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Big. It's what does it look like? And what's the other side? What's the point? I decide as a teacher? Sometimes I teach you, what does it look like? And I don't tell you what's the point until later? And sometimes I tell you, what's the point first? And then tell you what does it look like later? That depends on the kind of subject where I know, which comes first, which comes second. But in the end, by the time we're done, for everything you learn, there will be what is the point? And also what? What does it look like for every concept, whether it's three kinds of words in Arabic, whether it's status, whether it's number, whether it's gender, whether it's time, whether it's fear,

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whether it's health is going to be? What's the point? What does it look like? What's the point? What does it look like every time? Okay, so right now in light, this whole discussion, get rid of the end get rid of the sound? Which, which side of the coin? Is that?

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What does it look like? That is what does it look like? Because first you need to know what it looks like. And now we have to also eventually dig into what

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what's the point? Why do the Arabs do this? What's the point? There are four reasons they do this, I will teach you those four reasons, probably tomorrow and in totality. But we will move on today because it's you're not ready for all those reasons yet. Okay, and then we will see that in action in the Quran. But before I move on to the next subject, I do want to make sure that you guys understand the following. Let me let me see if I can get your

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your input on this. So this is page six, our favorite page apparently. By the way, on page seven, I've got the light chart for you. I'm so nice.

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You see, I told you, you don't have to write notes, you see that? You're welcome.

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Here's an exercise that we're going to do now.

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Identify whether the following words are light or heavy. By the way, there's one more thing in your notes that I forgot to add. So I'm going to add it now.

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Okay, let me explain what I mean. If you see al at the beginning of a word,

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then the question of light and heavy becomes what?

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And valid we don't ask if it's lighter, heavy, we don't care. We don't care. Okay. The only time we care about lighter heavy is if it does not have a lid on it. So you don't you never say to me or anyone else. Oh, the word elke taboo is light. Wrong. The word allocatable does not allow the question light versus heavy. It's not a thing. Okay. So when you the moment you see I'll and I say tell me if this is light or heavy. You say? Invalid question.

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The moment you see what in the beginning, and then you don't care about light and heavy, okay. And again, you'll you'll learn over time. Why that's important. So let's do this exercise. This is page seven, I believe, isn't it? Or eight.

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Okay, this is seven. Yeah. Okay. So we have to identify whether this guy is light or heavy. These are some hard words. Before you figure out if it's light or heavy, you need to know if it's a sound or a combination. The trick now is for every combination, there's a normal version and a light version. So you got to think a little deeper now. So morally me my first question is, is this a sound or a combination?

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Sound mination is not a word.

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promise you I will lose you can see oh, it's back. Okay.

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One li me doesn't actually have a sound at the end. It's no own an insider sound. Could it be the light version of something? You know?

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What could it be the light version of where I live me? This is a light plural Nossal Virgil combination looks at the masculine chart. It's Ina. It's just the light version. So the answer here is what the correct answer here's what light. Okay, that's number one.

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don't say all ever again in this class for every time I see AI is this going to happen? No. Every time you see it in this class today that's gonna happen the world will keep getting more and more complicated as life goes on. Okay, so every so your questions if they begin with every single time don't do it

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don't do it avoid every time don't use always and don't use never unless I use it. I'm warning you this is the biggest mistake students make I teach them something and what did they add on their own?

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Always and what else did they add? Every time I see light it means absolutely no.

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Did I say every time no who adds that masala you and then you know what you do? will use that every time you lie. I never said it. You made that up. You made I'm very careful about when I use always and when I use never. Okay. When I use always if it's limited to always today

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because that'll change tomorrow. So we're not ready for the whole the whole thing yet. Okay, Sophie natty light or heavy

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okay, if it's light, you need to be able to convert it to heavy for me. If it was heavy. What would it have been?

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Excellent. Safina tin. I want you to know how to convert from light to heavy. Okay. Kulu bean.

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That's a heavy sound. What's the light version of it?

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That conversion is important. Yes. Okay.

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hada Iike.

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Light what would have been the heavy version? Or the ICANN? Okay. La Ibra 10

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heavy here the end sound the moment you hear an end sound? It's heavy. Light version.

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Libre. Good job. Okay, let's move on. I'm working from the bottom up because

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it's easier. I'll moto Nafi sooner

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Okay, okay. Okay, you know what, let me let me just let's be democratic here. Let me just be democratic, heavy.

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invalid. Why is it invalid?

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When you have

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the question of light and heavy becomes invalid.

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now some people listen. Part Two. Some of you listen to half of what I say.

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So use now you said every time there's a word. It's invalid.

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Kawaii by invalid.

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It's L in the beginning. Then the question of light and heavy is invalid. Is the question of status invalid? No. Is the question of number invalid? Only one thing is invalid which is what? Find it heavy. But you can think a little bit as someone for a job button. We're going to do the same brush on our Bravia right? You got to listen carefully and don't apply to anywhere else. Cooperativa

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good what would be the heavy version?

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Kawaii button? Nisa Oh,

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heavy version.

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Cool. Nissan auto soo Len.

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Heavy good heavy. Light version

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Rusu La La because once you take the an off what goes away with it? Remember Muslim men? When I made it Muslim ah, what did I take away? I live has gone it's this Rasul Allah okay good

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for the tune

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like version

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for libre to Good job. Okay, let's see if there's more. Let me use one

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heavy light version

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good Rasulullah light heavy version.

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And if you were to write it it would be it'll Siouxland way then i lf good also learn Nice. us how pleased to

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have you version would have been

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a SATA urine. Yes. Look why

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heavy, light version would it be written differently? What would be different? There wouldn't be any Elif loved one would be LaQua wali me. Oh,

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is it light? Go back to question number one remember more and leave me on top. It was the lite version of what? Well I leave me now. So volley me is the lite version of volley me now very nice.

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Who there's more

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okay, I'm gonna take some law I'm gonna let you discuss this with your with each other. I want you to I want to figure out what this is.

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Look, if you say light. Great. I need the heavy version then.

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If you say this is light, you will prove to me by giving me the alternative heavy version

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what do you think?

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What's the heavy version if this is light?

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Through what?

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Through 10? Nope.

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So Sani furutani

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Let me zoom in. Maybe you could see it better.

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you're right.

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You're right. I was just building confidence. Okay.

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SaLuSa let me explain this one. I'm going to raise this

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so low

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Okay, so Luca,

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what did I tell you about? Muslim? Let's I'll come back to this word in a second. What do I tell you about?

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Oh, man.

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Come back.

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Mostly men. What's the live version?

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Do I write an LFO? No.

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I don't write it when I make it. Light I live has gone right. Okay, so now the word I just came across was so new Theia

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so if you're saying it's light,

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it shouldn't actually have the olive but it does. Which means it must not be the light version of

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solution. It must be something else. Now. Let's try this. Mostly Manny.

