Sulaiman Moola – When You Blame And Criticize Others, You Are Avoiding Some Truth About Yourself

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing their feelings towards the world and the actions of their counterparts. They express frustration over mistakes, confusion, and false accusations, and criticize those who do not follow the Prophet's teachings. They also mention a man named Barry and his actions, but do not provide context for their actions or their actions.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim the entire world is pretty much gripped in the melody of the blame game. Everybody pointing fingers at others, and nobody taking responsibility. While this is precisely what the Arabic poet said, nariko zamana we blame others. Well, I Buffy now, but the folly lies with us when it is a man in our even sivana and if I can rectify my mistakes, the planet will be rescued from its turbulence. The auditor poet said knotty up in a bow page of NASA are a headache. They are okay i Boehner for as long as I was oblivious of my mistakes. I spent my night and day searching for the flaws of others. Barry apery verragio page of NASA one day I stood in

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front of the mirror, lo and behold, I seen a sky I seen a pigmentation here. I seen a bruise here to nega McCoy, Burano raha from that day onwards I never frowned at the appearance of any person, the noble companions may Allah be pleased with them. They fear the hypocrisy for themselves. We feel it for others will have been Manabe Rahmatullah. Allah says a person passed away. We assumed him to be a Muslim, for they follow the Allah and who did not attend the funeral prayer. Amara, the Allahu anhu and quiet from for the Ufa, Amina told me Who is this person, a monastic? Hence you did not perform his funeral prayer and he answered Yes, Amara, the Allahu anhu then seize the moment and he

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asked for they for the Allah one who beliee Amina, whom Allah, Allah Akbar, Allah for Deva Am I also a Manasa or not? And for they follow the Allah obviously answered in the negative. So what's the message? How can we unite this oma give glad tidings to others. Trust the sincerity of others, doubt your own sincerity when others are engaged in the service of the congratulate them and when you are engaged in the service of Diem. Ask yourself, Am I not a victim of the Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah Allah you you do have the deen but Rosalyn fougere many times Allah will promote his religion at the hands of a wicked person. I leave you with the words of

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Allah Rumi, who said yesterday I was a clever man. So I wanted to change the world. But today I'm wise so I'm changing myself.

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