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So welcome everyone.

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I wasn't planning on doing a session today, but I received a letter

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and I couldn't help myself. So here it is.

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Our low human issue planner Raji smilla Walkman Rahim

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Padilla whom Mr. Lee Kaimuki to tell Moodle Carmen Tasha?

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What? The whole mocha meme Tasha

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to resume and

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what will the lumen

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be Eddie Keller Hawaii

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in NACA Allah coalition You are the

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totally Jul laughing. You want to Legion Rafi lately what are three jewel hiermee I will my et what will free jewel my youth I mean

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what why don't

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we why he he's

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probably shocking. Somebody was silly. Dr. Millis and your colleagues

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up so early.

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I'm gonna read this letter to you guys.

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I'll keep the name of my brother, anonymous.

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My name is

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my beloved brother. I'll call him.

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As you can see from my postmark.

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I'm currently incarcerated and made sure I'm and I've made some mistakes that I'm not too proud of. But during this Ramadan, I feel Allah will change me in more ways than I know.

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I'm not as knowledgeable about Islam, as you all.

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You see, I am sort of self taught by the grace of Allah. Through my constant search, and reading my constant search and reading.

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In my heart, Islam is my religion, and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam peace be upon him is my profit.

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As well as the last known one as the last one.

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I have been studying and reading put on, as well as had these for the last year. I haven't really reached out for help from many brothers because I was in fear of being shamed or shunned away by the community.

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Honestly, brothers, I need help in learning more, because I can't do this on my own.

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The reason I'm reaching out to you is because I listened to hobas by normally Han on podcast, through my tablet here in the prison

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is hobas. Empower and inspire me every day.

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Not to mention that I'm very, that I am very gracious and thankful for them. Grateful and thank you thankful for them. Because he has helped me on this journey so much and feel the change within myself. And my face getting stronger. Even on the days that it's hard to be Muslim. Anyway, tomorrow is Ramadan. So this was sent

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over before I started, and I'm very limited on reading material and other brothers to help me learn the true way. So I had my sister Google your address. But that said brothers, please. Brother brothers, please May I be a part of your community. If you have any correspondence courses

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that can that can help me study my Arabic and strengthened my faith.

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I'm incarcerated in a place that only has Christian services and without your hobas I would not get away get any Islamic Studies. Not to mention brother on the podcast

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The latest hot buzz by the wildly fun is October 20 2017. So he's listening to things from a few years ago so if possible, please update that. Like I said, I only have Christian services here and they will not help Muslims. I have been making salad on a new towel.

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And my coffee is a do rag. I have a feeling that I will have to save

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I will have to save my food through Ramadan. While I fast. Seriously brothers nothing is going to stop me from doing

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so if you can please help me with correspondence courses, reading materials and a proper Prague, a coffee. I would greatly appreciate it.

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and a brother to write for the questions I have.

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And brothers, if you do help me, please send me a letter separately stating that you have helped because these people I don't trust, they would probably put the staff in my stuff in my property and never let me know. Thank you, Your brother.

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I read this today and it just stopped me dead in my tracks. And

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I couldn't help but just come to these ads. So I'm just going to read something from these to all of you

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pull it up, Hola, hola, Malika Volk, tell them say, oh, Allah, the owner of all kingship.

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owning ownership and kingship are two separate things. So

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when you own something, it refers to something small, like I own a pen, or I own, you know, a car or I own, you know, a chair or something small things, that's ownership, but kingdom is not for, for small things. kingdom is for a nation, you know, a territory and Empire. That's kingdom. And what Allah does with the word Malik, and the lava to MOOC is that Allah is telling us that he's both the owner and the king. And we should know the difference. And why this, this name of Allah that we're calling him with is so powerful.

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Malik is Allah telling us because when I own something, I control it. I, if I own my car, I can change the oil, I can get the gas for it, I can clean it up on the inside, I am taking care of it myself, because it's small in scale. But if I'm the king of an empire, I cannot check every street. I cannot look inside, you know, every governmental office, I have people delegated because I'm the the king, the sovereign. So I delegate others to take care of it because I can't possibly micromanage. Right. So the owner can take care of the smallest things, but cannot have control over large things, because that's too much to own. And once he becomes an owner over large things, he's

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no longer an honorary becomes a king, and he can't take care of the microscopic details. Allah azza wa jal is our owner, and the owner of all kingdom. So it doesn't matter how vast his kingdom is, he's taking care of every one that he owns within that kingdom and everything that he owns within the kingdom. So he, he took the the micro and the macro, and he fused them together in this world, and

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sorry, there was a interruption in the broadcast.

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So Allah tells us, he doesn't just give us ownership. He gives us a minion when he wants to give, he can give kingdom to whoever he wants, you give kingdom to whoever you want, but then zero Luca Niemann shot so someone could have nothing, Allah can give them the best window.

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And then someone can have the vast, the most vast kingdom, and

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Allah can pull it back from them, and they have nothing left to resume and Tushar and you honor whoever you want, and you give authority to whoever you want, but to the lumen Tasha and you can humiliate whoever you want, we can hide in your hands alone, in your hand alone, at your disposal alone is all good there is in nakada, Galicia in police. Certainly you are completely in control over all things. to literally laugh in the how you're the one who inserts the day into the night. What to Legion, how often they

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when you're the one who in turn inserts the night into the day.

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Well, total ritual higher middle may 80. And you bring the life out of the dead. Well, dose ritual may or may not. And you bring the dead out of the living with those who went ashore. And you provide whoever you want, the lady is having without any restrictions, any limits and no one checking on you. No one questioning you. Why did you give this one and why didn't you give that one, you give whoever you want by your decree?