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What was sorry, I mistyped mostly Manny what's the light version?

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Mostly Manny. What do you do to make it light?

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You get rid of what

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you get rid of what noon you Keep everything else as it is. If I get rid of this noon what's left?

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Mostly ma

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isn't it

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all I removed was the noon to make it light so mostly Mani the lite version is was Lima. Now my question was so Lou.

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That must be from what original? So do Sani

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you understand the problem. Okay, the trick question

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let's see number 19. A nasty potty

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light. You learned your lesson invalid. Okay.

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It's good when you get a little bit busy then you understand.

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Basically for those of you don't know is humiliation. It helps you remember more tele funa

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heavy because it's on the page six chart. Page six is all heavy. All of Page Six is heavy. So mostly muda if it matches heavy, fine. How do you make it light?

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More deli food without a known Motley Fool without a known

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Alba noona

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heavily invalid

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I now okay, you should be able to do this one now. Come on. Come on.

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I nah.

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Good bit. It must be the light version of I ina knee. I in means i i mean

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It's it's weird reason it's light, but it means to us. It also means waterfall. It means I it also means waterfall. So what could array now also mean?

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To waterfalls, but unusually light, which we don't know why. Okay.

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Kelly Mati

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Wait, what's the heavy version

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Kalama 10 Wonderful. Colon.

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Heavy light version.

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How to love within I live for without an olive. Without an olive cola Jehanne nama light, light.

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Johanna man which is not correct but BS to Hanuman. I'll explain that in a second Hadith Su.

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Light, heavy version

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had the fun

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light. Okay, that was the easy part. It's like, how do you know it's like you don't hear an end. And when you don't hear any sound is light fine. But the more interesting question is, what's the heavy version?

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There are IE, this is a knee becoming a and the light version? What's the light version of Annie? Ah, what's the live version of Ayni? A? What's the live version of Guna? Ooh, what's the lite version of Ina? II? What's the lite version of tune

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to what's the live version of tin?

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What's the lite version of the what's the heavy version of Vera IE? This is ie the heavy version would be I gave the answer there I name messed it up. So disappointed myself

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all the build up for nothing. Okay.

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Now we get to your next lesson flexibility

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we do a we do a concept we do a little bit of practice you get a little used to it life moves on.

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We got to be done with the status business number is so much easier gender is so much easier type is so much easier. Status Oh my god. But this is the last part of status. So we're, we're on Lesson four have said that this was how do you tell us that? Oh, it was the forms of status and I found a sub genre done. How do you tell status ending sounds and ending combinations done and then pronouns are rebels? We don't know what that means later. That's a later problem. Yes.

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Now, but sometimes I want you to write it anyway. Because there's this principle can you do the L? Some things you write down just get stuck in your head?

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No, I will never tell you those. Of course. I'll tell you. This question was you said there are four reasons to make a word like will you tell us? No, I just told you to burn you on the inside. I just wanted you to know of course I'll tell you just when I feel like this my boat. It's not your boat. I'm Captain you not have to. Okay. We'll get there. We'll get there when it's time.

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You guys are familiar with immigration.

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Okay. Well, Muslims know immigration for some reason.

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When it comes to immigration, you can think of it as if you could divide a country by ethnicities. You can divide a country by economic situation, right income brackets. You can also divide a company population by immigration status.

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And basically you can come up with three groups of people. Citizens, as hobble Jana.

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Call it interfere.

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There are non citizens, illegal aliens, illegal residents as one hour.

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But then there's a middle category. What's the middle category?

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Work Visa, student visa, Green Card visit visa. You know, I lied about the visit visa. You know,

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j one h one something one, right.

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Or though which one is the complicated category?

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The middle one, the top one who's clear the bottom one. It's clear the middle one complicated. There's another thing who has all the rights in a country.

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The citizens have all the rights who has practically no rights.

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The bottom who has some rights but not other rights, middle category, air

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Rubik isms are like immigration,

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some words, some isms, full citizens.

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They have their word, full citizens. other isms are like illegal aliens. No rights. And other isms are what? middle category, but I'm not really talking about immigration, or they came from another country, and we got to build a wall. I'm not talking about any of that. I'm just giving you an analogy, it seems can be divided into three categories, instead of calling them citizens, residents and illegals, right? I'm going to call them fully flexible.

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fully flexible, partly flexible, and non flexible. Does that make sense by the analogy, so fully flexible is like what in my analogy, citizens, partly flexible is like what?

00:20:58--> 00:21:00

middle category and non flexibles are like what

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illegals so far everything I have taught you Muslim, and Muslim and Muslim in sounds, combinations, light heavy, all the stuff I taught you is about the majority of the Arabic words, which are citizens, which are fully flexible. So we don't really need to learn that because that's all we've been learning so far. You just didn't know that. They're called wide, fully flexible. A fully flexible word, you can make it light, you can make it heavy. You can make it singular or pair or plural. You can make it rougher, you can make it Nasim, and you can make it gel, you could do all kinds of things with a fully flexible word you with me? Now, I'm going to show you the opposite

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extreme. What's the opposite extreme of fully flexible. Okay, so I'm going to start with non flexibles. Don't write this down yet. It's in your notes, but I'll show you

00:21:52--> 00:21:53

non flexibles.

00:22:14--> 00:22:15


00:22:16--> 00:22:18

what's the first word you see?

00:22:19--> 00:22:21

Who doesn't even know what that means?

00:22:22--> 00:22:31

Okay, we learned there are three ways three ways of saying the word Muslim one was the mine and Muslim men. So I should have three ways of saying well done.

00:22:32--> 00:22:42

Yeah, I should be it should be who don't? Who then and who then? Have you ever heard Hold on? May Allah give you hidden?

00:22:44--> 00:23:00

Have you ever heard that before? If you hear this word, what do you hear? Holden or Hoda, but you don't hear voodoo or you don't hear hoody? You don't hear it? Now, some people want to, you know, they have kids that are named Hoda. And Rudy, who do that's different.

00:23:02--> 00:23:14

Like one of one of my kids was born in the hospital. And there was another Muslim family. They had their child and they named him. Heather Feather. Of course, Pakistani so they said.

00:23:16--> 00:23:21

But the mom was so excited about this baby all day, she will be like, did you get G could you get?

00:23:24--> 00:23:30

So you could do whatever you want with the name, but the official word is what? Who doesn't know who.

00:23:32--> 00:23:59

You're still at the story. The Rafah version of houden is actually who done the NASA version is also who doesn't? Who doesn't and the Java version is also this word refuses to change at all, it stays exactly the same. It doesn't care if it's an offer. So you ask them Hey, what's your rough version? Who then what's your muscle version? Let me think about that. Who then What's your general version?

00:24:00--> 00:24:01

Oh, then

00:24:03--> 00:24:06

Valley guy. Have you heard the word Danika? before? Have you heard Valley who?

