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The Khutbah was recorded at the Euless Campus on Oct. 13, 2017

In Surah Al-Ma’arij, Allah uses a powerful word to describe the human psyche. Ustadh Nouman explains how the word “halu’a” ingeniously captures our knee jerk reaction to adversity; how we get angry, give up and slip into despair. On the flip side, when good things happen to us, our immediate tendency is to be greedy and fearful of giving wealth or even knowledge. Yet in the same surah Allah provides a remedy for this condition. It is through consistent prayer and charity that we can contain our default reactions, learn to be grateful and put issues into proper perspective.

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hamdulillah hamdulillah holifield would you demean Adam majali nudie mina volum are more courageous subliminal alum from will Kaito Betty Allen Adam furnish guru who Island Masai become an ash guru who Allah name when suddenly a lot of fully healed from the shadowfell Shami one neural atom. Well kitabi Welcome. Welcome Alan Urbina will say add one or the other. Elizabeth shalabi. Here is a new medium whether it be a Rahim Allah His Salam hanaa canaille Furukawa Isabella Hill Muharram

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for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he hide in Oman alesina barakallahu li him catheter NASA out of Birmingham one item

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and hamdulillah unless he let me attack it well then Well, me Aquila Hoshi, conceal milk, Columbia cola who will work a beer who tequila

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but hamdulillah Allah De Anza Allah Allah Abdi kita wollombi agenda whoever

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well hamdulillah Allah who wants to know who will stop Pharaoh, when we will be here when at our colony when Naruto Villa he Manchuria and fusina woman say Dr. Molina manyatta Hello fellow mobile Allah woman you believe fella howdy Ella. When a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hula Sri kala, when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu taala Bill houda verdienen Huck leovera who Allah de Nicola Walker fabula he shahida kosala Allahu alayhi wa sallam at the sleeve and Cassio Cassio da

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da da da da da da Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in the shuttle moving to Hawaii Nicola mo de la la la, la la la, la la la la la, la,

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la la la.

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La La hula, hula human shaitana regime in Santa Holika Holika Mustapha chartreux Joshua. What is the master Hola, hi Romano lol mousseline Latina whom Allah sadati him the moon. Aloha Miranda Milano Selena Latina Hamada salata him the imune rubbish actually, sorry, were silly. Emily looked at me lasagna, Coco de la Motta Bittner and del multiball La ilaha illallah wa la Mata and let me know, let me know what you heard what I was hoping what I was hoping. I mean, you know, but I mean,

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today's photo is about a few things that belong to sort of knowledge. And in my attempt to introduce these to you, I'll share something with you in general and then come to these ions. Allah azza wa jal created the human being and he didn't just create us like a machine, he created a lot of very intricate systems that all of us need to function. Our hearing has its own function, its own system, our seeing works its own way our minds work its own way, every part of our body has an entire mechanism behind it. And part of that creation that Elijah would have made is he made the human body react to things of course, if you're eating unhealthy food, your body is going to react a certain

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way, if you're in an extreme temperature, your body is going to react by sweating, or becoming uncomfortable, if something pokes you or, or stabs you or or bleeds you you're going to have a knee jerk reaction, you're going to immediately feel it, you're going to sense something. So Allah azza wa jal created this body with a sense of reaction. And that's part of the nature that allows me to have created us with it so Mercy of Allah, that he did that, because if we were in pain, and we didn't know that we could even die, and not realize that we're bleeding to death, or we're drowning, or something like that. So these sensations of discomfort that we have, that make our bodies react,

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even the sensation of hunger that makes us react to eat food or thirst makes us react, to drink. These are sensations of love put inside of us, for our own betterment. But there's another dimension to our creation. Of course, Allah created our bodies, he created ourselves, he created our skin in our bones, and the blood that flows inside it, all of these things are like created materially physically. But there's a demand another dimension to our creation, which is our thoughts, and our emotions, and what goes on in our hearts and our minds. And a lot of which are created that to the feelings that you have, whether they be anger, they be sadness, they'd be fear, the thoughts that

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you have, you know, that the analysis that you do, the projections that you make, and I make, all of those things are also actually something a large project created and empowered us with just like our physical bodies. And sometimes in the Quran, Allah will talk about the physical creation of the human being. And other times, we'll talk about how he made us as our personalities, what machinery that he put inside of our personalities and our hearts and our minds, that that we function a certain way. And of course, this is the study in modern times. Many would categorize this as the study of human psychology, right, how humans behave, how humans think, how humans feel, how they

