Adnan Rajeh – Quranic Reflections Ramadan 2023 #27 – Surat Al-Mumtahinah 1 to the end of Surat Al-Maarij

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The "elf" series covers various topics including marriage, domestic relationships, and relationships with non Muslims. The series also covers topics like the importance of fairness and justice in religion, the concept of a leadership system, and the use of the "one point of the" concept. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to be able to stand in a public space and not be the only ones doing so. They also stress the importance of purifying oneself and teaching others to purify themselves. The series provides advice on forgiveness and apologizing for mistakes, as well as a video of a woman slipping out of a car and losing her life.
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All right

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hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know, have you been on Muhammad while early he was like a big man or bad finally starting to lose my voice

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this year actually kicked in pretty late for and Hamdulillah we were very lucky so far very fortunate I'm doing now.

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So tonight is the more nights. Technically speaking, there are three more nights tonight. This is the 27th and then 28 tomorrow and then Wednesday. The ninth Wednesday is the autumn, Wednesday, we received the last pieces of jazz, um, basically from a Shem, sore boho, whatever we were able to make up for the last day. And they will have to do of course that night as well. So if you if you see that we're kind of head it's just because we tried to leave the last night with a very small portion of a citation. So that takes a little bit long, not too long, but if it's delivered, I mean feel guilty and too tired.

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Today we're gonna recite from Susan Medina to the end of sorts of marriage.

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just from imagery data to honey in this cluster of Surahs talk about the different types of relationships that exists within the Muslim ummah, and

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what the Muslim ummah should view in terms of that's why we talk about when after pain talks about leadership and Salaam. Juma, it talks, talks about domestic relationships with the Pollak. It talks about all these different types of relationships, and it's very each store has its own niche and you can go back the sewer summaries that I did over the last two years to listen to the details if you're interested, and then use it in Mali, or baraka from Malawi to Elmore. Salud, this talks about what is needed. But someone who's going to perform Dawa to Allah subhanaw taala needs, what the requirements are, he sort of gives you a requirement.

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He sort of gives you an example of $1 that worked or didn't

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the different methods that dowry is given. That's what America talks about. And tomorrow inshallah we'll we'll talk a little bit we'll just unmowed shade I spent a

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sizable amount of time doing deep seated both in English and in Arabic. So you'll find a lot of material online if you want to know details of the Sunnah. But without further ado, we'll kind of move forward with some of these verses because we have a lot of some interesting stuff to cover today shows I'm hoping we can get through most of them. So let's start with with seven number seven from sorta till

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I saw law who a gyla been calm ouabain and Lovina D to mean

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well law who buddy will law who love food or Rahi

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this verse comes right before two verses that are very famous and everyone kind of knows the meaning of them. But he says to partner with them, and again certainly talking about the relationship we have with non Muslims

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and those who seek refuge with us from as much as new Muslims as Allah Who and yeah Jollibee Unicom Balbina Lavina de two min hum Muhammad, may Allah subhanaw taala

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make between you and your enemies, the people that you have chosen to be your enemies or those who behave as your enemies may Allah subhanaw taala make between you and your enemies. My what? What that means love

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you saying Subhana wa Tada i said i sat in the Quran means something that is probable that Allah subhanaw taala would like to do.

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So Allah Who and yeah, for whom, may Allah Subhana Allah forgive them, it means this is what his goal is, is what he is hoping to achieve. This is what the 90 the outlook is. So he says I said Allahu Allah vena cava vein Alladhina de to Muhammad is saying that in Sharla, it's going to happen, meaning we hope and we try to achieve this goal, which is Allah subhanaw taala making between you and your enemies, love. And if it sounds insane, he says Allahu Kadir, right after it, and Allah is capable of all and if you wonder, Well what about all of the mistakes that the our enemies have committed and all the atrocities that they have? They have committed to Allah hula food or Rahim,

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Allah is the most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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I find it really hard to have, I need to understand how a book having a verse like that in it, and later on be played as some form. Betrayed is something violent. Like I don't understand

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how that's possible. This is an area where Allah saying he hopes and he aims to make between you and your enemy, the enemies that you've been fighting for the last couple of years to make love, that allow there to be loved between you. I mean, between what between you and your enemy you hope for peace, you hope for a truce. You hope

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For maybe just

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put the arms down for a while and stop stop fighting Allah subhanaw taala saying Charlotte they'll be love.