00:24:09--> 00:24:10

Delica Is this what?

00:24:11--> 00:24:36

Version? Let's start from version 30. But what's not the version? That what Java version? Everything you learned so far out the window because this word is what? Non flexible? Okay. I Lavina Have you heard a livina before and Lavina sounds like it has a combination at the end. Ina and ina sounds like a NASA or gr combination like mostly Mina so there should be an A Laguna you'll be known as

00:24:38--> 00:24:55

a Laguna is you ever heard a Laguna every time you hear a Latina What do you hear? A Latina. So I'll refer version of a Latina is what the NOS version? A Latina, the general version? A Latina, it does not change. Okay, let's try Isa.

00:24:57--> 00:24:57


00:24:59--> 00:25:00

what's left over

00:25:00--> 00:25:00


00:25:02--> 00:25:03

was another version of visa

00:25:04--> 00:25:09

was the general version of Asa Musa who's who musi.

00:25:11--> 00:25:34

It's only Musa Musa Musa. Those of you that are were around in the 70s Marsha Marsha. Marsha. Non flexible, okay? It's completely non flexible. Musa Musa Musa Lisa Lisa Isa, Alina Alina, Alina, Palestine? How am I supposed to know which one is non flexible and which one is fully flexible?

00:25:35--> 00:25:37

Nobody cares about your feelings

00:25:38--> 00:25:45

99% of the words in Arabic are what do you think? fully flexible? Some words are what?

00:25:47--> 00:25:59

Notes these right now some words are non flexible. When they come up, I will tell you, Hey, by the way, this guy non flexible and the moment you hear non flexible uses it.

00:26:00--> 00:26:14

Got it which means the offer version or some version Java version is same. You with me? Listen to what I'm going to say now, this is the wrong thing to say. The following is incorrect.

00:26:16--> 00:26:19

Non flexibles. Don't have referred NASA Virgil.

00:26:20--> 00:26:21

That's wrong.

00:26:23--> 00:26:29

Non flexibles do not show or refer NASA or job. That's correct.

00:26:30--> 00:26:43

They have it habit but they can't show it. Let's look at the word guidance. If I say guidance helped me guidance helped me is guidance the doer

00:26:45--> 00:26:52

guidance helped me is that the doer? So what's the doer? What status is it? But it just can't show it.

00:26:53--> 00:27:13

It's rougher, but it can't show it. If I say I need guidance, who's the doer? I need guidance who's the doer? I am What do I need? Give me some details. So guidance is what status? That's nothing but can it show it? Well, it looks kind of nestled anyway. But not because it can show it.

00:27:14--> 00:27:22

What if I say this is a book of guidance book of Oh f guidance what comes after of?

00:27:24--> 00:27:26

Can its jar but can it show it?

00:27:27--> 00:27:28


00:27:29--> 00:27:30

It can't show it.

00:27:31--> 00:27:31

You with me.

00:27:33--> 00:27:51

So some words can tell you the refer clearly and they can show it. They can show you their innocence. They can show you their jobs, but some words will not show it to you the words that don't show it to you we call them what? Non flexible. Okay? And how will you know which words are non flexible?

00:27:53--> 00:27:55

You're gonna wait for me? Okay, yes.

00:27:59--> 00:28:06

These are all we're only talking about certain words. I haven't given you the spectrum. But look at some of them. Esa Do you need a plural for ESA?

00:28:08--> 00:28:08


00:28:10--> 00:28:15

No, you won't need it. Okay. Now, the complicated category is what?

00:28:19--> 00:28:38

Partly flexibles that are just like immigration, there are lots of different visas. Partly flexibles are lots of different categories. But for the purpose of this class, I'm going to keep it superduper simple. For the purpose of this class, partly flexibles are only two categories. Okay. Number one is places

00:28:39--> 00:28:42

and number two is non Arab names.

00:28:43--> 00:29:31

That's all there are more categories. There's five more categories, but I don't care right now for you right now. Only two categories, which are the places and non Arab names. Okay, so that's if you find places in the Quran, chances are that place is going to be partly flexible. And if you find names in the Quran, chances are that name is going to be partly inflexible because most names in the Quran are not Arab. Most of the people Quran is talking about are not Arabs, okay? Our Prophet of course is Arab. Salah at his Salam is Arab. Sure Eva, Allah His Salam is Arab, who the other is Salam is Arab. All the other prophets are non Arab. So there's only four that are Arab. I'll say

00:29:31--> 00:29:34

that again. Our Prophet, you better know already.

00:29:36--> 00:29:49

solid shape, hood, solid shape and who that's it. Those are the Arab prophets, or battlemented Araby. Four of them are from the Arabs. Which for which for from the Arabs,

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

our messenger plus Saudi shave hood. That's it. Those are the Arabs. So all the other Prophet names in the Quran

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

fall under which category?

00:30:03--> 00:30:49

However, I'll tell you one trick, but they fall they fall into partly flexible, but some names and with Elif some names do with what? Yeah. Musa, Isa, right. You shall write those names and the uses are in the Quran, but names so sometimes they end with one. Elif when they end with Elif even though their foreign names they dropped to the third category. What's the third category? Non flexible because Musa you can't do anything with it Musa Musa Musa and Isa isa Isa? Ye Hear ye hear ye hear names that Edward Alif have an additional problem so they become non flexible, but I'll explain what partly flexible means yes.

00:30:53--> 00:30:55

No, Musa will always be non flexible

00:31:00--> 00:31:23

musei you haven't heard musi. You've heard me say the sakura difference. It's a pronunciation difference. Not a grammar difference. Yeah. Does that mean some in some kind of out of the Quran you hear musei. Right instead of Musa but that's not because it's flexible. It's just the in that Cara, the rougher pneus of Agile is all new say. Okay, so it's still non flexible. But let me tell you what this is.

00:31:26--> 00:31:27

Give me an error. Profits name.

00:31:29--> 00:31:32

Okay, slowly, one.

00:31:33--> 00:31:36

Slowly. Not some version of Sally.

00:31:37--> 00:31:39

Sally Han and John version of Solea.

00:31:40--> 00:31:41

Good job.

00:31:42--> 00:31:45

Now give me a non Arab prophets name.

00:31:51--> 00:31:57

Abraham, Abraham is not Arab. If Abraham was Arab, then all his kids would be Arab.

00:31:58--> 00:31:59

Then we wouldn't be having a problem.

00:32:01--> 00:32:02

I'm just saying.

00:32:03--> 00:32:21

Okay. Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam is the father of the Arabs is the patriarch of the Arabs and of the non Arabs. Right. So we are going to talk about Ibrahim Allison as if it is a non Arab name you with me? Okay, now watch this. The Rafah version of Ibrahim is Ibrahim.

00:32:22--> 00:32:22

What is it?

00:32:24--> 00:32:25

Do you notice the difference?

