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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. While early he was actually here

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although we let him in

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for a moment haha. Nakamura, he went ahead Neff, Sanyal, our final agenda here, our

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ultimate hidden agenda.

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I want to talk about the fear of Allah azza wa jal in this

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30 minute or less session that we have together. But before I do, I want to share with you some obstacles that you and I face in dealing with this subject in a healthy way.

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First and foremost, there are different kinds of people in the audience. And obviously, within the Muslim community. Also, there are people at different levels in their relationship with Allah.

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There are youth that are maybe here at this conference, my guess is most of them aren't here that aren't even remotely religiously affiliated. That, you know, as they were coming up, even if they were coming up in a Muslim household, the religion wasn't emphasized that much. And they don't see the need, not even for the Juma prayer, even on the Fridays that they're off of school, they don't see the need to go. And their parents, as these kids are becoming teenagers and growing a little older, they're starting to feel the need to bring religion into the lives of these children, because they realize the impact it's having on their character now than they ever did before. So it's a

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state of emergency in certain families. That's one kind of person. But another kind of our category of Muslims, especially younger Muslims, or Muslims that had some sort of an awakening. And you started turning towards the religion. And one of the things that brought you here to this conference, is perhaps maybe you a lot of you even came without your family, you came on your own, you came with a bunch of friends, because you want it to feel connected to a larger Muslim community, you want it to be part of a meet with scholars and speakers and feel rejuvenated, it's a it's a way of refreshing your mind. And I really appreciate that about conferences. At the end of

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account, I've been coming to conferences, and since I can remember my entire adult life, and people complain sometimes, well, you know, in conferences, you only get a 20 minute speech or a 30 minute speech. And there's too many programs going on, you don't even learn anything, because the topics are all over the place. And I always I've always believed that's not the point. It's the halaal party of the year. That is what a conference is, if you're coming here with friends, and you will attend Okay, you heard a little bit of good advice, you didn't come here to learn, please don't be offended other people. Sure you have a lot of great wisdom and knowledge to offer. But really, guys,

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you're sitting here half the time you're on your phone. So you're not here to learn, let's be honest with ourselves, we're here to get a little bit of good advice in shallow to either get a good vibe and feel good about being Muslims that have come together for something good, and inshallah it would uphold positive spirit to do something more with our lives after we leave. And that in and of itself is a worthy goal. It's a worthy goal. I don't think that the only goal for Muslims is to be to learn. I don't think that I do think coming together and feeling inspired. I bring my kids every year, because I want them to see all kinds of weird Muslims walking around. And is it that one's

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Muslim doing so? Yep, that one too. I want them to feel that. But as we grow in our religion, one of the things that starts happening is we start talking about the problem of the Muslims. The problem of the question, the problem of the world, the problem of politics, the problem of you know, that way in America, the problem of some brothers and sisters on my college campus who don't do this, and don't do that. And brother, I was talking to this one Muslim who doesn't pray, how do I convince them etc, etc. problems, problems, problems, and they're usually somebody else's problems, and you're trying to figure out the solution to everybody else's problems. In other words, the more

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religiously awakened, you get, after a while, your concerns shift from predominantly being concerns about yourself to concerns about others, you just worry about others as though you have already been resolved. That territory has already been conquered. Now it's time to move on and help somebody else May Allah help those Muslims, brother, those guys from the Pakistan Student Association, why aren't they in the MSA, the ones that are already one foot into agenda, you know, why aren't they there? Why aren't they the neighbor net? Why aren't they at this program? Or that or why? And they showing at the conferences? What can we do for them? Well, first and foremost, we have to do something for

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us. And that's what this conversation of fear is about. I'm trying to address all of these different kinds of audiences, and they're even more categories. But let me tell you something, the more you're out there in activism and doing things, there's a very natural tendency to forget about yourself. You start getting

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concern with the organization that you're serving with the program that you're putting together with, you know, whatever activity and you start losing yourself in the process. At the same time, there's another problem. And this problem is across humanity, and Muslims are no exception. You know, there's a certain perception you have of me,

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whatever that's based on, but it's not the same perception that my wife or my children have of me, or what my parents have, we it's not the same perception, they know a side of me, you will never know. And I know a side of you, that's just partial, we meet each other in public, we say sometimes to one another. Even if we speak to each other for a little bit, I don't really know you, and you don't really know me. But you know, what happens when we present ourselves in public, and we're out there all the time meeting with people interacting with society, and we're not by ourselves much, you know what happens, we forget that there is such a thing as also talking to yourself, there is

