have mercy. My dear brothers and sisters, this

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is of the most eloquent and of the pinnacle of eemaan and tawakkol. And you're clean even in the drama, there is no complaint. Even in the drama, a YouTube is not saying I want something from you over law. He is simply saying Ya have

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a calamity has touched me must and it wasn't a touch. It was an envelope. It was a complete dropping and cover up your rod. I'm in some difficult circumstance. He wasn't in some. This is the worst calamity that anybody can imagine his health, his children, his property, everything is gone. But with a law, respect with a law.

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I'm in a little bit of difficulty. And you you're Rob or the hammer Rahimi, that's all leave it to the drama of Allah. I leave it to you. You have Rama Ola, you see my situation, Yara in Nima, Sania boo, hammer rahimian memorize this to our brothers and sisters. You're up in the masani Oh boo. Until tomorrow. He mean, immediately when he made the first job and the who, immediately Allah said we responded to him, we gave him the Java right there we responded to his drop right then and there. And Allah subhana wa tada says to a YouTube or could be rigid liquor,

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liquor kick with your feet has more than one shot up by this time or you could not walk, he could not stand up, his whole body is passed and all of the blisters and everywhere he is a sight for sore eyes. So Allah says to him, just move your foot, like Allah said to his mind, like Allah said to the mother of Isa just do a little bit because even the miracle, you need to put in the effort, Allah doesn't just send it down, you need to do something, even the miracle is caused by something that we do, then Allah brings the miracle Oracle, really move your foot, just kick it on the sand, and all of a sudden, where his foot was, it became has moved, so don't bother, don't shut up. This is cold

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water coming out, you can drink it, and you can take a bath in it. So when he drank the water, all of the internal organs that were diseased were purified. When he jumped into the water, all the blisters and all of the pus became instantaneously cured. So much so that when his wife came back with some food, she found a handsome young man and she said oh servant of Allah. Have you seen the one whom Allah has tested by the name of a youth? I'm looking for him Where is he? Have you seen that movie tele The one whom Allah is testing and he said oh lady, oh servant of a lot of females Yama de la, I am a you. Then she looked at him and it was the tube of 20 years ago. She looked at

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him and recognize what had happened. And Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them together again. And Allah subhana wa tada says, well, Hubner Allah, Allah, who were Miss lahoma Home Ramadan and Dina was vicara, the Odin Alba, we gave him all of his family back and double the quantity as a mercy from Us. Subhan Allah it is said the books of Tafseer say that Allah subhanho wa Taala made them the both young again after they were old, and he made them go all the way back to the prime of their youth. And so they live their lives in double the blessing that what they had before the calamity had struck. They got their wealth back and double, they got all the children back and double the

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quantity and they lived the life that was even better than it was before the calamity has struck so much. So the Hadith in Bukhari mentions is a beautiful idea. The Hadith in Bukhari mentions that one day you bury his Salaam was taking a bath and he had taken his clothes and put them aside so he didn't have any clothes on us and obviously alone, he's taking a bath and a washroom Hannah would allow showers

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Upon a YouTube

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nuggets, the size of locusts imagine pure gold nuggets of gold, the size of locusts that's like worth $50,000 each and our times actually more than this. And they're just showering

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you by the his setup jumped up, and he's not worrying anything. He jumped up. And he began picking the nuggets in the state that he's in and collecting them in his hand. And so he hears a voice from the heavens, his ideas in Bahati, by the way, he hears a voice from the heavens, and he said, Oh, and the voice said, Oh, are you? Aren't you happy? Haven't you been given enough? I gave you double? Do you have to now do this? Like you can wait? You don't have to do it right now. Oh, are you Aren't you satisfied with what I have given you? And you've responded back? Yeah. Rob. And can any servant ever be satisfied when you continue to give we will continue to accept can any servant ever be

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satisfied from your ama, the more you give, the more I want. There is no satisfaction when you are the one giving Oh Allah I will take and take and take and this is a huge violation. I'm speaking back to Allah subhana wa tada that I want everything whatever you're going to give, I'll be more than happy to take it from you. And the Prophet system laughed when he said this hadith and this is the story of a uvala his setup. In our second hood book we will derive some benefits and analyses from this story. May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with and through the Quran. And may He make us of those who is versus they understand, and may He make us of those who his commandments

