Nouman Ali Khan – Dawah And You

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan revolves his lecture around the idea of presenting the message of Islam and how we must share our responsibility in delivering and sharing that message.

This universal message of submission to Allah and this universal message that Muhammad ﷺ is the last of the Messengers, not that we reject any of them. We accept all of them but we accept him as the final one and the Quran is the final revelation, the final testament, sent to humanity that applies to all human beings.

Some major obstacles lie between us and sharing that message. One of those obstacles that are prominent is how Islam is talked about as something evil and how it is a threat! Islam is being portrayed as something evil, something scary, something alien.

What we learn from the book of Allah and Sunnah of Allah as far as we are dealing with all these accusations that are baseless is that the Muslim Ummah or the Ummah of believers will face trials and they will face troubles. And these trials are there to guarantee us Jannah. 

Hence, it is absolutely essential that we become capable of changing our behavior and become better Muslims by keeping ourselves away from evil things and make ourselves truly capable of tawbah to Allah SWT. This will ensure that our Muslim ummah stands up for the message of La ilaha Illaha Muhammadur Rassollullah.

We should also see to it that our children, our families are well versed and knowledgeable with the book of Allah and Rasool Allah ﷺ so that they are capable with the confidence of sharing the beautiful message of Islam with friends and neighbors alike.