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such a thing as being reconnected with yourself, you know, us, you know, we represent a certain version of ourselves to the outside world, there's a certain You know, there's a certain kind of language, you're not going to use at an interview, there's going to be a certain kind of tone you're going to take when you're talking to your employer, or the Imam of the masjid. Or when you have a question with a scholar or something, there's going to be a side of you that you're going to present. And when you're among your friends, or you're at home by yourself, or you're among people that just completely know you, there's a different side of you that comes out. There's a different

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side of you. But you know what happens for some people, they put that face out for so long, they even forget who they really are, you become so used to presenting you're outside, you're this version of yourself to the outside world, you don't even know what it means to look in the mirror anymore, you see someone who's not really there.

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Yet, we're not able to be honest with ourselves. I mean, really how many of us have done the actual exercise of I know it sounds a little psychotic, but it's healthy, I actually happen to think it's therapeutic, to talk to yourself, and to be able to say to yourself, here are my shortcomings here is what is wrong with me. I tend to have an anger problem, I rush into things, I start things and I don't finish them. I don't give enough attention to one thing, I'm involved in too many things. I have short attention span, I am rude because when somebody is talking to me, I just start talking to somebody else. Or I can't seem to put my phone down. Or I have this addiction online that I can't

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get rid of. Or I have these friends when they do the wrong thing. I don't say anything, I become a coward. I don't say anything. I don't even give them sincere advice. Or I have these, you know, these late night Hangouts, and I keep missing fudger.

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When is the last time we actually sat down and said, Here is what I would like to change about my life.

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We're so worried about the world's problems, like we don't have any. And when you forget that you don't have problems, then the only fears you have is for others, you no longer have fears for yourself. What is the surprise then then when the door is being made? When the Quran is being recited, you and I are having a hard time finding a tear to come out of the eye. Because the genuine fear is no longer there. That thought is not running recurring in our minds. Hope is very powerful. But fear balance isn't. They have to go hand in hand. You can't have one or the other. And so this last session, I want to try to balance the equation, it's not a counter to hope. It's the balancing

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of that conversation. And it's an it's a necessary part of that conversation. Our religion is not fire and brimstone though it mentions fire and brimstone and it does it in a very balanced way.

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The other problem we suffer before we can have a healthy conversation about fear. The additional problem we suffer One is we just keep presenting this, you know, artificial version of ourselves thinks

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the other problem is overstimulation.

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You know, you got so many of you are addicted addicted to movies. And on top of that horror movies and people you know they celebrate things that we're supposed to be afraid of. You know, just this morning when we got to the hotel I was gonna put some PBS on for my kids because I like watching some of the shows. And I was gonna put like a cartoon on and the you know how in the hotel TVs they have the movie trailers. So they had what is it hell razors on the hell something hell writer I can't tell Ghost Rider goes dudes faces on fire. He's riding a motorbike and he's supposed to be in a character that you love. Like this guy is awesome. His face is on fire. You know?

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It's Hell is a joke. Your face on fire is entertainment.

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You understand how diluted that is. And by the way, I can think of outside a two year old. My two year old just saw a glimpse of that and he got scared but

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Nobody else got scared. Which is disturbing. It's disturbing that nobody else got scared because now these unusual weird things have become normal for us. Stuff blowing up people on fire. You guys are playing video games where the headshot is the best shot best shot to take. You know, I got like five headshots in a row, bro slow motion play that in slow motion. Oh snap, that's good. You know, Should I turn the blood off or on No, turn it on or turn it on? Turn the blood on, you know, you're not disturbed by that. And then some of you are addicted to these like really, really disturbing gory horror flicks. And the more bloody and you know, disgusting they are, the more you want to watch

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them. And on top of that you're a vegetarian. I don't understand the reconciliation.

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But regardless, it is overstimulated us. And so when the Quran presents a picture of fire, presents a picture of torture and punishment.

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You know, I mean, that's bad.