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respond to certain situations, how they can navigate through their feelings and emotions and get get better etc, etc. But in these ions, Eliza gel actually describes one

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dimension of human psychology and the way we were made and that's really what this webinar is about. But before I get to that one last introductory thing, and that is that a lot as I said before these ions that I want to share with you he described judgment day and he described a very strange scene on Judgment a similar to which has been described only one other place, but this place in particular Allah says, What do modulo yesterday mean either Bo may even be when he was Sahiba t he was he or facility he Latina v woman fill out the Jimmy and from my Yoongi that of the criminal on judgment day is going to hope or wish for the the notion that he may be able to give his own child or his

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children, as Ranson as pay for him not to be thrown into hell. And then he'll he'll hope that he can offer his own spouse, or he can offer his brother or he can offer his extended family, the one that gave him protection and took care of him his entire time. The ones who guarded him he wants to he'd rather throw them and get them thrown into hell for him to be saved. And then Allah says, and there will be people on that day that will be so shocked by what's coming. They'll say, well, man, fill out the Jimmy and Puma Yoongi take everyone on the earth, let them go to hell just let me go. That's what they're going to say. So this is describing an extremely reactionary response to the shock of

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judgment a, and from there a lot immediately transitions to the IOP I want to share with you and those are in in Santa Haleakala. The human being no doubt about it has been created reactionary human being was created. And I'm roughly translating Hello, as reactionary human beings, when they when something happens to them immediately. They just want the problem to go away. Or if something good happens to us, we immediately respond in ways that may not even be appropriate. We overreact and we're quick to react, we're quick to judge a situation and just do what we do. Just like physically. If a needle touches you and you go like that, just like that, even in our minds and our

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hearts. When something happens, our thoughts and our emotions are sometimes out of control. And that statement by Allah is captured that idea is captured by the word hello. So before I go any further, I'm going to try to explain some meanings behind this word because it's a very choice word, Allah azza wa jal depicted here in this ayah to describe what we're like all the time. He says, He says in describing this word in Valhalla tiller to him, sack enough's. Terra xinova, oma usera are in the talk retallick, I will fit him in who, what he means in all, all by all of that, in Simple English is, it's the tendency of people to not be able to hold themselves back very little are they able to

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hold that hold themselves back, when something that bothers you, depresses you, makes you sad makes you angry upsets you something negative happens, you're not able to control your reaction to that, or you're able your ability to withhold it is very, very little, somebody said something absurd to you something offensive to you. You're sitting in a gathering and you're like, How could you say that? And there's a tendency, at the very least your face changes? At the very least, for some people, they'll explode right then and there and say, shut up. Would you say? And it'll become like that. You know, other people will say, you know, you could say that now, but watch what I say about

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you online, and yeah.

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Or whatever. They'll have reactions, right. And they're not able to withhold that reaction. Maybe they can, it's like, it's like, you know, that kettle that's boiling, and it's the lid is on, but it's gonna blow eventually. Right? So your ability to withhold it becomes Little by little, little and little by little. And similarly, when something good happens to you or something you were expecting, you're not able to withhold your reaction of joy, maybe your reaction to party, your reaction to over celebrate, etc. And so he's saying that we become reactionary at the, at the first onset of good or bad news. And we have very little control over that. We have very, we have very

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little brakes on it. And that's a less commentary first and foremost about this, this attitude of Hulu. He also adds that a lot use the word Holika. The human being has been created this way, as if a lot programmed us this way. Like we're made to be this way. And that's an interesting thing to say Holika Can I attend Anta makueni radical hulak Minh, who was Allah to Allah knifes meaning Allah said he were you were no doubt you were made this way to demonstrate that is actually your natural state. Like if you don't work on it, you're gonna be reactionary. Like you're not able to have withstand and be patient and be, you know, tend to not let things get to you. You're not like that

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naturally, you're actually reactionary naturally. I mean, think about children, when something bothers them. They're not like I should sit and have someone they start crying right away, or they throw a tantrum right away naturally as children grow, then they have to develop that skill of reacting in a way that's more controlled, right to withhold. But that's not something that occurs to us naturally, Allah is describing that our predisposed state is actually of being very impatient, and being very reactionary. Now, let me compare that a little bit with, you know, the physical body. our physical body is also very reactionary. It's also in a sense, very weak, but you know,

