Tawfique Chowdhury – Ramadan 2016 – Tafsir Surah Az-Zumar – Day 5

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various verses in the Quran, including one about war, Hope, and forgiveness, as well as a woman named Jesus who forgives everyone and promises forgiveness. The discussion also touches on the origins of the Bible and the stance on religion, as well as the punishment system of Islam, including the presence of the presence of Mohammed Salah and the presence of three specific figures. The segment emphasizes the importance of good deeds and fasting, as well as the need for excelism in achieving success. The Surah Taha session is also mentioned, with a discussion on the importance of Islam in society and upcoming events.
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Swami Curatola barakato my brothers my sisters Islam Welcome to our Ramadan series on with us here are some of the most beautiful verses of the Quran Alhamdulillah we've been carrying on without the seal of Surah zomer let's carry on inshallah Allah We have with us from verse number 53 onwards. And you know, soon as Omar is known for many of its qualities, and many of its amazing verses,

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but nonetheless, more so because of these verses in verse 53 onwards, some of the most powerful verses about some of the most powerful verses about Toba. So it was reported as CEO of El Corte to be Rahim Allah, that the scholars or the format hubs all got together, the students of the forum memes all got together and they asked each other, which verse in the Quran did your share meaning your image of the of the method used to consider the most the verse that that creates the most hope for him or her? So one of them said, it is the verse where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, where Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive

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other people Salah because of a simple statement robina

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in another lambdin pasa now for a lot of land,

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sitting right where you left off, fill out the handle and academic hustling while we have wronged ourselves and so if you do not forgive us that indeed we are lost. So we know that these that this verse gives a lot of hope, because it's just a few verses and Allah forgive another one another one said, because what Allah says nothing about the volume in, in,

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in in me not so much on YouTube, barely those who have the believers that they don't repent. So here, Allah says that those who have the disbelief of believers still have a chance to repent because others can still accept their repentance. So that shows therefore, that inshallah Allah, if the enemies of God those who hurt Muslim mean, they can still be repentant for them. Now, what about the rest of us from the left? So this is one of the verses that gives him the most hope. Another person said, the verse that gives me the most hope, is how Allah subhanho wa Taala answered the door of Satan. So shaytan had disobeyed Allah. And then right after that, he said color of the under

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Nila, homeopathic, Allah give me respect to the Day of Judgment. So Allah says to him call the inner communal mumbling. He said, Indeed, I've given you. So the scholar said here, if after doing a massive sing in front of Allah in Jana shaitan, has the audacity to continue on the arrogance still make $1 ad alike sets the DA that what about any one of us? How do we think that our dogs can be accepted? Why do we think that we are so simple that Allah will not listen to us? You know what I'm saying? So that's another word. And then the fourth one, which is the students that human even made. were asked which verse did your shift is to consider the verse that gives the most hope? He said

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this verse in Surah azumah. These are the verses where Allah subhana wa Taala talks about forgiveness and mercy. So Allah says, say Obama says to my slaves, yeah, the old my slaves, Allah, the Seraph, who Allah unfussy him those who have wronged themselves. Yeah, because sin is to really wrong yourself. How amazing is that? law to do not despair, mira Mattila from the mercy of Allah. In the law. You have a pharaoh Luba Jimmy al Verily Allah forgives all sins in the who, who Allah for him verily he has the most brilliant

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Big most merciful. So we find from this verse my brothers and sisters Islam, that Allah subhana wa tada telling the believers, it doesn't matter how you have wronged yourself what type of sin how many times you've done it, how long you've done it for, but know that Allah forgives all sins, He is the one forgives all the know, in one go for him. So how many times is Allah confirm that he forgives him. So first he said

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la kanakapura de la. First is to not despair. Number two, in the La Jolla of rural Virginia, the fact that he forgives sins, and then he forgives all types of sins all jemmy then the fourth type interval verily he is alpha four and he is a four The one who is full of fraud and forgiveness and the one was Rahim The one who is merciful to the believers, can you see five different ways this verse reaffirms confirms that mercy and forgiveness is, is there for the one who asks for it. So therefore my brothers Islam Do not hesitate, do not hesitate, break the cycle of sins, say a start straightaway and we'll have the loan forgive and five ways ally in that verse. Confirm that he loves