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That's that can't be that bad. We're just overstimulated. There's nothing that that affects us anymore. These words don't have an impact on us. And that's a very deep spiritual problem. It's a very deep spiritual problem. Just like you know, if you have a bad diet, you have a bad diet, you have some very serious physical issues, you have a drain in energy. When you're not eating healthy food, you start being tired over very little work. You can slowly your body starts deteriorating and you're prone to some very serious diseases. Spiritual stagnation is just like that. If you're not taking in a healthy spiritual diet, and you're not resisting junk food, junk intake, you know,

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spiritual poison. If you're not avoiding that, then you're gonna have these consequences. And one of its biggest consequences is at least the one that I see. You know, and I struggle with it myself. And I see it in the youth especially, there's no more fear. There's no fear. And actually, even if the religion talks about fear, the first thing we do is complain about it. Like why is this girl came up to me told me, why is the Quran talk about hell?

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And this, this, actually, this happened of all places in Boston, it happened, she came up to me and she said, You know, I used to be a Muslim, and I left.

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And I said, Okay, let's talk after the program. And she told me, I left Islam because I was reading pseudo Rockman. And I was like, Okay, well, that's cool. So the rough man, the extremely Merciful, the unimaginably merciful. She goes, Yeah, if God describes himself as so unimaginably merciful, why is it that in the middle of this sutra, people are being dragged into hell by their heads being grabbed? Why are they being burned? Why are they beat? Why is their boiling water water being poured onto them? You have to find a you know, you have to find out how Biola can even earn your tofu. Nabina avena amin, and they're gonna be going back and forth between boiling water and torture.

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What kind of mercy is this? I don't understand, Oh, I'm sorry, I'll place a different order for another suit off for you. You know, because you're not comfortable with the idea. Who's talking to who here master is talking to sleeve? This is not a book that you need to review on? amazon.com that you say I like most of it. But this Hellfire stuff was a little I give it two stars for that. You're because you're in a position to judge what is good and what isn't bad, what isn't good. You know, you're and you don't like to feel scared? You know, and she said, I you know, I just couldn't believe that God would create a hell. So I don't like fear. I don't like it to the point where if a

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religion makes me feel it even a little bit, then a religion makes me uncomfortable.

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Wow. That's your state. That's the position you're in. And by the way, speaking of the surah before I move on, you should know something about this surah this incredibly graphic description of hell. That is supposed to scare you. And right at the end of it, you have kulu subhanho wa Taala. One even hoffa. Nakamura

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whoever got afraid of standing in front of his master gets to gardens. In other words, I scared you to qualify you for Jenna. The entire point of scaring you was so you can go to Jana. Even Allah scaring us is a mercy. Even that is a mercy.

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But this idea of the you know, I don't want to talk about Hellfire I don't want to talk about judgment a in let's talk about mercy.

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Allah doesn't let us do one side. He doesn't study Quran on your own study, you will never find a surah that just presents one side of the picture. Allah always balances the equation. And we're naturally supposed to be people that fear Allah azza wa jal and do an accounting of ourselves. There are many words in the Quran that describe fear. You know, this is one of the things in the Arabic language when something is important. Then they gave it many names. When a concept an item and ask

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jack like the sword or the horse, when something was important to Arab tradition, they would give it many names. Fear and emotions, by the way, are a very big part of Arabic literature. So the words in the Arabic language for fear are many. And interestingly enough, the Quran uses over a dozen different words just for fear, just for fear. How, for example, the most common word la hopefully la him finished the IFR. me because I'm not Egyptian now hopefully I lay him without him Yeah, cuz I don't have hope actually means to see the dangers that are coming and to be afraid of what's coming, you know, like a hurricane warning and you're packing your bags and getting out of town. That's how

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you know the Arab sells for the camera because I believe he take hold of the matter before by taking notice of the signs. See the change in the winds and know that troubles on its way. This is how Allah says for a moment hoffa Kamara big Jonathan, whoever was afraid of standing in front of their master. In other words, they could tell this is coming. They weren't delusional to the fact that it's not coming. This idea you will not have fear until you realize there's a state of emergency there's trouble coming. And that's the other huge problem, especially the youth have I got time Bro, I got time to kill. That's why I got angry bird. And I got like Temple Run on my phone. So I can

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just cuz I got time, I guess just sitting around? You know, you don't have time? Who told you you have time? Where did that come from? Allah gave you this incredible thing called the intellectual you can fry playing video games. That's why he gave it to you. So you can watch one episode after the other?

