Nouman Ali Khan – Studying Surah Al Mulk – Part 6

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The Surah 1245 to 15 passage describes a woman named Jenna who is protected by the government and is a woman named Hope who describes herself as a woman with a long life and is protected by the government. The segment delves into a passage where a woman is warned that the Earth is coming to her and she will be thrown into hell, while also discussing a woman named Shelton who is a warner and is being warned that she will be talking about her later. The transcript describes a group of speakers discussing various topics related to social work, including regret, loss perfection, and authority.
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salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa to once again, I am going to try to illustrate how the surah is organized with it with an overview in child law. It's a challenging task because this is a very text based correlation. And I'm trying to present it visually so it is a bit challenging, but we'll try to do our best to be in the law. These are the six section I have number breakdowns of the Surah 1245 to 15 this was the longest 116 to 2022, etc, etc. I'll just give maybe one or two terms for each so we have kind of a mental picture of what each section was about. Okay, so one was basically primarily about a less power

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Baraka Libya, the hill moil kohala coalition caddied. Hola, como tal, ha, ha, la casa Mahajan. tabacon. You know, so it's, I mean, there are other subjects, but it's overwhelmingly about a less power, okay.

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And allies, constantly, constancy robotic, it's not just power, it's going to be there forever. Right? Because it's a brutal cliche, it's gonna stay forever.

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The next passage is actually about you could basically say heaven in *.

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Even though they have the skies and the earth, if you remember, the sky was a preview of * and the earth was a preview of Jenna. And that was that was going on. But the basically it's talking about heaven and * in this passage. Okay.

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Our third passage is the immediate threat.

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It has other elements, but I'll remind you what it is, do you feel the earth will swallow you?

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Do you feel this? You feel safe that the sky won't bombard you? You know, is this the army are going to use to stand up against our man? And then he said, Is this the Are these the people that are going to be providing for you? Is this Is this the one that's going to provide for you? And in the middle? He sprinkled some reflections? Didn't they look at the bird? How can someone who walks on their face or keeps falling on their face be more guided than someone who walks straight? That's basically but more more than anything else? It talks about the immediate threat that it's that is coming right? The first section was just to IOD it was he raised you up gave you youthful energy and

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gave you hearing seeing and the ability to have passionate hearts. How ungrateful you are. He's He made you older and eventually put you back in the earth. This is about mortality.

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Right our short life you can just see

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the gifts you've given he's given you in the short life and what you should make them how you should make the most of them. That's clear so far. Okay.

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Then they start questioning the promise. We have una Mata has

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basically asked when,

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when what when will Heaven and * come? When will judgment taken etc, etc.

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Okay, when will we be gathered?

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And finally, Allah mentions you're not capable of killing anyone.

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And you couldn't even stop the water from coming, you understand? So basically, here, it's

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if you look at section one, Allah established that he's powerful.

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If you look at section six, he established that were weak.

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You see that?

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If you look at section two, Allah described heaven in *.

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And if you look at section five people question when is it coming?

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When is it coming?

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unhealth? The most elaborate place that this promise has been described is here.

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There's an immediate threat coming.

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How much time do you have to prepare for that immediate threat threat?

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a very short time Life is short.

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These two are tied together.

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Not only is there a linear progression, there's actually a symmetrical correlation. In all of the passages of the soil you see it.

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So this is a bird's eye view. We're gonna dig in a little bit, but I wanted to give you an overview

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of lost power and compared with our weakness, heaven and *.

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Compared with the question, when is it going to happen anyway.

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And then he might take the earth away from you. He might pour, you know, you know, in sky sky, the sky might pour down on you, et cetera, et cetera. And you have very little lives anyway, this is your life isn't By the way, this is your life as a nation is short. And this is your life as an individual is short.

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Right? So just because you think you're safe as a nation, you're still not safe as an individual.

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So don't feel secure. And thus, the sutra forms this perfect symmetry.

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Okay, now we're going to dig in a little bit, and I'll just do this orally because this there's too much to write down, but try to listen and pay attention because so long as you have this map, you'll be fine. Okay. Okay, so I'm doing these right now.

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Okay, how are these two more closely connected?

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In this one, you remember last head yuxi fabric of the earth will swallow you.

