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The importance of speaking about culture and manners in Islam is discussed, emphasizing the need for privacy and caution. The use of language and dress code is also discussed, with a focus on avoiding criticizing the message and teaching others about their responsibilities. The internet is used to facilitate communication and motivate behavior, with a focus on avoiding false accusations and grabbing information.

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My brothers and sisters Islam for a few minutes, I just wanted to make a clarification about something. The comments that we made about who's yet I just don't want to be understood wrong. Don't understand your own for the sake of Allah azza wa jal when we speak about the distortion of the meaning of a hijab, and the alteration and more has entered into this getting meaning, we don't do that with the intention of mocking and insulting those women who are dressed incorrectly. We don't do that I have a lot of slang, when we see a woman dressed

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up or not adhering to the Islamic dress code. We are supposed to say how do we learn to love the iPhone at noon at 11pm for pollen, Alec Alec and feeding me my Calacatta Vlieland are supposed to say how do they learn that a lot of soultion did not test us with this kind of dilemma that they are tested with genuine Italy, Dylan. So we don't usually see these comments mocking and insulting, we ask a lot of Zosia to guide these one, and to guide us all. But the idea is, I am convinced, and I'm certain that the majority of women do not understand what Asia is they don't understand the concept of Asia. So we need to speak about it from time to time so that we can clarify it. And at the same

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time, I know that there is a minority of people of men and women Shayateen devils that are working in this industry. And they and they create these kinds of clothing. And they bring it out to the world as though it is modest that this is the actual project that you're supposed to be wearing. And this is fine. And it comes in line with Islamic teachings and so on. Yes, there are shelters for men and women, woman now men, men work behind the counters in the tables, and they design these kinds of thing for women. And they bring it out as little this is the modest way. Right? So this is why it's very important to speak about it very important to speak one in each and every single one of us have

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women involved in their families. And it's your responsibility to go into teach them what the correct hijab is, and what it means and how it's different. What is what is what is a niqab these words are important, these words are a holy words, when you read that you're always seeking almost reward because this is a word that is in the Quran.

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And if you have more than that just don't like this Oh, coming up from the mouth of men, they just don't like it. Heck, it's like something happens in the hub, they become frustrated when a man speaks about

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what I tell you what

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they actually don't hate the preacher, or they don't hate the teacher or the scholar that is teaching the treasure. The problem is not like the scholar, Allah really, the problem is with Islam, there are problems with Allah and His messenger. But they attack the carry of Islam, because it's easier to face. Instead, it's not easy to face. Who's here to talk? Yeah, let's just bring him down. Because if we bring him down, we bring down what he carries as well. And you're gonna get rid of it. Move on to the next one. Heck, there is a group of women that this go around to see who from among the many speaking about the number just kidding, I want you talking about men's dress code.

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Before I spoke about Egypt to speak about the male dress code as well, when Allah azza wa jal spoke about and he had in the Quran, there was nothing around the air that spoke about how men should dress. It is not always you, I choose what I speak in when I speak. Today, we're speaking about abandoning the Ark and its effect and one of the things that can happen is that the Islam and meanings in Islam fundamental principles can be distorted and changed. One of the examples is the modesty

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in the gathering, of speaking about coding, and what I've spoken about this before, but there are some people have Subhan Allah, and don't allow these people to keep you away from preaching. The truth is people have a problem with Islam, on the Day of Judgment, go and deal with it with Allah azza wa jal and His Messenger, and then whoever wants to name it wants to criticize, in what way speaking when we clarify what a project is, whoever wants to criticize, then please criticize with knowledge. Come in and sit down and have a debate with knowledge. If we're going to criticize,

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following your dreams and your desires, and whatever it is, and I advise you keep away from that. And that won't benefit you. It won't stop us, right? And if you want to disagree, problems, disagree with knowledge. And if you want to take another meaning of job or not modesty, disagree with knowledge, at least do something with knowledge with you. I'm here to just do share Kleenex and to teach the people and say this is it. Be careful, be careful who will remain or continue to speak and others will preach what Asiad the correct hijab is, this is what Allah azza wa jal wants us the prophets will come to their people they would preach the people say that Allah like if you bought

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any movie in the middle like a feast or famine, the prophet doesn't care what they say about him he's misguided he's a fool Linda profit doesn't care. Because you people that have a problem with me as a prophet if people know me, you know my honesty, my integrity, my mind

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love and loyalty for you people that I want to go through problems with Allah but with me I just deliver the message and move on. You like it you like you don't like it don't see what you're good at how you're going to solve this problem on the Day of Judgment with Allah