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Why this is why you are given, you know, what's the difference between you and people who have no purpose in their life? You know, a lot complains about them and says,

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Did you assume that we've created it without a purpose, pointless life, but you just got time to kill. You don't have time. And on top of that the Muslims, Allah, that in of itself is an indication there's no fear. Entertainment, I don't think is wrong. I personally don't think it's wrong. It's okay. entertain yourself, but know some limits. Guys. Put some limits on it. It's like once you start you can't stop. You know, and that's an indication that you're not afraid of its consequences. There's

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there's a harsh,

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You know,

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harsh reality, literally an Arabic means when you're afraid of the evil of something. the harm that will come to you from something I'm afraid of a snake it's kind of a harsh. It's a kind of question because I'm afraid of it's poison. It's bite. That's Harsha. Allah told us specifically for example, don't be afraid of people or what they're capable of doing to you. Even if they have that capability. Look, the fear of a snake is a logical fear. It's not It's not something wrong, even musasa up on the Mount was afraid of the snake. It's natural. It's not like there's a lack of human there. You're a normal human being. And by the way, that tells us something else. Fear is a

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necessary instinct for survival. It's not something negative in and of itself. A child that does not have fear has a problem, because he will jump out the window. He will go take the step down the stairs, even though he can't handle it. Because there's no no fear. The Smart child will taste that once and then the next time we go back off, even the smarter child will see his little brother go and say okay, you know what, I'll wait for Mama. You know?

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that's that that's that's just child psychology. So what is the law? Tell us here's that. Here's a bunch of people that fell off a cliff before you. You want to go down that road? You want to taste it for yourself? And what do we do? dumber than the child? Yeah, let's try it was how bad could it be? I'm going to be the exception. I'm going to be the one that jumps out the window is gonna float. Watch.

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We are there are no exceptions. The one side I'll have casada who whoever tries to wrestle the truth wrestle the inevitable gets wrestled and pinned themselves. There is no way. Fear is a healthy thing in its place, in its place. But I want to talk to you about this other kind of fear. There's a few there's so many words in the Quran for fear, I can't possibly go through all of them with you. But a couple more allaahu Sure. Which is usually associated with concentration and humility in the prayer, but has an element of fear in it. Who sure has an element of fear in it. And some scholars even argue it's the element of fear that goes from your heart and starts affecting your limbs. You're so

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afraid you start feeling it in your muscles, your muscles start getting soft, you start feeling a tingle, that kind of fear.

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That's for sure. One is who you are experienced you guys already know the answer to that when is that kind of fear among other things experienced in the life of a Muslim where it is crucial What happened? And salaat Allah says Allah Mia and Isla de la Manu and Taka aku boom de de la Hadid. 57 surah, he says, isn't a time for believers yet that their hearts should be filled with all they should be?

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overwhelmed by the fear of Allah, by the by the mention of Allah, by the by the remembrance of Allah, meaning by the Quran, a genuine recitation of the Quran, not to perfect your read, which is important not to study to see which is important not to understand the Arabic language which is important in genuine recitation of the Quran, you're just sitting there because you want to know what Allah is saying to you. That that's the only reason you're reading it. It's not. It's not Mirage is not review for your headphones. It's not none of those things. Those are all great things. But there has to be a time when you sit and recycle. And the only reason you're doing it is because

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you need therapy. That's the only reason you're doing it. And when that happens, you will experience for sure, and that when you get mature in that then that is supposed to happen inside a lot. That's when it's supposed to happen. But if you have to build up to that point, it should even happen outside you just sit in recycle on and let allow us to overwhelm you with His words because they are overwhelming. They are very powerful words is no small thing. And Allah complains hasn't had time hasn't hasn't the time come yet. That their hearts aren't overwhelmed with emotion because of what Allah has revealed. Or these words aren't powerful enough. You know, these same words if they fell

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upon a mountain, that are eight Ohashi an

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hour, the first reaction for the mountain harsh.

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And a mountain is just solid rock. There's just rock. And yet that rock experiences internal change because of the word of Allah. And then it can handle them with a sub D on how much harder than that rock does a hard have to be that it hears the word of a lie and nothing happens. How much harder

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that Allah has to complain in the Quran. What is going on? How come these words aren't having their impact? Don't Don't worry about it, guys. I have got like eight minutes left. I'll take less than that.

