Ramadan 2022 Reflections – Day 10

Mirza Yawar Baig


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The transcript describes a group of individuals discussing the return of Islam to Saudi Arabia. They discuss the importance of fasting, praying, and praying to obtain Islam's mercy. They also mention the importance of learning to connect with Allah's shadow and making plans for one's life.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah the word, my brother, the sisters.

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when Ramadan came to inculcate taqwa in us,

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we tried our best.

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We are trying to focus on Allah subhanaw taala

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we are fasting, we are praying, we are asking Allah for His mercy.

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And we feel close to Allah.

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So when you feel close to Allah when the slave feels close to Allah geladeira Lu, he wants to know more about Allah subhanaw taala the more we learn about Allah, the more we love Allah subhanaw taala

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so my brothers and sisters, now when in this condition,

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Allah subhanaw taala at the mercy of Allah, in the act of in the ayat of surah baqarah relating to fasting, in the middle of all that Allah subhanaw taala said, we're either Salah Kariba the journey for iniquity. Huji who doubted dari that Dan fell yesterday will lead well you mean OB LA LA home your shadow? Allah's writer as it which means

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when my slave asks about me, I am close to him. And he's saying hello to visa Salam, that when my slave asks about me, he has not done anything. He's not made effort yet. He's only asking about all those words

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with the Mercy of Allah such that Allah says that when my slave asks about me, I am close to him. Would you without a diary that I can let him ask me and I will listen to him and I will give him

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full yesterday really well you will be left alone your shadow to conditions. Let him obey me and let him have faith in me. Imagine me

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right, so that he may be rightly guided by our ancestors. Ramadan is the month for making dua.

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Learn to connect with Allah's Ronaldson

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learn to make dua ask Allah subhanaw taala told us even if you have a strap of your boot which is broken, ask Allah. Do not ask Allah.

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Don't ask anyone other than Allah.

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There is nothing too small or too big to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa. So make this into a habit. When you go to the masjid on the way, make dua and say Yara, I'm going to worship you there's no other reason I'm going to image worship you make this salah of mine the best salah of my life

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saved me from shaitan save me from the service of shatter save me from distractions. enable me to worship you in a way that you are pleased with.

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Make this when you're going to your for your work, say Oh Allah, I'm going to earn a halal risk. And obviously if you're if you're what you're hearing is not halal. You can make this so make it Allah. So Allah I'm going to earn her Alice make it easy for me put Baraka in this for me.

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Give me what I work for, and give me more from yourself as a gift from you.

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Give me a risk and Kareem give me risk which is with honor and which is easy and which is dignified.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala for this

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when you are at home and you're returning home so Allah I'm returning home.

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All Praise be to Allah Hamdulillah that you have given me a home to which I can return. See what's happening to the people in Yemen today. See what happened to the people in our stand see what's happening to the people in Ukraine. They have no hope to return to

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Hungary Allah give us a whole return to make dua and say well you gave me old ram to learn how to learn but I have to return to yellow make this home the Best Home make this home full of people who are obedient to you who follow you obey you who follow your hubby Bahamas Allah Salah and make me among them.

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When you're eating your food, make do and say oh Allah make this food, a means of guidance for me a means of sustenance for me so that I can worship you more strongly and better.

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This is what the same is true. There are the drawers of resources for every single thing in life. Try to memorize them even if you can't memorize them, do they? Or do you make them make up your own drives and make this device connect with Allah subhanaw taala

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and the way to connect with Allah's rottenness or talk to him, Jelena Allah, Allah knows all languages, he's the creator of all languages he can hear you can see you real time he's seeing and hear you anyway. Make dua to Allah smarter and make Ramadan the month that you are going to go on and on and on making dua after the after the one we ask Allah subhanaw taala to go to Claire and Baraka in those doors and

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Give them what gives you what you ask with hierarchy insha Allah wa salam ala Anna will carry while he was allowed to go