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don't back down what is right and what is our deen we teach we bring it up to the surface and concerning alasia I said adhesion is anything that covers a woman, Allah so she'll be accepting the whole ad or he will be con Allah social diva command tool that they're supposed to stay at home. That's where initially when this came down, will come that comes from the word is the call, which means to settle. Allah said settle in your homes. There's another pillar our dear man, customer call for kill net. It comes from the word unworkable, which means honor and dignity. From the moment a woman is settled in her house, the more her honor and dignity increases. Then later on, and then he

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saw the law he came up to the complainant and he said to them in the law of in a good night the Hootenanny has gone down Allah has now a woman giving you permission to come out from your houses for your house. With a word Hauser is more open in its understanding than the old model ah, boy is a need, but has a really woman wants to go and take her children to school to go. She wants to go and do some shopping now. She needs to go and buy something go wants to visit another girl no problems. Allah gave them permission to do so by this is how we bring this is this hadith together. But then if a woman wants to leave her house, there's something that she has to wear before she goes up. She

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needs to cover herself she needs to have a huge head on that which covers her when women used to come out their houses to come out with him. Like as we said it shall be a love on her. And also heavier camels and literally houses were built upon the cameraman stating that the House would go with them. Right. Omar social, he says

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he got an article he said meaning you mean Ali Hindemith jalebi so a whole a woman can wear whatever she likes, and whatever she wears is called a Xena and she needs to cover her body and she can only expose that which is the only places of where she puts her jewelry necklace hand up the the places of although they can be exposed in front of her beheading. And all the clothing is called a Xena. The clothing is called a Z you know? Right? How long then a woman that is dressed is more of a fitna that a woman that is not dressed like this is not what he said when I didn't

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know that he know

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that a woman should not expose the Xena except to her to her husband to her father. He mentioned people what does that mean? It means that clothing she can keep that in front of them paid for them. The only from this we see that Allah azza wa jal he says what I've seen is that the amount of mahalo minute so now a woman is in the house, she wants to leave the house is a like a house of problems. Okay, how does she leave, there's something called as the bed that she has doing that a lot many people saw that I said you need to hit them in Gillette, VP, where she was in bed, as she there is one piece of cloth that goes from here, all the way until covering the foot and hence them under the

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slogan if there's a need for pain after this.

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It covers it covers any, there's nothing that is tight, and even the shoulders are mature, so nice, comes like a tent. So even the size of the shoulder is not seen. And the limbs are not seen. And the front is not seen and the back is not seen and the legs are not seeing all of it is consumed under this gene that everything that is exposed of a woman's body from behind the clothing is not here.

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And then here we go. We have another group that will say that you don't understand and the difficulty that women are living into so

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we know that it is very difficult for a woman in the day and age that we live. But I think it's something if we try to keep away from what Allah taught us things are going to become more difficult. Things become more difficult a lot of social called is de assault and Mr. Kim the straight path. If you think that if I change it

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it will be better that you bend and if you drive on a bit road it becomes more difficult. It's better to drive on a straight road

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you don't understand the situation although we do understand if we adhere to exactly what is taught in Al Quran Asuna Allah He things become easier What won't you things become easier there's no need to start changing how you bad looks to see because we're doing a toughen society. Now hold on turn around in the right teachings. But if the left that's the solution delicata you're often affiliate with a as Allah associate, he said he got in bed with covers. Back in the past as I said the bed would cover from up all the way down. Then when they will

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The past by men, they would cover the face, then they would release then cover, then release. That's how it was until this became too much. So then as a result, a niqab came into effect and Nepal is what is strapped to the back tied to the back. And it has an opening for two eyes. When our dinners in 111 of our been had a lot of soldiers and the woman is not allowed to expose a Xena, except what is made what is apparent dilemma for Halloween, however, is exposed of it naturally. And Lenovo has been having heightened cost, whatever exposes without intention, like when she would do this, she had to keep one eye open to see the road so that it's that part of the head of the face was exposed

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without intention. Yeah, because she needs to see. And sometimes the head will be exposed if she was to stretch it to take something. But this is what is meant when our vessel the Allahu Anhu said in them for Halloween in worship. What he what he meant by this is that when they cover the face, one eye is exposed. That's right, because it's an intention. And when the head is exposed, that's right, because it's unintentional stretch to get something out someone solve their problems. Otherwise the entire woman is supposed to be covered, otherwise you anyway she'd be swarming pet a woman to the cover. And yes, there is another opinion that exists that mentions that Nicole has not fallen and

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there are strong at the level. And this is why the woman that does not wear any color, we don't see you're a sinner. And this is wrong, and you'll do fine. Now we do not say that say that. Yeah, it makes the matter a little bit easier when the second opinion exists. But the understanding of Asia is there a lot. So he says