00:32:29--> 00:32:35

non Arab names do not have the right to be heavy.

00:32:37--> 00:32:39

So Arab immigration policy.

00:32:41--> 00:32:46

non Arab names cannot eat that much. They have to stay light.

00:32:48--> 00:32:52

It's a non Arab name you want you cannot say Ibrahim one can do it.

00:32:54--> 00:32:55

Not allowed. Sorry.

00:32:56--> 00:33:01

Policies policy. You don't have citizenship. You don't get 10 when?

00:33:02--> 00:33:07

Okay, Ibrahim, okay, can you help me with the nozzle version?

00:33:09--> 00:33:29

Yeah, it brah he ma because you I was gonna say Ibrahim mine and the Arab grammar police came and said hi Wait, hold on, sir. You're not Arab. If you're not Arab. We don't let you have our own an end that's only for the Arabs my friend so it will he ma

00:33:30--> 00:33:33

I used to have a friend in college. His name was Ibrahim

00:33:35--> 00:33:36

was broken. And you say

00:33:38--> 00:33:39

your name is not Arab.

00:33:41--> 00:33:48

We call the Quran. The Quran. Arabi was a great r&b I Jimmy and Jimmy

00:33:51--> 00:33:53

was an Islamic troll.

00:33:56--> 00:34:05

So the law firm version is Ibrahimi. The NASA version is one Ibrahima already do you notice the difference between Solly horn and Solly hand and Ibrahim whenever a Hema

00:34:06--> 00:34:07

now we get to what version?

00:34:08--> 00:34:10

diversion? Take a guess.

00:34:11--> 00:34:19

If they were gonna say Brian he me. Let me tell you something about the e sound. The E sound looks like you're smiling. E.

00:34:21--> 00:34:23

and Arab said we don't like immigrants smiling.

00:34:25--> 00:34:26

You can't have a

00:34:29--> 00:34:33

you know what learn to share with nasib Ibrahima.

00:34:35--> 00:34:57

The rougher version of Ibrahim is Ibrahim who the nozzle version is Ibrahima and the jar version is also Ibrahima. There is no such thing as what Ibra he, me. Okay. Let's try Schreib who would like to try Scheibe

00:35:00--> 00:35:00

Yes young man

00:35:02--> 00:35:03

should I burn or shaibu

00:35:04--> 00:35:05

Should I burn

00:35:07--> 00:35:08

sure I burn

00:35:09--> 00:35:13

shy bit why why are you why are you giving all these rights to Scheibe

00:35:15--> 00:35:16


00:35:17--> 00:35:23

our messenger SallAllahu ala leaves I'm actually before we get to our messenger use of such a great surah in the Quran what do we do with use of

00:35:25--> 00:35:26

Arab or non Arab

00:35:27--> 00:35:30

but you're going to do use of who

00:35:31--> 00:35:35

use too far in nasib and in jar

00:35:37--> 00:35:41

use too to can't do use your feet not allowed.

00:35:43--> 00:35:47

Okay, okay, let's take an let's take a way back. Let's let's go old school

00:35:51--> 00:35:52

the more are the moon.

00:35:54--> 00:35:56

Even Sorry, Dad. You're not Arab.

00:35:59--> 00:36:00

demo now subversion

00:36:02--> 00:36:03

jar version

00:36:12--> 00:36:16

where you want to know, I don't want to tell you yet. I'll tell you when that happens.

00:36:18--> 00:36:29

They have a saying in Arabic I say to my students all the time. holds. Ma Ba falak. Actually, I want you to memorize that one because I'm gonna say that to you a lot. Hold ma falak

00:36:30--> 00:36:32

say it holds Ma Ba falak.

00:36:33--> 00:36:35

Holds Ma Pa falak

00:36:37--> 00:36:39

hood Ma Ba falak

00:36:41--> 00:36:43

who's got it? Who's got it? Who's gonna say to me?

00:36:47--> 00:36:49

Who's mapa? falak? Yes.

00:36:50--> 00:36:51

I like it

00:36:56--> 00:36:57

nicely done.

00:36:58--> 00:37:15

Okay, there's a you go to somebody's house, they have a big round table for dinner. And they got food, food, food, food, food. And the in front of you. There's a some chicken but on the way on the other side, there's some lamb, right? And you get your plate and you really want you don't want the chicken. What do you want?

00:37:16--> 00:37:19

So you and you stick your armpit in the chicken

00:37:22--> 00:37:26

and your mom slaps your hand and says, whose mouth buffer luck

00:37:28--> 00:37:30

holds? Take what is what?

00:37:31--> 00:37:32

In front of you.

00:37:34--> 00:37:45

I'm going to say that you alive because I'll be teaching you one thing you'll say But one day, will there be a new rule that breaks this rule? Can you tell me about that right now and I'm gonna say what

00:37:47--> 00:37:50

holds my thought follow up and you will feel the burn on your wrist

00:37:56--> 00:37:56


00:37:57--> 00:37:58

all righty.

00:38:02--> 00:38:03

So let's try

00:38:06--> 00:38:13

Okay, all right messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam more hum Dawn

00:38:16--> 00:38:19

shall I say well Amador Mohammed. Dawn. Why?

00:38:21--> 00:38:25

Well hum. Done and will hum.

00:38:26--> 00:38:29

Call. Okay, one more.

00:38:30--> 00:38:31

Okay, smile.

00:38:37--> 00:38:43

Smile, ie, Lu. Loss aversion is my de la

00:38:44--> 00:38:57

is by de la. Very nice. Is my Ehlo is my Isla Ismaila OKAY, OKAY, OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. Maccha

00:38:59--> 00:39:00

raphanus Avenger?

00:39:03--> 00:39:04


00:39:05--> 00:39:09

MK. 10 mcurtin wrong.

00:39:11--> 00:39:15

Let me take you up. What did I say?

00:39:16--> 00:39:22

palay. Says, and non Arabs is McCobb plays.

00:39:23--> 00:39:26

A ha. And so what we're going to do with Maka?

00:39:28--> 00:39:42

Maka, too, but it's an error. Please. Did I say it has to be an error, please. No, I just thought it has to be a place. So Maccha TA and Maccha. Ta

00:39:49--> 00:39:52

so what happens with partly flexibles? Yes.

00:39:53--> 00:39:54


00:39:56--> 00:39:59

I'm coming. I'm glad it's coming. It's coming. It's coming. I like it.

00:40:00--> 00:40:00

I like how you think.

00:40:03--> 00:40:08

So there are three good immigration categories. What were the three immigration categories citizen,

00:40:10--> 00:40:17

resident and illegals. Sometimes residents can apply for citizenship?

00:40:19--> 00:40:45

Yes, sometimes it gets approved. And once it gets approved, they become naturalized citizens and once they become citizens, they have all the rights of citizens that are no longer considered aliens. So the Arabs 1000s of years ago, they were sitting at a barbecue and they said we should have some kind of an immigration policy for some foreigners that their names should be treated like citizens. And one guy came up with an idea

00:40:46--> 00:40:47

at the barbecue.