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Jello make make you love each other.

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If it sounds weird hola hola dear. If it sounds impossible Allahu la foto Rahim the same verse, and then he proceeds Subhana wa Tada to explain to us the relationship that dictates the ratio we have with non Muslims lie and how to Allahu Allah Deen lmao Patino confit dini. What am your courage to come in dare enter the room or to proceed to lay him in Allah your head will knock us up and Allah does not deny you are discouraged you regarding the people who disbelieve in your faith, but I've never fought you.

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And I've never removed you from your land. We have not pressed you we did not try to take away your right to believe nor did they try to oppress you and take away your possessions they did not perform volume upon you. He does not deny you or discourage you from showing them bitter beer as I explained at the beginning of the month is the word that describes the best characteristics like the best thing you've got your best behavior towards someone your best behavior in general is sent your best behavior towards someone is called bitter. So he says yes sir. And I believe it Dania and I can ask the best you've got and then we can say bitterly validate because that's the best you can give

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towards them specifically. So enter the room is the word that's used in the Quran, show them your bill. Give them your best way to proceed to elect him Don't be fair be merciful upon on top of fairness that's what that's that's what this means. I did is just fairness or justice is fairness plus, plus a little bit more as the habit misc as they say on top something something extra. So I'll show them show them some compassion. In a million How can will love and in Latina kata Lu confit Dini or coraggio, community recom of our How to either ecological and our loan, exclusively. Allah subhanaw taala denies you, from short from from building alliances with those

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who tried to deny your your right

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to the freedom of faith, or help those who are trying to deny you your right of freedom of faith, or tried to remove you from your land or oppress you. He says exclusively these are the people I tell you do not build alliances with, don't take them as your allies, someone who's tried to oppress you or continues to oppress you or denies you the right and don't take them as your allies. That's it.

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There you go. That's the that's the breakdown.

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That these are the teachings of Allah subhanaw taala in terms of relationships you must have with people who are different than us, who defy our faith or don't follow what we believe in.

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Tell me in these verses that you just listened to, what in them

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could possibly cause a Muslim?

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To feel embarrassed to hide his faith or her faith? Or what could possibly justify violence within our deen? Or how could you accuse a date of faith of violence if this is what Allah subhanaw taala is saying?

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I stick to that first verse. Because I don't think there's something equivalent to it in any other book of scripture or any holy text. I still love who and yet you're either bringing a cool well being in a Latina day to min Houma what he wants to have love between enemies subhanho wa Tada that's what he's hoping to achieve your enemy that you were you fought on the battlefield inshallah one day there'll be love

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legit Allah

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very appropriate message for these knights.

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Let's do number two of Joomla

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one lady behind me you know lawsuit I mean, whom yet slew already him. He will use a key him while he was a key him while you are leaving home will Kitab matawa in

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bada bing to Jamar talks about the

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concept of leadership within our deen and we recite it every Thursday night in Asia. And it's named Jomar very appropriately because Jomo and the concept of the Friday prayer is, is just manifestation of a leadership system that is installed into our deen

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three to three months that Muslims find themselves in some part of the earth. They get together and they build a masjid and they have Jamar no matter where they are gonna be scattered in any part of the world anywhere.

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Iceland or Greenland or somewhere in some abandoned island somewhere in the Pacific or Atlantic, a few Muslims, if they're there, you'll build a small Masjid. They'll make them Rob, I remember and there'll be a drummer and one of them will give a hold. Well, this is a system of leadership of organization within our deen that Allah subhanaw taala has killed himself.