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Okay. Now I want to talk to you about just a couple more fears. Two very common words that are associated with fear that actually they're related to each other one of them. Even though it doesn't technically mean fear is taqwa. And I think all of you know the term taqwa. Right? You've heard it before. And a lot of times in the Koran when duck was translated, it's translated as fear. But just from a linguistic point of view. Daca essentially, is a fear or actions taken out of fear, precaution, protecting yourself that comes from Wikipedia, which literally means protection. So when you lock the house as you leave that stuck, or if you're going on a road trip, and you left a couple

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of lights on on purpose, and you set the alarm, or you told the neighbor or you left the keys with a friend or whatever, all of that stuff law. In other words, you took proper precaution to not get yourself into trouble. Duck law is before the fact that was before the fact in other words, you don't want to get yourself into trouble. You don't want to you know, get get a ticket so you slow down before the red light comes. That stuck Well, in other words, it's a genuinely healthy logical attitude for someone who knows there's trouble out there. That's what Allah azzawajal wants from us just become awake, aware conscious people be aware of your environment. Know that this thing is

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going to land you into trouble. It's I remind you something about topo that I want to share with you.

00:23:26--> 00:23:34

A lot of xojo did not tell us or tell tell Adam alayhis salam don't eat from the tree.

00:23:35--> 00:23:39

la escuela minha Shara don't eat from the tree. He didn't say that.

00:23:40--> 00:24:21

For con la, La Jolla don't go near the tree. Now, the next part of the is la bajada de la vida que la mina Follow me. Don't eat from the tree. Don't go near the tree rather you'll become from the wrongdoers. But there's a step in between. Don't go near the tree. If you do go near the tree. As a result, you'll get tempted by the fruit, then you will eat the fruit then a whole bunch and then eventually you'll be counted among the wrongdoers. There's a whole process, but as far as the law is concerned, and his knowledge of human nature is concerned, because he knows what he created. He says once you're within the gravitational force, you get close enough you will get sucked in. So there if

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Adam alayhis salam was told that you my brother can not say Nabil I can handle myself. I got this. It's not Haram is it? It's just like almost wrong.

00:24:33--> 00:24:53

You can't do that. Because now you're you're within the gravitational fields. You have to be afraid of the fences and even beyond, you have to stay out of the neighborhood. You got to stay away. You can't even go near it. This is a very powerful thing a lot taught us not just to fear him but to fear the things that lead us to sin.

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To be afraid of the things that lead you to sin. you're heading in the wrong direction. You're not doing it.

00:25:00--> 00:25:08

Anything wrong yet, but I could see where this is leading. So stop. Let me give you guys a little bit of an example just so this is not entirely theoretical.

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So sister comes up to me and says, or the brother comes up to me and says this Christian girl in college is asking questions about Islam, and she's asking about God, or Muslim girl comes up to me and says this, you know, this guy in my college class, he's asking a lot about God and he has these questions. Could you help me answer them because he keeps arguing with me? Lady sister, he's not arguing with you because he has a theological concern. Because those questions have well been answered online. And there's plenty of resources on that available. He just wants to spend some more time with you. And maybe deep down inside you already know that but you come and you say, No, no,

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no, I'm trying to give him dollar to Islam.

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And you say I'm gonna help this sister out. She's a sister inshallah. You know, I want to help her out and I will just gonna meet at Starbucks and discuss the heat

00:26:01--> 00:26:20

that's what we're gonna do I mean, this is Darwin's Islam. And then maybe one day you know it's not Ramadan yet so yeah, inshallah Allah right off between Maha Venetia. I'm gonna take her to this this bliss restaurant. It's a lot of restaurant. We're gonna do our totally Hello. Now when somebody says Brother, what are you doing? I was like eating food at a restaurant, bro. Is that how wrong?

00:26:22--> 00:26:22

He was talking about?

00:26:24--> 00:26:32

No, but I could see where this is going. And then four months later, bro, there's a sister she's ready to convert. And I want to marry her.

00:26:33--> 00:26:38

Is she really ready to convert? No, but I think she might. How do I convince my parents? Yeah.

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And what you're not and this is the halaal version of what you tell the mom? What happened in between we all know. We all were not done. Okay, I was in college to once I know how this stuff goes. And when you question the guy you question there goes, What are you talking about? stuff that I would never really you would never.

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You get you get sucked in, you don't even realize it. One thing leads to another one thing leads to another. You have to be afraid of these things. And this will never happen. I'm going back to the beginning of my conversation. You will not be afraid of these problems. If you don't really know who you are. If you're delusional about yourself. If you think that everybody else has a problem, you're here to save the world. You're You're here to give them Islam. If that's what your mentality is become, then you will never think that you have enough problem to you have Shehata. Also, you have the worst possible shape and you won't even be worried about that. I thought Motorola NASA will be

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only one sonar enforcer calm. And by the way, I'll end with this this last two kinds of fear. As I said taqwa is before the fact you take precautions ahead of time. And then after that there's one allergen, which is after the fact you're afraid of what you've done.