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there are several 100 in Asia. If you were to ask the ones of if you were to ask the ones companion companions, the most purest of people, if you were to ask the wives of Rasul Allah, the most purest of woman, then ask them behind the curtain Allah called the curtain as yet, doesn't conceal it because it's called, as we said, on our definition, Allah, then he mentioned the wisdom for Asia. Why did Allah legislated

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him, it is more pure for your hearts and Sahaba and wives of the Prophet

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and the Asia is purely for society. Even the less you have the more filth there is in society, the understanding you like it, you like it, you do not like it, the word of Allah.

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And the purpose of it is to increase purity in society, the less adherence to hijab, the more filth in society. This is the principle. Everyone has a responsibility to know that to see the woman in your house, make sure teach them what an agent is. And you know, this thing of should I force my daughter to share? Should I force what if you force someone to do something is not accepted from them, then instead you're supposed to willingly accept a ba ba to love it comes from Yanni about why voluntarily, a being a boss soldier, forced Islam on someone is not accepted from Southern Western. But what you're supposed to do is clarify and teach with wisdom. Wisdom, with wisdom. If someone is

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struggling in the first stages of exegete, easy easy by read slowly with each learner and then measure based on the lat long sort of guides them to the proper Khunjerab wujud Babel Kabbalah and everything is from Allah Larissa, she says, Well, believe me the whole Ina, ology will be what's

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wrong is the head cover 100 which is alcohol is called Hubbard

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because it covers the intellect closest shuts down a person's mind. So it was called covered. That chemo is that which covers the head for the actual headscarf. That's what appears in Islam is called a remark by Allah azza wa jal, he said What the Bleep never full body knowledge will be hidden and your budget is this area, the chest area, Allah soldier, he said, to command the woman to strike and fall on the chest chest area.

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What are the man mentioned two ways. And this is where the big gift left happens as to whether they call this football. One opinion says that above the way it's done is that it's put on the head and then it strikes this way. So the covers like that and then the face is exposed. But the meaning that tends to be more correct a lot wider and this is what we have studied the world I have learned is that a bulb would be from a proverb, and it hits down this way hits down this way. So as a result it covers the face right. And with the both opinions, you're still covering the chest but the left is whether it wraps around or it goes straight down, seven out or it's going like this. Hello Tamara

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The formerly hidden allocation will be an integral part of division as well. When a woman speaks that she got to speak in a beautifying manner, right. Not speaking of unified manner. This is part of the project as well. A lot of social he says.

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He says that I should follow the partner and Koli helped EVO beautify your voice. Some say to now that's a city of him. Some people say that. They say that women naturally speak in a beautiful tone. So what do you want me to talk can help? Yeah.

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Emma law, said the unholy old who was salt. We're different in this day and age, you want to just rip this opinion on the side. Do not rip it on the side. And so a man of his own has a few opinions. One of the opinions on it is do not beautify your voice. Do not beautifying the voice, rather than to topple Napoleon more often speak in an appropriate manner speak in a monastery to the best of her ability. Right? This is part of his warm voice, he needs to see how she's speaking as well to know Muhammad if there was a need. And then again, Allah azza wa jal, he says when

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you're eliminated feed, in at the end, when a woman walks, she is not supposed to strike her foot on the earth.

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So that that noise of what she's wearing doesn't come out any whether the shoes she's wearing and walking with him, she should not strike the foot so that maybe she's wearing an anklet, it begins to make noise or the actual foot makes noise. And then as a result, people's attention are drawn to it. This is what Allah said, This is what Allah soldier said. And so that took from this idea that the woman's foot is all because if she wasn't allowed to strike the foot, so that noise is not produced. And obviously, the foot must be covered as well.

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The only Bevin older, right? But you get it. This is some kind of meanings that I wanted to clarify. I wanted to share with you Chatelet identities, and you deliver it straight to woman members that are hope that need this kind of information. And don't listen to those devils that would say to none of your business. This is not an advanced topic. This is a woman's topic. Since when was Islam met a woman's topic since when he saw the law and he was someone who was a man taught us the entire team who made this shift see where we are then the model and how things come out and begin to distort and things become Celts and all over the place. I mean, you speak about Asia. I mentioned the the events

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dress code as well. It's not a shop solid condition. And

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that's what it's for. It's time

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to get the ones that take them as it is. Right stick to three four things into each other. I had a model. This is a sequence in some people ask about a soldier to safeguard us from Botswana. So it should give us focus instead faster. So how do

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you get