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Imagine the number of humans that are given

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around the world. Yes, think of every thought at the number. It's actually quite

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You know, bothersome.

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When you actually think about the number of the hundreds of 1000s of Jomar are given every week.

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Millions of people, millions of people around the world attend Jomar every week. How is it that we're so disorganized? It's beyond me. Like I We are professional, ruining something that works. Or, or else there's really no way for me to, I can't justify because we are an OMA that gathers weekly. Every week, there has to be some form of leadership that's instilled in our society. But there's some I'm not going to go on the ranch because it's the 27th Night let's keep it nice and late inshallah.

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But with intuitive Joma he tells us the purpose of sending Prophets and Messengers subhanho wa taala, because that's their job. They are the leaders and those who stand in their spot later on are supposed to lead on their behalf. Everyone who gets done, this member is a big deal. Anyone that gets on it has to understand that they stand in the place of Muhammad Rasool Allah SallAllahu sallam. This is something that when you seek knowledge, you're not granted the ability to do until a very long time. It was years years into my follow up before I was allowed to do it on a need any as needed basis. And I only was allowed to do it after I did it within the message of my shift a number

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of times, actually more than one of them with their presence as they observed and they listened to give you the permission to actually give Jamal because Juma is not just something I need. That's, that's it's not an open source. No, you're standing in the end, you're standing because either your Salatu Salam is not here. That's why you're standing there. If he was here, Alia Sato, Sam, get down. And he would get on Ali has taught him to speak this is his member. This is his don't we stand we stand on his behalf. Allah has stood out to us. And so when we speak, we better be speaking on his behalf, saying what he would have said that let you throw to a sermon conveying a message that

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he would approve of, but Allah Allah CIBJO seldom, this is the concept of Joomla is very, very dangerous, a big deal. I take it very seriously. And I think people should do as well. I don't like the idea of 1000 Joomla is running in a city where there's like, multiple No, no no as needed, as need how many humans do you need for the population? That's what you have Jeff here as a that it's one.

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It's one Joomla if there's more than one you pray, Lord afterwards, because there's something wrong, it's one Joomla you just keep on expanding, everyone should complete one place, because it's the concept of leadership. If a society has 100 Joomla is happy day. This is a scattered society that has no centralization, centralization whatsoever and there's no hope for it to move forward.

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The concept is very clear in the Quran, and what are the teachings who will lead the back that will mean he's going to send amongst the ignorant or the illiterate or sunnah men whom a Prophet from amongst them to do four things. These are the purpose. These are the purposes of profits. Actually him a TV when he was a key him while you're a limo, who will Kitab I will hikma for him to recite upon you the Signs of God. Not the verses of the Quran know the Signs of God, meaning the first thing he does is he tells you on whose behalf is he speaking, because Himalayas lottosend speaks on the behalf of Allah subhanho wa taala. So we have to tell you his signs that you may believe in

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who then you will follow us be in touch so he has to tell you who God is. There are certain characteristics of Allah subhanaw taala that you don't have access to if the prophet Allah uses them does not explain them. If they're not explained, you're not going to lend to it from it. You can't know Allah Subhan appropriately if he does not explain some Allah Hadees I'm gonna send him who he is. That's the first thing a prophet does is tells us who God is. What exactly does he want? Why are we here? Who is he? What's the point

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where he was a key him and he purifies them, purifies them, take that one and just hang it somewhere. And just think about it and just look at it as it kind of shrivels away, he was a key him. The point is to purify them, teach them, what they the monster that lives inside of them. Teach them the problems that they're dealing with, that has nothing to do with their circumstances or their environment or what other people are doing. The issues that are what's going to cause them to fail that exists inside of them. And the key to their success, which is also inside of them, to teach them how to purify because if they don't have self awareness and they don't, aren't capable of

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performing self analysis or self accountability, there is no hope for anything or anyone. We're doomed. We are doomed in the most dark sense of the word. If there's no concept or conceptualization of the music key him or purifying them. Number three, we are limited when will keytab we must teach them the laws and rulings of the book, while Hekmat and the wisdom to practice these laws and rules appropriately.