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You're afraid of what you've you've done something wrong, and you're super scared, man, I'm gonna get caught. I don't know what's gonna happen. I just I did this, bro. I don't know. I got to talk to this a mom. I gotta send him a brother. I've done this really terrible thing. What should I do? I'm really scared. I can't tell you how many of those emails I have to delete.

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Don't send me those emails, talk to a counselor.

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Talk to me, asked me Arabic questions okay.

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But this is what it is after the fact. So Allah says either looking at a la wodgina kulu home when a lie is mentioned, when a lie is remembered, their hearts are trembling out of fear over what they have already done. In other words, standing in salaat reciting Quran who sure and watching watching meaning your heart starts getting over one man Allah says just said when Latina woman in LA they stay away from useless conversation. I just finished 101 Latina homeless at noon, they're constantly trying to cleanse themselves. I just finished watching some film, oh strike.

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I am afraid of what just happened. You're supposed to get afraid you're supposed to be at Morehouse above yourself. This is what but the last kind of fear. Last kind of fear is very I find this fascinating of the many kinds of fears just want to talk to you about this one is called a rub

00:29:13--> 00:29:49

or rub Rahab all her and ba from it we get the word run by Nia Rabanne. Bhavani Iranian Arabic means basically like a monk lifestyle, where you have you learn to read love that adonia you know, that you don't want any pleasures of the world you want nothing to do with them. You know how these monks they dress in uncomfortable clothes, and they sleep on like the floor and they don't eat fruit because it might taste good or something, you know, they just they don't want anything to do with worldly pleasure, they want to deny them all of that. But from that during derivation, you get one of the words for fear and that word for fear particularly is used for the Israelites in one case for

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

example what he yeah be afraid only and only of me about happens use the question arises why some of them are commented on the word that I have here. They said

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

The problem of bunnies lions began with self righteousness. It David they were self righteous, they assumed they got it all figured out. Everybody else has the problem. As a result of their self righteousness, they stopped fearing a lot. And when they stopped fearing a lot, they weren't even their motivation for agenda was gone. When the fear of hell goes, next thing to go is why motivation for gender one motivation dies, the other motivation dies. And if no longer there's there's no longer a fear of fire and there's no longer a motivation for paradise. Then the only motives you have left are here. Now listen to this. Listen to this catch. out, Rob. I told you robinia

00:30:40--> 00:31:22

otherworldliness. Yeah, otherworldliness. Rob is a kind of fear that makes you lose the pleasures of this world. When you have that fear, you are nothing you forget all the pleasures of this world. They were so immersed in worldly pleasure and they were so engrossed in it. The kind of fear Allah wants from them is the one that negates their addictions, the one that removes them. So he says, For Aya, for her, Boone. This is the state you reach. It's one of the most terrifying states of fear in the Arabic language, you're so afraid that nothing good comes in your head. You're completely overwhelmed in your fear. Allah use that word specifically for people that were so deeply engrossed

00:31:22--> 00:31:29

in this world, because their motivations for the aka our God, their motivations were gone. My final comment, I know it's a lot of time.

00:31:30--> 00:31:54

My final comment about this issue, how to one of the ways to reconcile hope and fear, you know, is in the life of a Muslim, maybe your first entrance into Islam was something that scared you. Maybe it was a fear. For me personally, it was one of the things that brought me back to the deen was fear. It really was maybe the primary thing that brought me back was fear. But that is a you know how you ever heard of the Scared Straight program?

00:31:56--> 00:32:21

Right? It's a healthy thing. That's not the only relationship I have with a law. That's not the only relationship you're gonna have with the law, but it might be a healthy start. And then eventually that fear will turn into a balance of fear and hope and eventually grow into love. It'll evolve in this emotion will have this this relationship will have developed multiple dimensions, but that takes time. So don't be afraid to be afraid.

00:32:22--> 00:32:56

be fearful of alarm allows you to allow that fear to enter into our hearts a healthy fear of Allah And may Allah azza wa jal give us that balanced fear that we should have of him and of the hoodoo that he has said of us. May Allah make us afraid of disappointing him milazzo to make us afraid of doing less than we are supposed to do. And may Allah azza wa jal really put a genuine fear of him in our most personal moments when we are away from everybody else so that we can truly experience the presence of Allah as origin in our lives. barakallahu li walakum wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato