Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #14 – Surah Al-Kawthar

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the par par par par par, which is the way in which a person is able to have a legacy after their death. The par par par is the way in which a person is able to have a legacy after their death. The par par par is the way in which a person is able to have a legacy after their death.
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One of the main points of sort of tell Caltha is that Allah subhanaw taala is in control. Right? There is an amazing verse in the Shani aka who will avatar and this is the only use of Avatar and in in the Quran as far as I'm aware. So to set the stage, okay, this is in response to one of the prophets uncle's or the Serrato, Sudan kind of taking a cheap shot at the Prophet Mohammed Elisa to Sudan, because the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, as we know, he had young boys, but all of them died as children, none of them lived to be full age, let alone to pass on kind of the lineage. And that lineage is passed on through the paternal line. So he didn't have any sort of lineage to speak

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of. And this is something that in pre Islamic Arab culture was considered a bad thing, right? It was kind of embarrassing. And so when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was making Dawa, to some of his family members, one of his relatives said these very, very hurtful words to him saying basically, that it's like your cut off, basically saying is like, you don't have any lineage to speak of almost implying that you're going to be forgotten. And what irony right because look, what's the most common name in the world? It's Mohammed, right? Almost a 2 billion Muslims in the world, it's, you know, on pace to become the most popular religion or, or the largest religion by followers. And I

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think 2050 is according to statistics. And so the opposite of what this person predicted happened, whereas that person, and I'm purposely not mentioning his name has been forgotten by most people, despite having sons despite having a lineage despite all of these things. So what's the kind of parodic Matic lesson for us is that this person was relying on the means without the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala without the ability of Allah found to Allah He almost fetishize the means or he thought that the means to something was the actual cause outside of Allah's Will, that oh, if I just have sons and my lineage and my, my legacy is preserved, Allah said, No, not without my blessing,

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not without my approval. And if Allah subhanaw taala once he can take someone who takes the means to having a legacy to having a lineage and he can make you forgotten, and a loss found on it, if he wants, he can take somebody with no lineage with no you know, legacy to speak of, and he can make him remembered forever and forever and forever, right. So all causes go back to the cause of all causes, which is a loss of Parliament, Todd, and I lost pounds, Otto is able to intervene in that way, even though he's created the universe with cause and effect with secondary causes. We could say at the end of the day, he's the one that decides right Allah subhanaw taala. If he wants to make

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fire cold, he can do it. He did it for Ibrahima. He said if he wants to make you know for Musa right, he put most baby Musa in with Iran to raise him up in his house. Any other situation that would have been assured death when it comes to Allah's found to otter that was actually success. That was the only way that he could survive. So Allah subhanaw taala is able to intervene in this way. And he is La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah there's no power or might except for Allah. So somebody so boldly stepping up and saying, Oh, you're cut off to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, The Last Laugh belongs to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam because Allah subhanaw taala made him

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remembered forever and forever and forever and this guy is forgotten.

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