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There are people like, you know, people that are in the martial arts, for example, or boxing or whatever else, as they train their resistance for pain, and their resistance for, you know, otherwise uncomfortable situations goes up, they're able to withstand more than a normal person can, the human body is capable of some incredible things to withstand some incredible endurance. If it is put under regular training, you can't go to the gym one time, and then take a punch in the gut, you can't do it, you've got to be added for a long time, and build that resistance and strength and then you're able to withstand otherwise something that will make you that will knock you out, otherwise,

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you wouldn't be able to take it. And it's actually the same formula that Allah made for the physical body. In the physical world. If you want to get stronger, you have to build your resistance. If you don't, if you don't want the reaction of getting knocked out quickly, you've got to train yourself and get stronger. The same exact exercise program, Allah created for our minds and our hearts, that we don't become reactionary, with our thoughts with our speech, because speech is an expression of what your thoughts are, right? If you're gonna blurt something out, it's because that was going on in your head, in your in your mind or in your heart. And it's a lack of restraint, a lack of

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resistance that you possess, that you have the ability to have, that is letting it come out. That's letting it just just explode onto the scene. And so, now I want to share with you how mufa soon went when our classical scholars looked at this word, hello, human beings have been created, you know, allure, extremely reactionary, extremely quick to respond. How did they interpret this? There are several interpretations that they offered in all of them even I should correctly points out are actually not the the meaning of the word, but certain manifestations of it. It's not the disease. It's the symptoms, like how do you see this come out in life? It's a shadow, it's greed, like human

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being see an opportunity to make some money, jump on it right away. Or somebody just simple example, somebody is walking by they see like a $20 bill floating or something. They'll run across the street, even if it's dangerous, to go grab it before the wind takes it away. Right? This is, similarly a budget irritability. This is an important one, especially for younger people to get easily agitated. Like kids sitting in the backseat of a car, could you tell her to stop? He's still staring at me. Ah, you get annoyed so quickly, you get agitated and angry so quickly. What people say some people, some people will literally come and tell me, you know, that person's face bothers

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me. I can't stand it. I don't want to come here.

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Like that easily. You get agitated by the presence of someone by the voice of someone. By the words of someone, sometimes people in your own family, you just hear one word. This is like, oh god, you again. They just had Salaam, man, chill out. They didn't say anything else. But you become easily irritated by anything. They have to say. Like, you know, young people, they'll come home from college or high school or whatever. Mom says, How was your day? Mom? Could you please just stop? Okay, I had a long day. I don't want to get into it with you. All she said was how was your day? Why are you doing that? Why is your reaction such This is just easily becoming irritable at budget, then

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a shot, or shot actually stinginess. When something good comes to you. You want to hold on to it and you want to make sure nobody else gets it. I'll give you silly examples of this, you appreciate that. This is not some great evil. It's everyday things. You know, I'm boxer nice. I'll tell you about Pakistani weddings. When you go to bars and weddings, they have a buffet that they make you wait for an extra long time. So if you say it's eight o'clock, it's probably 11:30pm or fudger. You know when they're going to serve you dinner. But anyway, when you go to get the dinner, the guy ahead of you sees all this one tray of chicken and he's got chicken legs in there looks really good.

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He's gonna pile as many of them on his plate as he can. Because one day his grandchildren might be hungry, because he wants to make sure the person behind doesn't because if I ever come back for a second, and it's not there anymore, I want to insurance but they're gonna eat one or two pieces. The rest is gonna go into the garbage. But they can't help but avail the opportunity right now. They want all of it right now. Children have kids will have their toys, you buy them toys, after toys after toys, your house looks like Toys R Us. When you go inside, you can't step on, not step on the floor, but step on a toy. But once and they don't play with any of them. You don't play with none of

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them. But if some other kid comes to your house, and touches one of those toys, what does your child do? That's mine. Hey, that's my favorite toy. And then they start playing with it like it's just got it. And when that kid leaves the house and chuck it again.

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This is short, meaningful, reactionary, what we want to make sure what we have stays ours, and nobody else gets it. And if we have an opportunity to grab something, we just grab it. And nobody ever gets their hands on it because I might miss out on something. Whether you have something with you or not. That's the that's the attitude. And then of course comes on joueur though some of us who don't describe heluva as they're, like extremely hungry, extremely like starving for things all the time. Like even if you're not hungry, you feel like you want more. Even if you're not in need of money, you want more money.

