Nouman Ali Khan – The crime against the Sunnah – A Warning

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Hades and the complex nature of Hades science. They explain that Hades were designed to be a source of information and not a source of knowledge, and that the Sun parestern was a deep science. The speaker also discusses the sensitive subject of Hades science and how it has become more sensitive due to their study of the Quran.
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That's this, there is a crime against us another,

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there's a crime against us and that that I want to warn my cell phone of and all of you have. And that is when you say something as benign, it's not

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when you say something is so now, but you don't really understand how and when that's and that was established. So you draw your own conclusions about that center, that Hades. The thing about a hadith is, for example, that the Prophet is on set it at a certain place. He said it to a certain group of people. He said it to a certain family.

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And you know, when you walk in on someone's conversation, and they're he's already talking to someone, he's not giving a lecture to everybody's talking to someone in particular, right? Could it be that he's dealing with a special situation? It could be right. Now, if you don't know that, you would think that he's giving a policy for white? Everyone, so you have to know background, you have to know context for the center. You can't just read the translation of a hadith and say, I know what that means. I know how to apply it. Because that's also unfair to the Sunnah of the Prophet sighs it's unfair to not know how it was applied, how it was meant, you know? And so this is actually a

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big danger, because people will make you feel guilty. You're not following. So now.

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You're not following what it says right here and Buhari right here.

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But when you ask the question, when was this said? Who was this set to? How is it understood? How is it acted on? What are the other subject matters on this subject? The same Hadeeth? How do you do it? You know, when I got into this subject, I, you know, I noticed I don't go on Facebook and Twitter or whatever, I'll just post something beneficial or something on my team will do it. I don't have time for social media personally, they do a good job. I think I don't know.

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You know, but once in a while I will. They'll send me some things that people ask and people, how come you never talk about howdy?

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I get a lot of that. Why do you only talk about Koran. You know why I do that? Because I love the sinner so much, that I'm scared to talk about it something that I don't fully fully grasp. When I have a question about a Hades,

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I, I literally fly, I will take a flight to Omaha death and sit with them and ask them because I want to understand it properly. Because it's happened too much too many times in my own life. When I was learning about Islam, I learned about a hadith. And I sat in a locker and somebody explained it to me. And I thought I knew what it meant. And later on, I found out that was completely wrong.

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It was completely missing the entire context. And I got so scared that I'm going to I'm going to hear the messengers words. So I saw them and not be able to decipher, you know, Koran studies I've been doing for 15 years, I kind of know what to do. I know which stuff is here to go to which language sources to go to which you know, books to study. But Hades science is a complicated science, it's a deep science, I don't have the brain cells for it. But there are some people I know that do hamdulillah. So I need to take advantage of them. And I do this out of all and out of appreciation of the people who like they've dedicated 40 years to studying just Hadeeth

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is no small task. And they sit there. And then there are people who've said who maybe got a copy of a copy of it, they have a Google version of like the books of Hadith. And now they're ready to own the Sunnah of the Prophet.

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And they compare themselves to these other man, it's so silly. It's just silly. One of my teachers, you know, one time he said that he was teaching a hadith and one of those students was like one of those Google students sitting in the class, he goes a

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man, kala haga, who said this hadith?

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What's your delete that this is?

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So the sheriff says,

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you know, narrated by so and so son of so and so by so and so and so you know, happens in the names. So you get like, 20 names off the top of his head. And he goes, is that is that okay? And this one is yes. He goes, you idiot. I just named all the students in the class.

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People feel like they're, no, I got the authentic delete. You don't know what you're talking about? You don't know. It's so hard for people to accept what they don't know. It's so hard. I have no melanin make me from those kinds of people. I have no problem accepting what I don't know. And I'd rather go as someone who spent their life studying this stuff. And I'd rather I'd much more CSE take their opinion and their research and ask them some hard questions to then then, you know, just do Google searches myself, at least, especially when it comes to the sort of the private sector. I think it's a sensitive subject. That's my own view. You don't have to take my view, but that's my

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own view. And I my view of that has become more sensitive because of my study of the Quran.

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Because of its study, so May Allah azza wa jal makers, really loyal followers of the soul of the prophets, I saw them And may Allah azza wa jal make it easy for the beautiful soul of the person.

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I want to become widespread and the misuse of it to become a thing of the past barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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