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to forgive and he will forgive. were unable in honor of the comb and returned back to your load Another is to turn turn back. So another illallah wa and he will allow meaning to turn back to Allah so return back to your Lord was slim Allah who and submit to Him min probably it a couple other before any one of you punishment comes to you through Malathion sorrow that you will not be helped when he returned back to Allah before the day comes to you any type of other than punishment, and then you will not be helped meaning repent now before less punishment comes because Allah gives you a respect and a time and repentance is always there, but within the frame of time, and so what is

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the frame of time, some scholars said number one, it is before death. Some scholars said it is before the sun rises from the from the west, it rises from the east, but that day will come and rise from the west sunset it was before the day of judgment all of them mean the same thing meaning before your final opportunity, and the fun opportunity without the beat or death or with the advent of the day of judgment or the sun rising for the West, which of these things happen, whichever these these things come before then that is the point at which Allah will not accept any more repentance. And to show you how algebra practice is so certain, and so definite, remember the duration which is

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in soon enough that may be where jabril came down to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, Yeah, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, If only you could see me when Phil around was on it was in the middle of the sea and ocean. And as the water was coming down upon him crushing down, and as he realized that the truth is manifest, and Allah was going to drown him and kill him. He said, I want to be Haruna WUSA at that point, you should have seen me Yeah, mahabis Islam, how I was throwing dust into the face of the Round House throwing dust into the face of the out from the bottom of the sea, hoping that Allah has mercy does not reach him before that reaches him because of the amount of hatred I

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have for this man. So the mere action of debris, the actual debris of throwing sand into the face of the round, shows that even debris is so certain Allah's mercy overtakes the person who seeks it. Yeah. Allah mercy overtakes a person. It fills my heart with full of hope when I read that narration, because it tells me that you know, what, if that was around, and jabril was so afraid of was mercy would overtake him before his death would come? That what about us what would stop Allah's mercy from coming to us and that is why

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Allah says it is no Nia, Allah He, by Allah, much of the move, I don't fear since say for in Allah Allah said, we will have to have Ronnie For indeed it is upon the path of forgiveness and repentance. While I came, however, I fear, insula or be the turning away of this heart, live mentality even wider you will put me from commanding by this way, this revelation and with this quote. So that is what he's afraid of. He's afraid of what might happen to him in the future, and that he would stop being upon the dean but what he is not afraid of, is calling is repenting to Allah and the repentance that might that might reach him from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So

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Allah says we're unable in Arabic home Arabic

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To your Lord was the moolah who and submit to Him will have the idea Komal

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was to bilateral sorrow before punishment comes to you, then you cannot be helped, nor will your Toba be accepted. What What have you said about it they could never become and follow the best of that which has been revealed to your Lord meaning that

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when public mean public, to qumola, either

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before the punishment that comes to you, but the fans suddenly want to latch on and you do not even know where it came from, meaning the fit the one thing that can stop us for the Punisher or the two things that can stop us from punishment Allah is the presence of Mohammed Salah, and the presence of Toba. If the Mohammed Mohammed says Allah is no longer there, the only thing that is stopping us from the punishment of Allah is the Toba of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is what was of the says in the Quran, woman can Allahu

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wa can Allah,

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Allah will not punish them, as long as you are with them, and Allah will not punish them as long as they are repenting to me. So therefore, the only time that punishment comes down to us is when we stopped repenting. And that is why when the drought happens, what is the door that we make a celebrity's discard it is all about Toba because what stops the rain from falling and from the productivity from coming in and water coming to us is the number of sins that we have. So if wanting to extinguish the anger of Allah with with our our sada and extinguish the punishment of Allah, and stop and put a barrier to the punishment love from coming to us, with our regular and constant over

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like, I'm cool enough Sonia has serata Be wary that lest you might say on that day has rocked our world to me. And I'm off of work to feed Jamila about what I overlooked in the right of Allah what input to laminal ha Siri, verily, I was for the wrongdoers. So this is the first explicit law says that when you die, the first excuse of those people who did not make Toba who didn't make amends who didn't do good deeds. Firstly, they're going to say is yeah has left me or will to me and an awful lot to jump into. From what I've overlooked about the health of a loved one was the first lamenting the first excuse of the person who does that the first excuse will be the fact that he has

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overlooked the health of Allah. upon him is the first excuse he will give the second excuse he will give out Apolo anila danila punto Minamata pain if only Allah had guided me, I would have been tapping here. The second thing to do is where you actually blame Allah and blame Allah further. And that is you blaming a lion saying there lies the one who is guilty. So this is LaWanda la da de la quinta Minamata peace only Allah had guided me that I would have been from the from the from the booty. So instead of blaming yourself, you blame Allah and his father, which is bad. Or the third thing you say out akula Hina talaga or that you end up saying when you see the punishment in front