00:40:48--> 00:40:54

He said maybe if their name is spelled with three letters, we should give them citizenship.

00:40:56--> 00:41:01

If their name is spelled with three letters, we'll let them pretend they're Arab.

00:41:02--> 00:41:08

But you got to your name gotta be spelled with how many? Three letters so what happened then is

00:41:09--> 00:41:12

the word Ibrahim applied for citizenship

00:41:14--> 00:41:18

and they said that's Have you spelled your name

00:41:19--> 00:41:20

use have applied

00:41:22--> 00:41:24

Why was the word use have rejected

00:41:27--> 00:41:34

Adam or SLM applied, but Adam They said you came close dad but you have two lifts

00:41:36--> 00:41:40

that still work for the new applied.

00:41:43--> 00:41:44

New how applied?

00:41:45--> 00:41:46

And what happened with nor

00:41:48--> 00:41:53

is it three letters? They said, Sir, you've been through enough.

00:41:54--> 00:42:40

We offer you full citizenship. The rough version of new as opposed to all the other foreign names is what? No one No Han and no, not because new has an Arab but because new has spelled with three letters. If you have a problem with this immigration policy. I will issue you the fax number for the Saudi Embassy you can contact them for why they did this 1000s of years ago, but it's too late. It's already done. That's the policy. Then came some other prophets that said hey, maybe we should take advantage of this program Citizenship Program Yahoo. Yes sir. No. No sorry. Yakubu Jacoba Jacoba Marian said okay, I'm pretty sure they're gonna

00:42:41--> 00:42:43

consider me but you

00:42:44--> 00:42:46

know, why not? How many letters

00:42:47--> 00:42:49

and then came loose?

00:42:52--> 00:42:54

Three letters. What did the Arabs do?

00:42:56--> 00:42:59

Alrighty, Lutheran, Lutheran,

00:43:01--> 00:43:02

just like citizens.

00:43:03--> 00:43:36

So we've got three categories citizen, resident alien, citizen means Muslim and Muslim and Muslim and everything we learned. The middle category has many but I only told you about two of them which two of them places and non Arabs places and non Arabs and they will have limits meaning Ooh, for refer ah for Nussle and are again for Joe. You with me? They did create an exception what was the exception?

00:43:38--> 00:43:50

If your three letters will think about it will let you have full citizens so it become New Haven New Haven, New Haven nor hen? Lutheran, Lutheran Lutheran okay so the city of Yathrib

00:43:54--> 00:43:55


00:43:57--> 00:43:57

Do you think

00:43:59--> 00:44:01

know why?

00:44:02--> 00:44:05

So place yesterday boo.

00:44:06--> 00:44:08

Yesterday? Bah

00:44:10--> 00:44:15

yes three. Okay. The Garden of Eden

00:44:16--> 00:44:21

Eden the Garden of Eden the Garden of Eden. It's a place but

00:44:23--> 00:44:33

but it is three letters, isn't it? So they said yeah, we do this with foreigners we could do with a place to if you replace, but you have how many

00:44:35--> 00:44:36

will let you get away with it.

00:44:37--> 00:44:38

So what did you do with them?

00:44:40--> 00:44:41

I'm coming to your question.

00:44:42--> 00:44:44

And yeah.

00:44:46--> 00:44:56

Oh, you say why not? My cousin and Macau filed a complaint you gave her then? But you didn't give Monica? This is sir. There's two cops

00:44:58--> 00:44:59

it's not Maga.

00:45:00--> 00:45:05

It's as MK guys two cops your four letters. Fine.

00:45:07--> 00:45:10

Okay, Medina, Medina is not even a name

00:45:11--> 00:45:13

but he has an Arabic word it means city.

00:45:14--> 00:45:17

Yesterday was the name. Okay?

00:45:18--> 00:45:23

Okay. So now let's write some things actually let's look at your notes and see if the notes make sense to you now,

00:45:24--> 00:45:25

go to

00:45:29--> 00:45:30

flexibility page nine

00:45:34--> 00:45:38

it says there are three categories of flexibility is that clear already?

00:45:39--> 00:45:44

Then it says fully flexible. And then it says most isms are fully flexible, is that clear?

00:45:45--> 00:46:29

Then it says they can be heavy or light because they have all the rights they want to be light. They can be light, they want to be heavy, they can be heavy, they can show all statuses Rafer or not sub or job sounds combinations. Basically fully flexible means you can use the entire Muslim chart on page six. That's what that means. Okay. Then we get to non flexible the extreme the extreme opposite. What do we learned about non flexible is they only have one form ESA ESA ESA. hookah, hookah Hoda, remember one form no changes looks the same in all statuses some words that are non flexible are words ending with a live like dunya and Musa so dunya dunya dunya Musa Musa Musa and

00:46:29--> 00:46:35

all is a muscle you don't know what is a muscle are we not we can skip this part because we don't know that yet.

00:46:36--> 00:46:38

We can go over to partly flexible

00:46:39--> 00:46:56

we'll come back and understand that in a couple of days but for now we can go to partly flexible what's the first limitation on partly flexible they cannot be heavy and they cannot take a castle a castle means what sound ii sound they cannot take us for it and

00:46:57--> 00:47:12

it has two forms one for Rafa and one for NASA and job does that make sense? You SuFu is for refer and USofA is both for nossob and four? So if you see us sufa in the Quran, what's your answer?

00:47:14--> 00:47:17

It could be Nelson could be excellent. Excellent.

00:47:20--> 00:47:21


00:47:30--> 00:47:50

some of them can some of them can't, but the status stays the same the sound stays the same. Yeah, they can be some of some non non flexibles can be heavy and light. Others can't but that's not a really important question for them. The more important question for them is can they actually show the ending change? They can't really show the ending change. Okay, let's do this.

00:47:51--> 00:47:57

Are the following words fully flexible partly flexible or flexible? Let's do this exercise together.

00:48:00--> 00:48:02

Number one Musa

00:48:03--> 00:48:08

Can somebody explain why this is non flexible? You're right it is non flexible.

00:48:10--> 00:48:14

No non Arab names are partly flexible. You said non flexible.

00:48:15--> 00:48:28

It ends with Elif which means the only way you can say it is what Musa there's no other way to say it. So Musa Musa Musa that's why it's non flexible. Okay, at number seven we have loot.

00:48:30--> 00:48:31


00:48:33--> 00:48:37

Can someone explain why this non Arab name is fully flexible?

00:48:39--> 00:48:44

Because it's three letters Very good. Lutheran, Lutheran, Lutheran.

00:48:45--> 00:48:48

Dallas, it's not in the Quran is Dallas.

00:48:49--> 00:48:51

Like Dallas.