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You're constantly you know gravitating towards more and more and more and

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Finally algebra, which is my favorite is that human beings become cowardly when bad things happen. When tough times happen, you buckle you crumble, you say, forget it. Life's over, you know what? I, you know, I just I just got laid off from my job. I just, you know, I'm just going to be homeless now what can I do?

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It's just, I'm done. It's finished. I'm just going to sit over here and nothing and you just become depressed and allow the world to just crush you. And you feel like there's no hope. No matter what you do, things are only going to get worse and worse and worse and you just buckle under pressure. And these are the symptoms of being hungover and in Santa Monica Allah. Allah azza wa jal takes two of those symptoms and then describes them. There are many symptoms, but he describes two salient ones in the next two. He says either massage shabu josua what is Mr. Hall Hiroo Meanwhile, he says when bad stuff happens to him when harm touches him in any way. When some discomfort comes your way

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comes my way. Then we become Jesu, Jesu, with the sub window sada Isobel, you become completely impatient, you lose it, whether you lose it by way of anger, by way of crying by way of buckling, by way of losing hope entirely by way of using foul language, you can have your own reactions, all of them will kind of come under this one word, just

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some people will, you know, face a bad situation. And as a result of it, they'll say, you know what, forget it. I don't want to pray anymore.

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That's it, I'm done. Or you know what, I have never had a drink in my life. But my life is so messed up right now. I'm just going to go to a bar and have a drink. Forget it, who cares? Anyway, life stinks. Anyway. I've even heard people say things like, the more I pray, the harder my life gets. So forget it. It's not like it's getting any better. You know, people will turn to drugs, alcohol, sin, people turn to all kinds of things to deal with a problem. And then they'll say, you know what, I was going through a hard time. That's why I did it.

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I just I was just gonna rough time in my life. And that's why you know, I, I did this, that and the other. That's not my I had my reasons I broke down. And ally actually acknowledges that human beings have that tendency. He's actually not criticizing it yet. He's not criticizing that yet. He's saying human beings are weak, they are reactionary. And when bad things happen, they do buckle, if they're not able to withhold, if they were good all this time, eventually, they just break. And then they do things that they would otherwise never have done. They become Jesu.

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And the other. The other extreme tendencies were either Roman law. And when good things come their way, when some good touches them, they make sure nobody else gets it.

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They make sure that they can hold on to it, and they prevent others from getting anywhere near that good muscle.

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And that this, I've seen this in the most extreme ways, like you have people that have become, they went through med school, they became doctors and they're established in their careers. They've got senior positions at the hospital or whatever. And they see some new kid come and he's just in his residency. He's just a new kid. And they're giving him a hard time and insecure about that kid, what is his success going to change about your career? He's not there to take your job, relax. But Nope, can't see anybody else come up. Because when Claire comes, I want it all to myself. I don't want to see anybody else come up. I can't stand that. either. I must say Hokkaido, Manila. These are the

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extremes that we can go down. But then Allah azza wa jal describes the remedy. By the way, all of this so far, is how human beings can easily become allies. Not saying bad people are like this ally saying anybody can become like this and not realize it. He's actually saying this is one of it. How certain This is the dominant quality of people. This is how many people were programmed. This is how they were made. But then how are you supposed to what exercise are you supposed to do to build that resistance? Remember, I told you the example of the boxer, if this is how we're gonna be, how do we get out of it, if this is how weak we are. And this is the kind of people we can become so easily,

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what is it that we can do to snap out of it to become stronger to be able to deal with these problems are these good things in a way that's mature that we have the resistance and we can take the hits and move on keep keep throwing punches and not get knocked out? That solution to Allah is lol mousseline except those who pray? Allah Vina home Allah Salatu him de imune those who in their prayers are consistent and constant. Remember, I told you exercise needs to be consistent before you build resistance. This thing that we do this prayer that we do, it's actually a way of making a stronger people.

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But still, I mean, you're like, Okay, I make will do and I stand there and I recite some words, and I do this cardiovascular exercise. How is this making me handle my problems? Well, I don't see the connection. How is this supposed to help that? If you recognize and I recognize what prayer actually is.

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First and foremost, Salah is a connection directly to Allah.

