Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Ramadan And Quran

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the connection between fasting and the title of the Quran, which is the month of the Quran. The speaker explains that fasting helps to build the foundation of one's life and that it is a condition of the mind that is linked to the desire for the title of the day. The speaker also mentions the importance of not overestimating the impact of fasting on one's health and weight.
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Brian Eno salatu salam eyelash of Colombia evil mursaleen while he was having his mate, no but

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Allah subhanaw taala said about the Quran and about this month of Ramadan region sha Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala decree that we see it when it comes in a day or two. Allah subhanaw taala said on the Luffy Hill Quran

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sharara Madonna lady on the rocky hill Quran, Aleksandra said the month of Ramadan is the month in which we have sent down the Quran the dozer of the Quran was done now that

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Allah has that also said

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quotevalet Kumasi amo kamakoti Viola lizenithne Cavalli from La La come to talkin about this month Ramadan Allah said that fasting has been prescribed on you and has been made for you as it was made for the on the people before you so that you may develop taqwa.

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So what is the connection between Ramadan?

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Why is it divided the Quran is called the Ramadan is called the month of the Quran. Of course we know because the Quran was revealed in this month but what is the connection between fasting and or an

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the connection between fasting and for iron is clear from the very beginning of the Quran itself. Well, as I said about the book itself about the Quran itself. Well as Arthur said, radical kita volare Buffy he was a little cocky.

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The basic condition, the basic foundation, the basic criterion to get his ayah is to have Taqwa. He there is for the most radical philosophy is a book in which there is no doubt who de Lille

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Allah did not so then the Muslim in

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you know, into another place in semiarid Allah, Quran Allah.

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That's a different that's the general meaning of the meaning of the book, the book of Allah subhanaw taala give everybody but Who the * is he that comes for the for the people of taqwa and Ramadan fasting, comes in order to increase the

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the connection between fasting and the Quran is that fasting helps us and opens our hearts to the telenovela Sonata. Fasting creates taqwa because in the time of fasting, the only operative rule is that we do what Allah subhanaw taala has permitted us to do and we do not do that which he has not permitted us to do.

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And that is why in the time of fasting, even that which is normally halal becomes Haram.

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During the time of fasting, what is normally halal becomes Haram, what is the reason for it? You got Allah says there's no there's no other reason.

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And please be very clear in your mind. I know you don't have these doubts, but other people sometimes is, you know, fasting is good for your body. Fasting is good because it cleans out the system. Fasting is good because you lose weight. If you are fasting for the sake of cleaning out the system. Please understand your fasting is not complete in Albania. So if mania is too fast to build my system might rather not and I'm not fasting

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because I'm fasting cookies are my sister where is the question of fasting was a smarter Viva because it is easy like that, and therefore reverse. So the fasting whatever else it does the hamdulillah but that's not the reason why we are fasting. So we have our thing because Allah subhanaw taala orders and the whole point of fasting and the whole of what we do during the fasting is because this is the formula. So what is being established, what is being established is that the hokum of Allah subhanaw taala is to be obeyed, whether or not we like it, whether or not it makes sense or whether or not it has some other reason.

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Irrespective of that, we don't even go into that with a Wi Fi we are valuing because Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to fast quotevalet cosia

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and that is what Korea produces taqwa because in the CRM, even the halal becomes haram and therefore we do not test the food and we do not press the drink and so on. So then what should we do with what is actually haram for the rest of the

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even what is haram has become haram because of the horribleness that Allah subhanaw taala made some things around poverty.

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So what do we do with that for the rest of the year? So that is to inculcate this habit that we will obey Allah subhanho wa Taala no arguments and no, you know, a so called intelligence because that intelligence comes from faith and does not come from Allah.

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So what Allah has privated we will not touch to inculcate that habit and that is what taqwa is

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in the reverse story of seven hours.

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Haha milania somebody if you're going through a path full of fun What will you do is that I will keep my job close to my body so that designers do not touch me.

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That was very very carefully your life and say I will not do anything which displeases Allah subhanaw taala that what is

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the condition of the moment where he does not want to displease Allah taqwa is the fear of displeasing Allah. It's not fear of Allah. It is fear of displeasing Allah. We love Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is the reason why we feared to display the last panel that because we do not want to display somebody who love

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Well, as you know, I know I shouldn't obey the law, not only love, I should, I should obey the law. They love Allah more than anything else.

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Then how do you connect with the fear the fear is

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proof fear to displease Allah.

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And that is it and that's a condition of the of you that is taqwa is to realize vulnerability to hear the displeasure of Allah. And to bring to bring about this condition of taqwa Ramadan comes, and the connection between the Ramada and the Quran is that the word dukkha you have, the more our heart opens to the desire that is there in the column of Allah Subhana Allah. We ask Allah Subhana Allah increases in taqwa to give us all of that and review us with COVID to take full advantage of this month of Ramadan in every respect, so that our decoy increases and our ama increase. And the Quran comes into our hearts and into our lives so that our lives become lives which are being led on

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his idea was Allah Highlander will carry while he was heavier, man, good to go.

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