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they act upon throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive me and you and all of the Muslims and you to ask for he is the host for the Rahman

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Alhamdulillah wa ala had a summit, la de la mirada, mula wollemi akula Hakuna ahead, what are you? What are some of the lessons we can learn from the story of a uvala his solemn because Allah tells us in his story was the karate aldub there is benefit for the people of intelligence, Allah tells us was the core Abba Donna you think of the story of our servant or you keep on making Vicar of it? remind people to the story of you. Barney has set up a YouTube. The profit job in the Old Testament is a role model for Jews, Christians, Muslims around the globe as a person, a paragon of patience and virtue. All Abrahamic religions, they look up to you or worship Allah with Allah blessed him

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with a legendary acceptance and his name becomes synonymous with suburb his name becomes synonymous with what it means to resign oneself to Allah subhana wa tada and accept the color of a verse of Hannah Watada of the main blessings and benefits we learn from the story of a UVA his Salaam, that life is full of trials. Life is full of trials. It doesn't matter how much you're being tested. This life is not meant to be gender, gender is the next life. this dunya is not a sign of Allah's happiness. The people of the town said, You must be an evil man. Why? Because he wasn't wealthy. And since when does wealth define piety, Since when does it is in this dunya mean is in the eyes of

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Allah, the people of the town were wrong to you was the best amongst them and he was the most tested. In fact, from our tradition we learn listen to this My dear brothers and sisters from our tradition we learn that generally speaking, the general rule is that the more one is tested, the more righteous one is. Hadith is in Buhari in Nevada to either have the comb Anita home, one on worship Hannah what Allah wants to test somebody and he loves them. When a wall love somebody increases the test amongst them. So the most tested or the most beloved, the most anxious prone, the most worries that come in your life, flip it around and say Allah wants to test me and a low wants

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to raise my ranks. The believer does not want to be tested. But when the tests come, they find solace and comfort that the wisdom here is that a wall wants to raise me up being tested, my dear brothers and sisters is not a sign that a lot is angry. This is from shape on shape on comes and says Oh, you're in pain, you have financial difficulty. You have marital issues, you have societal issues, then Allah is angry with you know, my dear brothers and sisters. Not at all.

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A lot zoa gel does not test his servant except that he gives him the mechanism to pass the test. Now you can live for long enough son illa usaha. Every time Allah sends a difficulty down he sends down to eases along with it for a number of years to use the run in the MLS to use raw, never look at a test from a law and then think I must be a bad person. Look at the test and say Oh Allah, you have put me in this test and you will give me the mechanism and the means to pass it and you will raise my rights because of it. That is my personal one. That is my good thoughts about you our love that you are putting me in this test to raise my ranks up also realize my dear brothers and sisters, that

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Patience, patience suburb is of the greatest blessings and of the sign of righteousness. Allah subhana wa tada mentioned sober as being one of the main characteristics of a man our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sobor is the head of Eman sobre is Rasul Eman. It is the pinnacle of Eman Sauber is manifested. When a calamity happens you control your thoughts you control your tone and you control your actions when we'll see what happens you say to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return and you do not say anything except that it will please Allah subhana wa tada and realize that sober is primarily shown when the calamity strikes in number suburu in Gaza metal oola.

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When the calamity first strikes, that is when cyber is manifested. When you first hear the news, when you first find out your reaction in the next 10 seconds. It is a window into your emotions Simple as that your reaction, the first 10 seconds you hear of the calamity, you will get a pulse on your Eman in nama sobre in the southern metal oola sobre is demonstrated when this first stroke of calamity as well. From this incident, we learn brothers and sisters that when a lot takes away, he gives back more never does a lot of take something away from a beloved except that Allah will give back more in this dunya and for sure in the era. And this is something that we see in the story of

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you. It is not possible that a lot take something away from his beloved, except that more shall be given that more could be the same that was taken away. I was with you. He had children, he has double the quantity he has well he has double the quantity, it's raining gold on him. Or it could be another type of blessing. Maybe Allah take somebody's wealth a little bit diminished, and then his health has increased. Maybe one aspect of life becomes difficult. But another aspect is blessing. Realize My dear brothers and sisters that we are prone to look at the negatives and we take the positive for granted. That is not the attitude of the believer. We don't appreciate the positive but