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of you and all the excuses melt away. Now under the current time, if only I had a camera Raja means of going back for a poor nominal machining then I would have been from the good doors, meaning I would have then gone back and done good. And I would have gone back to this life and did the deed which is given saw the car and speak good words and work in the cars online. So these are the three excuses you will give. Let's take those excuses once again. First excuse is oh yeah has got to be Jamila. Woe to me how I overlooked a heck of a lot upon me, what we include the lamina saffire and invariably was from the ones who were lost out akula Hinata run out akula anila Danny akumina Mata

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Ki, if only Allah had guided me so that I could have been from the raw from those who are God fearing or when you see the punishment, then you say, I wish that I had a means of going back so that I could be from my sin eternal good doors, but

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it rather my sons had already come to you. Dr. B has a new a new light upon this a newer hottie and proud welcome terminal Catherine and us from the disbelievers and for the disbelievers. That's why a mother's gonna punish us, meaning we had the opportunity and take it we heard the people respond. We had time. We didn't act upon it. We had money we didn't give it. We had sins but we didn't repent and that's why Allah Subhana Allah is punishment comes down Bella.

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The random assigns that already come to you was stuck, but

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you lied. And then you're happy and proud, Stephen. You know, leave. This is not for me another time they'll need to pray to me to pass it into matoba I'll do it when I'm old. But now I'll do Hakuna Matata. Now. We're stuck with our code Tammy and Kathleen, and you are from the disbelievers Wyoming. And on the Day of Judgment thoroughly, taboo, you will see those people that lied against Allah, Allah Who would you whom you will see their faces blackened because today, the faces of whites, or they seem innocent because of the lies that they spend. But the Day of Judgment, the fallacy fallacy, the fallacy of their lies will show in the color of the skin but the darkness of

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the of the color of their faces not that Islam is saying the black is bad, no, even the black people will look blacker on the Day of Judgment, the white people will also look like black faces because that is the color less chosen for for sign of doom and gloom.

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whalemen Pm eternity cada who Allah who you must watch that you will see their faces blackfin and acfe Johanna is not in jahannam must well when Buta kabiri a place and a dwelling for those who are arrogant is not in jahannam a place for those people who are arrogant about Allah azza wa jal why not jilda levena topo Mufasa to him Allah will indeed energy Allah will save

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those who had fear of Allah the Messiah to him, because of the good deeds that they used to do buffers is the means by which they used to attain

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what was the means by which they used to attain flows or success. It was the deed that made them come closer to Allah, it was the deed that was acceptable to Allah. For some, it is fasting some it is Hajj, some it is the cloud some it is cm, some it is jihad, some of these dollar for some It is really put up. And you know, one of the things that

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himolla says it a * of a day. He says Allah subhanho wa Taala has divided his the good deeds to people. So for some people, certain good deeds are easier than others.

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And for other people, other good deeds are harder than others. So it was reported that some of us have a love to fast every single day or every second day, others have preferred not too fast because their fasting would take them away from a great deal which is Salah. Like we must deal with Allah No, it was reported that he would not like to make too much nephal fasts, like many other Sahaba like to do. Why because he preferred to actually use his strength. And he would find that, when he used to pass would get weak, he couldn't revise the plan. He couldn't pray tahajjud so he preferred the hedges and Salah over fasting. So you see the origin of Islam, they understood that it is about

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knowing which deed Allah has made easy for you and then you focus on that for some people genuinely giving sadaqa in big amount is easy. For others genuinely like me, for example, I know Allah has made Tao easy for me. But I know for example, allies made fasting hard for me because when I fast I, I feel I feel very thirsty. So therefore I know I need to excel in my act of Dawa more than I need to excel in other ibaadat which are more difficult and that is how Allah azza wa jal will create Alma files.