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That's the point.

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That's what Prophets were sent to do. And everyone who stands in the in the position of a prophet, those who take his place out of your Salah to some to speak on his behalf. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us must do these four things must convey to people these forests.

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There's no need to get too scattered. It's just it's just these four things. Let them know who God is. Let them know who Allah subhanaw taala is help them purify themselves, teach them the laws and the wisdom of how to practice them.

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And we're good everything else our accessories and additions that are nice if if you ended up being fine finding time for let's do it number 14 of sorts at the lobby

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preferably today

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I will do we learn in a shape on your wall gene in

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a more liquid dewpoint fitna.

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Oh, actually, I know what I want this time. Yeah. Are you learning

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in deeper, more deeply Module One Lacrimosa? Who whom one is who is also who I tell the females in law, health or food and why he is a very appropriate first for me to explain to you on the 27th night of Ramadan, I can't lie

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and act like I don't love the 27th night. I do. I don't believe that it's the only night that you should come to to measure into Oh, yeah, for by any by any measure. I think that Allah subhanaw taala hit a little button for a reason so that we show up. But culturally speaking, I grew up in a country where the 27th Night was heavily celebrated. And all of me as you hinted at a little bit differently. So I can't help but do the same. It's just a bad habit that or maybe a good habit, I don't know. But it's a habit tonight shall it'll be a little bit of a all nighter.

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Now you will start at two o'clock or not 200. But the programming will start at two, technically at one of our best gives us starts is cut them out one, and then there'll be something at two to three, then three, three, obviously to 415 or 430.

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Program, they'll only be a gap between tarraleah. And between one o'clock and that's got is for people to go home and have their full tour if they haven't had it yet, or go and lie down to rest and then come back again to show so that's kind of the plan in general.

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This is the night where I think it's always important to talk about awful, he says Subhana wa Tada, you're Latina Manu, in I mean, as well as Chico, what hola decom, I do welcome back the room. This is a very peculiar area. Because when you think about it, this is not something you ever want to hear. We never want to hear that there will be amongst your wives or spouses amongst your children who are going to be your enemies. No, that's not what I want to hear. I want to know that someone who is very beloved to me very close to me, someone that I'm spending the majority of my life with my spouse, my children, amongst them are going to be people who are going to be my enemies, my

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enemies, I can understand if they're annoying, that's fine. That's kind of the part of the recipe in general, that's I can give that but my enemy I do want them. Now that's a scary thought. The scary thought that you can have within your own home, someone who's working against you. And again, I'm not going to talk about domestic violence here, which obviously is almost libre.

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And we need to rectify that in our community. But I'm just going to talk about it from a much more mild perspective. It's probably not milder, but it's just a different perspective. Let's say within your family are those who are not helping you come closer to Allah subhana wa, they're just not. They're not helping and doing your children or your wife or your husband, they're just not helping you become closer to Allah subhanaw taala in the sense of this verse, that's what he means by enemies Subhanallah without he's not talking about someone that you're you're at least we hope that they're not Yanni taking sorts to each other inside the household, but more of an issue of you're

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trying to achieve something, you have a goal, you have a destination, you're trying to be closer to Allah subhanaw taala someone's holding you back. That's your enemy, someone's pushing you back. He thinks volatile, unfortunately, sometimes amongst your children amongst your spouses will pick up the people who will be your enemies. So what do we do?

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divorce them, kick them out of the house, disowned them.