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I thought of this idea because

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this person, this wonderful individual starts by saying I've made choices I'm not proud of. He says things like I was afraid or ashamed to write to the community because of fear of being shunned. Like he has this embarrassment inside him that because he's incarcerated. He's been convicted of a crime because he's spending time in prison. These are not things any human being would want. associated with themselves. This is this would be

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humiliation that a person has to walk with and think about, and how, how deeply, like, what kind of a scar that would be for someone to know that, that, you know, they'd be afraid someone will find out that I've been in jail before even when he gets out, or I had committed this crime. It's such a huge burden of humiliation, but he carries that with him, even when he's speaking. He's thinking others are going to shun me.

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We get humiliated by people.

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And what did Allah do for this person sitting in a prison where there's only Christian services, where I haven't even updated my podcast there the last time we updated them, and but you know, it was 2017.

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And he's listening to these podcasts because that's all he has access to.

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And what does Allah do? Allah sends His angels and he opens his heart, and he's studying Islam for you, how many people are free, they have money, they have health, they have freedom, of luxury. And they haven't looked one word up for Let me see what my ob says. Let me see what my Prophet says sallallahu I do so let me just hear them. How many people have done that. And those people think that they have did they have a degree they have, you know, they have a house they have, they have stuff and they're oblivious to Allah, you become, I can become oblivious to Allah and here's a person who has none of these things. And we will think this person is dignified look at the job they

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got look at the money they got look at the, you know, the clothes they're wearing, look at a card or they're driving these are things that we associate with prestige, and to Allah that has nothing to do with any prestige. And this person is sitting in a prison, feeling ashamed himself to show him to even communicate with with fellow Muslims. This person is more honored by Allah than anybody else, that angels descend from the heavens to put in his heart that he should look up Allah and His messenger. So

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Allah says he gives his dominion to whoever he wants you to think people like this are going to be incarcerated on Judgment. A few other people like this are going to be humiliated or embarrassed. These are going to be the celebrities on Judgement Day mela, forgive him and continue to help him grow. I'm gonna reach out to him and even maybe try to visit him chudleigh.

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we have to redefine what it means. I have to redefine what it means to feel honored, to feel valued for myself. And you have to redefine them for yourself because people and the world around us the you know, just like, you know, when you leave when you leave your home for a month or something, how dust gathers right. So this world is constantly collecting dust, and our our perception of reality. Our spiritual perception of reality is also constantly collecting dust, and IOD like these in which we remind ourselves where dignity comes from, where humiliation comes from, where kingdom comes from, who makes the night go into the day and they go into the night. It's not just Allah is not

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just talking about night and day. He's talking about times where you're going to be in the light, you're going to have life, you're going to have energy, you're going to have nourishment, and then there's going to be times that Allah will take that that time of nourishment anymore. You know, have you go through a trial of darkness, and then he'll bring you back into light again and darkness again, and you'll fall into darkness again, he'll bring you back into light again. And Allah azza wa jal does this work for his slaves to see where they stand Leo blue Acoma, Yuko maxon, Ramallah so you could test you which one of you are better indeed. So first of all, the the true celebrities

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with Allah, the true celebrities with Allah are not going to be the celebrities you and I think, like they're not going to be people like me or like people that have many followers or many views on their, you know, videos or, you know, published people and celebrated people, some of the truest celebrities to Allah, the angels are celebrating them are going to be people we've never even heard of.

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And they're more value to Allah than anybody else. This is, this is the perception, we have to change. I want to be valuable with Allah.

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I want to be someone that carambola human endeavor, Allah talks about them when he is among his, among the highest angels. Can you imagine this person sitting in a prison feeling alone, and Allah has a gathering of angels in the highest heavens, where Allah is probably talking about his sleeve, telling his angels look at what my sleeve is doing. Look at how he's struggling to, to, to learn.

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Like how much courage does it take to even write that? to even put them through the mail.

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And he's so grateful that he's getting to pray on a towel. Let's just think about that. This think about what Allah has given us and how much we keep focusing on what we don't have. And how a person in this state can be grateful to Allah and see if I if I can just learn more about my deed, I'd be happy. Can you just send me some things I can learn more?

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You know, here you and I are thinking about what are we going to have for thought and this person is thinking about No, I'm gonna save my

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Food. And I'm not going to letting go of Ramadan.

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Because they have limited time when they are given food. They're not he's not going to be served food in prison at the time of your thought.

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He's more worried about his Ramadan and he's worried about his spiritual growth, his connection with Allah. These are the people that are inspiring to me. These are the people that remarked like you You read that you meet a person like that, you know, learn about a person like that, and you're reminded of the signs of Allah, you're just reminded of the signs of Allah, there are signs of Allah all around you, all around me. We have to learn to not be blind to them, or to open our hearts to them. And you're gonna see the word of Allah come to life for you, in what you experienced around you, I really pray that happens for each of you. You, you find that joy in connecting to Allah's

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word. And I pray that when we find that reminder that it does something for us, it actually changes the way we perceive ourselves and others, it actually changes the way we turn back to Allah, that we become grateful to him. So with that short reminder, inshallah I will conclude if I was incoherent because it's late at night. I apologize. And I know it's very late and inconvenient. Especially for those of you in the United States or Canada or something. It's a pretty late hour.

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But I just figured I haven't done the English session in a while and

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this just I couldn't help it. I just couldn't help it. Like a lot of what I said I'm ready to lay down