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every time a negative happens a lot azzawajal will bless us with more positive than the negative for in America used to run into mothers who use raw as well dear brothers and sisters in the story of humanity has set out we also learn of the importance of doing a pigma to one spouse and being faithful to one spouse, the wife of you was a righteous lady. And throughout all of these calamities, she sacrificed so much for her husband. And this is what both spouses should do through thick and through thin when the times are good, it's easy to have a good marriage when the times are tough. We still should try to stick through and make it through like a YouTube's wife did. And then

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Allah bless her as well. And subhana wa you know that oath that he had said that when I am cured, you will be lashed 100 times when he was cured. Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to him how he should get out of this oath. Why? Because she was a good lady, and she might have slipped we all slip she might have made a mistake by agreeing with shape or whatever. We don't know the full story but this is one version given she might have slipped but she had 10 years of service one slip, she should not have been punished this way. So a law defended her from above the seven heavens and Allah subhana wa tada revealed to you how he can get out of his oath because her honor also deserved to be

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defending when you got angry and he made an oath and he swore by a law you shall be lashed 100 times Allah subhana wa tada says and this is in the Quran was the ethical religion for the rugby he was taking your hand some Hey, you know, hey, this dried leaf, take in your hand 100 Hey, and just brush it across her and I will consider this to be a fulfillment of your vow. This is the 100 lashes it will be considered so Allah Subhana what the point is what Allah defended the wife a lot defended the wife of a youth that she didn't deserve this and she might have made a mistake and she

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He was sorry for this. But Allah subhana wa tada told you what is the way out and this shows us the positives of couples sticking together that Allah Subhana Allah will bless those couples who stick through thick and through thin. And the final point that we will mention Michelle lozada. For today's has been obviously it's a short hook, but only so much can be said. The final point that we will mention is that

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only through sober does a loss victory come

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in Manasa Roma, sober This is a hadith. The Nasir only comes after Sabra. I was help.

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I was opening a was victory only comes after a period of trial without trial. without suffering. Without calamity, there is no victory. And so when we're going through some victory, realize we're in a tunnel when we're going through some calamity excuse me realize we're in a tunnel. And Allah has put us in that tunnel because he wants us to see the light at the end of that tunnel. He wants us to exit that tunnel and come across a far better circumstances of our life, a far better situation, a far more blessed life in this world. And of course, the next world. My dear brothers and sisters, this life is full of calamities, next time you're undergoing any calamity, a loved one

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dies, or you've lost all of his loved ones. You have a financial problem. You've lost everything. You have one disease, you've had every disease every kilometer you can think of simultaneously happened to you, buddy his setup and yet What did you do? constant Vicar of a law constant thanking of Allah reminding his wife You never complained when a loveless does. So if we're being tested once or twice now you must complain. This is the mentality of a uvala has sat down and it is because of this mentality and because of this role model that Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us of the story of a youth and he wants us to think about the story. May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to be of

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those who benefit from the stories of the Koran and who embody the values of a youth and who master the beauty of patience. allama Jana min whom Obama in the Jain firmino Allahu Allah.

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Allah Azza wa rahmatullah for Raja Jain illa kobita weather Maria on in Russia feta allama fildena

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una been a man,

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Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allahumma is Islam and Muslim in Oklahoma is an Islamic and Muslim in Oklahoma is an Islamic Muslim in Oklahoma Adana, Islam and Muslim in a superficially enough say which I said Mira, V Yo yo yo Aziz a by the law in the Lucha tada Amara can be embraced by the bbfc was Santa Monica de como se was added as a become a u haul modem engineer he went in search for the Assam accord and Arima in Nova woma echo you saw Luna nebby Yeah, you Hello Jean amanu sallu alayhi wasallam motors NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one of the Kurosawa Mohammedan while the early he was a big money in a bizarre law in the law tada Yeah, movie loudly What if Sonny corba was

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shot he was moon curry was only come to the corona Kuru la Vimeo comm watch guru calm What are they called La Akbar Optimus Sala.