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While unit jilda will Nadine attacco and Allah will save those who had fear of Allah be matassa t him with their affairs with the things that will save them ly most of most, so they will never be touched by evil. One of them yes or no nor will they ever agree. Allah will file a poco de chez Allah, Allah is the Creator of everything. One while our condition in working at He is our key or a he is a disposal of the affairs of all things. The fact that Allah is highly coupled a means that you know how some philosophers philosophers say that the universe has always existed will always exist. This is not true. Universe did not always exist. There was a finite time, at which point the

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universe began to exist. And that is Los Angeles the Holocaust coalition including the universe right? So every single thing had a beginning and every single thing will have an end and allies a highly frequently shaped wahala coalition. Okay, and here's the disposal or the one who's an agent for all affairs level McCarty this summer what he will do for him are the Macaulay

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Which are the affairs are the keys recorded as they say the keys would have as the keys to what keys to all greatness kills the power. He's to the utility of the heavens of the earth. All of this belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala one Medina cafaro big delay and those who

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disbelieved in the signs of Allah Buddha, who will foster they are the wrongdoers. They're the wrongdoers. So to Allah belongs at all. So if you need any Baraka any help in this dunya asked from Allah only, because only he has the keys to the heavens of the earth will follow your ally, Moroni. He didn't say is it other than a law that you ordered me to worship or the ones who are wrongdoers, or the ones who are ignorant. And so in the end, the word jarhead has been used synonymous with the one who is a character are the one who is a wrongdoer. The one who's a sinner. This is because when we sin, we are giant about Allah azza wa jal, and that's why we are jarhead about Allah Jalla with

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the punishment with jail about the consequences. And as a result, because of this ignorance, we sin and because of this reason, it is because of this reason why, why this has been called why Cindy has been called john

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Maroney I would

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say is it other than Allah that you're ordering me or the ones who are ignorant one of the oh here he later it has revealed to you what 1111 publica and to those before you like in a shop, that if you associate partners with me,

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then your deeds will be destroyed. One of the Conan Amina facility and you would be from the wrong doors. So, equity, if you can ship with alive then you die without repenting. All your good deeds are destroyed, there's nothing left of your deeds, all of your good deeds will not be rewarded to they will not be helpful to you, all of them will be suddenly destroyed and that is why my brothers and sisters Islam the first priority of every believer first Friday of every day, the first priority of every man is to tell the congregation tell their people tell their family about the heat, because the heat is the single most important priority for which is the this this what I was revealed and

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which the profits was sent

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back to Matera stolen, and it Buddha law which

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we sent a message to all mankind to our people to worship Allah and to stay away from the evil evil, Tao good. Belinda good brother, this Allah that you should worship or couldn't mina shaqiri and be from those who are thankful. So do advise us Allah azza wa jal and do super awesome. And if you don't use sugar cane, the know that this is tantamount to disbelief of swell. And if you do sugar affirm that Allah will increase you in it. And all of this is all about our body and slavery to Allah. Well, my father in law others finally Allah ins these verses, by telling us why people sin was because they did not give Allah the correct estimation mapa de la haka, they did not think about

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Allah and give him the correct estimation. while ago Jamie and the earth will be totally in his grip in his right hand part of Baku Yama

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was similar to what we are to be me and the heavens will be folded up in his right hand superhead and what Allah Glory be to Him, and high above is he admonished Chico for what they associate his partners with him. And this verse shows why do we say brothers and sisters because we don't think of it as we should think about it if we truly thought he's here with us, he's listening he is hearing he will ask us about it. It is being written down if we really thought about this to be actually be so eager to sing we weren't. So it is when our timer in Allah goes down that is when we set the scene and that is why also be wary of the belief of a lot of people out there who have had a thought

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and inherit about the names, attributes or law those who distort these attributes Allah that never ever leads to leads to in our heart to have Performa it always leads to weakness of Eman leads us to sin. But when that is firm in our hearts, when that is firm that is when it leads to a shantala correct estimation of Allah azza wa jal when that ultimately leads to us, giving Allah subhana wa Taala the respect that he deserves and will come to the lab here Abuja solely for him while our pajamas

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to my heavens will be folded up in his right hand. So part of what Allah praise between

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him and glory is he? Is he a MySQL from what they associate as partners with him? hamdulillah zachman affair This is the extent of our of sera sera Zuma today. It was a shorter session today than others, but we'll have the lattices enough and Kapha one.

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Tomorrow is a final session on tourism. Tomorrow inshallah Allah will finish as soon as over with the description of the Day of Judgment. Yeah, make sure you're there and by everyone to listen in, about how Allah Subhana Allah describes the Day of Judgment. After that inshallah we'll move to Surah Taha inshallah Allah insha Allah, whichever Allah makes it easy for us.

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Thank you once again. So Miko

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