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To whom beware. Beware, don't let them do that to you. Don't let them harm what you're trying to achieve or hold you back or ruin Jana your your your momentum, or takeaway, your good intentions of trying to do it. So just be aware of the room. And Heather, cautious or caution. Just be cautious. Don't let them do that to you.

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I would think that when he uses the word, I do one enemy that he would give me a much more tangible thing to do. And it's something much more something I can I can measure. You'll give me remove them or replace them. Maybe but you know whom? You're your enemies, get rid of them get another spouse and children. He says the room and it was just that there will be so much for me to explain to you. But it doesn't end there. If that was the all the I said then there will still be extremely, extremely meaningful and the touching that this is what I was saying. Yes. Sometimes from your spouses and your children will people who won't support what you're doing. Just be careful. Just be

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careful, be cautious.

00:19:49 --> 00:19:59

gave no ultimatum subhanaw taala in terms of what to do, but then he goes beyond that. He says we're in tough who? What else what who? What that will be rule

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In the love of Google Rahim and if you pardon them,

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and if you

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forgive them.

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And if you let it go, if you just look the other way you forget about their transgressions. And indeed Allah has the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

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If you pardon them,

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and let it go and forgive them, then Allah subhanaw taala is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful.

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That is, if they're your enemies, your enemies, they are you're trying to achieve the substance of La Isla de la, the essence of la ilaha illa Allah and they are standing against you. They're holding you back. You try to pray, they try to stalk you, you try to fast they try to stop you read the Quran, they don't want you to read it. They're going against your goals, deem your enemies they told you if they're your enemies, be caution,

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and then pardoned them.

00:20:57 --> 00:20:58

Give them

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don't don't carry a grudge, this file, or spy stuff helps me it does. But I'll just let it go. Don't hold on to it. Don't let it bring it down and don't hold it against them.

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Imagine your wife or your spouse or your child wasn't really your enemy. He just disagreed on on tertiary issues of dunya you fought over

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stupid issues of this life. possessions or you disagreed on something that wasn't really wasn't that important to the bigger picture of things didn't really mean but this person loves Allah just as much as you do. hopes to be as good as you are, or better. They want you to be closer to Allah, they want to be closer to Allah subhanaw You're just fighting over meaningless, tiny petty issues that are based on large egos and small hearts, or tunnel vision, or just a lack of of openness or the lack of empathy or lack of compassion, or just too much Ghanian garbage within personal history, something like that. Imagine if it's not animosity if it's just something as silly as that as petty

00:22:03 --> 00:22:24

as that just a little bit of enough we just don't agree. We don't see eye to eye. He does she puts she doesn't Yeah, she does this when I come home and not that she he's he smells like this. He looks like that he doesn't smile when he cut. What are some things some stupid thing Forgive me some completely meaningless thought that we just we can't get over because we're just too self righteous.

00:22:25 --> 00:22:40

If it's if they're your enemy, if they're your enemy, he's saying be caution. Be cautious that forgive them and pardon them and look the other way because Allah has forgiving and imagine if something less than that. If it's less than that, what would you do?

00:22:42 --> 00:22:51

If not in in that what are we gonna say to God if it's not even that it's not even it's not they're not our enemy? You're not they're not our enemy. It's just we don't get along.

00:22:52 --> 00:22:55

He just he doesn't do exactly what I want him to do.

00:22:56 --> 00:23:03

He doesn't behave exactly how I feel that I deserve to be treated or whatever some something some somebody think.

00:23:04 --> 00:23:08

If we are GEMA tonight tonight perform awful.

00:23:09 --> 00:23:20

Tonight I'm asking you to perform awful not only against the people who are oppressed you I'm asking you to perform alpha towards your spouses and towards your children.