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Right. And by contrast, in the other one, he said, he allowed you to grow Anisha outcome, rubber, rubber, and inshallah also means labia, he allowed you to sprout on the contrast right now he the earth hasn't swallowed you. The earth is letting you out.

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Right? And that icon, he lets you spread and grow old. And here the earth is swallowing you.

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It says not letting you move. It's taking you in. If you look at the this passage, if you remember, there were two questions asked

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the question questions were asked. Let me remind you of those questions. I'm in Tulum and yuxi, Memphis sama, and yuxi fabrico out, I'm in tone when fish sama, and usila alikum halsema. Two questions were asked, Do you feel safe that the earth might follow you? Do you feel safe that the sky might pour down on you would pebbles with stones? Listen to these warnings. The call was to what? Listen, listen to these warnings, because they can't see it. They can only watch. Listen to it. immediately followed by that. He said Don't they look at the bird. Allah said I will O'Meara will not play. Right. So first he said listen, then he said what? See? He followed it again? Is this

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your army that's gonna protect you against man? Is this the army? Are these the ones that are gonna provide for you? This is again, listen, followed by the one walking on their face. Are they more guided, which is a visual image to what? See? What I'm saying is in this passage you have Listen, and then see, and then listen and then see. And if you do properly, listen and properly see your hearts will change, isn't it? If you look at this passage over here, he says good who under the unshackle wha como sama? Well, Apsara while Aveda, he gave you the ability to listen and see and hearts. So he actually gave a demonstration of hearing and seeing here. And then he said, Look, the

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faculties that you need it to benefit from that reminder already there. He established that case. Okay, so we've done this passage in this passage, I'm going to cross these out. So you're less confused and you think it's unclear.

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now I'm going to compare this guy

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with this guy,

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which is a pretty obvious comparison. But nonetheless.

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They say, let me tell you what happens. A lot of talk about the sky, and how it's used to protect against to remember

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the sky is used to protect against you, Amanda Shelton, is casting like meteors at devils. And then * has been prepared for them. And then there was this elaborate description of *, as they're being thrown, they hear the violent noises and, you know, they say if we only listened and thought we wouldn't have been among the people and they admit their sin may be put away far away. Right? And then it was contrasted with in alladhina, shannara, humble gay people who fear their master in the unseen

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and also they themselves are in the unseen. They'll have forgiveness, a great compensation. You can tell your what you want to say openly or you can make it secret. He knows what's going on inside the chest. Does he know who he created? He's incredibly subtle. He has all the news allow the albumin Halekulani formula to be right. So this was that that passage and then it concluded with the earth so it started with the sky and it ended with the earth right jalila loulan I'm sure if you menarche Bihar or kulu molestie way the Hindu sure that's right here that's it ends here right he made the earth humble for you go around in all of its nooks and crannies go deep into the earth and find

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whatever you can for yourselves right now on the flip side of it, yep una Mata has to do in quantum Saudi teen

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What promise

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they say that when this

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Promise going to materialize? If you actually are telling the truth? Where's the promise more described than anywhere else in the whole sutra?

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it's actually referring back to that elaborate promise, I promise you, you're gonna stand in front of Allah, as you're going to be thrown into *. This is the question that's going to be asked of you, you are going to be admitting to everything you did. Those who were you know, those who feared are going to be forgiven. That entire promise is now being questioned. The second interesting thing here is the Prophet is told to say in NEMA and NFV

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I am just a warner. He says this over here. I am just a warner. That's the middle i a 26. And I'm a zero movie.

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And here, the Warner come up.

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Didn't the Warner come to you? Yeah, he did. But we just dismissed him. It's like the messenger is saying, Look, I'm here now. Take advantage of me now. Because you'll be talking about me later.

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And you'll regret it.

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It's it's been put in context. So now the lenez it comes together. Then, of course my favorite part of this here. What is their regret?

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Do you know what they look back and regret as they're being thrown in *.

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If we only listened and thought, they said the only way they will believe is when they want.

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And that is why here regretfully for Lamar Oh, whose will fatten when they see it come face to face when they see it come close, their faces are gonna be terrible.

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Here they said if we only listened and thought they don't question about seeing castings coming.