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But more importantly, when you're standing in prayer, you're standing directly in front of Allah

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When you're in a meeting, like if you're in a meeting with your boss, and in the room, there's only you and your boss, nobody else

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at that, and this is like one of those, like a job interview, for example, right, and you're about to get that job, or you got a chance to meet the president of the university, some big deal. And you're alone in a meeting with this important person, this VIP, is that the time that you are going to be thinking about anything else, is that the time you'll be distracted by any other concern. The only thing on your mind will be I better not mess this up. This overrides. And for now, whether my mother is texting me whether you know, there's there's no news breaking out on the phone, whether your phone goes, Nope, nothing. It's on airplane mode, it's gone. Because right now I'm in an

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interview. Right now nothing else exists, everything became less of a priority, everything's priority became minimized. Because clearly to you, this is far more important. You and I are standing in front of a law. And we're actually simulating please pay attention to this part we're simulating when we are going to be standing in front of a law in judgment. That's what we're doing. We're standing in front of a law humbly. And we're standing and reciting only what he wants us to recite no words of our own. None None of our own choice. While we're doing exactly what he wants to do absolute submission, every movement is submitted to his order. That's exactly what we're gonna do

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in every movement of the prayer. What are we simulating the absolute submission to a law and judgment day? Now you think about that, when I am going through whatever problem I'm going through, you're going through whatever problem you're going through, and pretending to be reactionary. And then wartime comes, and we say, Allahu Akbar, and all of a sudden we're on judgment day.

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Are these problems that big anymore?

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Are these problems, really the ones that need such a reaction anymore? Or they become all of a sudden insignificant,

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their size diminishes, because you're in a much more powerful meeting.

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That is the consciousness of prayer. It's being aware of what exactly salaat is, what is it that we're doing when we're standing in front of a law, we're putting things in proper perspective, no matter what calamity we're going through in life, it can't be bigger. It can't be something that are master canceled, and you've got a one on one meeting with him. And you take it before him and you become optimistic. And maybe the first time you did it, your problem didn't get solved. The second time you did it, you didn't get solved. And you get to say I keep praying, but my problems not going away. How do you not want me to react and by the way, some reaction is natural. I told you before

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jacoba they said on react that he cried for many, many years, he cried. But he doesn't stop his prayers. To some extent, for the most part, we will have a reaction, we can't stop but having some emotions, but Allah will will give us the strength to navigate through them. And we will not become people that lose hope not become people that lose something not become entirely reactionary. Some reaction will always be there that makes us human. But is that reaction going to overwhelm us? Is that sadness or that fear? Or that cowardice or that anger? Is that going to overtake us? No, not if Salah is there. If supply is there, we're going to be able to manage those emotions contain those

00:23:06--> 00:23:35

emotions, and that's the remedy that allows it which will give us in these beautiful IOD lol mousseline alladhina, homeplus, a lot him that. One last thing, and I let you go, there, there are multiple remedies in these ayah. This is just the first of them, right? And the most important of them, of course, which is why it isn't just the first remedy, it is also the last one living home on a solid. So I think you have people, it's at the end as well. That is the that is the key remedy to guard your prayers. But I'll mention one more remedy the second one. He says well, Athena and Wiley him how can

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how can maluna Sir,

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he says in their money, there's a piece that is dedicated for a known piece that is dedicated. Alright, for those who ask, and those who are in need and those who are deprived. In other words, you and I are going through whatever calamity or you and I are having really good time. Never do we forget there are people in much worse situations. People are having a much more difficult time. And by giving to them, and by thinking of them, it actually helps you diminish. Well, you know what, I don't have it that bad.

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I don't have it so bad. I'm still at least I'm still able to help someone else. And look at their circumstance. And compared to mine, I'm actually living a pretty luxurious life. I have it pretty good. It puts things in perspective and it builds your resistance to your problem. Understand, whenever something bad happens to you and me there are people that much worse is happening to and that in itself makes you and me grateful that Allah you did not give me a much bigger test that you've given some other people. You've given me a much lesser test. May Allah azza wa jal make us of those that are not reactionary in a way that doesn't please Him. And may Allah azza wa jal give us

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strength through prayer and strength, a strength through giving genuine charity barakallahu li walakum Hakeem, when a fan er can be hired when the

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hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was salam, ala de Mostafa Susana avoiding him. by heart I mean, they've been hammered in meanwhile early he was happy and very kulula has

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rubella him in a ton of regimes in Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah. Allah Nina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim El amin in Dhaka hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed come abakada Rahim Allah Allah Allah, Allah mean in Dhaka hamidah Majeed Reba de la rahima como la de la ilaha illa de

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Cordoba when an infection you will want to lay

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down, okay massala in LA salata kanatal Mini Nikita makuta