00:23:21 --> 00:23:26

If you carry in your heart for any reason, anything that is negative against these people

00:23:27 --> 00:23:28

even see

00:23:30 --> 00:24:01

jelajah Lula he like he left me with such an easy thing to do, even if they're your enemies because if I if I said that and it wasn't in the Quran, you would boo me or you would say whatever just Okay, move on to the verse after it understood. He said not me he said even if they're your enemy, he said if they're your enemy then pardoned them pardon them awesome. Let it go completely us why it was good to forgive just let's just move on. Move on. Don't carry it against them. Don't let this ruin it. Don't let this as long as they're you're not your enemy. No sorry. Even if they're your enemy.

00:24:04 --> 00:24:07

Even not as long as they're not even if they're your enemy. What if it's

00:24:08 --> 00:24:11

not your enemy? Then what's been what

00:24:12 --> 00:24:14

you want Allah subhanaw taala to grant you off well tonight

00:24:16 --> 00:24:38

you come here tonight early because you want Allah home and Nick awful went to Hebrew law for five one your time you're looking for that. You're searching out that pardoning from Allah subhanaw taala. See if you can do it first. Maybe Maybe if you can show that you can do it first. You'll do it free for you as well. subhanho wa taala. Maybe if you require if we expect something from him, we should expect it from ourselves. First show that you can pardon forgive.

00:24:39 --> 00:24:46

Channel that towards the people that are closest to you. Channel it towards the people that you should love the most and should be.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:59

Start with your spouse. Start with your children tonight. If you have the strength inside of you to move towards those who oppress you or mistreated you or harmed you then good for you. But if you can't at least start with those who matter

00:25:00 --> 00:25:11

or most of you leave nothing inside of you, of course has a history of course they fed things and behave in certain ways and deprived you of, of certain joy and maybe took away some of your rights at certain points or

00:25:13 --> 00:25:56

caused you some sort of pain caused you a little bit of suffering at some point, fine, fine. Even if they're your enemy doing that, for entire food, what else but who will tell you this is what he says to Parliament try to do? Are you realizing this what he said, is not me, I'm interpreting it as a it's not a third degree interpretation. Like I'm not I'm not taking words. This is literally what he said, Oh, those who believe indeed amongst your spouses and children will be enemies of yours, to be aware of them and be cautious, and if you pardon, look the other way and forgive then indeed, Allah is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. That is the literal translation of this verse.

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Allah He literally not even I did not paraphrase one letter in it.

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Like, I hope that is beneficial to you. May Allah Subhan Allah grant us the ability to make department so he may pardon us and shalom me let's do an ayah number for us so to me

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we're in NEC Hola. Hola. Hola. Okay, now we have alojado Hamid sol de la Hardy, he was seldom two or two column talks about what you require of ethics, the amount of ethics that you need in order for you to be able to perform an acceptable Dawa. It starts out by talking about the Prophet either your salatu salam and tells him what in Melaka agilon while you're on the moon, indeed, you're going to be given a never ending an everlasting reward. What ended up going indeed, la isla Hulu Karina Aleem and I swear that you are someone who continues all throughout his life to show the best of ethics. I love Lila Hello, it gives the sense that something is continuous. It's like it's a ball that's

00:27:04 --> 00:27:42

rolling, it keeps on going. So you have ethics is one thing law hold open meaning this is something continuous for you. You're always that way. Is consistency is that Allah audios like Mr. Lim is the most interesting aspect of his character. He was the same person, you could take a snapshot you could take any part of his life just a snapshot of any moment, any moment at all. in Makkah in Medina when he was being persecuted when he was winning a war when he was losing when he just had someone die. When he got married when he had his child when he enjoyed whatever it was, was going on. You spoke to him and said Allah, Allah sent him at that moment, you spoke to the same person

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spoke to someone who's just as empathetic, who was just as compassionate to was just as loving, who was just as firm, who was just as perseverant was just as grateful, who was just as Merciful. Allah Holly's like you said them never changed. That piece is what continues.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:40

continues to keep me going. Because I can't understand it. I feel like it's just one or maybe not one. That's actually a bad word. I feel a level that's way beyond me. I can't I can't see it that way. Like I know, because we're human. And depending on what you're going through, we have different attitudes. And sometimes we behave differently. But you look at him out of his thoughts, and he makes it seem effortless. Like it makes it feel female. It's nothing. It's easy. How easy how is this easy? How is it that you you lose the most beloved people to your heart and you walk out with a smile? How is it that you have nothing in your home and you still go and you find ways to give

00:28:40 --> 00:28:58

people the stuff that they need? I don't know how you do this. Why? How could you continue to care about someone who has tried to murder you? Multiple times over 1015 years? Why do you care? I don't understand. It's like it's hard. It's hard to wrap my head around why he continues to behave like that. Honestly, I am. I am beaten

00:29:01 --> 00:29:31

and beaten by his ethics. I use a lot to Islam. I surrender. I can't I can't hold a candle to this. This is this is not something I can do. And I have to be honest, I don't understand how he does it either. You're salatu salam, this is why Allah Subhan Allah speaks even like this law, the whole open. Aleem. Aleem is grand, grand, it's not great. It's not as grand. You have an ethic, you're different. But Allah Allah, Allah and he was he was different. At the end of the tunnel, I think I have it up there too as well. You have to I want you to be 51 for me quickly, because you want to be different

00:29:33 --> 00:29:35

bIllahi min a shape on your Watch

00:29:37 --> 00:29:59

ye Cardona Levy and I can't follow when I use any a goon I cannot be able slaughtering him lemon semiological rahua guna in Nahoon I imagine at the end of sort of column he says this subpoena what's in your car doula Deena California. They used to own a copy of a Saudi him

00:30:00 --> 00:30:19

usually means they want you to slip. That's the literal translation of the word. But just like it has a figurative metaphorical meaning and English has the exact same metaphorical meaning in Arabic. So when he said they want you to slip not on a banana peel, but rather slipped eyes and make one ethical mistake

00:30:20 --> 00:30:57

the slip up ones just lie once just do something wrong is give us some ammo is give us something we need to we need to be able to go to people and give them something of why it is they shouldn't listen to you so Allah Allah you I used to sell them and they were so caught up in this up someone find me some dirt, someone find me something on him and they go and they come back and they can't find anything. Like are you kidding me? No one's like that find something you must have done something at some point. At some age. We have nothing we can't find anything. So they sit there and they're hoping he slips at some point to the point where it is what the IRS says we're in your car

00:30:57 --> 00:31:25

do Ludhiana Cafaro loosely own a copy of Assadi him that they want to slip you up with their eyes that they're looking at. You're hoping they're just trying to force upon you to make a mistake. The messenger is decreed when they heard the remembers that you brought, and then they couldn't find anything. So they said in the whole image noon is insane. sallallahu alayhi salatu salam, Insanity is not an ethical problem. It's something different. Had he slipped up one Salli salatu salam, what he made of one mistake, one ethical breach.

00:31:26 --> 00:31:43

And this place, go back in history, just you know, people, the time travel nerds like myself who think it's going to happen, but it's not going to happen. But we'd like to think that it will go back to his time it is solid, awesome. And then imagine that he slipped up once. And then you come back and this place is empty.

00:31:44 --> 00:31:48

This place isn't domestic. It's not a masjid anymore, the clinic or something?

00:31:50 --> 00:32:26

Never was. And then Muslims, just numbers just disappear all over the planet all over the planet, just stop, stop existing anymore. All you have to do is slip up once. Because then Qureshi would have all the ammo they need. All they needed to tell people there's no reason to listen to him. And they wouldn't have. But he was impeccable. sallallahu alayhi, salatu, salam, and peccable for all his life, he passed away earlier. So that was some still with nothing he cashed in never. That's when he actually never, he never caught he took nothing from it all. He did all the work and then left it for us and took nothing with money. So it was and if that's not, if that's not something

00:32:26 --> 00:32:47

worth any surrendering in front of accepting, loving, acknowledging, being in awe of and then taking, embracing what you can avoid and trying to walk in those footsteps to the best of your ability that I don't know what is. Because to me, that is that is the ultimate example. That's the ultimate role modeling for this life. And everything else we do is just

00:32:48 --> 00:33:07

a very weak attempt to try and emulate him somehow. So Allah Holly, while he was abusing them, I'm going to stop there. Tonight, Michelle and Hamdulillah we have a nice little gift from Allah subhana wa Tada on the 27th night, brother Nate, who is going to give his shahada here amongst us, you will

00:33:09 --> 00:33:21

witness his his shahada, and then we will be in the light on and make dua for him for a few moments and then go for a solitary shot and shot with Allah. So if you don't want coming up here, it's like going to have the Where's where's the mic?

00:33:28 --> 00:33:29

There you go, this onslaught.

00:33:30 --> 00:33:33

What I like to pick this up and put it on there.

00:33:34 --> 00:33:41

I always like to say before we do these things is that anyone who accepts Islam, they don't lose anything. With accepting Islam, you win.

00:33:43 --> 00:34:18

Whatever you wherever you believed in before you don't lose them, you just win Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And what and what a victory that is and what a beautiful thing to win. And you win an understanding of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that is divine, that is beautiful. That is beyond what probably any other faith on the planet is capable of describing something that is so majestic. And so exalted, that you again, you surrender, you submit to his little Subhana, WA Tada and your heart is filled with love. You win a way of like, you win the book of Allah subhanaw. Taala is something that will continue to guide your way to the end to the end of your life, something that will only

00:34:18 --> 00:34:51

grant you enlightenment and beauty. So when you accept Islam, you end up having this role view that fits that allows everything to fit and everything works. We look at everybody, as people who at one point in time to faith and had a prophet that was correct. And we believe that Muhammad Ali against scientism is a continuation of all the messengers of Allah that He sent all over time. And we see ourselves as a part of this human family and as the ones who carry the concept of Tawheed and take it to them trying to save as many people as possible, including ourselves. So I show a little started in English and you can see it after being alright in Arabic and then you'll have to manually

00:34:51 --> 00:34:54

so just I'll give it one syllable at a time. So say, Hello.

00:34:56 --> 00:34:56


00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

you know

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

uh Ilaha

00:35:02 --> 00:35:07

illa Allah, Allah what a shadow wash her do.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:09

You know?

00:35:11 --> 00:35:12


00:35:13 --> 00:35:33

Rasul Allah, Allah, my bear witness, I bear witness there is no god that there is no God, but Allah, but Allah and I witnessed, and I witnessed that Mohammed, Mohammed is his final prophet is his final prophet messenger and messenger

00:35:35 --> 00:35:35


00:35:37 --> 00:35:55

Allah Who method bits homophobic Eman, Allahu merciful Hidayat Allah Lilu badda badda Allahu majaz. Woman Jaime ladywell If you didn't know most of us have Allahu Allah he was sending them but you will listen to him and whatever you're in, or what your milk piano team in maniototo Niger not in our immediate area he served in Walla adab watch my mouth

00:35:57 --> 00:36:38

Alameen Have you heard the letter T Mobile raka T Kareem cabana obits la Motta banner beat over to here on Bella Island him hola hola had you Palutena Beto but whenever we also do on a veto but when I naughty he when he diety here are hammer Rafi Nene Allahu mystic dinaledi Uniko unattested Denia au Yatta Yun la Medina yesterday who dagli nya or camera he mean Allah Khomeini Nick awful when to hit Bula for five one Allah who made in the car for winter Hibbeler for five one Allah who made niqab for winter hit Bula for five one was salah, who was a MOBA, like Alana you know Habib, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi urges my Islam Allah says congratulations

00:36:46 --> 00:36:47

congratulate him

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