00:48:52--> 00:48:57

This is Dallas. fully flexible part of the flexible non flexible

00:48:59--> 00:49:03

non flexible I mean we're not talking about

00:49:05--> 00:49:17

partly flexible because places and foreigners are partly flexible. This is a place so it's part of the fight which means the rougher Nosov Angele version or what

00:49:19--> 00:49:21

dopher version

00:49:22--> 00:49:40

della su Nussle version Delarosa Java version. That's it for ARM means to feeding the tongue means feeding. Is that an Arabic word? Is that a general Arabic word? What should we assume about general Arabic words?

00:49:41--> 00:49:44

fully flexible. So give me the reference Avenger.

00:49:45--> 00:49:55

It's our moon. It's our men. It's our men because remember, normally a word should be heavy. You have to have a reason to make it what? Light

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

alright, I'm not going to help you

00:50:01--> 00:50:03

I'm not helping you you helped me What is it

00:50:04--> 00:50:07

fully flexible Why is it fully flexible?

00:50:09--> 00:50:18

Arabic word an Arabic word okay what sort offering also been Java 10 Or a boon for been excellent Robben

00:50:19--> 00:50:21

Island look clot

00:50:23--> 00:50:24

I look Arabic word

00:50:26--> 00:50:34

fully flexible helped me out here refer and also been John Allah Quran Allah can I login

00:50:35--> 00:50:36

your team means an orphan

00:50:38--> 00:50:45

fully flexible Give it to me one your team on your team in your team in good job Adam

00:50:47--> 00:50:49

fully non flexible

00:50:54--> 00:50:55

full of non

00:51:00--> 00:51:05

I hear partly I had fully I hear non I hear Alehissalaam I bet

00:51:10--> 00:51:11

partly full

00:51:14--> 00:51:20

why? Somebody whatever answer your is you better give me a reason. Yes Eggman tell me

00:51:22--> 00:51:24

go on there's two lives and what happened

00:51:26--> 00:51:30

it's partly flexible. Very good job. But I've also been virtual version young man. Go ahead tell me.

00:51:34--> 00:51:38

I am so happy right now. How many kids here doing hives are done hives.

00:51:39--> 00:51:45

Okay, I'm especially happy for you guys. Because this is going to like, make you so messed up when you pray.

00:51:47--> 00:52:09

It's going to really make you enjoy salah. And it's just I'm really excited for you really, really excited. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam What do I do? Good Reason. Reason. Arab name. Very nice. So what Hamadan? Ramadan Ramadan? Excellent. Jana.

00:52:12--> 00:52:13


00:52:14--> 00:52:17

Let me help you. Let me help you. I'm helping for you got a headache.

00:52:19--> 00:52:22

Jana means garden. Jen.

00:52:24--> 00:52:25

Jana means what?

00:52:27--> 00:52:33

Garden now? Dallas and Jana are different. Well, definitely different but.

00:52:36--> 00:52:39

But Dallas is the name of a place.

00:52:40--> 00:52:58

But Jana is the word for a place. It's not the name of a place. School. Is that the name of a place or the word for a place? It's the word for a place University. Is that the name of a place or the word for a place? Masjid? Is that the name or word?

00:52:59--> 00:53:21

The partly flexible thing is not about words. It's about what names with that in mind is Jana. A word or a name? It's a word. It's actually a word. It's not a name. It's actually a word. And because it's a word, it's just another Arabic word. You can somebody can have a Gemini in their backyard, technically.

00:53:22--> 00:53:37

Okay, so I have a guy I owned two Janas he had Jana tain Janet Aney Aney. To pretty cool. He had to Jana tain. So Jana is just a word for what gardens which means this is what kind of flexibility

00:53:38--> 00:53:40

so give me the rougher pneus of Angel.

00:53:44--> 00:53:47

Now tell me about this word does it is it wearing a hijab at the end this word

00:53:49--> 00:53:51

which means which chart does it follow?

00:53:52--> 00:54:22

Jana tone Jana tun Jana thin Jen. Tiny Jana tiny Jenna tiny now the Muslim attune chart was mostly ma tone was Lima thin Muslimah thin what should this be? Jana tone Jana thin Jana thin the dreaming that the Helen ha That's why you hear that all the time. Okay, that's the feminine plural

00:54:24--> 00:54:24


00:54:27--> 00:54:29

There's no such thing as a foolish question.

00:54:32--> 00:54:34

So we say the garden.

00:54:36--> 00:54:37

Alana Yeah.

00:54:41--> 00:54:42

Use of

00:54:44--> 00:54:45

non partly

00:54:47--> 00:54:48

partly non.

00:54:51--> 00:54:52

Give me an offense Avenger.

00:54:54--> 00:54:59

You SuFu USofA USofA Safina

00:55:00--> 00:55:00


00:55:03--> 00:55:05

means fish ship just means ship.

00:55:07--> 00:55:10

What do you think? A regular Arabic word. So

00:55:12--> 00:55:16

Safina tun, Safina 10, Safina 10 column.

00:55:20--> 00:55:20

Here's what

00:55:24--> 00:55:26

you know, I haven't told you a single joke in this class.

00:55:28--> 00:55:29

That's a violation,

00:55:30--> 00:55:39

I have to do two things in this class, I have to at least tell one joke. And after at least share something about the Quran. And I've done neither of those. And it's already day two.

00:55:40--> 00:55:51

Partly non that was a joke, but not really. I just use one of my jokes that I use for years, and I don't get tired of saying the same joke over and over again. And I'm gonna victimize you with the same joke. True story.

00:55:52--> 00:55:55

Back in India, before the partition,

00:55:56--> 00:56:13

the British ran the education system. And they impose their education system on Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs were all going through the same education system. And they used to have a class where the Muslims can learn some Arabic.

00:56:14--> 00:56:49

And they used to have a class where the Hindus can learn some Sanskrit, their religious language, right. And the Chancellor of education from England came to, you know how sometimes these government officials come they audit the school, and they want to come into the class and see what you're teaching. Right. So the, the chancellor came and he was going to visit the Muslim classroom, he was going to use it also the Hindu classrooms, he went to the Hindu classroom first where they were teaching Sanskrit, right? And he said, So what do you teach here? And he said, we teach Sanskrit sir. So he said, have to have your students make a conversation with each other in what? Sanskrit?

00:56:49--> 00:56:59

He said, No, no, we learn the grammar of Sanskrit, we learn the verb conjugations, we learn how the nouns work, so they can read the ancient book, we don't speak Sanskrit. We just learned the grammar of it.

00:57:01--> 00:57:10

And he said, you're teaching a language and all you teach is the grammar. This is useless. This program is canceled, you're fired.

00:57:12--> 00:57:14

The chancellor was going to come where next?

00:57:15--> 00:57:17

What is the Arabic teacher doing?

00:57:18--> 00:57:23

The same thing I'm doing with you. If I told you to have a conversation right now with each other, what are you going to say Muslim and Muslim and Muslim in

00:57:25--> 00:57:44

so the Arabic teacher sent one of his kids as a spy to the Sanskrit class to see what the chancellor is going to say. And he came back to report they said grammar and the guy got fired. So they had to prepare they had like 30 seconds to prepare before the chancellor showed up and came into the class and he said, What do you teach here? Sir, we teach Arabic here.

00:57:45--> 00:57:52

And he said, Okay, we'll have to have your students make conversation with each other in class. So the teachers are Abdullah Zakaria again

00:57:54--> 00:57:55

and Abdullah said

00:57:56--> 00:57:58

how the bIllahi min ash shaytaan regime

00:58:00--> 00:58:04

and the Korean said Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

00:58:07--> 00:58:08

Allah Samad

00:58:10--> 00:58:11

will love you

00:58:20--> 00:58:23

okay, that's out of my system All right.

00:58:26--> 00:58:28

All right. Tell me about column

00:58:31--> 00:58:38

means Behen so therefore, column one column one column in

00:58:40--> 00:58:40


00:58:43--> 00:58:45

now means summer in Texas

00:58:53--> 00:58:55

okay, what is now

00:58:56--> 00:58:57

referred to observe

00:58:58--> 00:59:01

now run now run in

00:59:03--> 00:59:04

a Rajah

00:59:05--> 00:59:07

it is irrelevant because it has

00:59:09--> 00:59:10


00:59:11--> 00:59:19

the alarm being making something irrelevant wasn't about flexibility. Alif Lam was about light and wrong placement.

00:59:21--> 00:59:26

It ends with What are you What do you think are the three ways of saying Raja

00:59:27--> 00:59:32

Raja Raja Raja, which makes this

00:59:33--> 00:59:36

non flexible. Very nice.

00:59:37--> 00:59:38


00:59:40--> 00:59:44

This is by the way, these three days are the hardest three days of the Arabic class.

00:59:45--> 00:59:49

You're in the hardest part. And you're doing good. Ibrahim

00:59:53--> 00:59:55

Ibra he mu

00:59:56--> 00:59:59

Ibra he ma Ibra he ma

01:00:00--> 01:00:01

I'm excellent

01:00:04--> 01:00:05


01:00:08--> 01:00:18

give me raphanus of gr Rosu lon Rosu LAN Rasool Lin, because it's fully flexible Messiter controller

01:00:20--> 01:00:27

mostly through urine, mostly through urine. Musa Etherion Sahib companion.

01:00:28--> 01:00:34

Saw a bone saw Hibben Sahelian isa

01:00:37--> 01:00:43

What did you say Jesus? What? I'm kidding. Isa, Isa,

01:00:44--> 01:00:46

Isa non flexible Rama

01:00:47--> 01:00:49

or Qi Should I come from? Rama?

01:00:50--> 01:00:51

Arabic word

01:00:52--> 01:00:58

Rama tone Rama tion Ramadan Masjid

01:00:59--> 01:01:02

but it's a place but it's a bliss

01:01:03--> 01:01:11

it's the word for a place not the name of a place good must be done must be done must you didn't fit around

01:01:16--> 01:01:18

Partly taxable Why is the part of the taxable

01:01:19--> 01:01:24

non Arab name? non Arab name so the rougher nossob and geography around

01:01:25--> 01:01:30

where our new federal na Ferghana

01:01:32--> 01:01:33

I own

01:01:35--> 01:01:38

Why is it non flexible everyone

01:01:39--> 01:01:47

ends with Elif love it so give me the three I'll own ta Alonza Alonza wonderful

01:01:48--> 01:01:50

Lahab flame

01:01:52--> 01:02:36

fully flexible, Lucha buen la Harbin la Hubin a job okay yesterday I made you memorize something what I make you memorize give me was the one was the man was in mostly money mostly mainly mostly mainly was the Buena was Sabina was livina Muslim atone Muslim atan Muslim attain Muslim a tiny Muslim a tiny Muslim a tiny Muslim ah tone was Lima thin Muslim Ah 10 You must know this so well now when you use it you have some of you have Arab friends they say oh you take the Arabic class what you learn it

01:02:37--> 01:02:48

when you say oh yeah, Muslim and Muslim and Muslim and Muslim and he was the way he was the way he was he when I was giving me that was I don't know the button was the button Muslim a tiny Muslim attainable see with a Muslim out when was the Martin Muslim Martin salah.

01:02:49--> 01:03:07

Right. That's what you gotta do. And you shouldn't just do this with Muslim. You should do this with everything your friend calls you and says Hey man, you want to play some ball? You're like Yes. ballin, Ballin Ballin Bologna, Bologna, Bologna, Bologna, Paulina Valina Burlington, Burlington, Burlington, Burlington equalitarian Rollatini Paula two and Bodart in bolotin.

01:03:09--> 01:03:53

Do it so many times it gets nailed in your head. i This is the only homework I give you know some of these things you have to know them. Whatever word do it do it and do it. So it's great. It's grilled in your head, singular pair, plural Rafa, nossob, John, masculine, feminine, it's stuck in your head, and grid, you can use it all the time. And the more you use it, the faster you're gonna get, the faster the more you the more you practice it, the more you try to identify, man, it's going to be beautiful that this identification is a power it's a really strong power to have. Okay? The only additional knowledge today light and heavy, not that big of a deal. And among the non flexible,

01:03:53--> 01:04:35

fully flexible parts of Mexico actually summarize it. You know, the the hardest part of it, the most important part of it is foreigners. Because the Quran mostly has names of foreigners. So what should you remember about them? Ooh, ah, that's it, who are and that's the key thing to take away. But now before I let you go, because every day, I'm in this class, I'm going to make you memorize some things. And those will decide how well you memorize and understand these few things will decide how far you go with your Arabic. I've been teaching Arabic for a long time. I've been teaching Arabic for over 20 years, okay. And I've had students that have even surpassed me much surpassed me. And

01:04:35--> 01:04:59

the students that go far are the students that build their foundation. Well, and part of that foundation is memorizing some of this stuff. Okay. So I'm going to give you your second memorization assignment today, which I don't want you to do memorize it at home. You're gonna do this before with me before the show starts, you will know it. Every one of you. I don't care if you're seven years old, or 700 years old. I don't care. I don't care if you're seven years old, or five years old.

01:05:00--> 01:05:06

I don't care. Listen to me. Don't be intimidated. Just listen and repeat. Hua

01:05:07--> 01:05:11

Houma home Hua Hua

01:05:13--> 01:05:15

Hua Hua home

01:05:17--> 01:05:18

Hua Hua home

01:05:20--> 01:05:24

out loud some of you are rolling your eyes so hard they could fall out of your sockets

01:05:27--> 01:05:28

who are home our home?

