Ruling for men and women concerning reading and touching the Quran

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That it is where ship it's obligatory it's compulsory to make otter have booboo before touching the plan. And this is the opinion of the fall schools of thought. This is the opinion of the majority of the scholars that you must have will do when you're going to touch a copy of the Quran and open and begin to read. That's number one very important point understand this.

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Number two, it is recommended that you're upon booboo to read the Quran if you're going to read from memory without holding the poor. So if you're not going to hold the call, and you're going to read from your memory, you're going to read from your heart, then in this case, it's recommended to have whoodle it is not obligatory to taboo, it's better taboo, but it is not an obligation. 5.3 as I continue Yanni speaking about matters related to law, we discuss with a woman, a woman during her periods, she may read the Quran from memory, there's no issue in that. However, she must avoid touching the Quran must avoid touching the most half. And if the woman has to touch the end, while

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she's in a state of issues during her periods, if she has to touch the Quran, for example, let's say she hasn't memorized anything of it, or she wants to read a sword or that she hasn't memorized or she wants to review an area then she may do so she may touch the Quran under one condition that she is wearing a glove, or that there is something between her between her hand and the Hoenn. So a woman during her periods, she is forbidden from touching the words of the Quran with her bare fingers and hand there must be a covering so if she wore a glove, or anything that she put in between her hand and touching the Quran, in that case, it's permissible to hold the Quran for a

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woman that is menstruating and to flip through the pages and read the whole app. Otherwise, if a woman is going to read from memory while she is in her periods, then it is permissible for her to read the program from memory there is no issue in this okay. And the next thing is uh you know, the people that are upon a major impurity, right? Whether they had woken up from a dream and or whether they practiced Yani the act of sexual intercourse, and then they have brought upon them Elgin ever so they're in a state of major impurity. If you're upon major impurity, it is how long to read the Quran. You should not read the Quran at all until you perform also until you purify yourself and

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that is by

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having a shower with the intention of awesome because also the masala Allahu alayhi wa sallam said a measurable failure was a result of more while he was a let me say that the person upon genever upon a

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major impurity should not read anything of the Quran, not even an air. And this ruling is for both men and women. Like the next issue is reading from the phone. Okay, reading from a mobile phone, you can read from a phone and that does not require mobile at all, does not require mobile because the phone does not take the ruling of a must have the phone does not take the ruling of almost half.

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The phone is a phone. So you can flick through the pages of the whole ad in a phone. Without having mobile there's no issue in that. Because between you and the words, there is actually a glass screen so the phone doesn't take the ruling of the plan.

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And this is for both men and women and even a woman during her periods. She may read the Quran from her phone while touching the the app itself and moving through the pages. And it's not necessary that she wears a glove for that. Once again, we said that the phone doesn't take the ruling of the poor now okay.