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You're not gonna be worrying about it. Boom, we saw nobody's gonna wish they saw ahead of time.

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Nobody's gonna wish for that. You see how these two correspond to each other, and complete each other. And I'm leaving my favorite for last, so I'll erase everything else.

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As an overview, does it make sense to you that unless power should be contrasted with what

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are weakness, human weakness makes sense.

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A loss perfection is best appreciated when you internalize your own imperfection. Allows wisdom is best internalized when you realize your own stupidity.

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less power, when you have your own weakness allows greatness when you have your own insignificance. That is actually how we internalize our faith. Right? So

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the Baraka Libya de helemaal kohala cool Leisha included under the halaqa

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and mode What does that mean?

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and what he created death and what

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life right was horribly written, but okay.

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That's a life. Last passage, hold our item in a heliconia Allahu wa Maria, our Rahim Allah if he kills us,

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or shows us mercy.

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Does that correspond to death and life? Death with being killed? Life with being shown mercy

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repeats itself perfectly.

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If you look at another correlation,

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he says well who are either coalition

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he's capable of all things. He is actually capable of killing us too.

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And he's capable of punishing you from a new hero GFI Nina mean, as I believe

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he is capable of taking your water away to in US Bahama. omoton, actually, who Allah collusion Cody, anything is capable of doing is mentioned hypothetically at the end of the surah.

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For ma Hua Mahal, Cogito and a, what is he capable of the stuff at the end?

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I love this one. Here, he said, Well, who will Aziz will afford.

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Maybe I should write in English, hold on, the board is getting dirtier.

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He said he created death in life. So he can test you which of you is best?

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Better, not best better in terms of deed and then he gave two of his names, the authority

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and the forgiving.

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So you should hope that he doesn't execute as authority on you

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and that he was

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against you. And here, you ask the question. Who will who will rescue

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who rescues

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from painful punishment.

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When you deal with caffeine either mean either mentally

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Think about this.

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Who has the power to give punishment?

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authority who has the power to protect you from that punishment?

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The forgiver

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it's actually going back to accept Him as usual for

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first passage,

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Mata Rafi hulka Rahmani men to follow in the creation of man. You find no flaws

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when you appreciate his creation and increases you and faith of him, and at the end of the surah you say, all Horus mano ama NaVi. ballito can you go back to Earth man?

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The one who's flawless?

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You say in the beginning, this is actually what I find really awesome. And I'll conclude with this.

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motto Rafi, I gotta write this down. This is awesome. matara, you don't see.

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So look back.

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So look back.

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halftime in football. Right? funjet Vasa. Then he says, Do you see

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a crack?

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So look again.

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And look again.

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Right? And the Arabic word is my Tara.

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And then Hello, Tara. How many times do you see Tara? Twice? Do you see don't do you don't do not see.

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You know, do you don't see any crack? Do you even see? Okay, at the end of the solar. Last passage, coil or item?

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Call our item I'll translate.

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Did you see?

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Did you see?

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He said in the beginning. Look, look at the other surah Have you seen yet? Have you seen your head?

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He echoes the question the invitation in the beginning. So it hasn't a time come for you to see Ultraman photo II Domino's Bahama concora ii domina Laconia Loma Maria

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and this concludes the incredible architecture of Social Work is absolutely remarkable architecture of social work. Mia Larissa will give us an appreciation of his book majority minority kurama kalamera monumenta powers

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will see any gap and he's anything missing. In the speech of Allah, Allah azza wa jal help us complete this this project may draw that I'm able to do so. I'm hoping this lifetime is enough for the most half. inshallah tada

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives us an overview and a bird’s eye view on Surah Al Mulk. This Surah is symmetrically perfect. How so?

This Surah is divided into 6 parts with different connotations:

  • Verses 1 – 4 – Primarily about Allah’s Power and Constancy.
  • Verses 5 – 15 – About Heaven and Hell.
  • Verses 16 – 22 – Immediate threat from Allah that is coming
  • Verses 23 – 24- How grateful we should be for mortality and how we should make the most of it.
  • Verses 25 – 28- Questioning of the promise made by Allah by us mortals – Day of Judgment, Heaven and Hell etc.
  • Verses 29 – 30 – Where are we in this world with our actions?
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