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What have we said yes to when we say yes to being Muslim, saying yes, I accept the rules of Allah to Allah. And the advice and guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. What is the starting point? It seems so overwhelming and so complex. There are a lot of things to give up. Don't go to the pub. Okay. You can do that. Pour the wine in the fridge down the sink. Done. How about calling the man or the woman that I was interested in before? No, that's not going to happen now. No to the nightclub no to the party. And what about hijab? What about the dress? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

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Che Tom wants to make life complicated for us.

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complicated relationships, you know, when your head is swimming with confusions about who said what, and how to react and those imaginary conversations that we can really tangle ourselves up into, that are never going to happen unless we make them happen. And then they're a disaster, because we've imagined them in our mind so negatively for so long.

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Here's the good news. SubhanAllah. Islam is simplicity. The badness turns into goodness.

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Here's what not to do. This is a true story about a bouncer, who worked in a strip club in the north of England and accepted Islam several years ago. He's described for more than two years, continuing to work in the nightclub. How the women used to come up to him and cuddle him and kiss him how he would go in and drink beer and watch the show. Were on his time off. And yet he was Muslim. He was studying what he describes as level five a key during classes with the brothers who helped him to Islam, but not one of the brothers asked him the basic simple question. How is your Salah? How is your connection with Allah to Allah?

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Are you making vicar

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Are you in a remembrance state?

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He was allowed. He reported to flounder along in confusion in a horrible environment because nobody actually showed him the simplicity of Islam.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, let's remember, this religion is easy, beautiful, and simply perfect. So why make things hard? The Quran reads Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship. This verse explains that Islam is easy to follow, and it encourages us to create ease in religion. Look, the harder we make things doesn't lead to piety, hardship and piety are not hand in glove.

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The misconception is a result of a lack of understanding

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to simple things, keys in the door of loving Allah.

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Secure the Salah, cleanse our minds, do our five daily prayers and go for a walk today. And when you're walking, make thicker and because very easy. Allah forgive me a stuff it Allah. Oh Allah, how mighty and magnificent Are you? Oh Allah Most High Subhana Allah,

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a hamdulillah All Praise and thanks to Allah for everything he's given us. Take in the light on your face. Take in the smell of the fresh air. Listen to the birds. And let's be grateful.

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That is a guaranteed is for the heart. Allah to Allah tells us and seek help through patience and prayer. And indeed it is difficult except for the humbly submissive to Allah. May Allah make this simple for us.

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Allah has made this simple for us. So let's start today. five daily prayers, a walk and make the cut. Islam is simple. No need to complicate it.