01:05:30--> 01:05:32

Don't say Huma, Huma Huma

01:05:34--> 01:05:54

I said who are Houma? Whom? Who are Homer home? Who are Homer home? Who are Homer home? Who are Homer? Home? Hua Homer home? Hua, Homer home got it. Okay.

01:05:56--> 01:06:40

Hear Homer? Hana here, Homer? Hana here, Homer Khanna, who are Homer home here, Houma Hana, who are Homer home here Homer Hana five times who are home our home here who might not show it on the screen shown on the screen. Who are home our home here home our home now that's one Hua Hua home. Here home 102 Hua Hua home, here home 103 Hua Houma home, here Houma. Hoonah for Hua Hua home here Houma Hoonah five now without looking

01:06:45--> 01:06:58

who our home our home here our home our Hoonah that's 234

01:07:01--> 01:07:23

I need five men and five women to volunteer to try this let's see who wins ladies side or gentleman SIDE. LET'S GO somebody my condition only people who have not raised or been called on the entire class so far. Only those people can participate. Yes sir. Should I count you on that side of the silage? Which side you that side? Okay, yeah

01:07:31--> 01:07:44

Hua Hua home here Hamana Excellent. Can you volunteers? Can you grab a mic? Please? Can you grab a mic? I want to hear them. Okay, Lady side we got one zero so far. Yes. Back there

01:07:48--> 01:07:56

for a home a home here home. Aha. Now. That's one one gentleman. Oh, do you I need my volunteer running at night. Where are you? Go run child.

01:07:58--> 01:08:01

You should be like the tennis ball. Boy thing. That's annoying right there.

01:08:03--> 01:08:09

Okay, guys. Okay, take it back there. Wait. He's coming. He's gonna run Run. Run. Raise your hand

01:08:13--> 01:08:19

who Oh, ma home. He Yahama Hana. Impressive. Lady side.

01:08:21--> 01:08:23

Don't pick you okay. Yes. You

01:08:31--> 01:08:32

finish crying and then

01:08:35--> 01:08:37

yeah, take her. This is the one who was hiding Yeah.

01:08:42--> 01:08:56

Yep, she's on the floor. Just trying to get under the chair somehow. That's the one Yep. There you go. There's the mic. Oh, this is recorded forever on the internet. You'll be like everybody will remember that. They will play this at your wedding. One day. Come on.

01:08:58--> 01:09:02

very feminine of you. However. We don't start with here

01:09:08--> 01:09:19

excellent job. Very good. Very good. Very good. Okay. Good confidence. Who Oh my home. Yahama Hana. Guys. Come on. All the way in the back. That young man in the blue. All the way in the back.

01:09:21--> 01:09:22

Let's hear it.

01:09:24--> 01:09:29

Who am I? Here? Who am I Hana. Hana.

01:09:31--> 01:09:40

Hua Hua home, ma ma home. Here Hama the only en is where?

01:09:42--> 01:09:59

Because ladies, when they get together, they just want to do something different. You remember? Everything was going fine shortage. So to the screen, Hua Hua home here, comma, and the women's had not asked 100 Let me tell you what this means. You can turn the mic off, right if you turn it off. Oh,

01:10:00--> 01:10:44

Okay, whoever means he who means what? He Humar means both of them who are means one, you're not writing any of this down just here. Who means what? He Hammar means both of them who means they, they so when you read memorize these three words The first one is one, the second one is two. The third one is more than two. Easy logic who are home at home. He both of them they, the second line is feminine here. She Huma, both of them meaning both of those ladies, and then we're gonna, then ladies. Okay, I don't think we don't have a day for ladies. Some people call it day she

01:10:48--> 01:10:54

was just gonna say them ladies. Just to be clear. Okay. So who means what? He Homer?

01:10:55--> 01:11:02

Both of them home. Here. She Huma both of them Hoonah

01:11:03--> 01:11:17

What did I say? Well, what bad English Did they give you? They didn't say they she that I made fun of he did all the dishes always do this. The then ladies, then ladies. Okay. Okay, now.

01:11:18--> 01:12:00

Let's see if you remember it. Who? Houma home here Houma. Hoonah Listen again. And TA and to ma. I'm Tom and TA and to ma. I'm Tom. And I'm Toma. I'm Tom five times and TA and toma and Tom and and to mA and Tom and TA and Touma and Tom and TA and to mA and Tom and and to mA and Tom and TA and to mA and Tom who are home our home. Here Homer Hoonah and, and to mA and Tom

01:12:03--> 01:12:12

okay and TA and to mA and Tom. Okay, now from the top who's got it?

01:12:13--> 01:13:06

Who are home our home? Here Houma. Hoonah and I'm toma Antonio next line quickly and T and toma and tuna and T and toma and tuna you may look at page 80 now and T and tumah and tuna and T and toma and tuna from the beginning read it with me who are home our home. Here Homer Hoonah Anta and Toma, Anton and T and tuna and tuna once again. Who are Homer home. Here Homer Hana? Anta and Toma, Anton and T and toma I'm gonna say to each other right now you have 30 seconds come on from memory try it

01:13:28--> 01:13:29

10 seconds

01:13:43--> 01:14:20

okay times up who are with me who are home our home? Here Houma. Hana. Anta and toma and Tom and T and tuna and tuna last to Anna Anna Anna national, Anta means you. And Tammy is what you and Tamara means. What happens every time you have three words what happens every time. One, two and three. So if you know the first one, you can tell what the other two mean. And that means you so unto my means. Both of you until means all of you and T means

01:14:22--> 01:14:29

very good up. Yes, you she like Mario? Yes Yoshimitsu Yes, schewe. I don't know.

01:14:32--> 01:14:47

It's the feminine, you know, there's no we don't have a word for it. Okay. So it's the feminine you call it schewe? I don't know what to do up but I give up I've been doing this for 20 years. You she has stuck and I don't even come up with it. Somebody always says up.

01:14:50--> 01:14:55

So you see it is M T up under my YouTube he

01:14:58--> 01:14:59

and an N

01:15:00--> 01:15:05

Sooner y'all ladies, y'all ladies, okay? And that means what?

01:15:06--> 01:15:20

It means I worked for man or woman and that no means we tomorrow when you come. If you have a question tomorrow and you will, whenever you have a question you say Salam Alikum who are home our home here home, Ohana and 10. To buy and to and to and to Montana and Idaho. I have a question.

01:15:22--> 01:15:54

That's what you're going to do. Because you will know page six. You will know Page Six like it's your social security number. And you will know page 18 Like it's your date of birth. You will know it after Saturday. Some people will be sitting doing Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah you'll be doing Hua Houma home. He ohana, anti anti anti anti anti wanton and you will do this you will memorize these two perfectly before we meet in class tomorrow. Enjoy your time off and make dua that we make the most of this program together particularly when it comes to the mighty camara de la